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Comprehensive evaluation and analysis of tobacco planting environment based on space technology

JIANG Yang-Ming,CUI Wei-Hong,DONG Qian-Lin,<br>,崔伟宏,董前林
植物生态学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Aims Our objective is to provide a scientific basis for optimization of tobacco planting. Methods First, we analyzed the ecological factors that impact tobacco’s cultivation and quality. Second, we applied ARCGIS spatial analysis to obtain elevation and slope factors. Third, we obtained the vegetation index, surface temperature, soil moisture and solar radiation factor based on conventional remote sensing models. Fourth, we used Kriging interpolation to encrypt the geochemical data. Then we applied AHP analysis to establish a comprehensive evaluation system for tobacco cultivation. Important findings Several environmental factors have a major impact on tobacco distribution, growth and quality. These include light, temperature, soil type, rainfall, soil moisture, altitude, slope and heavy metal pollution. These factors are also essential for optimizing allocation of tobacco cultivation. The spatial distribution of tobacco cultivation in the experimental area needs to be optimized.
Remote Sensing Information Extraction Method Based n Smart Ecological Cells

JIANG Yang-ming,CUI Wei-hong,DONG Qian-lin,<br>,崔伟宏,董前林
红外 , 2011,
Abstract: A remote sensing information extraction method based on smart ecological cells is put forward. In the method, the crop phenological characteristics, spectral evolution characteristics and special correlation feedback are combined and the cellular automata, fuzzy reasoning and BP neural network intelligent computation are fused. By taking the multi-temporal Landsat--7 ETM images as the experimental data, the monitoring of tobacco acreage planting area based on smart ecological cells is carried out. The monitoring result shows that this method can effectively improve the extraction accuracy of remote sensing information and is of value to practical applications.
, 崔伟宏, 董前林
植物生态学报 植物生态学报 , 2012, DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1258.2012.00047
Abstract: ?光照、气温、土壤类型、降水量、土壤含水量、海拔、坡度、重金属污染等自然生态环境对烤烟的分布、生长发育及品质有重要影响,同时也是烤烟种植优化配置必不可少的基础信息。基于空间技术的烤烟种植生态环境综合评价分析的目的就是应用遥感、地理信息等空间技术,实现烤烟种植区域生态环境信息的三维立体采集及烤烟种植生态环境适宜性空间分布信息评价。主要研究内容是分析影响烤烟种植及品质的生态因子,应用ARCGIS空间分析功能获得海拔、坡度因子,应用常规的遥感模型反演植被指数、地表温度、土壤含水量和太阳辐射因子,应用Kriging插值加密地球化学数据建立烤烟种植生态环境综合评价指标体系。通过基于空间技术的烤烟种植生态环境适宜性等级空间分布优化分析结果与实验区烤烟种植示范基地和烤烟种植区域的调整结果进行对比,可知该方法是有效的。
食品科学 , 1987,
Abstract: ?花粉是一类全营养佳品,富含蛋白质,其氨基酸、维生素、微量元素、激素、酶和辅酶等,也对人体代谢活动有重要作用。本文测定9种峰花粉和15种蜂花粉滋补食品的蛋白质含量及6种酶(乳酸脱氢酶。ec1、1、1、27,ldh;门冬氨酸转氨酶,ec2、6、l、1,ast即got;丙氨酸转氨酶ec2、6;1、2alt即gpt;精氨酸酶,ec3、5、3、arg;腺苷脱氨酶ec3、5、4、4,ada;碱性磷酸酶;ec3、1、3、1,alp)的活性,为评价各种蜂花粉及蜂花粉滋补食品的营养价值提供客观依据。
Spatial Economy Analyses of Basin and Western Developing Stratagem

