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Direct Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems

ZHANG Xiao,|yu,SU Hong,|ye,CHU Jian,<br>张晓,宏业,褚健
系统工程理论与实践 , 2003,
Abstract: In this paper a new adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control (AFSMC) algorithm for a class of nonlinear systems is proposed. Firstly, under the condition that the nonlinear dynamic function of the systems is estimable and bounded, sliding mode control law is presented. Then by self-tuning the consequent part parameters of the fuzzy logic system (FLS) the designed adaptive fuzzy logic system (AFLS) can approximate the sliding mode control law based on the estimation of the system nonlinear dynamic function. The adaptive law is obtained based on the gradient of the objective function. Hence the performance of the adaptive fuzzy logic control (AFLC) has not only the performance of the sliding mode control law but also the characteristic of free chattering thanks to the filter function of the AFLS. A numerical simulation example illustrates the effective of the designed control law.
Fuzzy Quasi-Sliding Mode Control with Adaptive Boundary Layer for a Class of Discrete Nonlinear Systems

ZHANG Xiao-yu,SU Hong-ye,<br>张晓,宏业
系统工程理论与实践 , 2004,
Abstract: A new fuzzy quasi-sliding mode control (FQSMC) with self-tuning boundary layer (BL) for a class of uncertain discrete nonlinear systems is proposed. Firstly, a quasi-sliding mode control (QSMC) design is presented under the condition that the upper bound of the nonlinear dynamic function is known. The Lyapunov stability of the closed-loop system is proved. Then the BL parameter is introduced for the sliding mode, which is self-tuning by the fuzzy logic system (FLS). The QSMC is used outside the BL and fuzzy logic control (FLC) is used inside the BL. The chattering phenomenon is eliminated. The performance of the closed-loop system is examined by numerical examples.
Detection of DNA-protein crosslinks with modified comet assay

SU Lai,SONG Hong-Yu,<br>,宋宏
遗传 , 2008,
Abstract: Modifications of the comet assay were introduced to measure crosslinks and the effect of formaldehyde in liver cells of the tested animals was investigated by the new method to see whether the method is feasible. Since exposure of slides to proteinase K can increase DNA migration of the treated cells, the presence of DNA-protein crosslinks can be indicated by compare of the tail moment before and after the proteinase K added. The results showed that the modified protocol of the alkaline comet assay is a fast, inexpensive and sensitive tool for the detection of potent crosslinkers-induced DNA-protein crosslinks at single cell level. Due to its specific advantages, the modified comet assay seems to be a useful tool as a DNA crosslink potency indicator.
Soil water availability in new-cultivated hillside land

SU Yirong,HUANG Yu,WANG Kelin,<br>以荣,,王克林
应用生态学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The dynamics of water content in three soil layers (0-20 cm, 20-40 cm and 40-60 cm) were determined at three geographic locations (mesoslope, downgrade, valley) of new-cultivated sugarcane field and uncultivated hillside land at one day before rain, 4 hours, 2, 4, 6 and 8 days after rain during rainy season and dry season in 1998 at environmental immigrants settlement area of northwest Guangxi. The result showed that the increment of available soil water content in valley sugarcane field after rain was equal to precipitation, but that in mesoslope sugarcane field and uncultivated hillside land was 80% of precipitation. The distribution of available soil water content in 0-60 cm soil horizons was uniform after rain during rainy season; however it was concentrated in surface horizon after rain during dry season. The differences of available soil moisture saturation degree between treatments and between soil horizons were significant during rainy season; nevertheless, those of dry season were not significant. The consumption rate of available soil water content in 0-60 cm soil horizons of uncultivated hillside land was the least among all treatments. Although the consumption rate of available soil water content during dry season was less than that of rainy season, the available soil water content during dry season would be exhausted in 15 days after rain.
OpenMP Based Space-borne SAR Raw Signal Parallel Simulation

SU Yu,QI Xiang-Yang,<br>,齐向阳
中国科学院研究生院学报 , 2008,
Abstract: This paper firstly describes some techniques of space-borne SAR raw signal simulation, including satellite-ground space geometric model, space-borne SAR raw signal mathematic model and RFPC algorithm. Based on these techniques, a method for space-borne SAR raw signal simulation is presented and the simulation flow is given in details. After the parallelizability analysis, the simulation method is parallelized with parallel programming tool OpenMP. Simulation results prove that the parallel simulation method is correct and effective.
Vulnerability assessment of coal-mining cities&rsquo|economic systems in China

SU Fei,ZHANG Ping-yu,LI He,<br>,张平,李 鹤
地理研究 , 2008,
Abstract: Coal-mining cities are confronted with a lot of serious social,economic and eco-environmental problems.Though extensive research on coal-mining cities are from many relevant disciplines,few are from the coupled human-environment system.There are obvious socio-economic and eco-environmental vulnerability characteristics on coal-mining cities.Vulnerability analysis framework in sustainability science has many properties of multi-scale,multi-element,multi-flow and multi-cycle,which presents a new research paradigm for coal-mining city.Based on a detailed discussion about the conception of economic system vulnerability(ESV),the essay establishes an economic vulnerability assessment model of coal-mining cities from the aspects of exposure-sensitive to and response capacity for the gradual depletion of the regional minable coal resources.The conditions of minable resources,industrial and employment structures,which determine their exposure-sensitivity to the depletion of regional minable coal resources,create an exposure-sensitivity index.From the angles of urban economic strength,industrial state,regional and infrastructure conditions,the degree to open up and economic conditions of urban and rural residents,it constructs a coping capacity index.According to the model,the economic system vulnerability of 25 typical coal-mining cities is evaluated and divided into three categories by principal components analysis.The results show that economic system vulnerability of coal-mining cities differs significantly in different development stages,city sizes and regions.The ESV of old coal-mining cities is generally high;the ESV of middle-aged is almost in 3 vulnerability grades,especially concentrated on medium grade;the ESV of young is low.The ESV of coal-mining cities presents obvious regional differences,including north to south and east to west.The high economic system vulnerability of coal-mining cities mainly concentrates on Northeast China.The average score of ESV shows a trend of Northeast>Central>West>East.The ESV of southern coal-mining cities is medium,while the northern region is distributed in three grades.The ESV of different size coal-mining cities shows a trend of big cities>medium-sized cities>mega-cities>small cities.The study provides some lessons for the vulnerability assessment of other subsystems and human-environment coupled system,and also gives a basis for relevant departments to adopt some policies for economic transformation.

