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菌物学报 , 1987,
Abstract: 诱发粟胡麻斑病菌(Cochliobolus setariae) 有性世代的条件:培养温度23一24℃,Sach培养基(pH不予调整),培养基物稻草杆段。粟胡麻斑病菌有性生殖的方式为异宗配合,病菌菌株间有性杂交的亲和性较低。粟胡麻斑病菌和J玉米小斑病菌(Cochliobolus hererostro- phus)的种间杂交,产生不育的子囊。
Summary of Anomaly-Detection Approaches

ZHANG Jian GONG Jian,<br>张剑,龚俭
计算机科学 , 2003,
Abstract: The approach of anomaly detection is a vigorously adaptive technique because it can detect unknown intrusions. The paper summarizes the advantage and the shortcoming of known anomaly-detection approaches in the past, which is based on the model of intrusion detection proposed by Dorothy Denning. Moreover,the development current of anomaly-detection is proposed on the above.
Feedback-Prediction Mechanism Towards Misuse Detection

ZHANG Jian GONG Jian,<br>张剑,龚俭
计算机科学 , 2004,
Abstract: IDS for high-speed backbone network should meet two requirements. Firstly, it should recognize the intrusion plan as soon as early; Secondly, it should try its best to decrease operation cost of intrusion detection. To meet the two requirements have close connection with intrusion detection model and the measures IDS use. The paper introduces how to import Feedback-prediction mechanism to misuse detection system, so that it can predict whether the current behavior of user implies intrusion. Moreover, Feedback-prediction mechanism can notably decrease operation cost of IDS and meet the real-time intrusion detection for high-speed network. The result of experiment shows that Feedback-prediction mechanism can accurately predict intrusion and improve the capability of IDS to deal with data.
A traffic partition algorithm for switched LANs and its performance analysis
A Traffic Partition Algorithm for Switched LANs and Its Performance Analysis

Ding Wei,Gong Jian,Yu Xiao,<br>Ding Wei,Gong Jian,Yu Xiao
计算机科学技术学报 , 1998,
Abstract: An algorithm is proposed which can be used for the topology design of switched LAN with heavy traffic and multi-segments. The main principle of the algorithm is to split the whole traffic to segments as even as possible. The algorithm consists of binary division and ordinary division. When the number of segments equals to powers of 2, binary division is used; ordinary division is based on binary division but suitable to more common cases. Both correctness and time complexity of the algorithm are discussed in detail, and a comparison of the algorithm with the best result is given at the same time.
A Literature Review on English Classroom Culture in China  [PDF]
Xiaoli Ji, Jian Gong
Open Journal of Modern Linguistics (OJML) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojml.2017.76019
Abstract: Classroom culture plays an important role in the studies on teaching, for it may serve as a theoretical tool with which researchers can explore into the invisible underlying forces that shape and govern the behavior of teachers and learners in the classroom. However, as a new theory or notion, the important of classroom culture haven’t been recognized by the linguistics and teachers in China. This paper intends to provide a general introduction of English classroom culture in China through literature review. Influenced by educational tradition, Chinese teachers are supposed to conduct students academically and non-academically with him as a model while western teachers’ role is to facilitate the communicative process between all participants in the classroom, and to act as an independent participant within the learning-teaching group. The influence of such a general understanding of the teacher roles upon English teaching is pervasive. For example, in dealing with the relationship of English teaching and learning, the teacher roles in teaching are stressed, while students’ learning process and their roles are ignored. In summary, the teachers’ and students’ role in class and the boring class form are all the by-products of Chinese educational tradition. More measures should be taken to change English classroom culture in China.
A novel liver-directed gene delivery system using an autonomously replicating vector specifically expressed in AFP positive hepatoma cells

YAN Ziying,QIAO Jian,GONG Huiyu,HOU Yunde,<br>
中国科学C辑(英文版) , 1998,
Abstract: A composite EBV-based expression vector, pEBAF, was constructed with the 5′-flanking sequence of human α-fetoprotein gene as a promoter. Complexed to galactosylated histone, this vector with a foreign DNA insertion could be transferred into hepatic ceils via the asialoglycoprotein receptor mediated endocytosis pathway. It was replicated as an episome, and its expression was restricted to the AFP positive hepatoma cells. This new gene delivery method has the following advantages: (i) absence of a potential toxicity is related to viral vectors; (ii) the targeting is specific to AFP positive hepatoma cells; (iii) the introduction of the EBV replicon into this system results in the highlevel expression and long-term maintenance of the transferred gene. This novel gene delivery system has potential applications in gene therapy for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma. Project supported by the National High Technology Development Program and partly by National Climbing Project.
The Analysis on Variation of Horizontal De-correlation Length with Model Resolution in Data Assimilation System

