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Status Quo of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Zhang Yaou,Yang Mengsu,Xiao Peigen,<br>,杨梦甦,培根
世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2002,
Abstract: Recent years,because of the change in medical models and in menu of human diseases,complementary and alternative medicine(CAM)which has been rejected by mainstream medicine,is getting popular in Western countries and gradually accepted by mainstream medicine.In the United States,the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine(NCCAM)has been established at the National Institute of Health(NIH),courses of CAM have been offered in many medical schools and universities in Western countries,advanced biotech n eology is widely used to the development of natural products of CAM and a number of research papers are emerging in famous medical journals of mainstream medicine.Responding to these changes,NCCAM has developed new models for the development of CAM products.Therefore,the FDA of the United States has amended the Food and Drug Act in accordance with the models and thus the natural products of CAM are easier to gain market than synthetic products and highly purified monomers.With its extensive public foundation CAM has been provided with a healthy environment for its further development in Western countries and a good foundation has been laid for the traditional Chinese medicine to march towards the whole wortd.
Screening and identification of a bacterium capable of converting daidzein to S-equol

Yuanyang Guo,Yayan Huang,Jing Ye,Xueqin Zhang,Meitian Xiao,<br>郭远洋,,叶静,学勤,美添
微生物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Objective] To screen and identify a bacterium capable of converting daidzein to S-equol.Methods] We used antibiotics to limit unrelated bacterial growth and enrich the target bacteria,and isolated the aim bacterial strain from rat intestine.The metabolite of daidzein was tested by HPLC,MS and NMR.The taxonomic group of the strain was identified by 16S rDNA sequence analysis and phylogenetic tree;the strain’s morphological and physiological biochemical characters were also tested.Results] A gram-negative facultative bacterial strain LH-52(JN861767) capable of transforming daidzein to S-equol was isolated.Basic Local Alignment Search Tool(BLAST) search of LH-52’s 16S rDNA sequence on GenBank suggested that this strain has 99% similarity to that of Proteus mirabilis,the morphological and physiological biochemical characteristics of LH-52 also showed highly similarity to P.mirabilis.Based on these data,we identified LH-52 as P.mirabilis,and named it as P.mirabilis LH-52.The results of HPLC,MS and NMR suggested that the metabolite of daidzien was S-equol.Conclusions] Bacteria strain P.mirabilis LH-52 was the first reported facultative bacteria strain capable of converting daidzein to S-equol,and might be more suitable in industrial application than obligate anareobic bacterial strains.
Establishment of molecular ID in 11 Ganoderma lucidum strains

ZHANG Xiao-Y,XU Xiu-Hong,LIU Hua-Jing,<br>,许修宏,刘华晶
微生物学通报 , 2013,
Abstract: Objective] Eleven Ganoderma lucidum strains were collected as materials for classifying them at the molecular level and establishing the molecular ID. Methods] Internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers were used for the molecular identification of eleven Ganoderma lucidum strains. Results] 99% similarity in ITS sequence between the tested strains and the Ganoderma lucidum registered in GenBank, meaning that the tested strains were Ganoderma lucidum species. The cluster analysis by NTSYS revealed that eleven Ganoderma lucidum strains were divided into four groups at similarity coefficients of 0.62. GL-2 and GL-4 were in two clades respectively. According to fragment size of allele variation, the agarose gel electrophoresis bands were analyzed by the software ID Analysis 1.0. Five primer pairs could be used to identify all the tested strains and accomplish the establishment of molecular ID. Conclusion] Establishment of molecular ID in Ganoderma lucidum based on SSR were feasibly.
Lycopene synthesis via tri-cistronic expression of LeGGPS2, LePSY1 and crtI in Escherichia coli

Jiyu Chen,Zhiqun Pu,Yawen Xiao,Cuiping Li,Xiaobing Du,Chenggang Su,Xingguo Zhang,<br>陈吉裕,蒲志群,,李翠萍,杜小兵,苏承刚,兴国
生物工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 利用大肠杆菌研究番茄红素的合成,不仅可以获得副产物少的高产菌株,而且可以探讨基因或基因簇的功能。文中将番茄LeGGPS2和LePSY1的cDNA序列,及欧文氏菌crtI的编码序列分别添加上核糖体结合位点后,以单独或组合的方式受控于T7启动子和终止子,在大肠杆菌菌株BL21(DE3)中进行表达和诱导番茄红素合成。结果显示,仅T7::crtI-LeGGPS2-LePSY1三价基因共表达时才能合成番茄红素,且将种子液以1∶50接种于含3%蔗糖的LB培养基(pH 6.8)中,于37℃摇8 h左右的对数生长后期加IPTG至80μmol/L,30℃诱导表达5 h的发酵条件下,获得2.124 mg/g DCW的番茄红素。该结果既验证了原核化的番茄LeGGPS2和LePSY1基因及与crtI基因协同作用的功能,又为在番茄质体中建立独立的番茄红素合成途径奠定了基础。
Multi-scale assessment of wind-solar generation resources based on continuous wavelet transform

