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Liu Xiao-ping,<br>刘小,春生,秦孟兆,吕德业
力学学报 , 1990,
Abstract: In this paper, the numerical study is carried out for three test problems of projectile penetration; a tungsten projectile impacting on a steel target at 1000 m/s, a steel projectile impacting on a steel target at 1000m/s. and a steel projectile impacting on a. aluminium target at 1000 m/s. The basic equations of compressible fluid and elactic-plastic flow in two dimensions and Eulerian typical CPG-LTDL code are used in the numerical calculation. The results of computation are in good agreement with the experimental results.Analysis of the computed results showed: (1) the penetration capacity of projectile is independent on the kinetic of the whole projectile, but dependent on the pressure on the interface of the projectile and target. When the parameters of target and projectile material are given, the penetration capacity of projectile can be indicated by initial specific kinetic energy of projectile. (2) the aluminium target in penetration process behaves like fluid. The penetration resistance capacity of the high strength aluminium target is lower than the A3 steel target. Thus it is shown that the effort should be concentrated on obtaining a new type material of aluminium which can resist high pressure and high temperature of projectile penetration, but not only on. increasing the normal strength of aluminium target.
Desulfuration by colour less sulfur bacteria and sulfate-reducing bacteria under micro-aerobic condition

Xie Ping,Zhang Shuliang,Yang Keke,<br>,张书良,杨科科
环境工程学报 , 2013,
Abstract: Desulfuration of organic wastewater containing sulfate was realized by transforming the sulfate to elementary sulfur in a micro-aerobic condition resulted from intermittence aeration, in which sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) and colorless sulfur bacteria (CSB) kept symbiotic. The effect of oxygen amount on the reduction of SRB and oxidization of CSB was investigated. The optimal aeration intensity and hydraulic retention time under which the maximum ratio of elementary sulfur to the amount of total sulfur occurred were found. The results indicated that, for an influent with COD/SO42-=2 000/1 500 mg/L, after being processed in such a system with the aeration switching time of 2 s/2 min and biochemical time of 10 h, the maximum productivity of elemental sulfur of 89.53% was achieved, with the minimum sulfate concentration of 72.7 mg/L, and a sulfate reduction rate of 95.1%.

财会月刊 , 2005,
Abstract:   平衡计分卡不仅为企业提供了一种绩效考核的测评体系,而且是一种有利于企业取得突破性竞争优势的管理方法。它把企业的战略置于中心地位,根据企业的战略目标,从财务业绩、客户评价、内部经营及学习与创新四个方面设置了15~20个可量化的指标对企业进行全面的考察和评价,并通过对企业战略目标的层层分解,将员工的报酬与测评指标联系起来,促使这些战略转化为每一个员工的具体行动,使企业的长期战略和短期行为有机地联系起来。  然而从价值链的角度看,平衡计分卡是一个不完整的链状结构,仍需进一步完善。它的四个方面中,虽涉及到企业内部与外部两个方面,但在企业和外部的关系链中只注重了客户这一因素,而忽视了供应商这个重要因素。笔者认为,应补充供应商这一因素,使它成为一条完整的作业价值链,并与以作业链为基础的货币计量的价值链形成两条完整的作业链和价值链的双链结构(详见图1)。
Heterogenous expression and characterization of cag4 in Helicobacter pylori

Wenkai Wang,Qiao Zhong,Liping Xie,Shihe Shao,<br>王文凯,钟桥,,邵世和
微生物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Objective]To construct prokaryotic fusion gene expression vector pET-28a-cag pathogenicity island protein 4(cag4),express the recombinant fusion protein cag4 and analyze the enzyme activity of recombinant protein.Methods] We cloned cag4 gene,this encoded lytic transglycosylase in CagPAI of Helicobacter pylori NCTC11637 via PCR method.After TA cloning and restriction enzyme digested confirmed,we constructed prokaryotic expression plasmid pET-28a-cag4 and transformed the plasmid into E.coli BL21(DE3) for he...
Root activity and nitrogen assimilation of rice(Oryza sativa)under Free-Air CO2 Enrichment

