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Ultrastructure of Spermatozoa of Eumeces elegans

LIU Yong-zhang,ZHANG Yong-pu,<br>刘,
动物学研究 , 2004,
Abstract: We studied the ultrastructure of epididymal spermatozoa of Eumeces elegans.After epididymal tissues of E.elegans were double fixed with 2.5% glutaric dialdehyde and 1% osmic acid,the ultrathin section were observed under H-600 transmission electron microscopy.The spermatozoa contain two major components,a head and a tail.The head contains an acrosomal complex and a nucleus,and the tail a neck,a midpiece,a principal piece and an endpiece.The mature spermatozoa are characterized by:a depressed acrosome at the anterior portion;an acrosomal vescile divided into cortex and medulla;a subacrosomal cone filled with paracrystalline subacrosomal material;a pointed prenuclear perforatorium;a stopper-like perforatorium base plate;an elongated nucleus;an epinuclear lucent zone;rounded nuclear shoulders;a coned nuclear fossa;a bilateral stratified laminar structure within neck region;absence of a endonuclear canal;a long axis of the proximal centriole almost vertical to that of the distal centriole;nine peripheral dense fibres connecting inward with the corresponding 9 triplets of the distal centriole,and backward with the doublets of the axoneme;central fibres connecting with the two central singlets;a short midpiece;columnar mitochondria with linear cristae;each intermitochondrial ring structure consisting of the complete ring of small regularly ovoid or small trapezoid dense bodies;a fibrous sheath into the midpiece;an annulus closely attached to the inner surface of the plasma membrane;the arrangement pattern of the ring structure and mitochondria in rs1/mi1,rs2/mi2,rs3/mi3,and rs4/mi4;mitochondria in order of 10 in transverse section;a thin zone of cytoplasm at the anterior portion of the principal piece;the enlarged fiber 3 and fiber 8 disappearing at the anterior portion of the principal piece;the axoneme complex having an usual 9 2 pattern.The sperm ultrastructure of E.elegans is similar to that of the species within the Sphenomorphus and the Egernia groups,but evidence of spermatozoal autapomorphies is not found in E.elegans.
Inter-population Differences in Reproductive Life-history Traits of Blue-tailed Skinks (Eumeces elegans) from Hangzhou and Ningde, Eastern China

ZHANG Yong-pu,DU Wei-guo,SHOU Lu,<br>
动物学研究 , 2006,
Abstract: We measured body size and reproductive traits of blue-tailed skinks (Eumeces elegans) from two localities at different latitudes in Eastern China to reveal their inter-population differences in reproductive life-history strategies sp. Females from Ningde, the locality at a lower latitude, produced their eggs from 27th May to 22nd June; whereas females from Hangzhou, the locality at a higher latitude, produced eggs from 4th June to 12th July. Snout-vent lengths of the minimum reproductive female and adult skinks in Ningde population were smaller than that in Hangzhou population. Females from the two populations did not show significant difference in relative clutch mass. After the effect of maternal snout-vent length was statistically removed, clutch size and clutch mass did not differ between the two populations, but mean egg mass still showed considerable inter-population difference, with larger eggs in Hangzhou skinks. This study revealed negative correlation between clutch size and egg mass, and inter-population difference in trade-offs between clutch size and egg size. For a given clutch size, females from Hangzhou laid larger eggs than did those from Ningde. Therefore, in E. elegans, reproductive life histories differ significantly between the two populations, and maternal body size accounts for a large quantity of such inter-population differences. These results suggest that the reproductive strategies for this species change from a high-latitudinal population to a low-latitudinal population.

动物学杂志 , 2002,

水产学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 泥蚶(tegillarcagranosalinnaeus)为印度椢魈洋海域的广温广盐性贝类,在我国主要分布于山东以南沿海,是我国沿海滩涂的主要经济养殖贝类.有关泥蚶人工育苗、繁殖与生长和生理生化等方面的研究已有较多报道[1-9],但种内形态特征的地理变异未见报道.本文利用多变量形态度量学方法对我国山东、浙江、广西和韩国4个地理种群泥蚶的形态变异进行了比较研究,探讨了泥蚶种内的形态变异特点与地理分化规律、并建立判别函数,为泥蚶地理种群的识别、种质保护和良种选育提供理论依据.
Ultrastructure of the Spermatozoon of the Northern Grass Lizard (Takydromus septentrionalis) with Comments on the Variability of Sperm Morphology Among Lizard Taxa