王飞,宋士瞻,曹永吉,谢红涛,张新华,,,文<br>Fei WANG,Shizhan SONG,Yongji CAO,Hongtao XIE,Xinhua ZHANG,Jian ZHANG,Tian XIAO,Yawen ZHAO
- , 2018, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1672-3961.0.2018.172
Abstract: 针对区域风光发电资源评估问题,提出一种基于连续小波变换的多尺度评估方法。从美国国家航空航天局(National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA)中获取风速和光照强度再分析数据,并利用虚拟发电系统模型预处理为发电容量系数。综合考虑储量、波动性和互补性等资源属性,构建量化指标对区域风光发电资源进行分析,以时间和空间两个角度挖掘区域资源的分布特征。利用连续小波变换方法提取不同尺度上的风光波动性和互补性特征,评估风光互补发电对出力波动的平抑作用,并探究最佳的互补尺度。以枣庄市为例,对提出方法的有效性进行验证。算例分析表明:风光资源具有波动性和互补性,在最佳尺度上规划互补发电系统能够有效平抑功率波动。
Taken into account the assessment of areal wind and solar generation resources, a multi-scale assessment approach using the continuous wavelet transform was proposed. Based on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the wind speed and solar irradiation data were obtained and then preprocessed into capacity factors via virtual generation systems. From the viewpoint of time and space, the quantitative indices of energy potential, variability and complementarity were established to capture the attributes of areal wind and solar resources. The multi-scale variabilities and complementarities were extracted by the continuous wavelet transform to analyze the damping effect on output power and estimate the optimal scale. Zaozhuang City was taken as a case study to validate the effectiveness of proposed approach, of which the results indicated that there were inherent variability and complementary characteristics of wind and solar resources and the reasonable planning of hybrid generation systems in optimal scale could damp the power fluctuation.
Role of DNA methyltransferase 1 in mouse skin aging

任向楣,,汪犇,,易梅,李吉,施为<br>REN Xiangmei, XIAO Xiao, WANG Ben, ZHANG Yiya, YI Mei, LI Ji, SHI Wei
- , 2018, DOI: 10.11817/j.issn.1672-7347.2018.04.013
Abstract: 目的:探讨DNA甲基转移酶1(DNA methyltransferase 1,DNMT1)在小鼠皮肤衰老中的作用。方法:获取表 皮条件性K14-Cre介导的DNMT1基因敲除鼠(Mut组,n=4)及等月龄同窝正常小鼠(WT组,n=4),观察皮肤表型的变 化;HE染色检测皮肤组织学变化;Gomori醛复红染色检测两组小鼠真皮弹力纤维数目及形态变化;免疫组织化学染 色法检测5-溴脱氧尿嘧啶核苷(5-bromo-2-deoxyuridine,Brdu)标记的表皮短暂扩充细胞(transit amplifying cells,TAC)含 量;免疫组织荧光染色法检测氯去氧尿苷(chlorodeoxyuridine,CldU)标记的表皮中标记滞留细胞(label-retaining cells, LRC)的含量。结果:与等月龄的同窝WT组相比,Mut组皮肤出现过早衰老的症状;HE染色显示表皮增厚、真皮胶 原纤维减少等老化现象;真皮内弹力纤维断裂变形增多;表皮中TAC的数量明显增多(P<0.05);LRC的数量明显减少 (P<0.05)。结论:与WT组相比,Mut组出现了皮肤早衰的表型,其机制可能是由于DNMT1敲除后表皮干细胞耗竭所致
化学进展 , 2013, DOI: 10.7536/PC130152
Abstract: 生物质碳水化合物是最为丰富的可再生资源,也是未来绿色化学的重要原料,可用于生产作为人类生存所依赖化学品、材料以及石油替代品的相关平台化合物。生物质衍生的纤维素和半纤维素水解后经催化转化即可生成各种平台分子,其中五碳糖水解脱水产生的呋喃甲醛和六碳糖水解脱水产生的羟甲基糠醛以及深度产物乙酰丙酸和γ-戊内酯由于用途广泛而引起研究者的关注。相对于传统的均相催化,多相催化剂具有易于从产物中分离和循环使用,允许较高的反应温度,反应时间短等优点,这些优良性能使其在精细化工、生物燃油制造及大规模工业化应用中展现巨大优势,有望成为解决环境、能源和资源利用的关键。本文以生物质衍生糖为出发点,概述了多相催化在生物质多糖的水解以及转化为平台化合物反应中的研究进展及未来展望。
化学学报 , 1996,
Abstract: 本文提出了苯胺的电化学聚合计时电流方程式,并进行了验证。浓度为1.10mol.dm^-^3苯胺(内含2.2mol.dm^-^3HCl)溶液在铂圆盘电极上进行电化学聚合反应,理论与实验相符。
中国热带医学 , 2012,
Effect of particle geometry on physical and mechanical properties of wheat straw board

