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Roles of phosphatases in pathogen infection: a review

Pei Zhu,Xinqiang Li,Zhenlun Li,<br>朱培,,振轮
生物工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Phosphatases play a key role not only in cell physiological functions of an organism, but also in host-pathogen interactions. Many studies demonstrated that some Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria could evade host immunity and promote pathogenicity by injecting phosphatases into host cells through type III secretion system. However, there were few reports about pathogenic fungi evading the immunity of hosts. Our researches indicated that the entomogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae could dephosphorylate the signal transduction substance of locust humoral immunity specifically in vitro by secreting extracellular protein tyrosine phosphatase, which implied that the fungus might interfere with the immune defense of locust. To provide reference for further studies of the functions of phosphatases, we reviewed the types of phosphatases and their roles in pathogen infection.
An Indirect Hybrid Adaptive Pole Placement Scheme for Plant with Unmodeled Dynamics

Zhu Zhigang,Li Yanjun,Qiang Wenxin,<br>朱志刚,言俊,
自动化学报 , 1993,
Abstract: In this paper, we propose an indirect hybrid adaptive pole placement scheme for plant with numodeled dynamics. Normalization technique and covariance reset least square method with forgetting factor are used for parameter estimation. We design the discrete adaptive control law directly from continuous plant, which guarantees the robust stability of the closed-loop system. Theoretical analysis and digital simulation results show that this scheme is superior to similar continuous scheme and discrete scheme.
Metarhizium anisopliae CQMa102 biomass growth and extracellular phosphatase biosynthesis with different phosphorus sources

LI Xin-Qiang,ZHU Pei,LI Zhen-Lun,<br>,朱培,振轮
菌物学报 , 2013,
Abstract: Metarhizium anisopliae is an important entomopathogenic fungus which is common and widely distributed in soil throughout the world. Some reports suggested that its extracellular phosphatase might play a pivotal role in invading and killing the hosts. This study explored the effect of different phosphorus sources on biomass growth and extracellular phosphatase biosynthesis of M. anisopliae by using shaking flask methods. Those evaluated phosphorus sources are including inorganic phosphorus (KH2PO4), simple organic phosphorus (phytate sodium and C6H5Na2PO4·2H2O) and protein phosphorus (casein). The results indicated that, in terms of biomass growth, production of acidic phosphatase and extracellular protein, casein yielded the best result, followed by KH2PO4 and C6H5Na2PO4·2H2O, wherein phytate sodium came at last. For purification of the extracellular protein phosphatase of M. anisopliae, the optimal phosphorus source is C6H5Na2PO4·2H2O, where there was the highest specific activity of protein phosphatase.
Multi-Time-Segment Dynamic Power Management for Environmentally Embedded Systems

- , 2017, DOI: 10.7652/xjtuxb201701023
Abstract: 针对现有以无线传感器网络为代表的环境嵌入式系统的功耗管理方法不能很好地兼顾系统性能和稳定持久工作的问题,提出了一种能量驱动的多时段动态功耗管理方法。该方法综合考虑系统当前及未来N个时段的可用能量,并引入能量预测最大误差指数,实时地决定系统下一时段的工作状态,在满足能量约束的前提下最大化系统性能。通过实验模拟了太阳能供电环境嵌入式系统在不同天气下的工作情况,结果表明:使用该动态功耗管理方法的环境嵌入式系统的采集能量利用率达到99.79%,并且在不同天气下均能持续工作,即该方法实现了系统性能和工作稳定性的同时优化。
Aiming at the existing methods for managing power of the environmentally embedded systems represented by wireless sensor network, which cannot simultaneously ensure the system performance and stability, this paper proposes a multi??time??segment dynamic power management method. This method could determine the operational mode of the systems in real time by considering the energy available in the current and the future N time??segments and the effect of energy prediction error, resulting in maximized system performance within the energy constraint. Experiment simulates a solar energy powered environmentally embedded system working under different weathers, and the results demonstrate that the system using the proposed method can make its energy utilization reach 99.79%, and work continuously under diverse weathers. Hence the proposed method achieves simultaneous optimization of he system’s performance and stability
Research on Thermal Pollution Prediction in Regional Water Based on Fluent

,, 雪琴, 蒋韵秋
Journal of Water Resources Research (JWRR) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/JWRR.2015.46062
本文建立了一个用于预测评估电厂温排水对受纳水体水温分布影响情况的数学模型,通过对国内某电厂在河流夏季和冬季两种不利的水文条件下,就电厂运行正常工况和非正常工况两种情况下,对温排水进入水体后的水流运动及温度扩散规律进行了研究。研究发现:总体上,温排水的温升影响区域主要体现在排水口下游250 m以内,在河道中主要沿河道纵向扩散,在250 m后温升效应显著下降,温升影响范围明显变小,温度几乎与河流环境一致;而对不同季节的水文条件下,在温升明显区域影响范围内,夏季的温升影响比冬季温升影响要强,且其横向分布范围变大;就不同工况而言,温升范围影响变化不明显,但对温升范围影响变化而言,非正常工况下的温升影响效果相对较大。最后,通过模拟预测的结果与实测的实际结果对比,验证结果比较理想,说明本模型可以应用于相似的工程和研究,预测结果可以为电厂设计和环境评价提供科学依据。
This paper set up a mathematical model by power plant cooling water used for predicting water temper-ature distribution effect of receiving waters; based on a domestic power plant in the river in summer and winter which are unfavorable hydrological conditions, under the power plant running normal condition and abnormal conditions in both cases, the water movement and diffusion rules of cooling water after entering water temperature were studied. Research found that: overall, the cooling water influence area of the temperature rise is mainly manifested in the downstream port within 250 m, mainly along the river longitudinal dispersion in the river. After 250 m, the temperature rise effect significantly reduces; temperature influence range significantly decreases, and the cooling water temperature is almost con-sistent with the river environment. Under the hydrological conditions of different seasons, in the obvious temperature rise effect region, the influence of the temperature rise of summer is more obvious than winter, and the transverse distribution range of summer is larger. In terms of different working conditions, the temperature rise effect change is not obvious, but for the influence on the temperature range change, the temperature rise effect of the abnormal condition is bigger. Finally, through the actual simulation of the predicted and the measured results, the verification results are more ideal, demonstrating that this model can be applied to similar engineering and research, and prediction results can provide the scientific basis for power plant design and environment evaluation.

