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Plant growth analysis of Kobresia humilis meadow community in Qingzang plateau regions

SHI Sheng Bo,<br>师生
生态学报 , 2001,
Abstract: 对中国科学院海北高寒草甸生态系统定位站地区的和高草草甸植物群落进行了函数生长分析研究。叶面积和地上生物量采用三 多项式的指数方程拟合,研究结果表明,LAI的增长过程呈S形,可分为3个时期,与群落中莎草类植物的物修划分相一致;6月至8月上旬LAI的增长速率较高,约持续70d,最大LAI为3.5左右;ULR与LAI的变化趋势相反,受值得 的共同影响,CGR在6月下旬最大;地上将初级生产量的增加在6月下旬最大,从5月中旬至7月下旬的80余天时间内,矮嵩草草甸可生产的肝上净生物量约占年地上总生物量的92.5%;生长季节内具有相对丰富的降雨和适宜的温度,是保证植物完成生长发育过程的有利因素。

HAN F,BEN Guiying,SHENG Shengbo,<br>韩发,贲桂英,师生
生态学报 , 1998,
Abstract: The paper reports comparative studies on the physiological ecological adaptiveness of K. humilis grown at different altitudes (Daban Mt.4000m a.s.l.; HaiBei station 3200m a.s.l.and Xizang 2200m a.s.l.) in Qinghai Xizang Plateau. Results showed that growth and matter accumulation of K.humilis at different altitudes had obvious differences. Plant height, leaf area, content of chlorophyll and dry matter of plants tended to decrease with increasing altitude. the content of carotentoid and flavonoid, photosynthetic rate, light compensation point and light saturation point of plants increase with increasing altitude, and photorespiration rate declined. The content of sucrose, fructose, glucose and the total soluble sugar of aboveground tissue of plants grown at Daban Mt.increased by 65.4%, 110.2%,121.6% and 84.6%,as compared with that of Haibei station respectively during exuberance. The belowground tissue increased by 5.6%,17.8%,88.6% and 43 8% respectively. In addition, the content of sucrose, fructose. glucose and the total soluble sugar of belowground tissue of plants from Dabann Mt.and Haibei station was higher than that of aboveground tissue during winthering I. At the smae time, the peroxidase activity in the leaf of plants from Daban Mt.and Haibei station was increased 90.0% and 28.1% in average than that of Xining respectively. The results demoustrated that plants grown at higher altitude in Qinghai Xizang Plateau possess stronger resistance and adaptiveness. It is clear that the physiological ecological characteristics of K.humilis were associated with its specific structure, with increase of cold resistant matter and peroxidase activity.

Shi Sheng-bo Ben Gui-ying Han Fa,<br>师生,贲桂英
植物生态学报 , 1996,
Abstract: The photosynthesis, dark respiration and soil resplratlon of plant community in Kobresia humilis meadow were studied from 1990 to 1992 at the Haibei Research Station of Alpine Meadow Ecosystem, Menyuan Lounty, Qinghal province.The characteristics of photosynthesis were measured using Infrared Gasanalyzer(IRGA). The results show that the diurnal variation of net photosynthesis was not obvious in June,but the midday depression appeared in July and August.the photosynthesis of plant community in K.humills meadow was affected by rather low photosynthetic area index and by the light received by canopy leaves. It had obvious light saturation. The light compensation point and the light saturation point were lower, relative to the photosynthetic activity radlanon (PAR)of full sun, which assembles the light response of the single leaves.The soil respiration of uncovered ground and the dark respiration of plant-soil system were not only influenced by temperature,but also related to soil water content and preclpltanon.The main factors of influencing the photosynthesis character of meadow community were:the strong radiation in plateau region, the lower photosynthetic area index and the turf structure due to the tight combination between plant roots and soil of K. humilis meadow.
生物技术通报 , 2006,
Abstract: 介绍了用于UV-B生物学效应研究的几种常见光源,对如何利用选择性薄膜获得理想的UV-B波段的光谱,进而能较真实模拟平流层O3耗损所导致的近地表面太阳UV-B辐射的增强,以及在野外进行UV-B模拟研究时,紫外荧光灯管的排列方式等进行了分析讨论。介绍并讨论了当前UV-B辐射实验的各种方法,并就各实验设计的注意事项和安全操作等提出了建议。
Responses of PSII photochemistry efficiency and photosynthetic pigments of Saussurea superba to short-term UV-B-supplementation

