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Optimization of low-carbon municipal solid waste processing model

ZHOU Xiaocui,XU Linyu,YANG Zhifeng,<br>周,徐琳瑜,杨志
环境科学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Carbon emission from Municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment is one of the major anthropogenic sources to cause climate change. In this paper, we proposed an optimization method for MSW low-carbon mode in the overall processing of MSW through evaluation on resource and energy consumption, Green House Gas (GHG) emission potential and recovery rate of different scenarios. This method identified the main regulatory measures and quantitatively set low-carbon processing mode under certain constraints. The method was then applied to Beijing MSW treatment. We designed three scenarios and conducted evaluation on resource and energy consumption, GHG emission potential and recovery rate of the three scenarios. After evaluating resource and energy consumption, GHG emission potential and recovery rate of each scenario, low-carbon development strategies for MSW management were determined. The results showed that the most efficient strategy at present was to decrease landfill proportion, in parallel to increasing composting and incineration proportion. The optimized low-carbon processing mode was to set landfill proportion of 23%, incineration proportion of 25%, and composting proportion of 52%.
Cloud model based mind interaction between human and virtual role

FAN Yan-feng,YANG Zhi-xiao,<br>范艳峰,杨志
计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: Non-verbal information such as emotion and motivation has important influence on human-virtual role interaction. This paper proposed a cloud-based human-virtual role interaction model. Taking respect as an example, it designed its cloud model with 3 levels and designed a cloud-based respect button. It also proposed an algorithm for cloud drop membership of respect button. It facilitated virtual role to understand respect extent considering uncertainties existed in human cognition. At last, the paper proposed a bow respect cloud based algorithm to randomly generate maximal bow angle and time pausing at the angle, described uncertainties of bow indicating respect. Analysis of proposed algorithms and synthesized interaction results show that proposed method is able to describe fuzziness and randomness of understanding non-verbal information in the interaction between human and virtual role.
Decision based on dynamic entropy gain of multi dimensional attributes in trusted networks

FAN Yan-feng,YANG Zhi-xiao,<br>范艳峰,杨志
计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: Considering multiple trust relationships, the mind of classification was used for service licensing under multiple dimension attributes in trusted networks. Proposed a trusted decision model based on dynamic entropy gains of attributes. In the model, information entropy was to describe nondeterminacy levels of transaction samples and attributes. Entropy gain was to describe the informative level of each attribute. Adjusted entropy gain and weight of each attribute in the overall trust computation model dynamically with new samples by a moving window mechanism. Analysis to the model shows that the proposed overall trust model follows the rule that people differently rely on different factors in making trust decision. The model also can adaptively adjust itself according to the dynamic variation of node behavior in networks.
Sensitive and robust model of trust computation in trusted networks

FAN Yan-feng,YANG Zhi-xiao,<br>范艳峰,杨志
计算机应用研究 , 2011,
Abstract: This paper proposed a sensitive and robust trust computation model.At the stage for lack of direct transaction proofs,estimated an initial trust value based on recommendation trust or reputation.With the construction of new transactions and their accumulation,calculated trust by combining of the initial value and new transaction proofs,then transferred to the direct trust computation model,at last.It adopted a balancing coefficient to weaken risks in estimating initial trust values,and restricted them withi...
Cloud mapping and membership cloud of mapping

YANG Zhi-xiao,FAN Yan-feng,<br>杨志,范艳峰
计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: In order to describe uncertainties and their variation between events, this paper proposed a concept of cloud mapping. For each element of definition domain, used a matched stochastic variable to convert it to a possible value space. Distribution features of the stochastic variable cluster in definition domain form feature functions, which indicated variation of uncertainties according to change of independent variable. This paper proposed a concept of membership cloud of mapping. Each element of definition domain has a cloud piece. All cloud pieces form membership cloud of mapping. Expected function, used entropy function, and hyper entropy function to describe variation of qualitative concept in the whole definition domain. This paper proposed algorithms for generating positive mapping cloud and reverse mapping cloud. Taking human memory law as an example, introduced effectiveness and possible application of proposed cloud mapping and mapping cloud.
Uncertainty control of head shaking for virtual human based on cloud model

