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Found of Putative Virulent Genes of Streptotoccus suis Type 2 Strains

TIAN Yun~,<br>,Frank,M,Aarestrup,陆承平
微生物学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 猪链球菌2型(SS2)感染已成为影响全世界养猪业的重要问题之一。SS2菌株可分为毒力株、弱毒力株和无毒力株,但目前尚无区分此3类菌株的快速、有效的检测方法。为了获得毒力株特异的基因序列,对毒力株HA9801及无毒力株12^#进行了抑制性差减杂交(SSH)实验,获得了5个可能的新的毒力基因片段,分别是转录调节子、氨基酸通透酶、ABC转运子及表面锚定蛋白,在国内外尚属首次报道。这一发现将有助于区分SS2型菌株的毒力类型,并为SS2毒力株检测方法的建立奠定基础。
The ecological basis for legal institutions for sustainable fishery resources

TIAN Qi-yun,<br>
海洋科学 , 2011,
Abstract: 采用交叉学科分析的方法尝试对生态学与法学进行分析, 探讨海洋渔业资源恢复法律制度的生态学基础。认为, 在海洋渔业资源恢复法律制度设计中遵循生态规律、选择过程导向的恢复模式能提高制度的科学性, 有利于制度的操作和实施。进一步分析了许可证管理对海洋渔业资源的公平分配,技术法律规范对渔业资源恢复过程进行的生态控制, 争端解决机制对海洋生态系统的关注, 认为海洋渔业资源恢复法律制度具备恢复海洋渔业资源、维持海洋生态平衡、获取良好生态效益的内在动力。

WANG Yun-peng,TIAN Jing,<br>王,
天然气地球科学 , 2007,
Abstract: On the basis of the researches of oil cracked gases at home and abroad, this paper reviews the cracked gases formation models, the generation mechanism and kinetic process, the catalytic effects of metals for oil cracked gases, the migration fractions of natural gases, and the identification indexes of cracked gases. The formation of the oil cracked gas pools in some basins of China are also discussed by combining the previous studies and the recent progress on the study and exploration of oil cracked gases.
The Study on the Methods for Predicting Coal or Gas Outburst Based on BP Neural Network
基于BP 神经网络的煤与瓦斯突出预测方法的研究

TIAN Yun-li,ZHOU Li-hua,<br>,周利华
系统工程理论与实践 , 2005,
Abstract: For the purpose of predicting the danger of coal and gas outburst in mine coal layer correctly,a kind of modified BP neural network based on the VLBP and LMBP algorithm in MATLAB neural network toolbox was put forth to speed up the network convergence speed in this paper.According to the characteristics of coal and gas outburst,five key influencing factors such as excavation depth,pressure of gas,and geologic destroy degree are selected as the judging indexes of coal and gas outburst.Then the model for predicting coal and gas outburst is built.Practical application demonstrates that the modified BP prediction model based on the MATLAB neural network toolbox can overcome the disadvantages of constringency and has fast convergence speed and good prediction accuracy.The analysis and computing show that the computing speed by LMBP algorithm is faster than by VLBP algorithm but needs more memory.And the results show that the model is a very efficient prediction method for mine coal and gas outburst,compared with the popular predicting methods,and has an important practical meaning for the mine production safety.
The Modern Si-shu Reform in China

TIAN Zheng-ping,YANG Yun-lan,<br>正平,
浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版) , 2005,
Abstract: The reform of Si-shu (private school run by a family or a teacher) was an important part of the modernization of China's primary education. As the traditional education resource, the Si-shu had undergone the changes of the times, with its reform process reflecting the basic law and characteristics of the said modernization. It resulted from the competition between the traditional cultural idea and the modern primary educational practice. Various kinds of experience and lessons that occurred in the reform were a profound reflection of the essential law of the modernization. The reform was carried out in major aspects, such as management system, curricula, teaching content, teaching staff, and teaching method.The essence of the sishu reform lies in the modernization of primary education, which is also a significant constituent of the Chinese social reform. The conflict between ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign brought about a change in the sishu, thus making it move gradually toward modernization. In fact, the pattern of China's primary education in the modern period, which featured the coexistence of the traditional sishu and the modern primary school, demonstrated both the conflict and blending between the traditional idea of Chinese education and the modern idea of Western education as well as the interplay between the educational reform and the entire social change. The implementation of the sishu reform mainly found expression in two aspects: the establishment and perfection of the educational administrative departments of the governments and the formulation of state laws and decrees on the Si-shu reform, which promoted the improvement of the sishu in terms of gradual institutionalization. In addition, the reform in education and teaching idea was the primary motivation in modernizing the sishu. The said idea was influenced not only by advocators of the Westernization Movement in the 19th century Qing government but also bourgeois reformists. And it constituted the then liberation movement of social thought. It was important to note that during the reform in educational and teaching idea, the advanced factor and the conservative factor showed two aspects of their constant struggle while remaining one unity. The Si-shu reform began as a nongovernmental movement, but was completed finally by the government. In was because of this top-bottom reform model that private education was gradually replaced by government and public education. Accordingly, school as a special organization became more and more identificational and standardized, while later weakening the initiative and creativity of Chinese primary school in education and teaching.

