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Treatment of Effluent Containing Cu Ions by Means of a Packed Bed Electrochemical Reactor

Xu Wenlin,Wang Yaqiong,<br>许文林,
环境科学 , 1994,
Abstract: treatment process for effluent contuinins Cu ions is studied by means of a packed bed electrochemical reactor which is designed using one dimensional reactor model. Experimental results show that such a process particularly suitable for the treatment of the diluent effluent and the treated water can meet the requirement of the outlet concentration <1×10-6; the factors affecting the effluent treament process, such as Cu ions input. concentration,operation temperature, operation voltage, solution flow rate, affluent conductivity and the kind of the packed materal, are also discussed. This process is economically viable and provides an effective way of removing trace metal based on the assessment of the experimental process.
Effects of Precursors for Preparing Intermediate Layer on the Performance of Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 Anode
WANG Ya-qiong,<br>,童宏扬,许文林
过程工程学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The Ti/SnO2 Sb2O3/PbO2 anode with SnO2 Sb2O3 intermediate layer obtained by the polymeric precursor method (PPM) and with the conventional route was studied. The morphology andmicrostructure of SnO2 Sb2O3 intermediate layer derived from different precursors and the top PbO2 active layer were examined by means of ESEM and XRD. The lifetime and electrocatalytic activity of the anode were also assessed by the cyclic voltammetry and accelerated lifetime test in 1.0 mol/L H2SO4 solution. It was found that precursor solvents affected lifetime, microstructure and morphology of the anode, and had tittle influence on electrocatalysis activity of the electrodes. The accelerated lifetime of Ti/SnO2 Sb2O3/PbO2 anode with intermediate layer prepared by PPM was 29.5 h in 1.0 mol/L H2SO4 solution, which was respectively about four times and twice that of the anode prepared with ethylene glycol and ethanol. After the anode was subjected to thermal corrosion, the lifetime still reached 27 h in contrast to the others.

- , 2017, DOI: 10.13982/j.mfst.1673-9078.2017.8.042
Abstract: 黑果枸杞(Lycium ruthenicum Murray)是一种独特的药食两用植物,在传统医药和现代药理学研究中都占有重要的地位,目前已被作为保健品广泛使用,所以其质量安全尤为重要。青海作为黑果枸杞的主产地,其黑果枸杞品质优于其他产地,受到大众欢迎。通过研究发现,青海主产区诺木洪和金鱼湖两地黑果枸杞的花青素和总黄酮等活性物质含量均高于对照组新疆产地的黑果枸杞;两地常用农药多菌灵、吡虫啉和阿维菌素均未检出;沙门氏菌和金黄色葡萄球菌也未检出,农药残留和微生物污染两项指标达到农业部绿色食品标准;重金属含量的检测显示铬含量超过国家食品限量标准。因此,在未来黑果枸杞的种植、生产和加工过程中,重金属污染的防治是改善黑果枸杞品质的重要环节。
Lycium ruthenicum Murray (Black Chinese wolfberry) is a unique plant with both medical and dietary applications and has been an important source of study in both traditional medicine and modern pharmacological research. Currently, L. ruthenicum has been widely used as a health supplement, drawing attention to its quality and safety. As a major production region, Qinghai Province produces better quality L. ruthenicum compared to other regions and the former is very popular among consumers. Our study demonstrated that L. ruthenicum from Nuomuhong and Jinyu Lake, two major production areas in Qinghai Province, contained higher levels of active ingredients, such as anthocyanin and total flavonoids, as compared with L. ruthenicum from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Moreover, no residual carbendazim, imidacloprid, or avermectin was detected in L. ruthenicum from the two production regions, and the bacterial examinations for Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus showed negative results, meeting the green food standards of Ministry of Agriculture. However, heavy metal measurement indicated that chromium content exceeded the national food limit. Therefore, prevention of heavy metal pollution should be of immense importance for improving L. ruthenicum quality in the future plantation, production, and processing practices.
Purification and Recovery Processes of Phytosterols from Deodorizer Distillates

XU Wen-lin,WANG Ya-qiong,LU Ping,<br>许文林,,鲁萍
过程工程学报 , 2002,
Abstract: The purification and recover processes of phytosterols from deoderizer distillates were studied by the estertification, crystallization and recrystallization technique. The experimental results showed that the purity of photosterols is more than 95% and the total recovery is more than 80%.
Research and simulation of multi-user chaotic spread spectrum communication based on modified chaotic sequence

YU Bin,WANG Lian-hong,JIA Ya-qiong,<br>俞 斌,炼红,
计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: This paper constructed a multi-user chaotic spread spectrum communication system based on a modified chaotic sequence. And it gave the theory and SIMULINK simulation model of this system. It also detailelly illustrated the performance of the modified chaotic spread spectrum communication, including the fractal parameter and the initial value of the modified chao-tic sequence, the signal noise rate and the number of user. Simulations analyzed the bit error rate (BER) how it changes depending on the changes in the signal noise rate or the number of user in both the modified chaotic sequence and the traditional chaotic sequence. The results show that the performance of the modified chaotic sequence is much better than that of the traditional chaotic sequence, and the system has very good ability against noise and multiple access interference.
Effects of Ultrasound on the Microstructure and Electrochemical Behavior of Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 Electrodes

