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High-quality Ge1-xSnx alloys grown on Ge(001) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy

Su Shao-Jian,Zhang Dong-Liang,Zhang Guang-Ze,Xue Chun-Lai,Cheng Bu-Wen,Wang Qi-Ming,<br>,张东亮,张广泽,薛春来,成步文,王启明
物理学报 , 2013,
Abstract: Ge1-xSnx是一种新型IV族合金材料, 在光子学和微电子学器件研制中具有重要应用前景. 本文使用低温分子束外延(MBE)法, 在Ge(001)衬底上生长高质量的Ge1-xSnx合金, 组分x分别为1.5%, 2.4%, 2.8%, 5.3%和14%, 采用高分辨X射线衍射(HR-XRD)、卢瑟福背散射谱(RBS) 和透射电子显微镜(TEM)等方法表征Ge1-xSnx合金的材料质量. 对于低Sn组分(x≤ 5.3%)的样品, Ge1-xSnx合金的晶体质量非常好, RBS的沟道/随机产额比(χmin)只有5.0%, HR-XRD曲线中Ge1-xSnx衍射峰的半高全宽(FWHM)仅100" 左右. 对于x=14%的样品, Ge1-xSnx合金的晶体质量相对差一些, FWHM=264.6".
Silicon nanopore array structure using porous anodic alumina

Bai An-Qi,Hu Di,Ding Wu-Chang,Su Shao-Jian,Hu Wei-Xuan,Xue Chun-Lai,Fan Zhong-Chao,Cheng Bu-Wen,Yu Yu-De,Wang Qi-Ming,<br>白安琪,胡迪,丁武昌,,胡炜玄,薛春来,樊中朝,成步文,俞育德,王启明
物理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 用二次阳极氧化方法制备出分立、双向贯通并且超薄(500—1000 nm)的多孔阳极氧化铝膜,贴合到硅片上进行干法刻蚀,实现图形转移,得到了硅基纳米孔阵列结构,并对工艺中影响图形转移质量的因素进行了探索.扫描电镜(SEM)测试结果表明该途径得到的纳米结构孔形态均匀且大面积有序,孔深度可达到125 nm.对该样品进行热氧化处理后进行光致发光(PL)测试,结果表明其光致发光机理是基于通常较微弱的TO声子辅助的硅带边发光,并实现了显著发光增强,对这种增强效果的物理机理进行了理论分析.该结构具有的独特光学特性为利用
Epitaxial growth of Ge0.975Sn0.025alloy films on Si(001) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy

Su Shao-Jian,Wang Wei,Zhang Guang-Ze,Hu Wei-Xuan,Bai An-Qi,Xue Chun-Lai,Zuo Yu-Hu,Cheng Bu-Wen,Wang Qi-Ming,<br>,汪巍,张广泽,胡炜玄,白安琪,薛春来,左玉华,成步文,王启明
物理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 使用低、高温两步法生长的高质量Ge薄膜作为缓冲层,在Si(001)衬底上采用分子束外延法生长出Ge0.975Sn0.025合金薄膜.X射线双晶衍射和卢瑟福背散射谱等测试结果表明,Ge0.975Sn0.025合金薄膜具有很好的晶体质量,并且没有发生Sn表面分凝.另外,Ge0.975Sn0.025合金薄膜在500 ℃下具有很好的热稳定性,有望在Si基光电器件中得到应用.
The Framework Designation of Coordinated Dispatching Information Management Platform

, 周安, 温柏, 朱国锋,
Smart Grid (SG) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/SG.2016.61001
This paper extends the design idea of “horizontal coordinate, vertical penetration” to dispatching management business between Power Grid and Power Station, and designs an interconnected mode which involves cooperative scheduling business processes and data unification. This paper also achieves the integrated management of dispatching business of Power Grid and Power Station, and builds a unified business and interactive structure system in heterogeneous systems of different enterprises between Power Grid and Power Station, which has a good compatibility and maneuverability.
The Design and Development of Grid-Station Dispatching Operation Management Platform

周安, , 温柏, 朱国锋,
Smart Grid (SG) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/SG.2016.62011
This paper analyzes the Grid-Station business type of coordinated scheduling (process interaction, non-process interaction), follows OS2 standards while considering the demands of generation- side centralized access and distributed application. This paper develops coordinated scheduling operation management and technology support platform with two methods, which are function integration of application and processes access of dispatch management. This platform achieves the unified management of dispatching operation business of Power Station, which is compatible and expansible and also can simplify the access complexity for users. Furthermore, this platform strengthens the unified supervision for Grid-Station interactive business and supplies an effective support.
Accurate Parameter Extraction of Substrate Resistance in an RF CMOS Model Valid up to 20GHz

Zhao Yuhang,Hu Shaojian,Ren Zheng,<br>赵宇航,,任铮
半导体学报 , 2008,
Abstract: An accurate method to extract substrate resistances of RF MOSFETs is proposed.The extraction method is based on equivalent circuit analysis for the PSP model.This method is experimentally validated on 90nm CMOS technology and predicts the output characteristics of MOSFETs accurately up to 20GHz.
Dynamic Programming Based Feature Extraction of Aerial Imagery

Liu Shaochuang,Lin Zongjian,<br>刘,林宗
中国图象图形学报 , 1996,
Abstract: In this Paper, an improved Snake (Active Contour Models)is Presented and used for the purpose of feature extraction from aerial imagery. Feature extraction is formulated using dynamic programming as an optimized problem-solving Experimental results are presented to demonstrate the efficiency of the algorithm.
OCTOPUS:A New Method for Color Image Segmentation

Liu Shaochuang,Lin Zongjian,<br>刘,林宗
中国图象图形学报 , 1997,
Abstract: A new mothod-called Octopus for color images segmentation which is robust,rapid and free of tuning parameters is presented in this paper. It acquires this properties by the synergy of seeded region growing, Snake(Active Contour Models) and Operator of the computer. The process of objects extraction starts with a SRG. The region boundary are modified by Snake on the basis of considering the boundary smoothness and variation of image gradient along the boungary. We illustrate the properties of Octopus on real image where the color information of the object are used.
The 2-Stage Non-Linear 0-1 Goal Programming Model and Its Application in the Intelligent Super Wide Print-Out of the Database

Chen Jiansu,Chen Yonghai,<br>陈,陈永海
系统工程理论与实践 , 1999,
Abstract: A special algorithm about the optimization of super wide database print out issue,called 2 stage non linear 0 1 goal programming,is forwarded in this paper on the base of application. The method of modeling and the algorithm as well as its other features being studied, a new algorithm is presented, which gives a way to get all the feasible solutions and the optimal solution.
How to Mark Serial Numbers on Articles for References

YANG YunLin,ZHAO XiaoJian,SU JuanHua,<br>杨蕴林,赵小,娟华
中国科技期刊研究 , 2007,
Abstract: 讨论了科技论文采用顺序编码制著录参考文献时文献序号在文中的标注位置,分析了不能标注或尽可能不标注文献序号,以及标注位置的择优选择等各种不同情况,并提出了具体建议。

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