SHI Sheng-Bo,SHANG Yan-Xia,SHI Rui,ZHANG Bo,<br>师生,尚艳霞,师瑞,
植物生态学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Aims Native alpine plants that have grown and evolved on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China for a long time have developed a strong adaptation capacity for harsh environmental factors,such as low temperature,low air pressure,strong sunlight and solar UV-B radiation.The objective of this study was to determine the response of PSII photochemistry efficiency to short-term enhanced solar UV-B intensity in alpine plants.We examined whether UV-B-absorbing compounds were sufficiently efficient to protect the photosynthetic apparatus from UV-B photo-inactivation or photo-damage and evaluated the influence of UV-B radiation on photosynthetic pigments.Methods Field experiments were conducted during the 2008 and 2009 growing seasons in alpine Kobresia humilis meadow near Haibei Alpine Meadow Ecosystem Research Station(37°29’-37°45’ N,101°12’-101°33’ E;alt.3 200 m) using the native alpine plant Saussurea superba.Short-term UV-B-supplementation studies were performed over 5 days using UV-B-313 fluorescence lamps,which were filtered with a cellulose diacetate film to get increased UV-B treatment and a Mylar film as a control.Pulse-modulated in-vivo chlorophyll fluorescence was used to obtain rapid information of UV-B on photosynthetic processes.The 3-min dark-adapted maximum quantum efficiency of PSII photochemistry,F(v)/F(m),and PSII photochemistry efficiency were measured under natural sunlight.The contents of photosynthetic pigments and UV-B-absorbing compounds were analyzed based on leaf area unit.Important findings Although there was no significant difference,F(v)/F(m) showed a decreasing trend after short-term exposure to enhanced UV-B radiation in all measurements throughout the growing season.The reduction of the actual photochemical quantum efficiency and photochemical quenching as well as the increase of non-photochemical quenching in UV-B supplemented treatment,when compared to the control,indicated therewas a decrease in PSII photochemistry efficiency and an increase in non-photochemical quenching.These phenomena indicated photo-inactivation or photo-damage of photosynthesis occurred in the PSII reaction center.The photosynthetic pigments showed a small decrease in the UV-B supplemented treatment,which may be related to the enhancement of photo-oxidation,a reduction of pigment synthesis and small variation of leaf thickness.The UV-B-absorbing compounds were not influenced by short-term enhancement of UV-B radiation when analyzed based on leaf area unit.This demonstrated that higher contents of UV-B-absorbing compounds in the epidermal layer of alpine plant S.superba were efficient for defense against UV-B radiation and stabilized for further enhancement of UV-B radiation
Effects of strong solar UV-B radiation on photosynthesis and photosynthetic pigment contents of Saussurea superba on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

SHI Sheng-bo,SHANG Yan-xia,ZHU Peng-jin,ZHANG De-gang,<br>师生,尚艳霞,朱鹏锦,张德罡
应用生态学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 以青藏高原矮嵩草草甸的主要伴随种美丽风毛菊为材料,通过滤除太阳辐射光谱中UV-B成分的模拟试验,研究了强太阳UV-B辐射对高山植物光合作用、光合色素和紫外吸收物质的影响.结果表明:与对照相比,弱UV-B处理能促使美丽风毛菊叶片净光合速率增加和提高稳态PSⅡ光化学效率;对照中叶片厚度的相对增加能弥补单位叶面积光合色素的光氧化损失,是高山植物对强UVB辐射的一种适应方式.短期滤除UV-B辐射处理时紫外吸收物质含量几乎没有变化,说明高山植物叶表皮层中该类物质受环境波动的影响较小.强UV-B环境下光合色素的相对增加是一种表象,而青藏高原强太阳UV-B辐射对高山植物美丽风毛菊的光合生理过程仍具有潜在的负影响.

