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Preliminary study on apparent reflectivity estimation by migration

CHEN Sheng-Chang,LI Pei,LIN Chen,<br>,李佩,林晨
地球物理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: The apparent reflectivity estimation is a fundamental issue in seismic data processing, usually it is obtained by the inversion approach. In this paper, based on the combination of seismic migration and seismic linear inverse theory, and using the preserved amplitude one-way wave propagator, the preserved amplitude wave equation prestack migration algorithm, and the techniques of angle-domain wave equation migration and illumination compensation in imaging space, an apparent reflectivity estimation method for subsurface reflector is presented through the one-way wave equation migration. Some numerical tests on theoretical model are implemented. The apparent reflectivity estimation obtained by the method presented in this paper is the reflectivity of small incident angle close to the normal direction.
Wavenumber domain generalized inverse algorithm for potential field downward continuation

CHEN Sheng-Chang,XIAO Peng-Fei,<br>
地球物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Downward continuation is an important operation in potential field data processing and inversion,but its instability problem influences its application in many processing and inversion techniques.In this paper,taking the downward continuation of potential field as an inverse problem of upward continuation,we obtain a convolution type linear integral equation for downward continuation. Making use of the orthogonal symmetry characteristic of Fourier transform matrix,and combining the principles of singular value decomposition of matrix and generalized inverse,we proposed a stable generalized inverse method for downward continuation of potential field,called wavenumber domain generalized inverse algorithm,which doesn't need the computation for inverse matrix.It resolves the instability of potential field downward continuation of large depth.The applications of the method to the downward continuation of 3-D theoretical model data and real magnetic field data give ideal results.
Generalized synthesis of seismic data and its migration

CHEN Sheng-Chang,MA Zai-Tian,<br>,马在田
地球物理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Based on the linear stacking principle of seismic wavefield,a general approach to the linear stacking of seismic common shot gathers and their sources is presented.It is called generalized seismic data synthesis.By using this method,different kinds of artificial synthetic seismic data gathers and sources can be obtained,such as,plane wave data gathers and sources,local plane wave(beam) data gathers and sources,and target-oriented artificial synthetic seismic data gathers and sources,according to various geological situations and requirements.The single-square-root equation can be used for the migration of artificial synthetic seismic data gathers.Different synthetic seismic data gathers have different migration characteristics,for example,plane wave data gathers with high calculation efficiency,local plane wave data gathers with good directional characteristic,target-oriented synthetic data gathers with good target-oriented characteristic.
High order generalized screen propagator for wave equation prestack depth migration

CHEN Sheng-Chang,MA Zai-Tian,<br>,马在田
地球物理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Different from the scattering theory used in the derivation of conventional generalized screen propagator,in this paper,a high order formula of generalized screen propagator for one-way wave equation is proposed by using the asymptotic expansion of single-square-root operator.The high order generalized screen propagator not only improves the calculation precision of conventional generalized screen propagator,and facilitates the suitability of generalized screen propagator to the media with strong lateral velocity variation.Applying the high order generalized screen propagator to wave equation prestack depth migration can get a better migration result than that of conventional generalized screen propagator.The higher the order number of generalized screen propagator,the higher the calculation precision,and the more the calculation amount.Using the wave equation prestack depth migration on SEG-EAGE 2-D salt dome model as an example,the two-order generalized screen propagator increases 30% calculation work relative to the conventional(one-order) generalized screen propagator.The presentation of high order generalized screen propagator is a theoretic development and improvement to the conventional generalized screen propagator.

CHEN SHENGCHANG,<br>,曹景忠,马在田
地球物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 提出了一套基于平面波分解的波动方程叠前地震数据深度偏移方法.通过对共炮点道集和共偏移距道集地震数据的平面波分解,分别得到适用于单平方根波场外推方程和双平方根波场外推方程的共ps(炮点坐标平面波参数)平面波道集和共ph(偏移距坐标平面波参数)平面波道集.在对共炮点道集和共偏移距道集地震数据的平面波分解时,不需要进行通常意义下的τ-p变换计算.通过对共ps平面波道集和共ph平面波道集的偏移效果对比,我们认为在速度弱横向变化介质中,两种平面波道集偏移方法的效果相当,但对于速度强横向变化介质,共ps平面波道集偏移方法的效果要优于共ph平面波道集偏移方法.在计算效率方面,共ps平面波道集偏移方法与共ph平面波道集偏移方法基本相同.
An iterative approach to potential field continuation from curved surface to plane