- , 2015,
Abstract: 【目的】对不同形态刨花压制麦秸板的主要物理力学性能进行比较和分析,为刨花原料的选择、板材制造工艺的改进提供理论指导。【方法】以聚合异氰酸酯为胶黏剂,采用不同加工方式(劈裂机加工和刨片机加工)及不同尺寸(经>1~≤2 mm、>2~≤4 mm、>4~≤8 mm孔径筛分的3个等级的长料、短料)的麦秸刨花压制非定向的单层板材,根据林业行业推荐标准《LY/T 2141-2013定向结构麦秸板》的要求测试板材的物理力学性能,利用X射线断面密度测试仪分析刨花尺寸对麦秸板断面密度的影响。【结果】劈裂机加工的长料中,>1~≤2 mm、>2~≤4 mm、>4~≤8 mm的麦秸刨花占75%左右,环式刨片机加工的短料中则为90%左右,刨片机加工的刨花中尺寸较小的刨花多于劈裂机加工刨花。长料的板坯压缩率为11.6,约为短料的1.3倍。随着筛孔孔径的增加,长料、短料的堆积密度减小,板坯厚度增加,压缩率也随之增加。在试验条件下,长料制得板材的抗弯强度与抗弯弹性模量分别为43.68 MPa和4.47 GPa,均约为短料的1.3倍,内结合强度为0.42 MPa,约为短料的74%;长料压制的麦秸板的24 h吸水厚度膨胀率和24 h吸水率分别为16.92%和60.64%,均高于短料,但后者差异不显著;长料板材的2 h吸水厚度膨胀率和2 h吸水率均高于短料板材,但差异均不显著。随着麦秸刨花长细比的增大,长料和短料中不同尺寸刨花压制麦秸板的抗弯强度与抗弯弹性模量均呈增大趋势,内结合强度均呈下降趋势,24 h吸水厚度膨胀率和24 h吸水率逐渐增大。不同尺寸麦秸刨花压制板材的密度均在厚度方向呈“面高芯低”式的“U”形分布。刨花尺寸对麦秸板断面密度的影响并不明显,可能是因为刨花尺寸相对较小,其影响相对较弱。【结论】长料各筛层刨花所压制的板材性能变化幅度较短料大。在实际生产中,建议将长刨花作为表层原料以提高板材的抗弯强度和抗弯弹性模量,将短刨花作为芯层原料以提高其内结合强度和尺寸稳定性。
【Objective】This paper evaluated the effect of particle geometry on mechanical and physical properties of wheat straw board to improve practical production.【Method】Wheat straw boards were fabricated with two types of particles processed by splitter and flaker and three different diverse sizes (>1-≤2 mm,>2-≤4 mm,and >4-≤8 mm).Then the mechanical properties of panels were evaluated according to standard LY/T 2141-2013 and vertical profile density (VDP) was measured by X ray.【Result】Three different sizes of wheat straw particles with sizes of >1-≤2 mm,>2-≤4 mm,and >4-≤8 mm accounted for about 75% and 90% of strands processed by splitter and flaker,respectively.Flaker processed more fine particles than splitter.The compression ratio of strands processed by splitter was 11.6,which was approximately 1.3 times of that processed by flaker.With the increase of mesh size,bulk density of raw materials decreased,while the thickness of mat and compression ratio increased.MOR and MOE of boards made of strands were 43.68 MPa and 4.47 GPa,respectively,which were 1.3 times of the boards made of particles.Besides,IB (0.42 MPa) was 74% of that made of particles,and 24 h TS and WA were 16.92% and 60.64%,all higher than the boards made of particles.2 h WA and TS were higher than the boards made of particles without significant difference.With the increase of slenderness ratio,the MOR and MOE increased,IB decreased,while 24 h TS and WA increased.VDPs were very similar for different boards made of different sizes of strands and particles with an approximate U-shaped distribution.It indicated that the influence of particle size on VDP was not significant.【Conclusion】Comparing with boards made of
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