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Overview on the Advance of the Research on Named Entity Recognition

Sun ZhenWang Huilin,<br>,王惠临
现代图书情报技术 , 2010,
Abstract: 介绍命名实体识别的研究背景和意义,总结国内外命名实体识别研究历史,详细介绍目前主流的技术方法和评估方法,讨论命名实体识别技术的发展趋势。
Screening and identification of a strain with lipolytic activity against Jatropha oil and its catalytic capacity

Huang Jing,Yuan Li Hong,Sun Zhen,<br>黄晶,袁丽红,
微生物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Abstract: Objective] To screen lipases applied to biodiesel production, a lipase-producing microorganism was isolated and the enzyme was characterized. Methods] A strain with lipolytic activity against Jatropha oil was isolated from the soil pretreated by Jatropha curcas L. seed and cultivated on Jatropha oil as sole carbon source. The organic solvent tolerance of the isolated strain and its lipase were measured. The esterification and transesterification catalyzed by the isolated lipase were surveyed. The isolated strain was identified according to the physiological and biochemical characteristics as well as 16S rDNA sequences analysis. Results] The lipolytic activity of the strain LP-2 was 3.03 U/mL. The relative biomass of strain LP-2 in the media containing 5%(v/v) methanol was 87.3%. The residual activity of LP-2 lipase in 10%(v/v) hexane was 80.9%. LP-2 lipase could catalyze esterification between lauric acid or palmitic acid and n-butanol, n-octanol, dodecanol or glycerol; stearic acid and n-octanol, dodecanol or glycerol; oleic acid and methanol, n-butanol, n-octanol or dodecanol. The transesterification of Jatropha oil with methanol could be catalyzed by LP-2 lipase. Strain LP-2 was identified as Staphylococcus epidermidis and named Staphylococcus epidermidis LP-2. Conclusion] S. epidermidis LP-2 lipase had the ability to catalyze esterification and transesterification reactions, which suggested that it had potential of producing biodiesel.
Properties of Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3+MnO2/PbO2 Anode

LIANG Zhen-Hai,SUN Yan-Ping,<br>梁,彦平
无机材料学报 , 2001,
Abstract: A new kind of non-noble metal anode-Ti/SnO2+Sb2O3+MnO2/PbO2 was studied by means of SEM and XRD. The lifetime and kinetic parameters were determined in 1mol/L H2SO4. Fractal dimension of electrodes was also discussed. The anode is better than lead for treatment of coking waste water of containing phenol. The results show that conversion rate of phenol is 95.8% and economization on electrity is 33%.

Zheng Siliang,Sun Zhenhua,Wang Yong,<br>郑思梁,,汪勇
力学学报 , 1990,
Abstract: So far the research into the problems involved in homogeneous toroidal shells has been done so well that we think the problems have been solved. The results presented in this paper are relevant to toroidal shells made of orthotropic materials. They can be used in calculations of arbitrarily shaped toroidal shells and in simplified analysis of bellows. The method presented here, which is based on the theory of thin elastic shells, is used to axisymmetrically orthotropic toroidal shells. A second-order differential equation in complex variable and its general, solution are obtained. Some examples of applications are also given. The calculated result show a good effectiveness of the solution.
The Tracking Method of Digital Speckle Correlation Using the Sequential Dynamical Speckle Patterns and its Applications

(College of Engineering,Technology,Shenzhen University,Shenzhen,<br>李善祥,一翎,李景
光子学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Based on analyzing the speckle field s characteristic, the tracking method of digital speckle correlation using the sequential dynamical speckle patterns was presented. This method can bridge the gap that the ordinary speckle correlation does not suit the large deformation measurement, and increase the applied fields of digital speckle. Through this method, the large-scale dynamical displacement can be measured and the process of deformation in surface can be analyzed.
Nonlinear Statistical Matching for Subband Robust Speech Recognition

Sun Wei,Wu Zhen-yang,Liu Hai-bin,<br>,,刘海滨
电子与信息学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The performance of the speech recognition systems is deteriorated dramatically under noise condition for variation of speech signal. According to the auditory tests, this paper proposes a new nonlinear sub-band Maximum A Posteriori (MAP)statistical matching algorithm based on the independent sub-band analysis. According to the perception of human's ear and noise feature of different frequency-bands, the algorithm compensates the effects of noise with statistical matching, MAP estimation and HMM/MLP nonlinear mapping. The test shows that the proposed algorithm improves the recognition performance notably under noise condition.
Methods of transmission line target recognition

Sun Fengjie,Yang Zhenhuan,Li Yuanyuan,Fan Jieqing,<br>凤杰,,李媛媛,范杰清
中国图象图形学报 , 2012,
Abstract: In order to identify transmission lines accurately from low-contrast images with complex backgrounds,we applied the total variation denoising model.A two-dimensional explain based on the Simulated Annealing and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm is proposed and used for image segmenation.Besides,the traditional Freeman Chain Code Representation Method is improved to extract the transmission line target,and a line fitting method based on the Least Square Method is used to recover missing parts of the basic skeleton of the transmission lines.The experimental results indicate that the two-dimensional OTSU based on the Simulated Annealing and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm has better segmentation effect with better convergence and higher computing speed in the search of the best segmentation threshold.The transmission lines extraction algorithm based on the improved traditional Freeman Chain Code Representation Method can remove the complex image background well and extract transmission lines completely.

兵工学报 , 1994,
Abstract: ?火炮药筒的强度是利用冲压加工时的应变强化达到的。用常规的幂强化公式计算药篙在引伸后的强度时,数值偏低较多,原因是该公式末考虑引伸凹模锥角对强化的影响。本文经过力学推导,给出了考虑模角影响的应变强度计算公式,其计算结果与药筒实测值相符。

兵工学报 , 1993,
Abstract: ?利用冲击运动下的Lagrange方程这一分析力学的方法,对弹性拉壳钩和刚性抛壳挺的自动武器抛壳过程进行了动力学分析。算出了弹壳的抛壳速度、方向和自转速度等有关参数。测试表明,计算结果与实测接近。
, 刘杰
金属矿山 , 2013,
Abstract: 以缅甸达贡山红土镍矿为矿石原料,利用其冶炼时产生的高温炉渣制备造纸用无机矿物纤维,试验结果表明,在冶炼时添加的石灰量为矿石质量的10%,制纤时炉渣温度为1500~1600℃、离心成纤机转鼓表面线速度为10835m/min、高温炉渣流量为2800kg/h条件下,高温炉渣成纤率可达75.30%~75.38%。用制得的无机矿物纤维代替部分植物纤维试制瓦楞芯纸和箱板纸,结果表明,两种纸品中无机矿物纤维最大使用量分别可达35%和40%(按无机矿物纤维与植物纤维的质量比计)。研究成果为镍铁冶炼渣的高效利用提供了新途径
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