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Removal of heavy metals and dewaterability of pure terephthalic acid sludge facilitated by bioleaching

SONG Yongwei,ZHOU Lixiang,LIU Fenwu,<br>宋永,,刘奋
环境科学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Removal of heavy metals and dewaterability effect of pure terephthalic acid sludge during bioleaching were investigated through batch flask experiments.Results showed that the dewaterability of chemical sludge was improved after bioleaching.The optimum dosage of microbial nutritional substance was 5 g·L-1.Under this condition,the pH in the sludge system declined from 7.37 to 2.29,and the specific resistance to filtration (SRF) value decreased from 62.64×1012 m·kg-1 to 2.36×1012 m·kg-1 after 2 days of bioleaching.The waste bioleached sludge was collected and dewatered by chamber filter press after multi-batch experiments under the optimum operation conditions.It was found that the 24h sedimentation rate of sludge was improved from 2% to 33% after the third batch of bioleaching process.The moisture of dewatered sludge was reduced to 45.9% by chamber filter press,and the sludge volume reduced 91.1% compared with the control.The removal efficiency of Cu,Cd,Pb,Zn and Co in sludge cake were 95.15%,85.20%,42.11%,82.59% and 64.42%,respectively.At the same time,the removal rate of COD and NH3-N in filtrate was 42.82% and 74.98% after sludge dewatering.It is obvious that the bioleaching technology could not only improve the dewaterability of chemical industry sludge but also remove the heavy metals to some extent.This study has a significant implication for the bioleaching method application and promotion in the chemical industry field.
Effect of Microbial Nutrient Concentration on Improvement of Municipal Sewage Sludge Dewaterability Through Bioleaching

SONG Yong-wei,LIU Fen-wu,ZHOU Li-xiang,<br>宋永,刘奋,
环境科学 , 2012,
Abstract: In this study, shaking flask batch experiments and practical engineering application tests were performed to investigate the effect of microbial nutrient concentration on the dewaterability of municipal sewage sludge with 2%, 3%, 4% and 5% solid contents via bioleaching. Meanwhile, the changes of pH value and the utilization efficiency of microbial nutrients during bioleaching were analyzed in this study. The results showed that the pH value decreased gradually at the beginning and then maintained a stable state in the treatments with different solid contents, and the nutrients were completely used up by the microorganisms after 2 days of bioleaching. It was found that the SRF of 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% sludges decreased quickly and then rose gradually with the extension of bioleaching time. In addition, the higher solid content the greater the increase. It was determined that the optimum microbial nutrient dosage for sludge with solid content of 2%, 3%, 4% and 5% were 3.0 g ·L-1, 4.5 g ·L-1, 8.3 g ·L-1 and 12.8 g ·L-1, respectively. At this point, the lowest SRF of sludge with each solid content were 0.61×1012 m ·kg-1, 1.22×1012 m ·kg-1, 3.09×1012 m ·kg-1 and 4.83×1012 m ·kg-1, respectively. Through the engineering application, it was showed that diluting the solid content of sewage sludge from 5% to 3% before bioleaching was feasible. It could not only improve the dewaterability of bioleached sewage sludge (the SRF declined from 3.29×1012 m ·kg-1 to 1.10×1012 m ·kg-1), but also shorten the sludge nutrient time (shortened from 4 days to 2.35 days) and reduce the operation costs. Therefore, the results of this study have important significance for the engineering application of bioleaching of municipal sewage sludge with high solid content.
Effects and influencing factors of bioleached sewage sludge natural drying and incineration