GONG Jian-Dong,<br>龚建东
大气科学 , 2007,
Abstract: De-correlation length of background error covariance is one of the most important parameter in data assimilation system,it determines the spatial spread of observation information.The theoretic results show that de-correlation length defined in global domain with harmonic space and in regional domain with Bessel function space is equal,it is determined by all power spectra of background errors.The de-correlation length is shorter when the wave number is larger,or model resolution is higher,and the rate of variation is decided by the slope of global power spectra.The atmospheric energy power spectra obey the law of-3 in synoptic scale(420 wave numbers) and the law of-5/3 in mesoscale(larger than 60 wave numbers).This law is not changed with season and model domain,but the power spectra of background error in mesoscale is greater than power-5/3 due to model dissipation.The high dissipation tends to increase the slope and to deviate the power spectra of background errors away from atmospheric power spectra.By comparing and analyzing various sources of de-correlation length data provided by the published papers and background files from NWP models,the results show that de-correlation length and model resolution will basically obey the law of square-root of two when model resolution is less than 350 km.In an ideal numerical experiment,the power spectra of background errors within synoptic scale are set to be the same as Fig.6 of Rabier et al.(1998).From subsynoptic scale to mesoscale,the slope of horizontal autocorrelatoin spectra as a function of horizontal total wavenumber in a log-log graph is set varying from-5/3 to-4.The results also show that the decrease of de-correlation length is slower as model resolution increases,and the sensitivity of de-correlation length to model resolution is reduced.The slope of-2.8 is most fitting to real data for temperature.This paper provides one method to estimate de-correlation directly based on energy power spectra of background error,and is different to other estimation methods,such as innovation vector method,and NMC-method etc.The innovation method is based on density radio-sonde data in observation space,and the domain is within 30004000 km and the distance between stations is larger than 300 km.That means the innovation method can only provide power spectra within 1070 wave numbers.The NMC-method based on model space,and it can provide power spectra for all wave number resolved by model resolution.Both methods have no ability for high model resolution.The merit of this method in this paper is that it can directly use the power spectra derived from ideal or real background error with slope of-2.8 to estimate temperature de-correlation length,and this is also helpful when the model resolution is high.it does not need to recalculate background error covariance again with NMC-method.It can directly use old background field from NWP model after only tuning the de-correlation length using the relationship descri
Role of localised surface plasmon polaritons coupling in optical transmission through double-layer metal apertures

Gong Zhi-Qiang,Liu Jian-Qiang,<br>
中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, we investigate the optical properties of the double-layer metal films perforated with single apertures by analysing the coupling of localized surface plasmon polaritons (LSPPs). It is found that the amplitude and the wavelength of transmission peak in such a structure can be adjusted by changing the longitudinal interval $D$ between two films and the lateral displacements $d_{x}$ and $d_{y}$ which are parallel and perpendicular to the polarization direction of incident light, respectively. The variation of longitudinal interval $D$ results in the redshift of transmission peak due to the change of coupling strength of LSPPs near the single apertures. The amplitude of transmission peak decreases with the increase of $d_{y}$ and is less than that in the case of $d_{x}$, which originates from the difference in coupling manner between LSPPs and the localized natures of LSPPs.
Research on Method for Generating Images of Dynamic Infrared Point Targets Based on Image Synthesis

ZHANG Jian,GONG Fu-an,<br>张建,宫伏安
红外 , 2009,
Abstract: An infrared image simulation method is proposed.First,the radiation intensity and spectral distribution of a target in the detection waveband are analyzed and simulated.Then,the corresponding atmospheric effect model and imaging system effect model are established according to the modulation transfer functions of the atmosphere and the imaging system.Finally,in accordance with the infrared imaging principle and the detection parameters,the simulation model of the target is fused with the infrared image of t...
Differentia and Unification of NAS and SAN

DUAN Jian-gong,<br>段剑弓
计算机应用研究 , 2004,
Abstract: This article analys the differentia between the current mainstream network storage technology SAN & NAS, compares the advantages and disadvantages.It gives out multiple method the combination of SAN & NAS, points out the direction of amalgamation and unification, draws a conclusion that IP storage must be the storage method in the future.
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