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Novel Oxide Trap Behavior in Ultra Thin Gate and Its Study by PDO Method
WANG Zi-ou,<br>王子欧,毛凌,卫建,许铭真,谭长
半导体学报 , 2000,
Abstract: The degradation of MOSFETs under high field stress has been investigated for a l ong time. The degradation is due to the newly generated traps. As the gate thick ness scaled down rapidly, a conventional method for detecting oxide traps, such as C-V or subthreshold swing, is no longer effective. Some new phenome na a lso appear, such as Stress Induced Leakage Current (SILC) and soft-breakdown. T he oxide traps' behavior and their characteristics are the key problems in the s tudy of degradation. By extracting the change of transition coefficients from th e I-V curve and using the PDO (Proportional Differential Operator) meth od, various oxide traps can be distinguished and as would be helpful in the dete rmination of trap behavior changes during the degradation process.

LIN Huafeng HUANG Bo LI Zengzhi,HU Cui,<br>,黄勃,李增智,胡萃
菌物学报 , 1998,
Abstract: 通过扫描电子显微镜,观察了几种人工的或自然的环境下白僵菌在马尾松毛虫体上的宿存与侵染过程,描述了分生孢子的萌发和菌丝形成中的形态变化,讨论了致病效果与环境的关系,对林间应用提出了建议。结果表明:在25℃和95%的温湿度条件下,分生孢子萌发较快,萌发率和侵入率较高;白僵病的发生需要85%以上的相对湿度,这是自然环境中防治效果的制约因子;在松毛虫每年发生2~3代的我国林区,冬季放菌做法不宜提倡,6月份放菌更为适宜。

LIN Huafeng,HUANG Bo,LI Zengzhi,<br>,黄勃,李增智,胡萃
菌物学报 , 1999,
Abstract: DNA amplified fingerprints of 28 Beaureria bassiana strains from different sources were tested by means of RAPD technique. The polymorphism of DNA amplified fingerprints appeared among different strains. However, system cluster analysis results showed that the polymorphism of strains were not obviously related to their collect places or hosts. Differences of fingerprints appeared not only among strains from different collecting places or hosts, but also among different isolates from same place and same host.
Influence of Electro-Deposition Methods on the Structure and Tribological Properties of Nanocrystalline Cobalt Deposit

Su Feng-hu,Huang Ping,Lin Yi-min,<br>苏,黄平,义民
摩擦学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: The nanocrystalline cobalt deposit with different structural characteristics and grain size were prepared by using different electro-deposition methods. The surface topography, and the size and the crystalline phase of the cobalt deposit were investigated by scanning elecrtron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD), respectively. The microhardness of the cobalt deposit was evaluated on MV-2T hardness tester. The friction and wear properties of the cobalt deposit were studied on a UMT-3M multifunctional friction and wear tester, and their worn surface were characterized by SEM. The results show that the size and crystalline phase of cobalt deposit, tribological properties and microhardness, were significantly affected by the electro-deposition methods. The cobalt deposit prepared by dual pulse electro-deposition had the smallest grain size, the highest microhardness and better wear resistance. The pin holes of the nanocrystalline cobalt deposit prepared by single-double pulse electro-deposition were the smallest. And this cobalt deposit also exhibited the best wear resistance and higher microhardness. These results indicate that the structure, anti-wear properties and microhardness of cobalt deposit can be controlled by controlling electro-deposition methods.
Deformation, metamorphism and mineralization of the Mengku iron deposit, Altay, Xinjiang

LIN LongHu,XU JiuHu,SHAN LiHu,CHU HaiXi,WEI XiaoFeng,WU ZengXuan,<br>龙华,徐九,单立,褚海霞,卫晓,吴增选
岩石学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 新疆蒙库铁矿床产于阿尔泰南缘下泥盆统康布铁堡组下亚组变质火山沉积岩中,矿床赋存受康布铁堡组中的铁木下尔衮向形构造控制。研究表明,在海相火山沉积成矿期后,矿床经历了区域变质成矿作用及其后的热液交代成矿作用,前者包括浸染状-条带状磁铁矿阶段和块状磁铁矿阶段,后者包括钙硅酸盐交代阶段、硫化物阶段和方解石石英脉阶段。其中区域变质是蒙库铁矿最重要的成矿期,经压溶富集形成透镜状、条带状分布的块状磁铁矿。类矽卡岩是热液在富Ca沉积岩和富Si酸性火山岩系层间活动经交代形成的,其形成晚于块状磁铁矿的形成。晚期铜矿化与热液交代成矿期有关。反映区域变质作用的顺层石英脉(Q2)中,测得早期包裹体的均一温度(Th)为235~511℃,晚期次生流体包裹体Th为157~326℃; 晚期热液石英脉(Q3)中包裹体的Th为122~337℃包裹体。用等容线交叉法获得Q2脉中共生的纯CO2包裹体和盐水溶液包裹体的捕获压力73~90MPa。磁铁矿氧同位素(δ18O)为-2‰~+1.28‰,平均-0.15‰,其组成特征显示了火山沉积变质成矿作用特征,与国内外沉积变质矿床磁铁矿氧同位素组成相似,而与典型的矽卡岩矿床有区别;磁铁矿爆裂曲线也显示了变质作用改造的特征。总体来看,区域变质-热液叠加改造是蒙库铁矿最重要的成矿作用。
Structural and Functional Study of Prokaryotic Enhancer-like Element VV1 from Vaccinia Virus