Liu Fenwu,Song Yongwei,Zheng Chaocheng,Zhou Lixiang,<br>刘奋,宋永,郑朝成,
环境工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 脱水污泥的干化效果对污泥后续焚烧处置及资源化有重要影响。比较了生物沥浸处理后深度脱水污泥与常规脱水污泥的水分蒸发速率差异,以评价其干化效果。在此基础上,对城市污泥生物沥浸示范工程中得到的有机质含量为44%(干物质计),干基高位热值为9250kJ/kg,含水率≤32%,颗粒粒径≤8mm的污泥样品,采用小型循环流化床焚烧炉(内径600mm,高度6500mm,污泥给料量200kg/h)进行焚烧处置初步研究。结果表明,在同样干化时间下,生物沥浸后脱水污泥相对于常规脱水污泥有较快的水分蒸发速度。在保证污泥颗粒在流化床炉内达到较好的流化状态前提下,该生物沥浸污泥可以在流化床炉内实现自持焚烧,相应流化床炉温可以被恒定维持在850℃左右。焚烧后残渣热灼减率为2.36%。同时发现,污泥有机质含量、污泥含水率、污泥的颗粒破碎度、流化床布风板风量等因素共同决定着城市污泥的自持焚烧效果。此研究将为城市污泥生物沥浸后期焚烧资源化应用提供必要的参数支持及合适的运行建议。
Effect of sedimentation time on dewaterability of bioleached municipal sewage sludge at low temperatures

SONG Yongwei,WANG Dianzhan,LIU Fenwu,WANG Zhenyu,ZHOU Lixiang,<br>宋永,王电站,刘奋,王振宇,
环境科学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 研究城市生物沥浸污泥脱水性能与污泥静置沉降时间的关系,对城市污泥生物沥浸工程化应用具有指导性作用.因此,以城市生物沥浸污泥为研究对象,研究了低温条件下(5 ℃和15 ℃)污泥静置0~6 d过程中,污泥pH值和脱水性能(用比阻γ表征)的变化情况.同时,对实验室污泥比阻与厢式压滤机中试结果进行了相关性分析.结果表明:温度增加将有利于污泥沉降,在实际运行中沥浸污泥可选择静置0.5 d再进行压滤脱水.随着静置时间的延长,冬季(5 ℃)和春季(15 ℃)城市沥浸污泥pH值和比阻均呈逐渐上升的趋势.静置6 d后,pH值分别从3.93和3.87上升到5.10和5.32,比阻γ分别从1.72×1012 m·kg-1和1.76×1012 m·kg-1上升到3.08×1012 m·kg-1和5.82×1012 m·kg-1.实验室污泥比阻测定和厢式压滤机中试结果表明,不同静置时间下污泥比阻γ与压滤机压滤脱水V-t/V曲线(V:滤液体积;t:过滤时间)斜率k呈极显著正相关关系,说明用污泥比阻γ能准确地反映出生物沥浸污泥的压滤脱水性能.这对生物沥浸技术在工程上的应用和推广具有重要意义.
Analysis of factors influencing the infectivity of HIV-1 pseudotyped virus during packaging by cell line

WU Li-Wei,PAN Xu-Wen,WANG Xi-Dong,LIU Jian-Ling,<br>,潘煦文,王希东,刘建玲
微生物学通报 , 2013,
Abstract: Objective] A serials of factors which may have influence on producing the HIV-1 pseudotyped virus are analysed to establish an optimal way to generate this type of virus. Methods] A set of factors such as the transfection reagents, the ratios of plasmid and transfection, the serum in the media and cell cycle is being analysis to find the optimal condition. Results] The optimal N/P is range from 8 to 40 , the serum can influence the stability of pseudotype virus and in the stage S and G2/M, transfection efficiency is high than the stage G0/G1. Conclusion] High titers of pseudotyped HIV-1 virus can be obtained by means of using transfection reagents PEI and through combinatorial optimization of PEI, plasmid amount and FBS type.
Reservoir space characteristics and evolution of the volcanic rocks in Yingcheng Formation of Changling fault depression, Songliao Basin