LI Xin,LU Shiqiang,WANG Kelu,ZHAO Weigang,LI Zhenxi,CAO Chunxiao,<br>,鲁世,王克鲁,赵为纲,臻熙,曹春晓
金属学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 在THERMECMASTOR-Z型热模拟试验机上对原始等轴组织的TC11钛合金进行热压缩实验,采用基于Murty准则的加工图技术研究该合金在990-1080℃、0.001-70 s-1变形参数范围内的微观变形机制和流变失稳现象,并优化该合金的高温变形参数.结果表明, α β两相区的较佳变形参数为990-1008℃、0.001-0.02 s-1,以990℃、0.001 s-1附近为最佳,其变形机制为超塑性.在β单相区,中等变形程度(ε<0.6)下的较佳参数为1030-1080℃、0.001-0.1 s-1,以1060-1080℃、0.001 s-1附近为最佳,其变形机制为动态再结晶;而大变形程度(ε>0.6)下的较佳参数为1020-1060℃、0.004-0.6 s-1,以1040-1050℃、0.016-0.07 s-1附近为最佳,其变形机制也是动态再结晶.失稳区出现在β单相区内,其参数范围为1000-1080℃、4.0-70 s-1,在该失稳区会出现β晶粒的不均匀变形;应变速率在0.001 s-1附近时,在β单相区变形会出现β晶粒的动态粗化.
中国电机工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 周向非均匀高密度热流引发的过热问题一直影响着太阳能热发电站中高温吸热器的运行安全。本文建立了太阳能高温吸热管对流换热电加热实验台和数值计算模型,通过实验研究和模拟计算,研究了周向非均匀热流边界条件下吸热管壁温度分布规律。研究结果显示:周向非均匀热流边界条件下吸热管壁温度分布与截面圆心角余弦呈函数关系,实验测量结果与数值计算结果吻合较好;经典Dittus-Boelter公式仍可用于计算周向非均匀热流边界条件下吸热管内的换热计算,但不适用于管壁温度分布计算。本文给出了周向非均匀热流边界条件下吸热器管壁温度计算关联式。
Changes of soil active organic carbon pool under different land use types

YU Wan-tai,MA Qiang,ZHAO Xin,ZHOU Hua,LI Jan-dong,<br>宇万太,,,周桦,建东
生态学杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: The measurement of active organic carbon content in 0-40 cm soil layer under different land use types in Shenyang Eco-experiment Station of Chinese Academy of Sciences showed that in 0-20 cm soil layer,the contents of organic carbon(OC),readily oxidizable carbon(ROC),microbial biomass carbon(MBC),dissolved organic carbon(DOC) and light fraction organic carbon(LFOC) were higher in fallow field than in mowing field and bare field,while the content of particulate organic carbon(POC) was relatively higher in mowing field than in fallow field.In 20-40 cm soil layer,the contents of OC,ROC and POC were higher in mowing field,while those of MBC,DOC and LFOC were higher in fallow field.The profile distribution of soil active organic carbon under different land use types appeared a declining trend with soil depth.The allocation proportion of MBC,DOC and LFOC in soil active organic carbon followed the order of fallow field> mowing field> bare field,while that of ROC and POC was in the order of mowing field> fallow field> bare field.The allocation proportion of soil active organic carbon had a declining trend with depth,while that of DOC was in adverse.
Effects of different fertilization patterns on nutrient supply of aquic brown soil rice field and nutrient allocation in rice plant

ZHAO Xin,YU Wan-tai,LI Jian-dong,MA Qiang,ZHANG Lu,<br>赵,宇万太,建东,,张璐
生态学杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted on an aquic brown soil rice field in the lower reach of Liaohe River plain to study the effects of different fertilizations on soil nutrient supply and rice plant nutrient allocation. The results showed that under fertilization, the capability of nutrient supply and the quantitative variation of available nutrients except N were higher and greater in 0-20 cm than in 20-40 cm soil layer. A combined application of inorganic and organic fertilizers was more beneficial to the enhancement of soil nutrient supply. The absorbed N and P by rice plant were mainly allocated in rice grain, while absorbed K was mainly in the stalk. Returning rice stalk into field could relax soil K shortage, maintain soil K pool, decrease K input, and reduce agricultural production cost or mitigate environmental pollution.
Study of Space Radiation Experimental Technique of HgCdTe Infrared Detector

GE Xin,LI Wei,DUAN Bi-hai,WANG Hong-qiang,<br>葛,,段碧海,王宏
红外 , 2008,
Abstract: The HgCdTe infrared detector used on a spacecraft can be affected by all kinds of space radiation.Thus,its performance would be degraded.In order to ensure the detector to operate in orbit normally,it is very significant to study the effect of the space radiation on the performance of the detector.In this paper,the current knowledge of space radiation environment is presented first and the effect of the total dose radiation on the performance of the detector in orbit is discussed secondly.Some parameters for evaluating the imaging performance of the detector are proposed and the variations of these parameters before and after the detector is iradiated are analyzed.Finally,a conclusion is given.
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