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菌物学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 中国干腐菌属共有3种,根据中国的材料对每种的担孢子进行测量和统计,并给出了该属种类的检索表,相似干腐菌为中国一新记录种,对该种进行了详细描述和显微绘图。该种的主要特征是担子果有菌盖,担孢子近球形,生长在竹子上。伏果干腐菌在欧洲经常木制房屋腐朽,但该菌在中国所引起的问题没有欧洲严重。
Rare and threathened polypores in the ecosystem of Changbaishan Nature Reserve of Northeastern China

DAI Yucheng,<br>玉成
应用生态学报 , 2003,
Abstract: In last 10 years, extensive field inventories were carried out to investigate Polypore species, the major wood-decaying fungi in the Changbaishan Nature Reserve of Northeastern China. The following 27 species were treated as rare or threathened species: Amylocystis lapponica (Romell) Singer, Anomoporia albolutescens (Romell) Pouzar, Anomoporia bombycina (Fr.) Pouzar, Anomoporia vesiculosa Y.C. Dai & Niemel?, Antrodia carbonica (Overh.) Ryvarden & Gilb., Antrodia crassa (P. Karst.) Ryvarden, Antrodiella citrinella Niemel? & Ryvarden, Diplomitoporus flavescens (Bres.) Dománski, Donkioporia expansa (Desm.) Kotl. & Pouzar, Gloephyllum carbonarium (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Ryvarden, Haploporus odorus (Sommerf.) Bondartsev & Singer, Inonotopsis subiculosa (Peck) Parmasto, Nigroporus ussuriensis (Bondartsev & Ljub.) Y.C. Dai & Niemela, Oxyporus sinensis X. L. Zeng, Parmastomyces taxi(Bondartsev) Y.C. Dai & Niemela, Phellinidium sulphurascens(Pilat) Y.C. Dai, Phellinus vaninii Ljub., Polyporus vassilievae Thorn, Pycnoporellus fulgens (Fr.) Donk, Skeletocutis brevispora Niemela, Skeletocutis ochroalba Niemela, Skeletocutis perennis Ryvarden, Trechispora candidissima (Schwein.) Bondartsev & Singer, Wolfiporia dilatohypha Ryvarden & Gilb., Wolfiporia curvispora Y.C. Dai, Wrightoporia avellanea(Bres.) Pouzar and Wrightoporia lenta(Oveh. & J. Lowe) Pouzar. Polypores are richer in East Asia than in Europe and North America, not only because of destructive galciations and fewer hosts in the latters, but also because of the geography. NE Asia is a link between Europe and North America. Changbaishan Nature Reserve is very rich in polypores, and over 260 species were recorded in the reserve. Some rare species in North America and Europe, for instance, Anomoporia albolutescens, Antrodia crassa, Diplomitoporus flavescens, Inonotopsis subiculosa and Skeletocutis ochroalba etc. were found in Changbaishan Nature Reserve as well, and these species are in fact rare in the earth. Most of the 27 species occurred on fallen trunks or rotten wood in the reserve, but some of them grew on living trees. 18 species occurred on substrate of gymnosperms, and 9 species grew on wood of angiosperm. Among the 27 species, 7 species caused a brown rot, and 20 species produced a white rot. The morphology, substrate and ecology of each species were briefly discussed. The most important tool for polypore conservation is the conservation of their habitats, and it is necessary to study the ecology of the rare and threathened species of polypores in the Changbaishan Nature Reserve. Because most of polypores live on the substrate of fallen trunks and rotten wood, it is very important to keep such substrate in the ecosystem.

菌物学报 , 2002,
Abstract: 本文将刺孢孔菌Pachykytospora中的P. major G. Y. Zheng & Z. S. Bi组合为Megasporoporia major (G.Y. Zheng & Z. S. Bi) Y. C. Dai & T. H. Li,并根据模式标本对该种进行了详细描述。
Phellinidium (Basidiomycota, Hymenochaetales) in China

DAI Yu-Cheng,<br>玉成
菌物学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 小木层孔菌属的种类在我国共有7种,其中芳香小木层孔菌Phellinidium fragrans为中国首次报道,该种发现于吉林省长白山自然保护区,与同属其它种的区别是子实体多年生、平伏、具有芳香气味,其担孢子在同属的种类中最小,菌肉中具有形状不规则的厚垣孢子。根据中国的材料对这个种进行了详细描述和显微结构绘图。给出了该属种类的检索表,并将每种孢子统计数据列在检索表中。

菌物学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 报道了中国担子菌一新记录属Rectipilus,并对一新记录种R. fasciculatus进行了描述。
A checklist of polypores in China

DAI Yu-Cheng,<br>玉成
菌物学报 , 2009,
Abstract: The polypores treated in the present list are in wide sense (sensu lato), including the poroid species in Polyporales, Hymenochaetales, Gloeophyllales, Trechisporales, Corticiales, Thelephorales and Russulales, and a few poroid genera of Agaricales, Atheliales, Cantharellales and Auriculariales (e.g. Dictyopanus, Favolaschia, Elmerina, Fistulina and Protomerulius). Based on more than 10,000 collected specimens and other poroid specimens of aphyllophoraceus fungi in the main mycological herbaria in China, th...
Species diversity of wood-decaying fungi in Northeast China

DAI Yu-Cheng,<br>玉成
菌物学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 对中国东北地区木材腐朽菌资源研究进行了总结,给出了每种木材腐朽菌的寄主和在东北的分布。目前中国东北地区共记载木材腐朽菌504种,其中300种为多孔菌,204种为革菌,57种为林木病原菌,69种为药用菌。梨多年卧孔菌Perenniporia pyricola和北方赖特孔菌Wrightoporia borealis为新种,对它们进行了描述和绘图。对所有名称按最新命名法规(维也纳法规)进行了订正。
Pathogenic wood-decaying fungi on woody plants in China

DAI Yu-Cheng,<br>玉成
菌物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: The paper deals with the pathogenic wood-decaying fungi on woody plants in China. One hundred and fifty-two species have been recorded, of which 49 species (accounting for 34% of the total pathogenic species) are firstly reported as pathogenic fungi in China. Their host, type of rot, occurrence and distribution were given according to field inventories. Among these fungi, 135 species (accounting for 89%) cause a white rot, while 17 species resulted in a brown rot. Among these fungi 67, 33 and 52 species belong to common, occasional and rare species respectively.
Ecological function of wood-inhabiting fungi in forest ecosystem

WEI Yulian,DAI Yucheng,<br>魏玉莲,玉成
应用生态学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Wood-inhabiting fungi are one of the most important parts of forest ecosystem,and play an important role in degrading the wood in forest ecosystem.The major species of these fungi include the groups of Aphyllophorales (Basidiomycota),Discomycetes (Ascomycota) and some imperfect fungi.They have the ability to degrade cellulose,hemicelluloses and lignin of wood.Three type of wood decaying have been found,i.e.,white rot,brown rot and soft rot.Many other organisms of forest ecosystem have symbiosis relationship with wood-decaying fungi.Wood-inhabiting fungi could offer the nutrition for many insects and birds,and spores of many wood-rotting species are spread by some insects.The high biodiversity of wood-decaying fungi is one of the important factors for the health of forest ecosystem.

菌物学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 对中国褐褶菌属Gloeophyllum的种类进行了研究,并记录了此属中10个种。其中喜干褐褶菌Gloeophyllumprotractum是中国的新记录种,发现于黑龙江和四川省的针叶树倒木上。根据中国的材料详细描述了此种,并列出褐褶菌属的检索表。
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