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A RAPD analysis of shoot cadmium accumulating characteristic and tolerance of vegetable cultivars from Brassica genus

WANG Song-Liang,<br>
中国生态农业学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 应用RAPD技术分析13个小白菜和11个结球甘蓝品种的Cd累积特性与耐性的结果表明,8个随机引物中有5个引物扩增到31条多态性片段,大小在100~2000bp之间。聚类分析表明,茎叶Cd高累积的品种有聚集成丛的趋势;茎叶Cd含量与品种间相对遗传距离呈极显著的线性回归关系;遗传多样性则随着茎叶Cd含量的增加而升高;高、低Cd累积组间分子方差(AMOVA)也呈现显著差异。初步确认了与供试材料茎叶Cd高累积和耐性相关的2个RPAD标记:小白菜1个(350bp),结球甘蓝1个(410bp)。
Historical review of Agronomy both as a discipline and a specialty and its reframing: Taking Agroecology as its core theoretical subject

WANG Song-Liang,<br>
中国生态农业学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Modern agronomy(initiated by experimental sciences of reductionism thinking and motivated by industrialized European revolution) had led to astronomical increase in agricultural production,but at a huge cost of destroying the natural base of agricultural sustainability.The prevalence of reductionism thinking disassembled agronomy into smaller disciplines in university education sys-tem across the globe.This led to the so-called Therapeutic Intervention in applied fields of agriculture,which in turn posed cu...
Thermal Stress Analysis in Package of Power Transistor

WANG Xue,|mei,SUN Xue,|wei,<br>雪梅,孙学伟,
半导体学报 , 2000,
Abstract: Packaging failure and cracking often occur when the thermomechanical stresses in the layered electronic packaging are large enough.The stresses are formed in the manufacturing process because of the change of temperatures and the thermal mismatch between different materials.Therefore,a method to estimate the thermal stress is needed in the package design.Usually,numerical analysis is convenient and efficient to estimate the stress.A 3D model is provided by this paper to analyze the thermal stress and deformation in the package of power transistor with an ABAQUS finite element program.The calculating results provide a theoretic basis for the improvement of the reliability and the optimization of the package structure.
Application of ecological thinking in reconstructing traditional agronomy: a case study of agro-ecosystem management as core applied subject
用生态学思维重构传统农学学科: 以农业生态系统 管理作为核心应用科目

WANG Song-Liang,Claude D CALDWELL,<br>,Claude D. Caldwell
中国生态农业学报 , 2013,
Abstract: The traditional agronomy was initiated at the tide of experimental science in modern agricultural academia. Because of the apparent achievements of Industrial Revolution, the comprehensive grasp of agro-ecosystem in understanding and developing agronomic science has subsequently not been recognized. As a consequence, humanity has to be confronted the double crises of food security resulting from the degradation of agro-ecosystems and productivity decline, and the food safety resulting from the deterioration of agro-environment and food contamination. Traditional agronomy has positioned bio-organizational levels under ecosystem scale both as a discipline and as a specialty in China. This has been the root of production and environmental problems in modern fossil agricultural practices. In this paper, we proposed reframing traditional agronomy by putting agro-ecology to core of theoretical system and agro-ecosystem management to core applied subject. The basic framework and technological choices of agro-ecosystem management were addressed in detail. Also the connotation, extension and development perspectives of agro-ecosystem management were discussed in detail.
Phytoremediation for heavy metal contamination in soil, metal hyperaccumulator and their genetic engineering

WANG Song -Liang,ZHENG Jin-Gui,<br>,郑金贵
中国生态农业学报 , 2007,
Abstract: The field applications of phytoremediation on heavy metal contamination in soil rely on the discovery,screening and exploitation of metal hyperaccumulators,in which the genetic engineering has broad perspectives. The authors address the latest advances on phytoremediation for heavy metal contamination in soil,metal hyperaccumulators and their genetic engineering,and figure out the existing problems subsequently.To speed up the researches in China,several strategies have been suggested,including screening the metal hyperaccumulators with high biomass among the natural vegetation,screening the metal hyperaccumulators among crop varieties,transferring the metal-accumulating gene of wild hyperaccumulators to the potential crops by means of the genetic engineering,and finding an integrated and sustainable phytoremediation method.
Nonlinear Critical Layer and Generation of Subtropical High

Lu Weisong,Wang Qinliang,Peng Yongqing,<br>陆维,,彭永清
大气科学 , 1995,
Abstract: By a nondivergent barotropic vorticity equation,the nonlinear critical layer is simulated. The results show that in the nonlinear critical layer,a phenomenon of "Kelvin cat's eyes" occurs in the field of stream function,having a stream field of anticyclonic circulation.The temporal and spatial scale,eastward moving and shape changing of the "cat's eye" are similar to those of the subtropical high.It is then possible that "Kelvin cat's eyes" produced by the nonlinear critical layer is a new physical mechanism generating the subtropical high in the vicinity of the interface betWeen zonal easterlies and westerlies.

- , 2016,
Abstract: 设p,q为奇素数,且p>q,而G是p3q2阶群.利用有限群的子群之间的不同作用,讨论了群G的完全分类问题,并获得了其全部构造.
A 0.13μm Mixed-Signal CMOS High Speed USB 2.0 Transceiver
一种0.13μm混合信号CMOS高速USB 2.0收发器

Wang Junsong,Zhu Xiaoting,Li Weinan,Hong Zhiliang,<br>,朱潇挺,李伟男,洪志
半导体学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 研制了一种采用0.13μm混合信号CMOS工艺的高速USB 2.0收发器.为适应工艺和系统指标的要求,改进了高速电流模式差分比较器,带跳变窗口使能逻辑鉴相器和模拟连续调整共模反馈电路等电路模块的设计.电路在SMIC流片后经测试,结果表明预期功能均得以实现,发送数据抖动(方均根)小于53ps,接收误码率小于10-12,电源电压为1.2V,功耗为42.5mW,芯片面积为900μm×700μm.
农业生态学: 学科的角色

中国生态农业学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 现代农科院校的分支学科越分越细, 貌似提高解决农业问题的效率, 实际针对农业技术问题采用“头痛医头、脚痛医脚”的简单处理, 其结果类似“盲人摸象”, 因为忽略农业各组分有机的联系, 根本无法把握农业的整体; 相反,失去了农业可持续性内部机制。世界农业发展目前面临的问题, 诸如土壤衰退、水分衰竭、环境与食品污染等, 正是农业分支科学大行其道、各自为政的结果。例如自20 世纪90年代以来, 在福建一些沿海地方, 大建万头养猪场以满足猪肉消费的需求, 技术上依赖动物养殖学科, 没有考虑到动物粪尿问题, 最后往往粪尿堆积如山, 造成居民生产和生活环境的严重破坏。这样顾此失彼的例子全国上下比比皆是。其原因就是对农业产业是依赖于农业生态系统健康、农业的可持续性是生产组分互作形成的内部机制等农业本质问题理解不透。农业生态学是一门建立在系统思维基础上的学科,是为实现农业可持续发展提供核心理论的学科。

中国生态农业学报 , 2009,
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