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Influence of the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren (Hymenoptera: Formiciddae) on the diversity of ant communities in a newly infested longan orchard and grass areas nearby

生态学报 , 2010,
Abstract: The impacts of red imported fire ant invasion on the diversity of ant communities in longan orchards and grasslands were studied with pitfall and bait traps from July 2007 through February 2008, in Zengcheng, Guangzhou. Different number of the fire ant colonies were moved into the two types of the habitats and kept for observation. Fire ants did not establish their colonies in the high\|shade longan orchards and un\|mowed grass areas. However, they did establish in areas with mowed grass. The impacts of fire ants on the diversity of the ant community were dependent on the densities of colonies moved into the grasslands. When one fire ant colony was set in 300 m2 of mowed grass, the abundance of ants and predominant indices of the ant community decreased, while the diversity and evenness indices increased after 6-7 months. However, the abundance of ants and the diversity and evenness indices decreased, and predominant indices increased after the fire ant colonies colonized the area for 8-9 months. When up to 10 colonies were introduced per 300 m2, and were allowed to establish for 5 months, the abundance, diversity indices and evenness indices decreased, and the predominant indices increased.
Effects of environmental factors on Phyllotreta striolata dispersion

GAO Zezheng,<br>高泽正,伟坚,崔志新 梁广
应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Using marking recapture method, this paper studied the effects of host plants and climatic factors on the dispersion of Phyllotreta striolata adults. The results showed that the dispersion of the beetle was impelled by environment elements (tao = 1 ). Temperature and wind speed had significantly positive correlations with the dispersion of the beetle (P < 0.05), while high temperature had a negative correlation. Wind orientation had a significant effect on the dispersion of the beetle, with the adults mostly flying against or vertically to the wind. Humidity contributed little to the dispersion (P >0.05). Host plant was one of the important factors affecting the dispersion of the beetle. Among the plants studied, flowering Chinese cabbage ranked first in capturing marked adults, followed by mustard and Chinese cabbage, while nearly no marked adults were captured on Chinese kale.
Roles of olfaction and vision in orientation behavior of adult Campylomma chinensis Schuh (Hemiptera:Miridae) toward Lantana plants (Verbanaceae)

WU Weijian,GAO Zezheng,YU Jinyong,Liang Guangwen,<br>伟坚,高泽正,余金咏,广
应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Investigations were carried out on the orientation behavior of adult Campylomma chinensis Schuh (Hemiptera: Miridae) toward plant hosts Lantana camara, L. caniara cv. 'Flava', and L. montevidensis (Spreng. ) Briq. (Verbanaceae). Surveys on three Lantana plants showed that the distribution of C. chinensis in inflorescences was not related to floral color (partial correlation coefficient was 0.240, P = 0. 147, n = 40), but to the number of Thrips hawiiensis Morgan (partial correlation coefficient was 0.512, P < 0.0001, n = 40) and the flowers per inflorescence (partial correlation coefficient was 0.451, P < 0.0001, n = 40). In a colour preference experiment, no adult C. chinensis attracted to six different colour plates in longan field. The testing results of four-armed olfactometer indicated that adult C. chinensis had a significantly higher preference for L. camara. It was concluded that olfactory stimuli played an important role in searching for plant hosts of C. chinensis. Solid phase microextraction (SPME) and GC-MS were employed to analyze the volatiles compounds of Lantana, and seven same chemical constituents were detected from the volatiles of three Lantana plants inflorescence.
Hybrid optimization method based on differential evolution and immune clonal selection algorithm

