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Application of the Fuzzy Rule Algorithm in the Classification of Educational Information

Liang Wenchao Xu Chaojun Shen Shusheng,<br>,徐朝军,沈书生
现代图书情报技术 , 2011,
Abstract: Because of the fact that the introductions of primary and secondary schools have less feature items and unequal weights, the authors use the strategies of denoising, processing synonym features based on fuzzy set to build category vocabularies, and then classify short texts using the classification model which is based on category vocabularies and fuzzy rules. The results show that using fuzzy rules to classify the short texts which have less feature items and uneven distribution of weight is better than VSM, Rocchio and other classification algorithms.
Population dynamics of pests and their enemies in different cultivated rice fields

HUANG Dechao,ZENG Ling,LIANG Guangwen,CHEN Zhongnan,<br>黄德,曾玲,广,陈忠南
应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Through a whole year field investigation,this paper analyzed the population dynamics of pests and their enemies in organic and normally cultivated rice fields.The results indicated that the population of main pests varied more lightly in organic than in normally cultivated rice field,while subordinated pest species had little difference between these two fields.The individuals of enemies were more in organic than in normally cultivated rice field.It is suggested that the pest-control effect of enemies could be restored and became stronger when no chemical pesticides were applied.
Spatial pattern of Scleractinian coral Population Structure in Weizhou Island, Beihai, Guangxi

LIANG Wen,ZHANG Chunhu,YE Zuchao,LI Guangzhao,NONG Huaqiong,WANG Xin,<br>,张春华,叶祖,黎广钊,农华琼,王欣
生态学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Based on the analysis of image data and sample identification of 20 subsections on 6 principal sections in the direction perpendicular to the coast line around coast area of the Weizhou Islands conducted during 2007 to 2008, there are 46 species, 22 genuses and 10 families of coral and 9 species indeterminate found in coral reef area of the Weizhou Islands; Favites, Porites and Montipora are dominant groups whose important value percentages of genuses are 25.78%, 17.47% and 15.11% respectively; the distributions of dominant groups of coral groups on each principal section are different, and there are more genuses and species of coral in W2 of the southwest and W5 of the northeast, in both of which there are 13 genuses belonging to 8 families with rather high uniformity of distribution of scleractinia; the distribution of coral in the Weizhou Islands is divided into 4 biogeomorphological zones as gravel and coral fragmentation zone, scleractinia rarefaction zone, scleractinia prosperity zone and gorgonian prosperity zone, and the scleractinia prosperity zone with more distribution of scleractinia is mainly distributed in the scope from -1.39 m to -5 m deep. Scleractinia takes massive/submassive form and plate-like form as its major shapes, and the massive/submassive form is dominant in the degree of coverage. In the surveyed region which is affected greatly by global extreme high temperatures caused by El Nino phenomenon in 1998 and extreme low temperature climate from January to February in 2008 and unreasonable human activites, the coverage and dominance of branching form coral have decreased and it has been out of dominant species combination.
西北农林科技大学学报(自然科学版) , 2005,
Abstract: 对玉米粉悬浮液沉降情况的研究表明,沉降界面初始沉降速度随初始浓度的增加而减小。对外环流式发酵罐用于玉米生料酒精发酵进行研究,结果表明,起始阶段,玉米粉悬浮液要在外环流式发酵罐中完成强制回流循环,必然存在一个最小回流量q;通过恒流泵强制发酵醪循环可以显著缓解原料沉淀造成的不利影响,有利于发酵罐中的传质;发酵20h,强制循环发酵液中酵母细胞出芽率较自然发酵提高84.8%,死亡率降低100%,发酵70h时酒精度提高11.5%;采用外环流式发酵罐进行玉米生料发酵酒精时,较大的高径比对发酵有利。
Measurements of Hot Electron Magnetophonon Resonance in GaAs/Al_xGa_(1-x)As Heterostructures

Cheng Wenchao/National Laboratory for superlattices,Microstructures,Institute of Semiconductors,Academia Sinica,BeijingLi Yuexia/National Laboratory for superlattices,Microstructures,Institute of Semiconductors,Academia Sinica,BeijingLiang Jiben/National Laboratory for superlattices,Microstructures,Institute of Semiconductors,Academia Sinica,Beijing,<br>程,李月霞,基本
半导体学报 , 1990,
Abstract: The magnetophonon resonance of 2D hot electrons in GaAs/Al_xGa_(1-x)As heterostructuresis measured under high electric fields at 4.2 K. Besides LO phonon oscillation, double TA phononoscillation has clearly been observed at X poin(?), after SdH oscillation disappeared.
Effect of Application of Silicon on Arsenic Uptake by Rice Seedlings in Soil

