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Sensitivity of the Multiple Equilibria to Gorverning System, Mode Chosen and Parameter

Zhao Jingxia,Zhu Baozhen,<br>
大气科学进展 , 1989,

Zhu Baozhen,Zhao Jingxia,<br>
大气科学进展 , 1987,
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to examine whether an axisymmetric tropical model with thermal driving and orographic forcing can produce multiple equilibria in relation to the monsoon circulation over South Asia. The model is an equivalent barotropic balanced equatorialβ-plane model. It shows that there may exist multiple flow equilibria for a given driving, of which two may be stable: one corresponds to the summer monsoon, and the other to the winter monsoon circulation. The transition between them is also discussed.
The Dynamical Influence of Land-Sea Contrast and Sea Surface Temperature on Intraseasonal Oscillation in Tropical Atmosphere
The Dynamical Influence of Land-Sea Contrast and Sea Surface Temperature on Intraseasonal Oscillation in Tropical Atmosphere

Yang Yan,Zhu Baozhen,<br>Yang Yan,Zhu Baozhen
大气科学进展 , 1995,
Abstract: An equatorialΒ-plane model which includes realistic non-uniform land-sea contrast and the underlying surface temperature distribution is used to simulate the 30–60 day oscillation (LFO) processes in tropical atmosphere, with emphasis on its longitude-dependent evolution and convective seesaw between Indian and the western Pacific oceans. The model simulated the twice-amplification of the disturbances over Indian and the western Pacific oceans while they are travelling eastward. It reproduced the dipole structure caused by the out-of-phase oscillation of the active centres in these two areas and the periodical transition between the phases of LFO. It is suggested that the convective seesaw is the result of interaction of the internal dynamics of tropical atmosphere with the zonally non-uniform thermal forcing from underlying surface. The convective activities are suppressed over Indonesia maritime continents whilst they are favoured over the Indian Ocean and western Pacific warm waters, so there formed two active oscillation centres. The feedback of convection with large-scale flow slows down the propagation of disturbances when they are intensifying over these two areas, therefore they manifest a kind of quasi-stationary component to favor the ‘dipole’ structure. Whereas the disturbances weaken and speed up over the eastern Pacific cold water region due to the interaction of sensible heating and evaporation with perturbational wind. Therefore the two major centers just show out-of-phase oscillation during one cycle around the latitudinal belt. By introducing the SST anomalies in El Ni?o and La Ni?a years into the surface temperature, we also show that they have significant influence on LFO processes. In an anomalously warm year, the LFO disturbances dissipate more slowly over the central-eastern Pacific region and can travel further eastward; whilst in an anomalously cold year, the opposite is true.
The Modified Envelope Orography and the Air Flow over and around Mountains
Li Long,Zhu Baozhen,<br>Li Long,Zhu Baozhen
大气科学进展 , 1990,
Abstract: By use of the two-layer adiabatic globe spectral model and the zonally averaged climatic data of winter season as initial values, 10-day integrations are carried out based on three kinds of model topography (i.e., (1) the averaged to-pography; (2) the envelope topography; (3) the modified envelope topography). The results show that the orography of the Northern Hemisphere plays an important role in the simulation of large-scale weather patterns in winter sea-son. The simulation based on the envelope topography developed by Wallace et al. has some improvements in the Rocky Mountains area. But this scheme causes very serious horizontal expansion around the Tibetan Plateau (hereafter referred to as the TP). A modified envelope topography scheme has been worked out that increases the slope of the TP by decreasing; the horizontal expansion while keeping the maximum altitude. The results show some improve-ments of the scheme around the TP. By analysis of the mechanical effects of the large-scale orography on the currents, the different forcings of the air flow over and around the TP sad the Rocky Mountain (the RM) are investi-gated.
Luo Meixi,Zhu Baozhen,Zhang Xuehong,<br>Luo Meixi,Zhu Baozhen,Zhang Xuehong
大气科学进展 , 1985,
Abstract: From a statistical study of the atmospheric circulation types over the Northern Hemisphere it is found that the zonal type circulation predominates in East Asia. From a three-layer primitive equation model in σ-coordinate, the orographic effect on a westerly current over the Northern Hemisphere is studied. A distinguished deepening trough is observed in the lee-side slope of the Rocky Mountains. But a pronounced trough is over the East Asia coast far from the Tibetan Plateau. In a case of 48 h numerical forecast, it is found that the effect of the Tibetan Plateau tends to build up a rather zonal type circulation, which is con-sistent with the observations. These may be partly explained by the topographic effect of the north slope of the Tibetan Plateau in a simple geostrophic theory.
Dynamics of the oscillation in the nonlinear interaction atmosphere and ocean system and annual variation of the atmospheric circulation

