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Biogeochemical Effect of Gold Deposit and Remote Sensing Information Extract

Ma Yueliang,XU Ruisong,Lu Huiping,WEI Dongyuan,<br>跃良,,吕惠,魏东原
遥感技术与应用 , 1998,
Abstract: In vegetation district,as a result of that the plant absorb Au and associated elements of lock and soil,the contents of Au and associated elements,pigment,water surface temperature,and cells structure in leaves occur variations,even the plant cause abnormality of biogeochemical effect,thus it appear abnormality in the spectral information of TM image.This paper takes the Hetai gold deposit as researh target.According to these feature and difference,we extract the abnormal feature of biogeochemical effect using remote sensing image processing,and enclose the remote sensing abnormal areas of mineral,thus we achieve the goal to find hidden deposits in vegetation.Meanwhile we go on looking for mineral deposits in western Guangdong and Heilongjiang,and evaluate rapid two the remote sensing abnormal areas.The results proved that remote sensing technology is a rapid,accurate and economical method for applying to practice of looking for mineral deposits in vegetation district,the new way is explored to be looking for hidden deposits in vegetation district.
Human-Machine Integrated Design of Cruise Missile Monitor Agent

ZHANG Ou-ya,TONG Ming-an,MA Rui-ping,WEN Fu-lu,<br>张欧亚,佟明安,,温孚禄
系统工程理论与实践 , 2007,
Abstract: Based on the multi-agent framework of cruise missile weapon control system,for the sake of designing the Monitor Agent,and using Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System user interface design processs for reference,this paper presents a set of Agent design approaches based on Human Centered Human-Machine Integration.Following this approach,the Monitor Agent was designed: By user analysis,task analysis and human-machine functions allocation,the requirements of human and machine were identified.Hereby,the agent's structure was devised.Next,individual beliefs properties and requirements were synthesized into agent's component prototypes;these components were then synthesized with tasks flow to form system prototypes.Prototype design was iterated by cognition walkthrough and user testing.
Soil organic carbon and its fractions in aggregates under different plant communities in the hill-gully region of the Loess Plateau
黄土丘陵区不同植被群落土壤团聚体 有机碳及其组分的分布

MA Rui-Ping,LIU Lei,AN Shao-Shan,DANG Ting-Hui,<br>,刘 雷,安韶山,党廷辉
中国生态农业学报 , 2013,
Abstract: Vegetation communities have been noted to affect soil organic carbon content via the addition of outer soil organic matter that in turn contribute to the formation of soil aggregates. The fractions of organic carbon in soil aggregates under different vegetation communities (forest and steppe zones) in the hill-gully region on the Loess Plateau were studied in this paper to explore the effect of different vegetation communities on soil structure. The study showed that: (1) Total soil organic carbon content in the forest zone of the study area was higher than that in the steppe zone. The order of total organic carbon for the plant communities in the forest zone was: Quercus liaotungensis community > Robinia pseudoacacia community > Sophora viciifolia community. Also the order of total organic carbon for the plant communities in the steppe zone was: Hippophae rhamnoides community > Lespedeza davurica + Artemisia giraldii community > Artemisia sacrorum + L. davurica community. (2) The proportions of active to total organic carbon and that of humus to total organic carbon were similar under each vegetation zone. However, the proportion of active to total organic carbon was greater than that of humus to total organic carbon under each vegetation community. (3) The >0.25 mm aggregates under the forest zone was significantly higher than that under the steppe zone. The pattern of the various forms of organic matter in the soil particles suggested initial increase in organic carbon, followed by decrease or flat curve with increasing aggregate size. A large proportion of soil organic carbon existed in 2~0.25 mm and <0.25 mm aggregates. (4) Active organic carbon content was significantly spatially different under the steppe zone. Each form of organic carbon in the Q. liaotungensis community was also significantly spatially different. The <0.25 mm aggregate humus was greater than other aggregates in the Q. liaotungensis community. (5) Unlike the other vegetation communities, there was no significant difference in terms of soil organic carbon between the 0~10 cm and 10~20 cm soil layers in the H. rhamnoides community.
Cuboid Model Based on Mahalanobis Distance and Its Application in Virus Detection

SIMA Yun-rui,LIANG Yi-wen,SHUAI Jing-jing,CAI Ping,<br>司,梁意文,帅晶晶,
计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: Analyses the search space of artificial immune system and the construction model of detector in the viewpoint of geometry, then emphasizes the drawbacks of two geometry model, super ball model and cuboid model.In cuboid model the space-expanding algorithm is so greedy that it covers the areas that include unknown SELF points. Then puts forward to a cuboid model based-on mahalanobis distance (CMMD). evaluation at first before space expanding.
Catalysis of Ru(Schiff-base)/Y composite catalysis for benzene hydrogenation

