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Analytical solutions to ultra-long waves with the complete Coriolis force and heating

Yang Jie,Zhao Qiang,<br>杨,
物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: Ultra-long waves in the modified Burger model are studied by using the method of travelling-wave solution. Taylor series expansion is used to isolate the characteristics of linear waves and identify the nonlinear waves. The analytical solutions to nonlinear ultra-long waves with the complete Coriolis force and heating,which can be approximately described by the KdV equation and the combined KdV and mKdV (KdV-mKdV) equation,are obtained. The cnoidal waves,solitary waves,and soliton-like solutions are also ob...
Hyperspectral image classification and application based on relevance vector machine

DONG Chao,ZHAO Huijie,<br>董超,
遥感学报 , 2010,
Abstract: The relevance vector machine (RVM) is used to process the hyperspectral image in this paper to estimate the classifiers precisely in the high dimensional space with limited training samples. The detail of RVM is firstly discussed based on the sparse Bayesian theory. Then four multi-class strategies are analyzed, including One-vs-All (OAA), One-vs-One (OAO) and two direct multi-class strategies. In the experiments, the multi-class strategies are compared and RVM is further compared with several classical classifiers, including the support vector machine (SVM). The experiments show that two direct multi-class strategies occupy too much memory space with low efficiency. OAA has the highest precision, but is low in efficiency. OAO is the best in efficiency and the precision approximates to OAA. Compared with SVM, RVM is low in precision, but sparser than SVM. The sparse property is important when the test set is large, which makes RVM suitable for classifying the large-scale hyperspectral image.

Zhao Jie,Cheng Jingchen,<br>,程井辰
植物科学学报 , 1994,
Abstract: The callus growth curves of Asparagus officinalis L.presented "S" types under different light factors but with a similar irradiance.The quantities of soluble proteins of callus were the highest in yellow,in turn in blue,dark,white,green and red lights. The activity of non-specific esterases(NSE)had three peaks in blue, yellow and red lights, but two peaks in green, white and dark lights.The decline of the peak values was in regularorder of yellow,blue, white,red,green, dark lights in the twenty-seventh-day.Except that it had two peaks in red light,the activity of peroxidase(POD)had one peak in the other lights.The decline of the peak values was in regular order of yellow,blue,green,white,dark and red lights.The activity of superoxide dismutase(SOD) presented two peaks in different light factors,and the peak value in white was the highest.

Zhao Jie Cheng Jinchen,<br>,程井辰
植物科学学报 , 1992,
Abstract: Four types of callus in Asparagus officinalis L. were observed, The light green, compact and tubercular callus was a typical callus of organogenesis. The light yellow, friable and granular callus was a typical callus of embryogenesis. The organ primordia derived from the meristematic cellular masses with monopolarity. Generally, the bud primordia originated exogenously and the root primordia produced endogenously.
Suitable Cryo-sectioning Technique in Floral Organs of Plants

CHEN Dan,ZHAO Jie,<br>陈丹,
植物科学学报 , 2005,
Abstract: With studying on the technical parameters of cryo-sectioning in floral organs of four plant species, we established a suitable cryo-sectioning method for floral organs of plants. The procedure consisted of several steps as follows.The materials were taken out and fixed in solution contained cryo-protected reagent (sucrose). The fixed samples were embedded, frozen in liquid nitrogen and cryo-sectioned. Then, the sections were dried, stained or not and photographed. This method was better than single liquid freezing or sucrose-protecting or direct cryo-section. The fine structures of ovaries, anthers and shoot apical buds in four plant species were displayed by the sucrose-protecting and liquid nitrogen frozen cryo-sectioning technique. One important point is that the different concentrations of sucrose were used during fixing because of varied plant tissue structures and osmotic pressure, and the sucrose level suitable for the floral organs of the four species were also investigated.
Framebuffer Driver Based on Embedded Linux

ZHAO Jie,GONG Wei,<br>,龚威
计算机系统应用 , 2010,
Abstract: This paper introduces the systematic structure of embedded Linux framebuffer device driver, and gives a detailed analysis of the key data structures and writing method. Through the example of Linux framebuffer device driver based on ARM9-CPU S3C2440, implementation principle and development process of Linux framebuffer device driver based on Platform bus in the Linux2.6.33 kernel is analyzed. Finally, it gives the general methods about the access to framebuffer device by user-space application.
IAA Distribution of Anther and Pollen during Flower Development of Nicotiana tabacum L.