QIAN Le xiang,XU Shu ming,QIN Fen,<br>钱乐,许叔
地理科学进展 , 2000,
Abstract: In this paper, the characteristics of the integrality and relativity, the sectionality and differentiality, the hierarchy and network, and the opening and dissipation of spatial economy of basin were described. The principles of system, synthesis, regionalization, tridimensional network, and water resource centered basin exploration were analyzed. A model of Point axis region gradual exploration was proposed. The essential idea of the model is to strengthen the economic and technologic energy of point and axis, guided by the model of regional growth and economic development and taking the point and axis exploration to be the important formation of basin development. So the national resources of whole basin can be fully explored and utilized.
Application of microfluidics in cell transfection: a review

Haiming Xu,Jiahuan Jiang,<br>徐海,稼欢
生物工程学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Microfluidics deals with the manipulation of fluidics in the structure with dimensions of micrometers or nanometers. As an emerging field, microfluidics has numerous advantages, such as controllable fluid flow and reduced reagents consumption. Recently, microfluidic has been applied into the area of cell transfection, providing opportunities to investigate cell transfection process on microscale. This review summarizes recent technical development of cell transfection based on microfluidics, including transfeceted microarray, transfecetion established in miniaturization flowing space, microdrops, microinjection and microfluidic electroporation. The factors that affect the transfection efficiency and improvement approaches are also discussed.
Performance of Cu-Mn/SiO2 in catalytic oxidation of nitrogen monoxide

Huang Ming,Jiang Hongbin,<br>黄,红彬
环境工程学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 制备并考察了Cu-Mn/SiO2催化氧化NO的性能,研究了各操作条件对NO催化氧化效率的影响,在NO体积分数1 000×10-6、O210%,空速5 000 h-1,240℃时,NO的氧化率高于60%(此时最适宜吸收处理),300℃时,氧化率可达到70%,接近平衡值.Cu-Mn/SiO2有良好的单独抗H2O、SO:毒化性能,H2O和SO2同时存在时,很快失活.Cu-Mn/SiO2可用于不同时含H2O和SO2的含NO气体氧化吸收处理.

HAO Shiming,JIANG Min,<br>郝士,
金属学报 , 1992,
Abstract: A new method for phase equilibrium calculation has been proposed in subregular solution model based on the concept of equality of two-phase equilibrium criterion of both the effective chemical potential and the grand potential. Comparing with the optimization for minimum free energy, it seems to be simpler in calculation and no more convergence problem.
Separation of the Prins Reaction Products of Isolongifolene by Column Chromatography

Liu Caiming,<br>刘彩,凤池
色谱 , 1994,
Abstract: 柱色谱法分离异长叶烯的Prins反应产物刘彩明,蒋凤池(南昌大学化学系南昌330047)(江西师范大学化学系南昌330027)1前言异长叶烯<Ⅰ>是长叶烯的异构化产物 ̄[1]。它与多聚甲醛在冰乙酸中反应(Prins反应)得到两种主要产物8-乙酰氧甲基...
The Weakly s-Supplemented Property of Finite Groups

- , 2015,
Abstract: H是G的一个子群. 称H为G的一个s-置换子群, 若对于G的任意Sylow 子群P, 成立HP = PH. 称H为G的一个弱s-可补的子群. 若存在G的一个子群T, 使得G=HT且H\cap T \leq H_{{\rm s}G}, 其中H_{{\rm s}G}是包含在H中的G的最大的s-置换子群. 本文在假设G的某些子群是弱s-可补的前提下, 得到了G的一个结构定理, 并推广了许多近期的结果.
Suppose that G is a finite group and H is a subgroup of G. H is said to be s-permutable in G if HP = PH for any Sylow subgroup P of G. H is said to be weakly s-supplemented in G if there is a subgroup T of G, such that G=HT and H\cap T \leq H_{{\rm s}G}, where H_{{\rm s}G} is the biggest s-permutable subgroup of G contained in H. In this paper, a structural theorem of finite groups is given under the hypothesis that some subgroups of G are weakly s-supplemented subgroups of G. Many recent results are extended.
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