ZHANG Yong-pu,YING Xue-ping,JI Xiang,<br>,应雪萍,计翔
动物学研究 , 2005,
Abstract: We studied the ultrastructure of the spermatozoon of northern grass lizards ( Takydromus septentrionalis , n = 5) collected in April 2003 from a population in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, eastern China. The mature spermatozoa are characterized by: A circular acrosome; an acrosomal vesicle divided into cortex and medulla; the unilateral ridge of the acrosome vesicle divided into cortex and medulla, the electron-lucent zone between them; a prenuclear perforatorium, absence of the perforatorium base plate; presence of the subacrosomal space; an elongated nucleus, absence of a endonuclear canal; absence of epinuclear lucent zone; rounded nuclear shoulders. A bilateral stratified laminar structure within the neck region. A short midpiece; absence of multilaminar membranes; in longitudinal section, two tiers of mitochondria, in transverse section, six mitochondria with linear cristae; the presence of two dense body groups, the ring structure consisting of the complete ring; the arrangement pattern of the ring structure and mitochondria in rsl/mil and rs2/mi2; a fibrous sheath in the midpiece; presence of an annulus. A thin granular zone of cytoplasm at the anterior portion of the principal piece; the enlarged fiber 3 and fiber 8 disappearing at the anterior portion of the principal piece; the axoneme complex having an usual 9 + 2 pattern. Within lacertid lizards, sperms differ among species in the number of mitochondria, but in all species studied so far, there are two groups of dense bodies. However, lizards of different taxa differ, in various degrees, in such sperm morphological traits as acrosome vesicle, subacrosomal space, epinuclear lucent zone, perforatorium base plate, nuclear shoulder and number and arrangement of mitochondria and dense bodies. These differences suggest that sperm morphology provides additional information which one may use to study the phylogeny of lizards.

动物学研究 , 2000,
Abstract: Adult grass lizards,Takydromus septentrio nalis,are similar in size (SVL) but sexually dimorphic in head size (males' larger than females') throughout its range.A comprehensive analysis on the ecological and evolutionary sources of sexual differences in growth and size of heads requires a detailed understanding of growth trajectories during ontogeny.In this study,we specifically quesioned at what point during ontogeny males and females diverge in head size:at birth,during juvenile growth,or as mature adults? Our results indicate that males and females begin to diverge in head size at birth,although the divergence in the newly emerged young is much less pronounced than that in adults.An ANCOVA indicates that adult females even have smaller heads than do juveniles (including the newly emerged young).This suggests that adult females partition less resources into head growth but more into carcass growth,thereby leaving a larger space for eggs so as to increase reproductive output.Lizards collected in different seasons,from different populations,and at different ontogenetic stages,in various degrees,differ in food niche width and breadth.However,no direct evidence shows a substantial contribution of the divergence in head size to the segregation of food niche between males and females.Our analyses support that sexual selection is the main evolutionary source of smaller heads in female T.septentrionalis.
动物学杂志 , 2002,
Radiation properties of a whispering-gallery-mode fibre laser based on skew light pumping

Zhang Yuan-Xian,Feng Yong-Li,Zhou Li,Pu Xiao-Yun,<br>远宪,,周丽,小云
物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 研究了偏斜光线抽运下的回音壁模式光纤激光辐射特性.实验发现,在抽运光以偏斜光线方式沿光纤的近轴向抽运时,回音壁模式的光纤激光辐射中,既存在光电矢量和光纤径向垂直的横电波(TE),也存在光电矢量和光纤径向平行的横磁波(TM);随增益包层染料溶液折射率的增加,径向模式数和角模式数相同的TE波和TM波之间的波长差单调减小,回音壁模式激光辐射的中心波长向短波方向移动,辐射的波长范围变窄.用回音壁模式激光的辐射理论结合激光染料的四能级模型,满意地解释了实验结果.
Morphological variation in three geographical populations of Estellarca olivacea

ZHANG Yong-pu,YING Xue-ping,WANG Tie-gan,CHAI Xue-liang,<br>,应雪萍,王铁杆,柴雪良
海洋科学 , 2009,
Abstract: Based on nine morphological characters of populations of Estellarca olivacea from Zhejiang Lingkun, Zhejiang Sanmen and Jiangsu Tongzhou, the morphological variations of three geographical populations were studied by means of multivariate morphometrics. The results of cluster analysis and principal component analysis revealed that the morphological characters of E. olivacea from Zhejiang Sanmen population and Zhejiang Lingkun population were similar to each other but were much more different from the character of Jiangsu Tongzhou population. In the principal component analysis, two principal components were constructed. The contributory ratios of the two principal components were 47.73% and 13.56% respectively and the cumulative contributory ratio was 61.29%. The shell protrusion or flat, shell thick and fore-and-aft shape determined the morphological variations of different geographical populations of E. olivacea, which were related with the water temperature and substrate.
Matrix grid-based key pre-distribution in sensor networks

ZHANG Xue-feng,JIANG Huang-pu,WANG Yong-shuan,<br>学峰,姜皇,
计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: To solve the security problem of wireless sensor networks, the concept of matrix pool and matrix grid were put forward, upon which our key pre-distribution scheme was built. And in the matrix grid based scheme, encryption was introduced into the process of key transfer. Using Blom's key pre-distribution for reference, an efficient key pre-distribution scheme was presented for sensor networks.
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