Liu Shaohui,Fang Jingyun,<br>刘绍辉,方精,
植物生态学报 , 1998,
Abstract: 本文通过在北京山地3种温带森林中为期一年的观测,得到了土壤呼吸速率与地下5cm土壤温度之间的函数关系。据此并根据气象资料推算得到了白桦林、辽东栎林和油松林的年土壤呼吸量分别为1132gCO2m-2a-1,143gCO2m-2a-1和866gCO2m-2a-1。与国外同纬度地区相比,该地年土壤呼吸量偏低。结果还显示,土壤呼吸与地下5cm土壤温度的相关性好于与地表温度的相关性,并且水分含量对土壤呼吸也有影响。1994年秋季进行的昼夜连续观测表明,日土壤呼吸速率最高的时刻在中午12:00~下午4:00,最低的时刻在黎明前5:00~6:00。
Phase-shifting Angle Choice and Phase-shifting Error Elimination in In-line Phase-shifting Digital Holography

光子学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The influence caused by different phase-shifting a ngle of reference wave in recording and the phase-shifting error on the quality of the reconstructed image is investigated in two-step phase-shifting in-line digital holography, and an effective method of eliminating the phase-shifting error is presented, in which the summation of the intensity bit errors of the reconstructed image is taken as an evaluation function for an iterative algorithm to find the exact phase-shifting value. Then the optimal choice of the phase-shifting value of reference wave is simulated by computers. The simulation results show that the reconstructed image noise is weak when the phase-shifting value is in a certain range. At last, the feasibility of the method of eliminating the phase-shifting error is demonstrated by computer simulation also.
Progress and Prospects in Research of the Traditional Rural Cultural Landscape

SUN Yihui,CHEN Tian,WANG Yuncai,<br>孙艺惠,,
地理科学进展 , 2008,
Abstract: There are rich cultural landscapes in the vast rural space worldwide.As the crystallization of the working people's wisdom of several times,the traditional rural cultural landscape is also the important carrier of regional culture,especially for traditional culture.But with the development of modernization,urbanization and industrialization,both the physical and spiritual situations of rural areas are experiencing tremendous changes,and the traditional rural cultural landscape is facing unprecedented challenges.Over commercialization and rapid modernization have become key problems for the landscape conservation,and one of the most serious consequences is that the characteristic of integrity and continuity of regional cultural landscape suffers destruction and especially the traditional culture has gradually disappeared.So researchers at home and abroad give much attention to it and they have got many results.On the basis of reviewing the researches progressing on the traditional rural cultural landscape over the past 20 years,the paper concludes that previous researches concentrate on the character,evolvement and conservation with the feature of multidisciplinary study.The development mechanism and corresponding control measures are the foci of all the studies.But both the research contents and the research degrees need to be lucubrated.Finally,the authors also put forward some themes to which special attention should be paid in the coming days.
Adaptation of Agricultural Production to Climate Change in Northeast China: A Behavioral Economics Interpretation

YUN Yaru,FANG Xiuqi,TIAN Qing,<br>雅如,方修琦,
地理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Climate change is playing an increasingly important role in the decision making of agricultural production. This paper attempts to bring some insights from behavioral economics into the adaptation of agricultural production to climate change. In this study, crop planting is taken as an individual or domestic economic behavior. We found that behavioral psychology methodology is more applicable for the analysis of the process of agricultural decision making than traditional economy. The research surveyed in t...
Display of Fractal Structure with Evolution

Fu Xiaoye,Tian Jingcheng,Pang Yunjie,<br>傅晓烨,景成,
中国图象图形学报 , 1997,
Abstract: A new method for visualizing fractals in 3 D is put forward in this article.The image is generated in evolutionary manner and, by utilizing existing techniques for visualizing traditional geometric object,the realistic effects in display can be obtained.
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