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Aesthetics theory and method of landscape resource assessment

WANG Baozhong,WANG Baoming,HE Ping,<br>,,
应用生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: With the destruction of natural environment by human beings,scenic resources are no longer inexhaustible in supply and use. Human beings begin to lay the scenic resources on the same important strategic status as other natural resources,while landscape resources assessment is the prerequisite of their sustainable exploitation and conservation. This paper illustrated the psychological mechanisms of aesthetic and its approaches,compared with the methodologies of traditional and modern landscape aesthetic research,discussed the characteristics of important aesthetic theories (Platonism,Kant paradigm,Empathizing theory,Gestalt paradigm,Marxism aesthetics theory,and Appleton theory) and the landscape assessment theories of 4 paradigms (expert,psychological,cognitive,and empirical) and 2 groups (landscape environment science and landscape architecture culture),and summarized the important practices and successful examples at home and abroad. It was demonstrated that the historical development of landscape assessment had the feature of a contest between expert-and perception-based approaches,with the expert approach dominated in landscape management,while the perception-base d approach dominated in landscape research. Both of these approaches generally accepted that landscape quality was derived from the interaction between the biophysical features of landscape and the perceptual (judgmental) processes of human viewer. In the future,landscape quality assessment will evolve toward a shaky marriage,both expert-and perceptual approaches will be applied in parallel and merged in the final landscape management decision-making process in some but unspecified way,landscape information and complex geo-temporal dynamics representation central to scenic ecosystem management will present major challenges to the traditional landscape aesthetic assessment,and modern science and technology will continue to help meet these challenges. The main trends of landscape resources aesthetic assessment in this century will be the amalgamation and incorporation of diverse paradigms,the cross-disciplinary intersection and quantitative assessment,the emphasis of environment information and landscape ecological value recognition,the universal application of modern science and technology and of the dynamic and intellectual approaches of landscape information,the reality of landscape simulation and its scene technology of human perception,and the more attention to history and landscape culture.

Fan Keqing,Wang Ling,Chen Baoping,<br>樊可清,,
电子与信息学报 , 2001,
Abstract: This paper, taking a view of engineering application and based on the asymp-lotics of signals, analyses practical algorithms and features and limitations in practice of three signal demodulation methods: Hilbert transform method, wavelet based multi-scales method, and asymptotic wavelet ridge extraction method. The advantage and practice problem of the asymptotic wavelet analysis approach, in obtaining the amplitude and frequency modulating information simultaneously, are illustrated with an authentic example of structure vibration analysis.
Spatio-temporal dynamics of the first generation larvae of Laodelphax striatellus Fallén in wheat field
麦田一代灰飞虱(Laodelphax striatellus Fallén)若虫的时空分布

WANG Rui,ZHAI Bao-Ping,SUN Xiao-Yang,<br>,,孙晓洋
生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 灰飞虱(Laodelphax striatellus Fallén)近年来严重危害水稻并传播病毒病,麦田是其越冬并虫量扩增后向稻田迁移的重要场所,麦田一代灰飞虱也是防治的重点对象之一。利用半方差函数模型分析了麦田一代灰飞虱若虫在时间序列上的空间结构,得出了空间自相关的各项属性与虫口密度或环境因素的关系:长、短变程与密度无关,保持相对稳定;块金常数与密度成正相关(比例效应的存在),随机性强度与密度成三次多项式曲线相关;各向异性主要由于麦田行株距的差别所决定。并用一般克立金方法作出预测表面图,按时间顺序排列,将灰飞虱若虫在田间的时空分布情况直观地显示出来进行比较分析,得出灰飞虱若虫具有比较稳定的时空分布,认为食料充足、生境孤立、自身行动力较弱是形成这种情况的主要原因,此外包括天敌在内的一些次要因素也对其种群分布产生影响。
Modelling the three dimensional distribution of direct solar radiation in maize canopy

WANG Xiping,GUO Yan,LI Baoguo,MA Yuntao,<br>,郭焱,,马韫涛
生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The spatial distribution of solar radiation in a plant canopy influences eco-physiological functions and gives a measure of the light-interception efficiency of stand architecture. A simulation model of the three dimensional (3D) distribution of direct solar radiation in a real maize canopy was developed from precise measurements of 3D canopy structure. The plant organ surfaces in a real canopy were subdivided into multiple facets based on 3D coordinate data obtained by digitizing in the field. The model was based on geometrical optics assuming parallel rays of sunlight. A grid plane, S_(top), was defined above the canopy of the measured plot assuming one ray of sunlight for every grid square on S_(top). The parallel projection of all the canopy facets along the ray of sunlight onto S_(top) was then calculated. The closest facet to each grid square on S_(top) was found using a Z-buffer algorithm to sort the facet distances by projection depth. Because one facet could be projected onto a number of grid squares, the sunfleck intensity of every facet was defined as the ratio of its sunfleck grid number to its total projected grid number. The direct solar radiation intercepted by every facet was obtained from the sunfleck intensity multiplied by the direct solar radiation above canopy. From this model, the distribution of direct solar radiation in a maize canopy (i.e. sunfleck distribution) could be computed for anytime of day. The simulation results were output to data files and as 3D images for more advanced analysis of the sunfleck distribution. A field experiment was carried out for model validation. The three dimensional distribution of PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) in a maize canopy was measured using an AccuPAR (Decagon Inc. USA) and a custom machinery support system designed by us. The statistical results show that the simulated sunfleck ratios at different heights in the canopy were consistent with measured PAR. This model is suitable for applying the facet dividing method to any kind of 3D digitized plant stand.
Histogram-based Filter for Removing Image Noise

