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Synthetic mechanism of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles via AOT inverse microemulsions

REN Wei LI Shipu WANG Youfa,<br>任卫,,
材料研究学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The microemulsion solution is composed of isooctane as oil phase, sodium bis(2--ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate (AOT) as surfactant, 1--octanol as cosurfactant, Ca(H$_{2}$PO$_{4}$)$_{2}\cdot$H$_{2}$O solution and Ca(OH)$_{2}$ saturated solution as water phase. Hydroxyapatite nanoparticles were successfully processed by mixing the both microemulsions. The partial ternary phase diagram of microemulsions was set by a series of demarcation points between optically transparent and opaque, which indicated the single phase area of the composition and the effect of reactant ions. The diameters of inverse micellars measured by dynamic light scattering (DLS) depended linearly on water content $w$ ($w$=H$_{2}$O]/AOT]) in case that micellars was near spherical morphology. The parameters of micellars were computed on the reactant concentration, AOT concentration and average diameter of micellars. Mechanism of reaction and particles growth showed that the reactant concentration and water content played an important role for the result particle size.

Chai Huayou,Liu Minggui,Bai Shiwei,Li Qi,<br>柴华,刘明贵,,
岩石力学与工程学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 在SASW测试中,受高阶振型波及道距等的影响,从折叠相位差曲线中无法通过折叠展开方法确定各离散频率点的绝对相位差.绝对相位差与折叠相位差相差2面弧度)的整数倍,整数取值不同,由一条折叠相位差曲线计算的相速度.频率曲线也不同,它们并不完全与表面波各阶振型频散曲线对应.若不同振型表面波影响在频率域是分离的,可以得到相应频率范围该振型波的频散曲线。在这些曲线中,总有一条相速度.频率曲线与常规折叠展开方法得到的相速度.频率曲线对应.将不同道距下得到的这些相速度-频率曲线堆叠在一起,并用灰度来表示各频散点出现的概率,由此可以研究基阶振型以及高阶振型波的频散.
Electricity generation by degradation of lignosulphonate using microbial fuel cell

Zhao Shihui,Li Youming,Wan Xiaofang,Mo Guangquan,<br>赵,,万小芳,莫光权
环境工程学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 以厌氧活性污泥为接种体构建铁氰化钾阴极微生物燃料电池(MFC),对木质素磺酸盐的降解及产电效果进行了研究。结果表明,经过6个周期逐渐添加木质素磺酸盐的驯化后,以木质素磺酸盐为单一底物的MFC成功运行,最大功率密度为120.3 mW/m2。经过94 h的运行,阳极液COD和木质素磺酸盐去除率分别达到39.8%和49.3%。木质素磺酸盐可作为MFC的底物,在产电的同时得到有效降解,这为解决造纸废水中生物质能的开发和利用提供了新途径。
The Technology of Invasive Measurement of Thermal Response in Laser Medicine

College of precise instrument,opto-electronics engineering,Tianjin University,Tianjin,<br>赵,,小霞,立勇
光子学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 采用辐射温度测量技术实现了激光与生物组织热响应的无损监测.便携式红外辐射监测仪内置LD红光指示和对准音提示,在距离红外透镜25mm处最小物面孔径为2.5mm.靶点组织的温升变化是激光输出参量和被测生物组织自身的光、热物理特性的综合反映,与可能产生的疗效密切相关.实验记录了单个红宝石激光脉冲、连续CO2激光作用下多种组织的热响应过程,从辐照时间、温升峰值、上升时间等角度讨论了不同组织、不同条件下组织热响应的差异.
世界林业研究 , 2013,
Abstract: 磷是生物体生存的必需元素,对植物生长发育具有十分重要的影响。植物在长期进化过程中,与磷形成了复杂而密切的关系。文中从土壤磷的存在形态、磷的活化机理、植物对磷的有效利用、在磷胁迫状态下植物的适应机制以及施用磷肥对植物生长的影响等方面综述了磷与植物关系的研究现状,并对今后土壤磷与植物关系的研究进行了探讨。
The Analysis on Muscle Nutrition Component of Sinilabeo rendahli Cultivated by Factitious Combinative Feed

zhang zhu qing,zhu ling,hu shi ren,huang hui,li zheng you,<br>张竹青,朱玲,,黄 辉,
水生态学杂志 , 2010,
Abstract: Abstract: In order to give Chinese mud germplasm development and utilization of, and provide a basis for artificial breeding, artificial breeding in the ponds of the Chinese pangolin meat rate, and muscle with nutrients were measured, The results show that: with meat rate of 60.65%; muscle protein , fat and ash contents were 19.99%, 5.10%, 1.51%; muscle of the total content of 18 kinds of amino acids (accounting for muscle dry weight) of 75.23%. One essential amino acid content of 33.36%, accounting for 44.34% of the total amino acids. Essential amino acids and non-essential amino acid ratio of 0.80. Xian Mei amino acid content of 30.07%, accounting for 37.40% of the total amino acids. Essential amino acid index (WH0/FAO standard as a reference) to 82.34. 1 for the first limiting amino acid tryptophan, methionine + cystine for the first two limiting amino acids.
Characteristic and role of ESW in the separatrix of reconnection in the magnetotail