PANG Jing~,<br>庞静,朱建国,祖彬,刘钢,陈改,张雅丽
应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 利用FACE(FreeAirCarbon-dioxideEnrichment)平台技术,用伤流量法研究了低氮(LN150kg.hm-2)和常氮(NN250kg.hm-2)水平下,大气CO2浓度升高对水稻分蘖、抽穗期和穗后35d根系活力和根系N同化能力(氨基酸合成能力)的影响.结果表明,就整株水稻来看,CO2浓度升高和N处理对根系活力无显著影响;但由于FACE条件下水稻分蘖数增加14.5%(LN)和20.7%(NN),使每茎根系活力(伤流强度)降低1.4%~21.7%.在分蘖和抽穗期,虽然FACE处理促进了根系吸收的无机N向氨基酸转化,根系伤流液中氨基酸氮/无机氮提高11.1%~143.1%,但氨基酸浓度和合成总量和对照相比无明显差异.在穗后35d,FACE处理减弱了水稻根系的N同化能力,表现为根系伤流液中氨基酸/无机氮降低38.1%(LN)和29.2%(NN);同时氨基酸浓度降低34.0%(LN)和44.7%(NN),氨基酸合成总量降低50.8%(LN)和40.0%(NN).提高施氮水平促进了抽穗期水稻根系对无机氮的吸收,伤流液中无机氮含量增加51.1%(对照)和155.2%(FACE),但并未增加氨基酸合成量,由此导致抽穗期氨基酸氮/无机氮显著降低19.5%(对照)和36.8%(FACE);同时,氮处理在这个时期与FACE处理表现出明显的交互作用.
Quantitative analysis of phoxim and cypermethrin using wide bore capillary column gas chromatography]

G Qu,J Yang,J Li,L Xie,<br>渠桂荣,杨冀州,李建,连营
色谱 , 1997,
Abstract: A compound pesticide, 20% P-C emulsion, consisting of 18.5% phoxim and 1.5% cypermethrin pesticides and other accessory agents is especially effective in controlling and killing boll worms. For its quality control some difficulties were encountered. In this paper we propose a simple and practical method for GC analysis of the product by use of a short wide bore capillary column (HP-1, 5m x 0.53mm x 2.65microm), high carrier gas flow rate and high-speed temperature programming etc.. Content analysis of efficient composition of "20% P-C emulsion" was completed under the chromatographic conditions using methyl parathion as an internal standard. Coefficient of variation of phoxim and cypermethrin were 0.67% and 1.0% respectively.
Concentration and health risk of heavy metals in crops and soils in a zinc-lead mining area in southwest mountainous regions

YANG Gang,SHEN Fei,ZHONG Guijiang,XIE Liping,WANG Yingjun,WU Jun,<br>杨刚,沈飞,钟贵江,,王应军,伍钧
环境科学学报 , 2011,
Abstract: To evaluate the influence of mining activities on heavy metal contamination and health risks in a mining affected area,Pb,Zn,Cd,Cr,Cu and As in soils(dry land and irrigated land) and dominant crops were monitored and analyzed in Ganluo,Sichuan Province.The Nemero comprehensive pollution index was employed to evaluate the quality of the soil.The health risks of the above-mentioned heavy metals to adults and children by food ingestion were assessed using the MMSOILS model.The results showed that(1) the farmla...
Rapid analysis of trace levels of riboflavin and its derivatives with hydrophilic interaction monolith by pressurized capillary electrochromatography with laser induced fluorescence detection

WU Yimin,WU Qingzheng,WANG Xiaochun,XIE Zenghong,WU Xiaoping,<br>吴翊民,吴庆政,王晓春,增鸿,吴晓
色谱 , 2010,
Abstract: A novel hydrophilic interaction capillary electrochromatographic(HI-CEC) monolith with covalently bonded zwitterionic functional groups was applied for the separation of riboflavins(RF) and its derivatives.With a homemade pressurized capillary electrochromatography-laser induced fluorescence detection(pCEC-LIF) system,trace levels of RF and its derivatives,flavin mononucleotide(FMN) and flavin adenine dinucleotide(FAD),can be baseline separated within 8.0 min in isocratic elution mode.The effect of experime...
Determination of Praziquantel and Propargite Residues in Fish Tissues by High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Solid Phase Extraction

WU Xiaoping,WANG Ling,SHI Dianwang,CHEN Tianwen,XIE Zenghong,Yan Chao,<br>吴晓,王玲,施点望,陈天文,增鸿,阎超
色谱 , 2005,
Abstract: 吡喹酮和克螨特是新型抗寄生虫药,在水产养殖中被作为渔药复配剂。二者均为受热易分解物质,其残留分析可采用色谱法、光谱法以及生物检测法,但对二者的同时分离检测未见报道。本研究采用固相萃取-高效液相色谱SPE-HPLC同时测定了鱼组织中二者的残留。
Review of Research on Image Processing Using Stochastic Resonance

杨雪, 李婷, 杨超琼, 佳敏, 罗艺, 高仕龙
Journal of Image and Signal Processing (JISP) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/JISP.2015.44016
In this paper, the research results of stochastic resonance theory in image processing are summarized. On the basis of the existing image processing model of stochastic resonance theory, the application prospect of stochastic resonance theory in image processing is discussed.
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