CHEN Ping,SONG Ming-gang,FAN Bin-bin,MA Jing-hong,LI Rui-feng,<br>陈 ,宋明刚,范彬彬,静红,
燃料化学学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Ru(Schiff-base) complex,a novel catalyst for benzene hydrogenation at low temperature,was encapsulated in the supercages of zeolite Y by flexible ligand method.The results of XRD,N_2-desorption,FT-IR,DRS,DTA and catalytic reaction show that Schiff-base ligands in the prepared composite catalyst changed the electronic state of central metal atom,thus made the catalyst to form transition coordinative state with reaction substrate more easily and facilitating the product formation.Compared with Ru/Y prepared by ion-exchange method,in pure benzene hydrogenation,the catalytic activity of Ru(Schiff-base)/Y increased significantly.Simultaneously,the geometry size of different Schiff-base ligands has strong influence on the catalytic performance of prepared composite catalysts.
,刘 雷,安韶山,党廷辉
中国生态农业学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 有机碳是形成土壤团聚体的重要物质,植被群落通过有机残体的输入增加土壤有机碳含量,从而通过影响团聚体的形成而影响土壤结构。为探究不同植被群落对土壤结构改良的意义,对黄土丘陵区森林带和草原带的不同植被群落土壤团聚体中有机碳组分进行了研究。结果表明:(1)研究区域森林带土壤有机碳含量大于草原带,森林带植被群落土壤总有机碳含量大小顺序为:辽东栎群落>人工刺槐群落>狼牙刺群落,草原带植被群落土壤总有机碳含量大小顺序为:人工沙棘群落>达乌里胡枝子+茭蒿群落>铁杆蒿+达乌里胡枝子群落;(2)土壤活性有机碳和腐殖质碳占土壤总有机碳的比例在两种植被带之间基本相同,相同植被群落土壤活性有机碳占土壤总有机碳的比例高于腐殖质碳占总有机碳的比例;(3)森林带土壤>0.25mm团聚体含量显著高于草原带土壤>0.25mm团聚体含量,各种形态的有机碳随着土壤团聚体粒级的增大有机碳含量呈先增加后减少或者随着团聚体粒级的增大而增大的趋势,2~0.25mm和<0.25mm团聚体中有机碳含量最高;(4)草原带每种植被群落土壤活性有机碳含量空间差异性较大,辽东栎群落各种形态土壤有机碳含量的空间差异性都较大,<0.25mm团聚体腐殖质碳含量大于其他粒径;(5)草原带人工沙棘群落土壤各种形态有机碳在土壤剖面上的含量差异很小,其他各植被群落0~10cm土层土壤有机碳含量均大于10~20cm土层。
人民黄河 , 2012,
Abstract: ?根据祁连、肃南、酒泉和金塔四站的气象资料,采用mann-kendall法和小波分析法研究了讨赖河流域近50a来的气候变化特征,并用相关分析法分析了气候变化对径流量的影响.结果表明:20世纪60年代中期以前流域气温总体呈下降趋势,60年代中期后气温波动升高,80年代中期以来气温升高幅度加大;流城内年降水量近50a来呈平、枯、丰交替状态,总体上微弱增加;11、18a分别为山区、平原代表站气温变化的主周期;山区降水量变化的主周期为11a,平原区降水量变化的主周期则为21a;径流量与降水量呈正相关关系,与气温呈微弱的负相关关系.
食品科学 , 2014,
Abstract: ?为研究燕麦β-葡聚糖-表没食子儿茶素没食子酸酯复合物在模拟胃肠液中的稳定性,采用真空冷冻干燥法制备燕麦β-葡聚糖-表没食子儿茶素没食子酸酯复合物。在模拟胃肠液中通过不同ph值和复合物质量浓度,探讨在胃肠液中ph值和复合物质量浓度对于复合物稳定性的影响。结果表明:在胃液和肠液中,ph值越低,复合物越稳定。由于进食会使得胃肠液的ph值增大,表明在禁食状态下复合物状态更稳定。复合物质量浓度越大,其在胃肠液中的稳定性越高,且达到在0.8mg/l时,180min孵育后复合物稳定性均达到80%以上。由此表明可以通过适当增大复合物的质量浓度来提高胃肠液的稳定性。
生物化学与生物物理进展 , 2005,
Abstract: 主要概括磷酸酶的种类,原核细胞磷酸组氨酸生物功能及调控,哺乳动物组氨酸残基磷酸化、去磷酸化,以及组氨酸磷酸酶及其底物的最新研究进展.信号转导在生长发育及细胞功能中起极其重要的作用.无论在原核还是真核细胞,蛋白质磷酸化是细胞内信号转导的关键机制.研究最多的可逆的真核蛋白磷酸化,主要发生在含有羟基的丝氨酸、苏氨酸和酪氨酸残基上.不同的激酶和磷酸酶受不同机制的调节,而调节过程中出现的差异是人类很多疾病的潜在基础.与大量有关羟基磷酸化氨基酸的报道相比,有关氨基磷酸化氨基酸的报道甚少.据估计,自然界中存在的磷酸组氨酸比磷酸酪氨酸多10~100倍,但不如磷酸丝氨酸丰富.虽然对脊椎动物蛋白质中存在磷酸组氨酸的认识可以追溯到20世纪60年代初,但由于研究手段的限制,至今对脊椎动物蛋白组氨酸激酶及组氨酸磷酸酶的结构及功能知之甚少.但是,近几年的研究有突破性的发现,克隆和重组表达哺乳动物组氨酸磷酸酶为研究氨基磷酸化氨基酸的生物功能翻开新的一章.

Ma Ruixia,<br>
生态学报 , 1996,
Abstract: Wheat straw of mature period was decomposed under laboratory conditions:pH5,pH7 and pH8 by microoganisms. Filtrates of rotted wheat straw after 1 day,1 week,2 weeks and 4 weeks of incubation were tested for bioassay,and their some extracts obtained under acidic and basic conditions were analysed by GC-MS. It was found that allelopathic effects of extracts on the germination of wheat and maize seeds are obviously dependent on the period of decomposition, pH value and variety of crops.All acidic extracts showed inhibition to the germination and root growth to some degree.All basic extracts showed a little inhibition or some simulation to seed germination and root growth. The samples of 1 day incubation under pH5 (A),pH7(A),and pH8(A) have shown a obvious inhibition(p
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