LI Shi-You,DENG Xiao-Hua,WANG Jing-Fang,<br>,邓晓华,王敬芳
地球物理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Magnetic reconnection plays a key role in the energy release and transformation in geospace. Though Electrostatic Solitary Wave (ESW) is widely observed in space, direct observation in the vicinity of reconnection site is rare, which makes it ambiguous of the characteristic of ESW associated with reconnection. Here we present a reconnection event for which ESW is ample in the separatrix of the reconnection diffusion region. The characteristic of the ESW associated with reconnection is studied and the effect of ESW on reconnection is discussed. The result shows that, the ESWs observed in the separatrix of reconnection which takes place during a substorm, is more solitary and more nonlinear than that in other regions. The ESW associated with reconnection can propel reconnection process via presenting parallel electric field and accelerate electron.
Zircon UPb Age and Geochemistry of Gabbro from Jiamate AuCu Ore District in Northern Junggar, China and Their Geological Significance

,刘国仁,于秀斌,,,李强,金建斌<br>LI Yuanyou,LIU Guoren,YU Xiubin,LI Yan,QI Shijun,LI Qiang,JIN Jianbin
- , 2017,
Abstract: 摘要: 加玛特金铜矿位于准噶尔北缘,矿体赋存于辉长岩与北塔山组玄武岩接触带、石英闪长岩及其接触带,矿体呈脉状和透镜状,成矿与辉长岩和石英闪长岩有关。围岩蚀变主要有绿帘石化、黑云母化、绿泥石化、碳酸盐化、磁铁矿化。获得辉长岩锆石LAICPMS UPb年龄为380 Ma,限定金铜矿化略晚于380 Ma。辉长岩的Th、Nb、Ta、Ti、Nd和Zr呈负异常,Rb、K、Pb和P为正异常,LREE表现为相对富集的右倾型分布模式和弱负铕异常到无铕异常,表明辉长岩为中泥盆世俯冲消减环境的产物,形成于岛弧环境。原始岩浆来源于受俯冲物质交代的地幔楔和软流圈的混合体,岩浆经历了一定程度的演化,并受到弱的地壳物质混染。
Abstract: Jiamate CuAu deposit is located in the northern margin of Junggar. The orebodies are hosted in the contact zone of gabbro and basalt of the Beitashan Formation, as well as within the quartz diorite and contact zone. Orebodies occur as vein and lenticular shape, and mineralization are related to quartz diorite and gabbro. The main wall rock alterations include epidotization, biotitization, chloritization, carbonatization, and magnetite mineralization. LAICPMS zircon UPb dating of gabbro yields the age of 380 Ma, which constrains the age of CuAu mineralization later than 380 Ma. The gabbro samples show negative anomalies of Th, Nb, Ta, Ti, Nd and Zr, as well as positive anomalies of Rb, K, Pb and P. Combined with the enrichment of LREE and slightly negative to zero Eu anomalies, we propose the gabbro is related to subduction process and was formed in an island arc setting. The primitive magma originated from a mixture of mantle wedge that was modified by the subduction material and the asthenosphere. The magma was evolved and had experienced weak crustal contaminations
Growth and Properties of High Resistivity Cd0.8Zn0.2Te Single Crystals

Li Qifeng,Zhu Shifu,Zhao Beijun,Cai Li,Gao Deyou,Jin Yingrong,<br>奇峰,,赵北君,蔡力,高德,金应荣
半导体学报 , 2002,
Abstract: 报道了采用富 Cd原料的无籽晶垂直布里奇曼法生长高阻碲锌镉 Cd0 .8Zn0 .2 Te(CZT)单晶体的新工艺 ,对所生长的晶体作了 X射线衍射分析、红外透过率测试、光吸收截止波长测量及电学性能测试 .晶体在 4 4 0 0~ 4 5 0 cm- 1范围内的红外透过率达到 5 0 % ,截止吸收波长为 787.6 nm,带隙为 1.5 74 e V,室温电阻率达到 2× 10 1 0 Ω· cm ,已接近本征 Cd0 .8Zn0 .2 Te半导体的理论值 .用该晶体制作的核探测器在室温下对 2 4 1 Am和 1 0 9Cd放射源均有响应 ,并获得了比较好的 2 4 1 Am- 5 9.5 ke V吸收谱 .结果表明改进的方法是一种生长室温核辐射探测器应
Alfven Waves in a Plasma Sheet Boundary Layer Associated with Near-Tail Magnetic Reconnection
YUAN Zhi-Gang,DENG Xiao-Hua,PANG Ye,LI Shi-You,WANG Jing-Fang,<br>袁志刚,邓晓华,庞烨,,王敬芳
中国物理快报 , 2007,
Abstract: We report observations from Geotail satellite showing that large Poynting fluxes associated with Alfven waves in the plasma sheet boundary layer (PSBL) occur in the vicinity of the near-tail reconnection region on 10 December 1996. During the period of large Poynting fluxes, Geotail also observed strong tailward plasma flows. These observations demonstrate the importance of near-tail reconnection process as the energy source of Alfven waves in the PSBL. Strong tailward (Earthward) plasma flows ought to be an important candidate in generating Alfven waves. Furthermore, the strong perturbations not only of the magnetic field but also of the electric field observed in the PSBL indicate that the PSBL plays an important role in the generation and propagation of the energy flux associated with Alfven waves.
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