LIU Suyu,GAO Baojiao,FU Hongyan,<br>刘,高保娇,付红艳
高分子学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 以硫酸铈铵为引发剂,实施了丙烯腈(AN)在交联聚乙烯醇(CPVA)微球表面的接枝聚合,制备了接枝微球CPVA-g-PAN,然后以盐酸羟胺为试剂,通过偕胺肟(AO)化转变,将接枝的PAN转变为聚偕胺肟(PAO),制得了接枝有聚偕胺肟的功能微球CPVA-g-PAO,采用红外光谱(FTIR)法、扫描电子显微镜(SEM)及zeta电位测定等法,对功能微球CPVA-g-PAO的化学结构及物理化学特性进行了表征,重点考察了各主要因素对接枝PAN的偕胺肟化转变反应的影响,也以脲酸为模型分子,初探了功能微球CPVA-g-PAO对生物分子的吸附性能.实验结果表明,在腈基的偕胺肟转变反应中,介质pH与反应温度是两个主要影响因素,对于本研究体系,适宜的反应条件是温度70℃,介质pH=6~7.在此条件下,反应4 h,可使腈基转化率达到72%.在较大的pH范围内,功能微球CPVA-g-PAO的zeta电位为数值较大的正值,对内源性代谢毒素分子脲酸具有很强的吸附作用,吸附容量达95 mg/g.
Application Development of Android USB Data Acquisition System
基于Android 平台的USB 数据采集系统

SU Wei-Ji,TANG Yu,YANG Jing,<br>维嘉,,杨静
计算机系统应用 , 2012,
Abstract: This paper introduced a new data collection system based on android platform, and achieved USB communication between Android and LPC2142. It describes the development process of the android USB application, and on the basis implements USB communication between Android system and AMR platform. It is the latest application development based on revenue of mobile terminal Android. The front-end uses LPC2142 A/D interface to collect data and sent it to back-end through USB data wire. The back-end use the USB interface which is based on Android 3.1 platform to receive data and show the wave on the Android Tablet PC. So this design has wide application prospect.
Effect of Refrigerated Air Cutting on Tool wear in High-speed Cutting of Difficult-to-cut Materials

SU Yu,HE Ning,LI Liang,<br>,何宁,李亮
摩擦学学报 , 2010,
Abstract: A refrigerated air/cryogenic minimum quantity lubrication generator was developed based on a composite refrigeration method. TiAlN coated carbide tool was used in high-speed turning of Inconel718 nickel-base superalloy and high-speed milling of AISI D2 hardened steel. Experiments were conducted under different cooling/lubrication conditions, i.e. dry cutting, minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), refrigerated air, and cryogenic minimum quantity lubrication (cryogenic MQL). SEM and EDS were used to analyze wear morphologies and mechanism of cemented carbide tools. Thus effect of refrigerated air and cryogenic MQL on tool wear was investigated in high-speed cutting of difficult-to-cut materials. The results showed that the main tool wear mechanism was abrasive wear, adhesive wear and diffusion wear in high-speed cutting of difficult-to-cut materials. Application of refirgerated air and cryogenic MQL in the high-speed cutting of difficult-to-cut materials reduced the cutting temperature effectively, which avoided the intenerate of cutting tools, and reduces abrasive wear and thermally related wear such as adhesive wear and diffusion wear. Therefore, refrigerated air and cryogenic MQL enhanced tool life remarkably.
Effects of Midazolam on Children 's Anxiety and Cortisol Level

岑萍,徐宏<br>SU Cen-ping, XU Hong-yu
- , 2016, DOI: 10.13701/j.cnki.kqyxyj.2016.11.020
Abstract: 摘要 目的:研究在鼻内和舌下使用咪达唑仑对儿童患者焦虑水平和唾液皮质醇水平的影响,探讨温和镇静剂用于儿童口腔科的可能性。方法:选择2015年3月~2016年2月于我院就诊3~7岁儿童患者82例。将患者随机分为2组,分别于口腔治疗前30 min通过鼻内、舌下途径使用咪达唑仑。常规进行口腔治疗,每5 min记录1次Venham分级。并在用药前与用药30 min后收集唾液,测定唾液皮质醇水平。结果:2组不同时间点(T1、T2、T3、T4)与T0时相比,患儿的焦虑情况均显著改善(P<0.05)。T1、T2时舌下组患儿的焦虑缓解情况较鼻内组效果更好(P<0.05)。而两组唾液皮质醇水平在服药前后均没有显著差异。结论:咪达唑仑可以有效缓解儿童患者焦虑,舌下途径给药比鼻内途径吸收更好,对唾液皮质醇水平无影响
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