YE Hong-tao,LUO Wen-guang,WU Yan,<br>叶洪涛,广, 艳
计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: This paper proposed a hybrid optimization method to improve the immune clonal selection algorithm (ICSA) search ability. It based on the principles of differential evolution (DE) and immune clonal selection (ICA). It used the DE to improve the affinities of the clones of the antibodies in the ICSA. It analyzed the convergence of the hybrid optimization method. In order to test the effectiveness of the algorithm, it applied to solve the function optimization problems. Simulation results show that the improved algorithm was of high convergent speed and convergent accuracy.
靖守让,, ,广br>JING Shourang, LIU Wenxiang, WU Peng, SUN Guangfu
- , 2015, DOI: 10.11887/j.cn.201503006
Abstract: 由于难以获得免时定位算法所需的接收机概略位置,提出模糊搜索的粗时定位方法。为减小搜索空间,在位同步后优选几何精度因子值较好的4颗卫星通过遍历伪距模糊的方式进行位置估计,并基于伪距残余均方根最小准则选出最合理的位置估算结果。根据概略位置恢复所有卫星的完整伪距。利用5状态的免时定位算法估计接收机位置。使用11个国际卫星导航服务观测站的观测数据对算法进行验证,结果表明,在概略位置未知情况下该方法能够实现粗时定位,且定位精度与直接使用完整伪距的精时最小二乘定位精度相当。
Because it is difficult to obtain the priori position for time-free positioning algorithm, the coarse-time GPS(Global Positioning System) positioning algorithm with ambiguity search was proposed. Four satellites, which are the most reasonable combinations based on minimum root mean square of residuals criterion, were selected for coarse positioning by iterating through all combinations of integer ambiguity. The full pseudoranges of all satellites were constructed based on the priori position. The position was estimated using time-free positioning algorithm. The performance of the proposed method was verified by using the observation data of 11 IGS(International GNSS Service) stations. This method can achieve coarse-time GPS positioning even if the priori position is unknown, and provides comparable positioning results as compared with the traditional precise-time positioning. 
Petrogenesis and Tectonic Significance of Carboniferous Volcanic Rocks in Northern Alxa and Its Neighboring Areas, Inner Mongolia, China

党 犇,赵 虹,广,赫海洋,元伟,广,曾现虎,奎<br>DANG Ben, ZHAO Hong, LIN Guangchun, HE Haiyang, WU Yuanwei, ZHOU Guangfa, ZENG XianHu, WU Wenkui
地球科学(中国地质大学学报) , 2018, DOI: 10.3799/dqkx.2013.094
Abstract: 阿拉善北部地区石炭纪火山岩分布广泛,目前对其成因和构造环境研究还很薄弱.通过对该区石炭纪火山岩岩石学和地球化学特征的分析,探讨其岩石成因和形成时的构造背景,为判定石炭纪盆地性质与古构造环境提供岩石地球化学约束.研究区内石炭纪火山岩主要为中-酸性火山岩,少量基性火山岩.玄武岩、玄武安山岩的大多数样品显示亚碱性系列特征,Mg#介于0.29~0.69之间,高场强元素Nb、Ta、Ti明显亏损,岩石轻度富集轻稀土元素(LREE),(La/Yb)N=2.19~10.10,Eu异常不明显(δEu=0.81~1.08),稀土配分曲线右倾较缓,εNd(t)值较高(+1.10~+6.35).总体上既显示板内构造环境特征,又携带俯冲带地球化学印记.综合区域地质特征及前人研究结果,认为阿拉善北部及其邻区石炭纪火山岩形成于板内裂谷环境,且可能与地幔柱事件有关,岩浆在上升过程中受到地壳物质不同程度的混染.
Carboniferous volcanic rocks are widely distributed in northern Alashan League and its neighboring areas, and their genesis and tectonic setting have always been an issue of controversy . Based on analysis of petrology and petrogeochemistry characteristics of Carboniferous volcanic rocks in the study area, this paper attempts to clarify the palaeo-tectonic setting and provides independent evidence for understanding the properties of Carboniferous basin. The volcanic rocks are dominated by intermediate-acidic volcanic rock. The majority of basalts, basaltic-andesite and andesite fall into sub-alkaline series. Mg# number of this suit ranges from 0.29 to 0.69. These volcanic rocks samples exhibit strong depletion in the high field strength elements Nb, Ta and Ti, and minor enrichment in the LREE. In terms of REE, (La/Yb)N number ranges from 2.19 to 10.10, showing less obvious Eu depletion (δEu=0.81 to 1.08), and slightly right-inclined REE distribution patterns, with higher εNd(t) value (+1.10 to +6.35). The samples show not only the marks of those within plate setting as a whole, but also those of subduction zone. Combining with the regional geological characteristic, we conclude that the Carboniferous magmatic activity in the study area generated in a within-plate setting, with variable degrees of contamination of crust during magma ascending, and probably related to mantle plume event
The relationshipbetween plant communities and outbreak of Fruhstoferiola tonkinensis Will. in riversides of Northern Guangdong Province, China
越北腹露蝗(Fruhstorferiola tonkinensis Will.)发生与粤北河滩植物群落的关系

