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Several Chinese Technical Terms Liable to Misleading Ideas or Confusion in Papers of Chemical Science

CHEN XiaoMin,<br>
中国科技期刊研究 , 2007,
Abstract: 中国最近十年来出版的一千余种医学专业期刊累计发表论文达300余万篇。在这些海量的文献中,如何判断哪些文章具有较高的影响力、哪些作者是学科带头人、哪些研究是热点、哪些机构的科研产出力高、哪些期刊的影响力高、哪些基金论文产生了较广泛的影响
Effects of Chinese Academic Journals (CD) As Seen from Life Science Research

Zhou Qing,Chen Guanchu,<br>周,冠初
中国科技期刊研究 , 2000,
Abstract: 根据《生命科学研究》的办刊实践,从有利于促进期刊编排的规范化和标准化、扩大优质稿源与拓展发行空间及加强审稿人队伍的建设等三个方面阐述了《中国学术期刊(光盘版)》的效用。
Life Science Research Marching into the World

Chen Guanchu,Zhou Qing,<br>冠初,
中国科技期刊研究 , 1999,
Abstract: 《生命科学研究》以“面向现代化,面向世界,面向未来”为办刊目标,为使刊物与国际接轨,走向世界,从加强国际交流,面向国内外征稿,提高期刊学术水平和文摘率等6个方面进行了探索实践。
Economic Development Differences Related to Off-farm Industries'' Contribution in Mountainous Areas of China

CHEN Guojie,WANG Qing,<br>国阶,.
地理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: Based on the units of 26 prefectures and 66 counties, 9 typical mountainous areas, including Da-Xiao Hinggan Mountains, Yanshan Mountains, Taihang Mountains, Yimeng Mountains, Qilian Mountains, Hengduan Mountains, Karst Mountains, Wuling Mountains and Dongnan Mountains, were selected to analyze the state of off-farm income. After comparison with plains as well as developed regions, the results show that the average agricultural output per capita in plain and mountainous areas is both lower than 2000 yuan RMB without much difference, but the difference is much bigger in output value of off-farm industries between plain and mountainous areas. The output value of off-farm industries accounts for about 90% of GDP in plain areas, but in mountainous areas it is 70% of GDP. The authors therefore conclude that the "poverty" in mountainous areas or the gap between mountainous areas and plain areas lies in the underdevelopment of off-farm industries in mountainous areas.Also, this study indicates that agricultural growth trend in China is strongly correlated with growth of off-farm industries--the curve of net income from off-farm industries reflects the general characteristics of net income of households. That is to say that increase of net income of farm households is chiefly from off-farm industries, more than from agriculture.
Theoretical Model and Trend Analysis on Mountainous Economic Development Stages in China

CHEN Guojie,WANG Qing,<br>国阶,
地理学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The mountainous economic development depends on the macro-scale backgrounds of the whole country as well as the laws of regional economic developmental stages. In each stage, regional economic development has distinctly industrial structures and economic driving forces. In this paper, based on analysis of regional developmental mechanism, the authors propose a temporal & spatial conception model (T = S model), which reveals regional evolution is an integration of fluctuation in temporal dimension and disparity in spatial dimension. By using the T = S model, four conclusions have been drawn: First, both the phase and states of mountainous economic development of China in the next 5, 10 and 20 years have been simulated. Second, the authors predict that per capita GDP of mountainous regions will reach 8000 yuan RMB in 2005, and about 12000 yuan RMB in 2010. Third, the shift of mountainous economic development stage was scheduled. Finally, some suggestions concerning policies relative to the shifting conditions were put forward.

Chen Jinxing,Zhang Pingqing,<br>进兴,张平
环境科学学报 , 1989,
Abstract: A radiochemical method for simultaneous determination of U, Th and (228)Ra in sediments and biomass was investigated. The sensitivities of the method were 10(-6)g for U and Th and 17.7Bq/kg for (226)Ra respectively. Radiochemical recovery of (226)Ra was 81.7%, while chemical recovery of Ba was 90.7%. The decontamination of the method was satisfactory.
Implementation of Lookup Service Based on Jini

HU Guang,CHEN Qing,<br>胡光,
计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: In the distributed system, the lookup service: the core medchanism of Jini, was implemented the constructing, look-up, discovery and uses for services in order to offer various interfaces for administrators and users. And it also connects the sys-tem and clients. It will be showed to implement the complex calculating in the network environment with Jini-based dynamic lookup and discovery mechanism.
Key agreement scheme for dynamic peer groups based on Merkle identity tree

CHEN Li-qing,<br>
计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: Abstract:Designing efficient distributive key agreement scheme was a difficult problem in multicast communication of dyna-mic peer groups. This paper proposed a new key agreement scheme for multicast groups based on Merkle identity tree . Then analyzed the procedures of secret communications between subgroups and updating of group keys with the dynamic change of group members in detail. The analysis shows that the new scheme is efficient in computation and communication.
Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Streptomycin Fermentation

Chen Yuanqing,Chen Qi,Wang Shuqing,<br>,陈琦,王树
生物工程学报 , 1999,
Abstract: Principal Component Analysis,a method of multivariate statistical analysis,is used for analyzing the datum of actual industrial streptomycin fermentation.This method is ideal for analysis of large multivariate datasets with highly correlated and noisy measurements by compressing it into a lower dimension space which contains most of the variance of the original matrix.A rule based identification system is developed for dividing streptomycin fermentation process into three phases.The method built by multivariate regressive method can predict the production concentration of streptomycin fermentation according to three different phases.Good result is obtained.
Consideration and Suggestions on Datum Norm for Retrieval and Evaluation of Chinese Academic Journal (CD)

Chen Dingbao,Chen Jianqing,<br>定保,
中国科技期刊研究 , 2000,
Abstract: 《中国学术期刊(光盘版)检索与评价数据规范》已经颁发试行。有些条款在文字上不够严密,容易引起误解,在数据项的内容和格式方面也有一些值得探讨的地方。本文参照一些学术期刊的实例,对期刊检索和评价数据项的内容、格式以及相关的版面美观问题提出了一些意见和建议。

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