ZHAO Jun,CHEN Dan,AN Peng,ZHAO Jie,<br>,陈丹,安鹏,
植物科学学报 , 2009,
Abstract: In this study,different stages of anthers of Nicotiana tabacum L.were detailed investigated.With the aid of DAPI(4' ,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole)staining,the process of pollen development was observed,and the relationship between the anther developmental stages and the length of flowers were determined.The distribution of Indole-3-acetic acid(IAA)during anther and pollen development was studied with auxin IAA monoantibody,immunohistochemistry techniques and GUS activity assay of DR5∶∶ GUS transgenic plants.The results of immunoenzyme localization displayed that IAA level differed evidently in different stages of anther and pollen development.In microspore mother cell stage,strong IAA signal was detected in the whole anther,and condensed in the nucleus of late stage of microspore mother cells.With the formation of tetrad through meiosis,the signal of IAA was gradually reduced,and almost disappeared in late stage of tetrad.In the stage of mono-nucleate pollens,IAA signal was decreased further,and was merely present in anther wall.With the further development of microspores,strong IAA signal was present in mature dual-nucleate pollens and the whole anther wall.GUS activity assay showed that the GUS signal of anthers and pollens in DR5∶∶ GUS transgenic plants were basically in accordance with IAA immunoenzyme localization.Overall,the accumulation of free auxin IAA during anther and pollen development of tobacco presented a pattern from high level to low level and then to high level again,suggesting that IAA may play functional and essential roles in anther and pollen development of angiosperm.
Effects of Exogenous ABA on the Seed Germination of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) and the Expression of Relative Genes

ZHANG Yi-Lin,Zhao Fan,ZHAO Jie,<br>张宜麟,,
植物科学学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 植物激素脱落酸(abscisic acid,ABA)调控着植物发育过程中的许多重要事件。实验以水稻(嘉育948)种子为材料,通过3种不同的外源ABA处理方法,观察萌发过程中根和芽的生长变化。结果表明,外源ABA对水稻种子的萌发率没有明显的影响,而对种子萌发过程中根和芽的生长速率具有显著的抑制作用(1A3A和1N3A);外源ABA对种子萌发过程中的抑制作用可部分逆转和恢复(1A3N);种子在低浓度的ABA中浸泡1d后再萌发,对根的生长有轻微的促进(1A3N)。通过RT-PCR和Northern杂交分析了水稻促有丝分裂原蛋白激酶5(OsMAPK5)、水稻酪蛋白激酶I1(OsCKI1)和β-葡糖苷酶2(BGLU2)3个基因在水稻种子萌发过程中(1A3A)转录水平上的表达差异,发现ABA抑制了这3个基因的表达,同时也影响了它们在根和芽中的表达模式。
Intuitionistic Cloud Reasoning and Its Application in Aerial Target Intention Analysis

, 刘伟, 拥军
Operations Research and Fuzziology (ORF) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/ORF.2014.44009
To solve the questions of uncertain reasoning in high level information fusion, intuitionistic cloud model and intuitionistic cloud reasoning are proposed. First, considering the intuitionistic fuzziness and randomness, intuitionistic cloud model is proposed by combining the cloud model and intuitionistic fuzzy set theroy. The intuitionistic cloud model can establish transformation of un-certainty between the qualitative concept and the quantitative description. Then, the rules of rea-soning are constructed according to the expert knowledge, the algorithms of reasoning are designed and uncertain reasoning is carried out. Finally, the approach based on intuitionistic cloud reasoning is used for attacking intention analysis of aerial target, which demonstrates the validity and practicability of the intuitionistic cloud reasoning method.

计算机系统应用 , 1999,
Abstract: Internet是基于 TCP/IP的最大的互连网络。随着连入Internet的网络与主机数量的高速增长, Internet地址空间将面临耗尽的问题。解决这一问题的最直接的方法是扩大IP的编址空间,但这需要大量的工作。在目前的情况下,透明路由器、委托ARP和子网编址这三种技术对解决 Internet地址拥塞问题有很大的作用。文中探讨了 Inter-net地址拥塞问题出现的背景,在此基础上,着重探讨了解决该问题的四种不同的技术及相关的问题。
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