YANG Zhi-xiao,FAN Yan-feng,<br>杨志,范艳峰
计算机应用研究 , 2011,
Abstract: Currently, certainty methods are adopted to synthesize body actions of virtual human or humanoid robot. However, the process people expressing deep information such as emotion, motivation, and mental state, etc. through body languages, has uncertainty characteristic of fuzziness and randomness. Cloud theory can integrate the two uncertainties. Taking the example of expressing negative information with head shaking of virtual human, three cloud models are designed, which are the maximal head shaking angle negative cloud, the head shaking times negative cloud, and the head shaking speed negative cloud. Their drops are generated by respective positive cloud generation algorithm, to obtain maximal head shaking angle, head shaking times, and head shaking speed. The three control parameters distribute normally around their respective expected value. Results of simulation experiment show that the proposed cloud-based head shaking algorithm can generate control curves of head shaking action serials with disciplinary differences. Feature values of the three kinds of cloud models are proposed.
Quantification Model Considering Uncertainties for Node Reputation in Trusted Networl}s

FAN Yan-feng,YANG Zhi-xiao,<br>范艳峰,杨志
计算机科学 , 2011,
Abstract: Node reputation in trusted networks is an important trust relationship with many uncertainties. Reputation and the process of its aggregation arc companied with characteristics of fuzziness and randomness. Cloud model can scientifically describe uncertainties of reputation during the process of its aggregation. Converse cloud generation algorithm is adopted to discover the laws of fuzziness and randomness of node reputation and its aggregation process during its whole life. Obtained numeric eigenvalues of reputation cloud are to direct the quantification of node reputation in local computation widows. Based on certainty degree of service satisfaction degree, together with attenuation factor, a reputation quantifaction model was proposed. Certainty degree is a random number with stable tendency. Weights in the model are also random numbers with stable tendency related to service satisfaction degrees. The proposed reputation quantifaction model well fits with uncertainty laws of trust relationship in open networks. Simulation results show that the proposed model maintains stable output and has good anti-attacking abilities, compared with other models.
Study and implementation of IPv4/IPv6 transition technology based on multi-core

YANG Zhi-yi,LI Xiao-yan,<br>杨志,
计算机应用 , 2009,
Abstract: According to the problem in the transitional period of IPv4/ IPv6 and the shortages of the mainly techniques during this period,this paper proposed the IPv6 tunnel technology based on multi-core,designed its model,used the multi-core flow technology,the lock-technique and the multi-core load-share model to speed up transmitting,protected the critical resources and improved the whole performance.Finally,the IPv6 tunnel technology based on multi-core is proved to have better transition and service performance...
Sensitive direct trust computation model for trusted networks

FAN Yan-feng,YANG Zhi-xiao,<br>范艳峰,杨志
计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: Learning from features of human trust relationship such as forgetting, attenuation, relatively stable but dynamically sensitive, asymmetry and united space-time features of sensitivity, this paper proposed a direct trust computation model DTD based on a moving two-windowed mechanism. It adopted a wide stability window to obtain the stable part of DTD. It adopted a small sensitivity window to obtain the sensitive part of DTD. In the sensitivity window, it used two methods to describe the united space-time feature for variations of DTD to those of transaction satisfaction degree TSD. On the one hand, asymmetrically set TSDs negatively changed with high weights. On the other hand, dynamically and adaptively changed the window's width. Experiment results show that the proposed DTD model can maintain to be relatively stable but sensitive to minus variation of node behavior, and the sensitivity has a united space-time feature.
Uncertainty method for control of virtual human''s blink

YANG Zhi-xiao,FAN Yan-feng,<br>杨志,范艳峰
计算机应用研究 , 2011,
Abstract: Blink synthesized base on certainty methods for virtual human is simple and repetitive.They cannot Describe uncertainties of blink expressing deep mind.This paper proposed a normal cloud model based uncertainty method for control of virtual human's blink.Designed four cloud models,which were blink interval cloud,eyelid rotation cloud,maximal eye's open angle cloud,and eye's keeping close time cloud.With direction of the four clouds,blink interval,eyelid rotation speed,maximal eye's open angle,and eye's keep...

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