CHEN Sheng-Chang,LIN Chen,LI Pei,<br>,林晨,李佩
地球物理学进展 , 2009,
Abstract: The continuation of potential field data from a curved surface to a plane is an import operation, but its computation amount and computational complexity influence its applications in many data processing and interpretation techniques. In this paper, an iterative approach to potential field continuation from curved surface to plane is proposed. The continuation of potential field data from a curved surface to a plane can be viewed as an inverse problem of upward continuation of plane potential field data, getting a linear integral equation. Through viewing the potential field data on the curved surface as the data on the average elevation plane of the curved surface, then using the wavenumber domain generalized inverse algorithm to downward continue the data from the average elevation plane to a given plane, and a topography correction based on the change of curved surface relative to its average elevation is implemented to the downward continued data on the given plane, finally the downward continued data plane is upward continued to the curved surface. It is an iteration process. The applications of the approach to a 3D theoretical model data and a real magnetic field data give ideal results.
Designing the Embedded Linux GUI on Framebuffer
基于 Framebuffer 的嵌入式 Linux 图形库设计

XIA Fan,CHEN Shu-Yu,LONG Chang-Sheng,<br>夏凡,蜀宇,
计算机系统应用 , 2012,
Abstract: This paper mainly researches on how to design a Graphic User Interface in embedded Linux operating system.The GUI is based on Framebuffer in Linux 2.6 kernel and is built in C programming language,its functions include displaying vector graphics,displaying bitmaps,displaying commonly used characters,displaying windows and responsing messsages.This paper shows the whole process of implementation of the GUI mentioned above.

生物工程学报 , 1992,
Abstract: 用日本岛津公司生产的电融合装置(SSH-2),进行了坛紫菜和条斑紫菜的原生质体融合试验。探讨了不同的电刺激条件、融合缓冲液种类以及蛋白酶的前处理与细胞融台的关系。其结果是,高频电压30一35V,印加时间25—30s;脉冲电压300—350V,印加时间60μs,及添加3m mol/L Ca2+、Mg2+的融合缓冲液可使融台率达到21—31%。蛋白酶的前处理对细胞融合有明显的效果。融合细胞培养7天后产生细胞壁,4l天长成多细胞团。
地球物理学报 , 2012, DOI: 10.6038/j.issn.0001-5733.2012.04.025
Abstract: 常规的单程波波动方程偏移成像方法对大角度的高陡构造偏移成像存在内在的限制.根据波动方程在各个空间方向的数学特性和高陡构造反射地震波的传播特征,通过把地震波分解为垂向的上下行波、水平方向的前后行波和左右行波,提出基于波场垂向外推和水平方向外推相结合的单程波波动方程高陡构造偏移成像方法,即用波场垂向外推的单程波波动方程偏移成像方法解决中低角度平缓构造的偏移成像,用波场水平方向外推的单程波波动方程偏移成像方法解决中高角度陡倾构造的偏移成像.这种基于波场垂向和水平方向外推相结合的高陡构造偏移成像方法是常规单程波波动方程叠前深度偏移成像方法的补充和改进,它相对基于全波方程的逆时偏移具有计算效率上的优势.

地球物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 提出了一套基于平面波分解的波动方程叠前地震数据深度偏移方法.通过对共炮点道集和共偏移距道集地震数据的平面波分解,分别得到适用于单平方根波场外推方程和双平方根波场外推方程的共ps(炮点坐标平面波参数)平面波道集和共ph(偏移距坐标平面波参数)平面波道集.在对共炮点道集和共偏移距道集地震数据的平面波分解时,不需要进行通常意义下的τp变换计算.通过对共ps平面波道集和共ph平面波道集的偏移效果对比,我们认为在速度弱横向变化介质中,两种平面波道集偏移方法的效果相当,但对于速度强横向变化介质,共ps平面波道集偏移方法的效果要优于共ph平面波道集偏移方法.在计算效率方面,共ps平面波道集偏移方法与共ph平面波道集偏移方法基本相同.
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