WANG Bao ping,FAN Jiu lun,XIE Wei xin,<br>,范九伦,谢维信
中国图象图形学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The more priori knowledge used in removing image noise, the better will the effect of removing image noise be, but we can only get a noise corrupted image in general condition, and can't get this priori knowledge, so effect of removing image noise is not good. A novel filter for removing salt & pepper noise of image is proposed in this paper for solving this problem. Firstly, the filter provides an effective approach for estimating histogram of original image, then gets a membership function through the histogram, and then establishes a weighted fuzzy mean filter based on this membership function, so the filter utilizes the information of the estimated histogram to remove salt and pepper noise; Secondly, the filter does an operation of excluding maximum and minimum gray intensity to the pixels of filter windows in order to remove salt and pepper noise points. Experimental results show that the filter gives superior performance compared with conventional filters and other fuzzy filter, especially, the superiority will more obvious when noise probability exceeds 0 3.
Image match algorithm based on hue component of color image

LAN Hai-bin,WANG Ping,ZHAO Bao-jun,<br>兰海滨,,
计算机应用研究 , 2009,
Abstract: Hue component of color image could provide more information in the application of color image match.Especially,the color constant character of hue could reduce the effect from fluctuation of intensity of environment light.It was also very important to select an available strategy in reference image.For the requirement of image match in the application of color image mosaic,this paper proposed an method of image match in the hue-saturation-value space.Then brought forward an hue sequential similarity detecti...
Novel Piecewise Logistic Chaotic Spread Spectrum Communication Algorithm

ZHANG Wei,XIE Hong-mei,WANG Bao-ping,<br>张 薇,谢红梅,
计算机科学 , 2013,
Abstract: Chaotic sequence as spreading code in spread spectrum systems has the characteristics of rich sequences and good confidentiality. Traditional Logistic chaotic sequence as well as its modified sequence is not ideal in ergodicity and randomness of its sequence. ho solve this problem, a new piecewise Logistic chaotic spread spectrum communication algorithm was proposed based on the analysis of the randomness, correlation, initial sensitivity and Lyapunoy exponents of the referred chaotic sequence, and applied to spread spectrum communication. hhe simulation results show that the algorithm greatly improves the error rate and confidentiality in the spread spectrum communication compared to the traditional logistic chaotic sequence and its modified sequence, which proves that the algorithm mentioned in this article is effective.
ISAR Imaging Algorithm Based on Sparse Representation and Time-frequency Transform

WANG Bao-ping,SUN Chao,GUO Jun-jie,<br>,孙超,郭俊杰
计算机科学 , 2013,
Abstract: Inverse synthetic aperture radar images maneuvering targets, and during the coherent processing interval time, imaging projection plane and the scale of cross-range change with time, so many parameters are difficult to accu- rately extract and more prior knowledge can't be acquired. In general, the robust rangcdoppler (RD) imaging algorithm is used. But the conventional RI)imaging algorithm is based on the hypothesis of the target rotating uniformly and sam- pling uniformity in azimuth. For maneuvering target imaging, RD algorithm will make the image fuzzy. Especially for ra- dar gapped data, the performance of imaging descends greatly and even cant be identified. This paper introduced a range instantaneous Doppler imaging algorithm based on sparse representation and time-frectuency transform which can effec- tively image the maneuvering target. hhe experimental results validate the effectiveness and feasibility of this approach.
Determination of endogenous anabolic steroids in hair using gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

SHEN Min,XIANG Ping,SHEN Baohua,WANG Mengye,<br>沈敏,,,萌烨
色谱 , 2008,
Abstract: 建立了建康人头发中内源性类固醇兴奋剂睾酮、表睾酮、雄酮、苯胆烷醇酮和脱氢表雄酮的气相色谱-串联质谱(GC-MS/MS)分析方法.头发经碱水解后,以乙醚提取,经衍生化后采用GC-MS/MS的多反应监测模式(MRM)分析.方法的线性关系良好,检出限达0.1~0.2 pg/mg;提取回收率为74.6% ~104.5% ;日内测定的准确度为90.1% ~113.7% ,日内及日间测定的精密度均小于17.5% .应用所建立的方法测定了80例中国健康人头发中睾酮、表睾酮、雄酮、苯胆烷醇酮和脱氢表雄酮的生理水平,为内源性类固醇兴奋剂滥用的判断提供了方法和基础数据.
Optimal Mechanism of Parallel Downloading

WANG Zheng,LUO Wan-Ming,YAN Bao-Ping,<br>,罗万明,
软件学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Parallel downloading is modeled. And based on the model, the optimal mechanism is analyzed and proposed in terms of the performance of downloading nodes. The optimal mechanism includes the optimal source nodes set selected and file blocking scheme. Theoretical analysis proves that this mechanism can minimize the cost function of downloading nodes. Simulation results justify the validity of this mechanism.

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