R Cao,X L Bi,F Han,G B Yang,S H Wu,<br>曹茹,秘晓,,杨贵宾,吴淑
生物工程学报 , 2001,
Abstract: Enhancer VV1 (about 283 bp) is selected as the target to analyze its structure and function systemically. Stepwise deletion experiment is used to identify the functional domain of VV1 element. The results suggest that the 20 bp at 5' terminal and 20 bp at 3' terminal are important to the activity of VV1, for without either of them its activity decreased greatly. Furthermore, the 30-50 bp at 5' terminal is essential to its activity, without which will lead to complete loss of its activity. By random mutagenesis assay it is found that base mutation can regulate the activity of enhancer VV1 positively or negatively. The more the activities of mutants descend, the more mutations take place. For singlebase mutation, the activities change relatively little, and most of the mutations always occur in the 50 bp at the 5' terminal.
Biological characteristics of Metarhizium anisopliae var.major and its virulence to white grubs

LIN Huafeng,LI Shiguang,ZHANG Lei,WANG Pingli,ZHOU Yiwen,<br>,李世广,张磊,王萍莉,周义文
应用生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: With Beauveria brongniartii and Metarhizium anisopliae var. anisopliae as the reference, this paper studied the biological characteristics and invading ability of Metarhizium anisopliae var. major, a new variety separated from white grubs. The results showed that the optimal culture condition of M. anisopliae var. major was similar with that of other entomopathogenic species, and the optimal temperature was 25 degrees C. Among the three test media, PPDA was the most appropriate one, followed by SDAY and Czapek. M. anisopliae var. major had a stronger virulence than B. brongniartii at lower temperature, with an accumulative mortality of white grubs being 88.23% and 76.47%, respectively, after treated with soil and through spraying, suggesting that M. anisopliae var. major had a good prospect to widely apply in field.
Pathogenicity of several fungal species on Spodoptera litura.

LIN Hua-feng,YANG Xin-jun,GAO Yi-bo,LI Shi-guang,<br>,杨新军,高亿波,李世广
应用生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: The virulence test of five species of entomogenous fungi Beauveria brongniartii, Beauveria bassiana, Paecilomyces fumosoroseus, Metarhizium anisopliae and Nomuraea rileyi to Spodoptera litura larvae showed that B. brongniartii and N. rileyi had evident pathogenic effects on S. litura, with the LT50 value to S. litura 2nd instars being 2.95 and 4.10 days, and the corrected accumulative mortality of the instars being 100% and 95.2%, respectively. The virulence of B. brongniartii and N. rileyi to the 3rd instars was lower than that of 2nd instars. The LT50 value to 3rd instars was 19.67 and 19.63 days, and the corrected accumulative mortality was 56.6% and 52.2%, respectively. Other two fungal species P. fumosoroseus and B. bassiana also had virulence to S. litura larvae. The LT50 value for the 2nd instars was 4.89 and 6.34 days, and the corrected accumulative mortality reached 85.7% and 71.4%, respectively.
Distributed Task Allocation & Coordination Technique of Multiple UCAVs for Cooperative Tasks

LONG Tao,SHEN Lin-Cheng,ZHU Hua-Yong,NIU Yi-Feng,<br>龙涛,,,牛轶
自动化学报 , 2007,
Abstract: The task allocation and task coordination problem for multiple unmanned combat aerial vehicles(UCAVs) distributed control is studied.Firstly,the contract net is expanded to resolve task allocation during task execution process. Thus UCAVs can deal with the temporal constraints among tasks when participating in auction and bid.Then,partial global planning is improved to coordinate the task plans of the UCAVs that perform correlative tasks.The two types of negotiation mechanisms are modeled with Petri nets,and the correctness of the negotiation process and the feasibility of the negotiation result are analyzed.Simulation results demonstrate the validity of our approaches.
Feature analyses breast ductal carcinoma in situ by ultrasound

WANG Jian-wei,LIN Xi,ZHENG Wei,HAN Feng,LI An-hua,<br>王建伟,,郑玮,,李安
中华医学超声杂志(电子版) , 2010,
Abstract: Objective To analyze the ultrasound features of ductal carcinoma in situ(DCIS) and breast imaging reporting and data system(BI-RADS-US) assessment.Methods The sonographic characteristics in 59 cases of pathologically-confirmed DCIS from January,2007 to January,2010 were retrospectively analyzed and assessed by BI-RADS-US.Results According to the sonographic characteristics of DCIS,all the sonograms were classified into 5 categories:(1) node or similar issue;(2) ductal ectasia filled with stuff;(3) architect...
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