Jin Feifei,Zhu Baozhen,<br>金飞飞,朱抱真
大气科学 , 1988,
Abstract: 本文利用作者建立的一个海气耦合的非线性动力系统,分别用定性和数值方法,分析定常强迫的自治系统和有周期性强迫的非自治系统中极限环解的性质,以此说明海气耦合振荡及大气环流年变的某些特征。
The Zonal Asymmetry of the Tropical Mean Circulation and the Dynamic Effect of Kelvin Wave

Yang Yan,Zhu Baozhen,<br>杨燕,朱抱真
大气科学 , 1997,
Abstract: 本文利用一个包含Wave-CISK机制以及蒸发、感热与扰动风场的反馈机制,并引入实际的下垫面温度分布和海陆差异的热带大气模式,较好地模拟了低纬平均环流在风场、散度场及低层位势高度场上的纬向非均匀性。分析表明这种纬向非对称性是由于下垫面的热力非均匀性造成的强迫与大气内部的热力-动力反馈过程相互作用的结果。对热力强迫的响应形成了西太平洋暖水区上的西风和东太平洋上的东风,而对简化模式的解析分析说明,由于热力-动力反馈造成的Kelvin波的发展过程,可以解释平均东风强于西风的事实。
Zhu Baozhen,Chen Jiabin,Zhang Daomin,Li Zechun,Ge Aifen,<br>Zhu Baozhen,Chen Jiabin,Zhang Daomin,Li Zechun,Ge Aifen
大气科学进展 , 1984,
Abstract: A 5-layer primitive equation Northern Hemisphere operational model in a modified σ-coordinate system is developed in BMC, NMB. Finite difference schemes are constructed to conserve the total energy without imposing any constraints on the difference scheme of hydrostatic equation and pressure gradient term.The physical factors of orography, friction, horizontal diffusion and various non-adiabatic heatings are included.The model has been under development since the beginning of 1980, and became operational in September 1981. Preliminary results for selected series of 40 prognosis are summarized and the verifications are encouraging.
The exciting, establishing and transition of multiple equilibria forced by nearly resonant thermal driving, Part II

Qin Jianchun,Zhu Baozhen,<br>秦建春,朱抱真
大气科学 , 1987,
Abstract: 本文通过文1]中求得的热力强迫多重平衡态渐近解,研究了热力强迫激发的近共振强迫不稳定产生多重平衡态的理论机制.分析得到:非线性和外强迫是产生多平衡态的决定因素;在适当的“环境条件”下,热力强迫可激发稳定的多重平衡态,特别是可以存在三个稳定的平衡态.其中两个具有共振特性的大振幅解,对热强迫变化不敏感;而另一小振幅解,对热强迫依赖性很大.一般地,热强迫增大,多平衡态存在的范围扩大,但稳定性减弱。定常热强迫波总不稳定.热力强迫与地形强迫具有同样的动力触发作用.摩擦对多平衡态解的性态有很大影响. 分析还得到:改
Anumerical experiment of the dynamic effect of large-scale topography on the formation of subtropical high in the northern summer

Luo Meixi,Zhu Baozhen,Shen Rujin,<br>骆美霞,朱抱真,沈如金
大气科学 , 1986,
Abstract: 本文利用一个σ坐标的三层初始方程热带球圈数值模式,研究大地形对纬向风带的纯动力扰动作用. 结果得到,大地形的直接动力强迫作用,可使纬向均匀的高压带在地形区发生断裂,形成青藏高压、落基山高压和伊朗高压;然后通过大气环流的动力调整,在上述三个高压的上、下游形成北非高压和两个大洋上的高压,两类高压的结构很不相同.大地形的纯动力作用,对于青藏高压和落基山高压这一类“暖性”结构高压的形成,也起了相当的作用.
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