WANG Ya-Qiong,TONG Hong-Yang,XU Wen-Lin,WANG Peng,<br>,童宏扬,许文林,
无机材料学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The morphology and microstructure of the electrodes under ultrasound were observed and analyzed by means of ESEM and XRD. The effects of ultrasonic irradiation time on the electrochemical active surface of the Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 electrodes in 1.0mol/L H2SO4 solutions were studied by cyclic voltammetry. The experimental results show that the ultrasound has the influence on the morphology and microstructure of the electrodes surfaces. Under ultrasound for 20min, the cyclic voltammetric peak current density is about two times as high as that of the anode without ultrasonic irradiation. The voltammetric charge of the electrodes increases firstly as the time under ultrasound increases, after ultrasonic irradiation 20min, and the voltammetric charge decreases with increasing ultrasonic irradiation time. The voltammetric charge is the highest under the condition of ultrasonic irradiation for 20min, which means that the electrochemical active surface of the electrodes is the largest at the ultrasonic irradiation time.
Characteristics and Mechanism for the Simons Electrochemical Fluorination of Methanesulfonyl Fluoride

许文林,李宝同,大为,<br>XU Wen-lin, LI Bao-tong, WANG Da-wei, WANG Ya-qiong
- , 2017, DOI: 10.13208/j.electrochem.161043
Abstract: 摘要 选择CH3SO2F电化氟化制备CF3SO2F过程为研究系统,研究了电化氟化过程操作电压和反应时间的关系、操作条件对氟化产物组成的影响规律以及Ni电极在电化氟化过程的变化情况. 实验结果表明,Simons电化学氟化过程主要由三个步骤组成:F-在阳极发生电化学氧化反应生成F,该步骤是Simons电化学氟化过程的控制步骤;在Ni电极上生成的F与Ni或NiF2反应生成高价NiFn (n≥3),NiFn为Simons电化学氟化过程的氟化剂;NiFn可以在电极/电解液界面与有机物发生氟化反应生成氟化产物,也可以发生分解反应生成游离F2,NiFn与有机物发生氟化反应的机理与用CoF3等为氟化剂氟化有机物的机理相同. 但NiFn的反应活性比CoF3高,且在实验条件下极不稳定.
The characteristics and mechanism for the Simons electrochemical fluorination processes were investigated during the electrochemical fluorination of CH3SO2F to CF3SO2F. The results showed that the reaction mechanism for the electrochemical fluorination of organic compounds to organic fluorides was the same as that of chemical fluorination processes using fluorinating agents such as CoF3. The electrochemical fluorination in anhydrous HF was a heterogeneous process, and nickel fluorides on the surface of the nickel anode played the role of a mediator in the Simons process to transfer oxidation potential from the anode to the substrate and fluorine from HF to the organic substance. Nickel fluorides were formed electrochemically on the surface of the nickel anode by oxidation of Ni in anhydrous HF to a high valence (with the oxidation stage more than +2) nickel fluorides. The fluorinating agents in electrochemical fluorination processes were NiFn(n≥3), high valences of nickel produced at the anode, which is much more reactivie than CoF3 and instable under the experimental conditions. The decomposion of NiFn to F2 would take place, and NiFn could also react with organic fluoride. Because F2 is a strong fluorinating agent, NiFn could be decomposed into low molecular weight organic compounds fluorinated products, leading to low current efficiency in process yield and by-products. Therefore, an effective method to improve the process is by increasing the molar ration of organic matter to NiFn on the anode/electrolyte interface
环境科学 , 1994,
Abstract: 采用一维反应器模型设计的固定床电化学反应器,对模拟含铜离子废水的处理进行了研究。实验表明,该反应器可用于处理含低铜离子废水,处理后既可回收有用Cu,又可使废水达到国家排放标准(≤10-6).讨论了Cu2+的进口浓度、操作温度、操作电压、流体流速、处理液电导率及反应器填充材料对处理过程的影响。依据实验室的操作对该处理过程进行了初步经济估价。
The ecology of benthos in Fujian mangrove swamps

ZHANG Yazhi,CHEN Canzhong,WANG Yuanyuan,CHEN Pinjian,YANG Ruiqiong,<br>张,陈灿忠,渊源,陈品健,杨瑞
生态学报 , 1999,
Abstract: The paper describes the community structure,the characters of fauna and the relationship between the distribution and inhabiting environments of the benthic fauna in the mangrove regions along the coast of Fujian during October,1984 and May,1985.Among the total 278 species,we found algae with 11 species,Polychaeta with 47 species,Mollusca 72 species,Crustacea 88 species,Echinodermata 11 species,fishes 27 species,and other animal groups 22 species.The dominant and common species are mainly the eurythermic and eurytopic species and also the subtropical warmwater species.Brachyura crabs and Mollusca are major animal groups.The averages of the biomass and the densities of the benthic fauna in all 8 sections are 33.74g/m 2 and 136ind/m 2 respectively.the species abundance and polymorphism in the community are positively corelated to the mean salinity of the sea water,but are negatively interretated to the development of mangrove.The density of the benthic animals are positively corelated to the development of the mangrove.
Characteristics and Electrochemical Behaviors of Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 Anode Prepared by Thermal Decomposition

WANG Ya-Qiong,TONG Hong-Yang,XU Wen-Lin,<br>,童宏扬,许文林
无机材料学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The characteristics and electrochemical behavior of Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3/PbO2 anode prepared by thermal decomposition in sulphuric acid solution were studied. The ESEM results showed that the SnSb intermediate oxide layer of the electrode was compact and ordered, so it could effectively prevent the diffusion of new-born oxygen toward Ti substrate and delay the forming of insulated TiO2 layer. The cyclic voltammetry results indicated that the compositions of electrode surface were changed in the course of oxygen evolution. At the same time, the anode lifetime of 30h was also assessed by the accelerated lifetime test in the 1.0 mol/L H2S04 solution.
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