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Expression and Characterization of Protein Disulfide Isomerase-related Protein A

ZHOU Hai,Ping,JIA Cui,Juan,ZHANG Yu,Ying,<br>周海平,,张渝
生物工程学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Protein disulfide isomerase related protein A (PRPA) was highly expressed (about 34%) in Escherichia coli by inserting the whole PRPA cDNA into the vector pET23b. After expression, the purified protein was acquired through ammonium fractional precipitation and Bio Rex 70 chromatography. PRPA shows low disulfide isomerase activity (only about 1/250 of that of hPDI), decreases the reactivation yield of denatured and reduced lysozyme either in redox and non redox Hepes buffer or redox PBS buffer and facilitates the aggregation of denatured and reduced lysozyme. Fluorescence spectra of PRPA indicate that PRPA has more hydrophobic groups at surface than that of hPDI, and which can be used to explain why PRPA has anti chaperone acti vity during the refolding of denatured and reduced lysozyme.
Chitosan and its applications in synthesis of metal nanomaterials

Dongwei Wei,Cuiying Ji,Xueping Ji,Yongzhong Ye,Weiping Qian,<br>魏东伟,,雪平,叶永忠,钱卫平
生物工程学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Chitosan has natural abundance, unique bioactivity and attractive physicochemical properties. Recent years, the synthesis of chitosan-based metal nanomaterials has attracted increasing attention. The synthesis of metal nanoparticles utilizing biomelocular or organism offers a mild medium, and thus a greater degree of control over the nanoparticles produced, along with higher reproducibility. In particular, preparation of metal nanoparticles based on biomelocular or organism has its unique facility in integr...
Static liquid fermentative conditions for producing cellulase of Trametes trogii

JIA Cui-Ying,ZHANG Yu-Hui,WANG Zhen-He,<br>,张玉辉,王振河
菌物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: In order to investigate the influence of the factors such as the initial pH of fermentative medium, the kinds of carbon and nitrogen sources of fermentative medium and the types of inducers on CMC-Na (monosodium carboxymethylcellulose) cellulase activity of a new isolated producing cellulase strain from the rumen of sheep, the single factor and orthogonal test were respectively carried out. The CMC-Na cellulase activity was determined by DNS (3,5-dinitryl salicylate) method. The results displayed that the optimal initial pH value of fermentative medium was 5.0. The optimal carbon and nitrogen sources of fermentative medium were respectively starch and yeast extract and their optimal additive amount were respectively 1% and 0.4%. The optimal inducer was dry bran (1.5%). Under the optimal condition, the highest value of CMC-Na cellulase activity was 56.62U/mL. All these results indicated that this was a new founding for looking for strain producing cellulase and using Trametes trogii to produce cellulase by static fermentation showed some advantages such as short fermentation time, and lower energy cost as compared with the reported Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma. Therefore, this study will display some certain substantial economic significance.
Effects of prednisone therapy on the clinical outcomes and phenotypes of natural killer cells in patients with URSA

新转,张娜,郭丽娜,赵素,,魏兰<br>JIA Xinzhuan, ZHANG Na, GUO Lina, ZHAO Suying, DONG Cui, WEI Lan
- , 2016, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-7554.0.2015.839
西北农林科技大学学报(自然科学版) , 2004,
Abstract: 以野生型苹果酒酵母菌y02为出发菌株,以8×1015cm-2注入剂量对出发菌株y02进行诱变处理,得到1株形态特征具有明显差别的特异突变株ionⅱ-11dry。发酵试验表明,该特异突变株的产酒率比出发菌株提高22.4%,是一株优良的产苹果酒酵母菌菌株。对特异突变株与出发菌株在碳源同化、氮源同化、酵母菌菌体蛋白sds-page凝胶电泳等方面的研究结果表明,特异突变株ion-11dry是一株与出发菌株y02有显著差别的优良菌株。
Solventothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Thiotungstate Crystals at Low Temperature

DONG Yan-Zhi,JIA Cui-Ying,AN Yong-Lin,YU Yong-Xian,WANG De-He,<br>董言治,,安永林,于永鲜,王德和
无机材料学报 , 2002,
Abstract: The tetrathiotungstate crystals (NH4)2WS4 and K2WS4 were first synthesized by the solventothermal technique by using water-alcohol as solvent at low temperature, and characterized by SEM, XRD, ED techniques. Results show that their crystal phases are pure and their shapes are good. The synthesis procedure is simple and high yield, produces less pollution.
Effect of environmental factors on the growth and nitride degradation ability of Bacillus subtilis in aquaculture

GAO Hai-Ying,WANG Zhan-Wu,ZHANG Cui-Mian,LI Hong-Tao,JIA Nan,<br>高海,王占武,,李洪涛,
中国生态农业学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 水体恶化是导致池塘水产养殖病害爆发, 产量下降的主要因素之一.池塘养殖多采用投饵饲养方式, 当残饵和生物排泄量超过池塘的自净能力, 有机物便不能被完全分解而沉积池底, 使池水趋于富营养化, 池水中厌氧层不断增厚, 造成有毒害作用的氨、亚硝酸盐等物质的积累, 微生态平衡遭到破坏, 使鱼虾生长受到影响, 病害多发.目前大多采用化学药剂改善水质, 虽然在短时间内能发挥一定的作用, 但是许多化学药剂不仅会破坏水体微生物结构, 且对鱼虾有很强的毒害作用1].因此寻找既能净化养殖环境, 又不会破坏水体微生态平衡的水质净化方法成为水产养殖业关注的焦点2].
Adsorption and desorption of acetylene and propylene on zeolites

ZHANG Shi-xin,WANG Xin-ping,JIA Cui-ying,CHEN Jing,WANG Yi-jing,<br>张世鑫,王新平,,陈静,王一婧
燃料化学学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 在80 ℃下研究了ZSM-5、13X、Y、MOR、5A、SAPO-34等多种分子筛和常见载体上乙炔和丙烯的吸附和脱附性能.结果表明,乙炔和丙烯在SiO2、γ-Al2O3上不吸附,而与分子筛存在较强的相互作用.对于同类型的分子筛,两者的饱和吸附量均随分子筛硅铝比的增大而减小.在同一种分子筛上,以摩尔计的丙烯吸附量均明显高于乙炔.在80 ℃改性β分子筛上乙炔和丙烯饱和吸附量可分别达到0.11 mmol/g和4.89 mmol/g,该结果明显高于文献报道的结果.
核农学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 以野生型苹果酒酵母菌Y02为出发菌株,利用8×1015ioncm2注入剂量对出发菌株Y02进行诱变处理,得到1株形态特征、部分生化特征、菌体蛋白质等发生明显变异的突变株IONⅡ11dry,该突变株的产酒率比出发菌株提高224%,表明离子注入诱变育种是行之有效的
核农学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 为获得L-精氨酸高产菌株,以实验室初步鉴定为格兰氏阳性细菌,菌落特征为金黄色的产全氨基酸菌株为出发菌株,利用紫外线(UV)诱变和精氨酸结构类似物羧甲基半胱氨酸(羧甲司坦)进行复合筛选,得到1株L-精氨酸高产诱变菌株。对所筛选到的高产诱变菌株进行160r/min,30℃摇瓶发酵90h,测得该菌株L-精氨酸的产量为78.79μg/3ml,与出发菌株相比,L-精氨酸的产量提高约3.71倍。经多批次发酵试验进一步验证,所筛选的高产L-精氨酸菌株具有较好的遗传稳定性,此研究不仅对筛选L-精氨酸高产菌株具有一定参考和借鉴意义,对筛选其他类型氨基酸高产菌株也可提供一定参考。
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