ZHANG Zhen-Fei,WU Wei-Jian,LIANG Guang-Wen,<br>张振飞,伟坚,广
生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 用普查法研究广东省北部地区越北腹露蝗Fruhstorferiola tonkinensis Will.严重发生河滩植物群落,鉴定出分属于43个科的植物106种,同时记录下植物群落中植物种名、平均高度、聚生多度、总覆盖率、物候相和生活力,分析了河滩植物群落的植物相似性和丰富度以及优势种数量特征和属性标志,结果表明河滩植被的搭配和空间分布为越北腹露蝗在粤北大发生提供了独特的生境;另外结合各河滩植物群落进行越北腹露蝗1龄蝗蝻虫口密度调查,根据调查结果对越北腹露蝗发生与植物群落的关系进行偏相关分析,分析结果显示枫杨是越北腹露蝗最嗜性植物,其覆盖度与越北腹露蝗发生密度呈极显著相关,偏相关系数为0.856(F=32.9201,P=0.0001),小簕竹是越北腹露蝗非嗜性植物,其覆盖度与越北腹露蝗的发生密度呈显著的负相关,偏相关系数为-0.613(F=0.1617,P=0.021),据此提出了一些控制粤北河滩越北腹露蝗的新举措.
The concept and measurement of landscape connectivity and its applications

wuchangguang,zhouzhixiang,xiaowenf,wangpengcheng,Teng Mingjun,pengli,<br>广,周志翔,王鹏程,,滕明君
生态学报 , 2010,
Abstract: Landscape connectivity was defined by metrics to reflect landscape functional characteristic for it represents 'the degree to which the landscape facilitates or impedes movement among resource patches'.The theory and method of landscape connectivity is an important basis for landscape evaluation,management and ecological designing.It will also contribute to the regional sustainable development and biodiversity conservation.In this paper,the new progress of landscape connectivity research,including the conce...
Geostatistic analysis of spatial pattern of Fruhstorferiola tonkinensis Will(Orthoptera: Catantopidae) nymphs

CHEN Qiang,WU Wei-jian,ZHANG Zhen-fei,LIANG Guang-wen,<br>陈强,伟坚,张振飞,广
应用生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: By the methods of geostatistics, this paper studied the spatial pattern of Fruhstorferiola tonkinensis nymphs in mulberry fields of north Guangdong. The results showed that the semivariogram of F. tonkinensis nymphs at all development stages could be described by spherical model, implying an aggregative distribution, and the range of their spatial correlation was 1.973, 1.968, 2.169, 2.302 and 4.307 m from 1st to 5th instars. Based on the information obtained from investigation site, the isoclines maps of the instars were created by the geostatistical software Surfer 8.0 with Kriging interpolation, and the resulting maps gave a clear indication about the spatial patterns of the instars. Unlike other locusts, the younger instars of F. tonkinensis had an aggregative distribution, while the elder ones were dispersive in distribution.
Influences of Solenopsis invicta Buren invasion on the native ant communities in different habitats in Guangdong

WU Bi-qiu,LU Yong-yue,ZENG Ling,LIANG Guang-wen,<br>碧球,陆永跃,曾玲,广
应用生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: By using pitfall and bait traps, an investigation was made on the diversity and similarity of ant communities in the areas infested and un-infested with Solenopsis invicta Buren in Shenzhen of Guangdong. The results showed that under the invasion of S. invicta, the ant species number in lawn and wasteland reduced obviously, with a decrease of 6 in lawn and 3 in wasteland, and the native dominant ant species in lichee orchard, especially in wasteland and lawn, were replaced by S. invicta. With the infestation of S. invicta, the diversity and evenness of ant communities in wasteland and lawn decreased but the predominance increased obviously, while it was in adverse in lichee orchard. The similarity coefficients of the ant communities between S. invicta infested and un-infested lichee orchard, wasteland and lawn were 0. 6316, 0. 5882 and 0. 2941, respectively.
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