GUO Wei,ZHU Yong-guan,LIANG Yong-chao,LIU Wen-ju,CHEN Zheng,<br>郭伟,朱永官,,,陈正
环境科学 , 2006,
Abstract: The objective of study was to investigate effect of silicon on arsenic uptake by rice seedlings in two soils with different arsenic concentrations. The results show that the addition of silicon has little effect on shoot and root dry weights of rice seedlings. The addition of silicon did not affect shoot and root P concentrations of rice seedlings grown in low arsenic soil, but significantly increased shoot P concentrations on rice grown in high arsenic soil. Irrespective of the initial pH of K2SiO3 solution, the addition of silicon significantly decreased shoot and root As concentrations of rice seedlings compared with the control. For seedlings grown in low As- contaminated soil, As concentrations in shoot and root were reduced by 36 % -59 % and 15 % -37 % with the application of silicon, respectively. For seedlings grown in high As-contaminated soil, As concentrations in shoot and root were reduced by 42 % - 58 % and 70 % - 82% with the application of silicon, respectively. These results are in agreement with our previous reports based on a solution culture experiment. Possible mechanisms of the effect of Si on As uptake was also discussed.
Application of Numerical Simulation and Analytical Methods to Estimate Hydraulic Parameters of Foundation Pit in Hydropower Stations

陈晓恋,,胡金山,闵勇章,,孙蓉琳,李润<br>Chen Xiaolian, Wen Zhang, Hu Jinshan, Min Yongzhang, Liang Xing, Sun Ronglin, Li Runchao
地球科学(中国地质大学学报) , 2016, DOI: 10.3799/dqkx.2016.059
Abstract: 四川省大渡河上某水电站目前正处于施工阶段,大坝基坑防渗墙已基本完成施工,但基坑涌水量较大,为评价防渗墙的防渗效果,在两防渗墙间开展了2组抽水试验.根据研究区边界条件,利用综合井函数法初步求取了基坑砂砾层的水文地质参数,并在此基础上采用数值法(groundwater modeling system,GMS)建立水流模型,进行参数的识别、验证,研究表明综合井函数法得到的砂砾含水层渗透系数为19.13~32.24m/d,GMS拟合得到的渗透系数为26.00m/d.此外,数值模拟拟合得到的主、副防渗墙渗透系数较小(0.01~0.02m/d),说明两防渗墙防渗效果较好.
A hydropower station located on Dadu River of Sichuan Province is under construction now. The construction of its impervious walls have been completed basically, however, the discharge of water is still large in the foundation pit of hydropower station. In order to evaluate the performance of impervious walls, two pumping tests was conducted between the two impervious walls. According to the boundary conditions of this area, the comprehensive well function was used to obtain the hydrogeological parameters. On the basis, numerical model is established by using GMS (groundwater modeling system) software to obtain the aquifer parameters after identifying and verifying the model. The results indicate that the hydraulic conductivity of aquifer is between 19.13-32.24m/d by analytical method, and 26.00m/d by numerical simulation. In addition, the hydraulic conductivity of impervious walls is very small (0.01-0.02m/d), it is found that the performance of impervious walls is good
Direct Resolution of Procaterol Enantiomers by Using Dinitrobenzoylphenylglycine as a Chiral Stationary Phase

色谱 , 2003,
Abstract: 用手性源(R)-苯基甘氨酸,采用非对称合成方法制备了3,5-二硝基苯甲酰-(R)-苯基甘氨酸手性固定相(DNB-PG CPS),利用它直接拆分了丙卡特罗药物的部分对映体,取得了良好的拆分效果。以不同比例的异丙醇-正己烷(体积比分别为20:80,10:90,5:95,2:98)为流动相,对丙卡特罗进行了拆分,其分离因子α的范围为1.54-1.67。此外,还测试了不同流动相组成对分离效果的影响,考察了液固吸附色谱保留值方程1nk=a cCb blnCb中保留因子k和分离因子α与强极性洗脱剂组分b的浓度Cb的关系,对拆分机理进行了讨论。
分析化学 , 2003,
Abstract: 用WHELK-O1手性色谱柱,在正相条件下测定了几种非甾体类解热镇痛药物萘普生、布洛芬、酮基布洛芬和苯氧布洛芬等中对映体的含量.结果表明:这种手性固定相色谱柱能够以正己烷和异丙醇为流动相,简便、快速、准确地测定非甾类药物中对映体的含量.
华东政法大学学报 , 2014, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.0253-4193.2014.04.012
Abstract: 利用在中国多金属结核西示范区加密调查中获取的海底视像资料,通过水下定位数据处理和结核覆盖率计算,并结合多波束地形测量数据,从结核覆盖率分布角度对多金属结核的小尺度分布特征进行研究。研究结果表明:多金属结核分布与地形有一定的对应关系,在地形平缓区域,结核覆盖率变化较平缓,而在某些地形陡峭区域,由于块状结壳的形成,结核/结壳覆盖率出现明显的跃升;西示范区为结核高覆盖率分布区,结核覆盖率沿东西方向变化不大,由北向南呈增高趋势;地形坡度对结核分布有明显的影响,在区内0°~3.6°的坡度范围内,坡度越大,结核覆盖率越高。
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