Han Fa,Ben Gui-ying,Shi Sheng-bo Northwest Plateau Institute of Biology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,<br>韩发,贲桂英,师生
植物生态学报 , 1993,
Abstract: This paper deals with some ecophysiological characteristies of plant gro- wth, parameters of physiology, material accumulation and community compo- sition in apline bushland. The results are as follows: 1. Leaf area index and average rate of growth of some species of Gramineae, Cyperaceae in Dasiphora fruticosa alpine shrub are increased with decreaded grazing intensity. The height and coverage of the community were negatively correlated with grazing intensity (P<0.001). 2. Changes of the aralytical growth parameters: LAR, SLA, LWR and LAI were negatively correlated with grazing intensity. Leaf area index was positively correlated with biomass (P>0.005); Aboveground biomass was ne- gatively correlated with grazing intensity(P<0.001). 3. The species numbers of Gramineae, Cyperaceae in Datiphora fruticosa shrub community were decreased in heavily grazed area and increased in lightly grazed area. But the proportion of Forb was increased with heavy grazing and decreased with light grazing. Thus light grzaing in alpine scrub showed profitable for plant growth and regeusration.
Effects of UV-B exclusion on photosynthetic physiology in alpine plant Saussurea superba

SHI Sheng-Bo,SHANG Yan-Xia,ZHU Peng-Jin,ZHANG De-Gang,<br>师生,尚艳霞,朱鹏锦,张德罡
植物生态学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Aims In the Qinghai-Tibet area, high levels of UV-B radiation reach the earth’s surface as part of strong solar radiation. It is therefore important to examine the response and adaptation of native alpine plants to strong UV-B radiation. Our objective was to determine the physiological response of the photosynthetic apparatus to current ambient UV-B intensity. Methods UV-B-exclusion experiments were conducted on a field site with UV-B-excluding and UV-B-transmitting filters. The two filters transmitted similar levels of photosynthetically active radiation, and there were no differences in air temperature and relative humidity under these metal-frame suspended plastic filters. The experiments were performed in alpine Kobresia humilis meadow with the native alpine species Saussurea superba. Pulse-modulated in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence was mainly used to obtain rapid information on UV-B effects on photosynthetic processes. The trials lasted 15 or 16 days during the growing season of July and August in 2008 and 2009. We measured the 3-min dark-adapted quantum efficiency of PSII photochemistry (F(v)/F(m)), PSII photochemistry efficiency and photosynthetic gas exchange parameters under natural sunlight. The contents of photosynthetic pigments and UV-B-absorbing compounds were analyzed in terms of both leaf area and leaf fresh weight units. Important findings Net photosynthetic rate, significantly increased after removal of UV-B components from natural sunlight. Although there was no significant difference, the F(v)/F(m) was increased in low UV-B treatment compared with the ambient UV-B control. Both the coefficient of photochemical quenching and actual photochemical efficiency of PSII in the light were higher in low UV-B treatment compared to ambient UV-B during the 16 days of continuous measurement during clear days. Variation of PSII maximum efficiency in the light and nonphotochemical quenching further confirmed that the decrease in PSII photochemistry efficiency and increase in nonphotochemical quenching were the results of a strong solar UV-B component in natural sunlight. There was only a slight increase in photosynthetic pigments based both on leaf area and fresh weight after removing UV-B radiation, and these phenomena indicated that strong solar UV-B radiation could photo-oxidize photosynthetic pigments and further accelerate the maturity and senescence of plant cells. UV-B-absorbing compounds were not altered after removal of UV-B radiation, which suggested that high levels of UV-B-absorbing compounds in the epidermal cell layer could protect photosynthetic function from UV-B.
韩发, 贲桂英, 师生
植物生态学报 植物生态学报 , 1997,
Abstract: ?生长在青藏高原4个不同海拔地区的矮嵩草(Kobresiahumilis),其蛋白质、脂肪和碳水化合物的含量有明显差异。其中海拔最高的大坂山(4,000m)植株中蛋白质含量平均比海拔依次较低的金羊岭(3,800m),海北站(3,200m)和西宁地区(2,200m)的分别高出9.9%,17.3%和39.4%;脂肪含量平均分别高出7.1%,77.8%和106.0%;淀粉含量也平均分别高出2.4%,21.6%和32.7%。同时表明,海拔高度对上述若干生化成分含量的季节性动态变化均有明显的影响。从而显示,高海拔地区的植物所以具有较强的抗寒性和适应逆境胁迫的能力,是与体内蛋白质、脂肪和碳水化合物(淀粉)的大量积累增加密切相关。
师生, 贲桂英, 韩发
植物生态学报 植物生态学报 , 1999,
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