ZHENG Man,LI JianZhong,WANG LiWu,ZHANG QingChu,WU XiaoZhi,YAN WeiPeng,WANG Ying,<br>郑曼,李建忠,,张庆春,吴晓智,,王颖
岩石学报 , 2010,
Abstract: By careful observation on volcanic drilling cores, casting thin sections and statistical analysis of petrophysical properties, it can be suggested that the igneous rock reservoir of the Yingcheng Formation in the Changling fault depression is composed of different rock types, mainly ryholite, ryholitic crystal tuff and in-situ autoclastic brecciation lava. There are different reservoir spaces in various lithological igneous rocks, but they are mainly composed of primary stomata, secondary solution pores and fractures. Their evolution processes can be divided into three stages: The primary reservoir space, exogenic leaching process and burial diagenesis. During the process, the reservoir qualities are affected by lithology and lithofacies, tectonics and dissolutions due to weathering leaching. Therefore, the near-crater facies of volcanic apparatus, which are distributed along the deep faults and dissolution zones on the high position of paleo-structures, are the favorable places for the high-quality volcanic reservoirs in the Changling fault depression.
Microstructure and Corrosion Performance of Oxide Coatings on Aluminium by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation in Silicate and Phosphate Electrolyte
Microstructure and Corrosion Performance of Oxide Coatings on Aluminium by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation in Silicate and Phosphate Electrolytes

LV Guo-Hua,GU Wei-Chao,CHEN Huan,LI Li,NIU Er-Wu,YANG Si-Ze,<br>吕国华,,陈睆,,牛二,杨思泽
中国物理快报 , 2006,
Abstract: Ceramic coatings are fabricated on pure aluminium by plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) in three kinds of electrolyte systems E1: 0.05M NaOH+0.033M Na2SiO3, E2: 0.025M NaOH+0.008M (NAPO3)6 and E3: 0.025M NaOH+0.066M Na2SiO3+0.008M (NAPO3)6]. The voltage-time responses show that the PEO process of E2 has the highest discharging voltage, which results in the biggest pores and heaviest cracks on the surfaces. X-ray diffraction results show that coatings produced in E1 and E3 are mainly composed of γ-Al2O3 and mullite, while coatings produced in E2 are mainly composed of a-Al2O3. After PEO treatment the corrosion resistance of aluminium is improved significantly and the coatings produced in E3 perform the best corrosion resistance.
13.7~14. 5GHz Internally-Matched GaAs High Power Device

Wu Xiaoshuai,Yang Ruixi,Yan Deli,Liu Yuewei,Jia Kejin,He Dawei,Yang Kewu,<br>吴小帅,杨瑞霞,阎德,刘岳巍,贾科进,何大,杨克
半导体学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 经过对器件结构、钝化等工艺的改进,成功研制出总栅宽为19.2mm的GaAs功率HFET.两管芯合成的内匹配器件,当Vds=9V,输入功率Pin=35dBm时,在f=13.7~14.5 GHz频段内,输出功率Po>42dBm(15.8W),功率增益Gp>7dB,功率附加效率PAE>35%,两管芯合成效率大于90%,其中在14.3GHz频率点,输出功率达到42.54dBm(17.9W),增益7.54dB.

別旭, 廖新,, 苏进昌, 何康, 来又春
Journal of Oil and Gas Technology (JOGT) , 2015,
环境科学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 通过摇瓶培养试验研究了生物沥浸处理对精对苯二甲酸(PTA)化工污泥脱水性能和重金属去除效果的影响.研究表明,PTA污泥经生物沥浸后脱水效果得到了较好的改善,且营养剂最佳投加量为5g·L-1.经生物沥浸2d后污泥的pH从7.37下降到2.29,比阻从62.64×1012m·kg-1下降到2.36×1012m·kg-1,降低了96.23%.在最佳处理条件下对该化工污泥进行多批次生物沥浸中试试验,并对沥浸后污泥采用厢式压滤机脱水.结果表明,经生物沥浸处理后污泥静置24h,污泥沉降率可从2%提高到33%,厢式压滤脱水后泥饼含水率下降到45.9%,与对照相比,污泥体积减少了91.1%.泥饼中Cu、Cd、Pb、Zn、Co的去除率分别为95.15%、85.20%、42.11%、82.59%和64.42%;滤液中COD和氨态氮去除率分别为42.82%和74.98%.可见,生物沥浸法不仅能够较好地改善化工污泥的脱水性能,还能脱除污泥中的重金属.这对生物沥浸技术在PTA化工污泥上的应用和推广具有重要意义.
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