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Liu Jihan,<br>
地理研究 , 1987,
Abstract: This paper first illutrates by examples that many researches of heat-island intensity lack comparability because there arc different sources of information and different methods of research. Next it discusses city influences on climate. and explains, from urban climatic point of view, differences among built-up area suburbs and rural area, and how to choese the representive observation sites of temperature in order to guarantee that temperature of observation can reflect the influence of city on climate.On this basis, the writer puts forward and recommend the following several methods of expressing urban heat-island tintensities.1. The observation sites should be well distrubited. to ues the difference between mean temperature of built-up area and rural area to express urban heat-island intensity.2. The observation sites should be distributed on different urban func-ional areas: to use the difference between weighted average of built-up area and rural area to express urban heat-island intensity,3. Determining urban heat-island intensity with regression analysis.4. Analysing urban heat-island intensity with statistical or theoretial analysis.5. Analysing urban heat-island intensity with remote sensing method.In the case of metropolis, if there are considerable differences between topography and natural landscape of built-up and rural area, it is nec-cessary to make temperature corrections with synthetic-seperate method according to the difference between topography and natural landscope of built-up and rural area before urban heat-island intensity is computed.
IS FORWARDLOOKING MONETARY POLICY EFFECTIVE——Evidence from Balance Sheets of Listed Companies in China

- , 2018,
Abstract: 摘要 本文根据新古典资本需求理论和实际余额效应理论建立了一个包含投资需求和投资效率的前瞻性泰勒规则模型,并构造了一个反映企业投融资需求状况的企业综合状况指数,将其引入扩展的前瞻性泰勒规则模型,然后从宏观和行业两个层面对加入企业综合状况指数的前瞻性泰勒规则进行了检验和比较。研究发现:(1)前瞻性利率传导的企业资产负债表渠道基本有效,短期名义利率对于超过80%行业的企业综合状况指数缺口的反应系数显著,但对不同行业的反应差异较大;(2)短期利率对企业综合状况的反应系数较小,而对通胀缺口和产出缺口的反应系数相对较高,显示货币当局调整利率可能更多的是针对通胀缺口和产出缺口反应;(3)货币政策对资产价格“反应不足”,其对股价的反应系数非常小,对房价的反应系数不显著。
Abstract: Based on the neoclassical capital demand theory and the real balance effect theory,this paper establishes a forwardlooking Taylors Rule model which contains demand and efficiency of investment,and constructs an integrated conditions index reacting on corporate balance sheets which is introduced to the forwardlooking Taylors Rule model,then tests and compares the forwardlooking Taylors rule which contains integrated conditions index from the macro level and industry levelIt finds out as followsFirst,the forwardlooking interest rate transmission channel of corporate balance sheet is almost effective,the reaction coefficients of shortterm nominal interest rates responding on integrated conditions index gap of over 80% of overall industry are significant,but differences of coefficients of response on different industries are largeSecond,the reaction coefficients of monetary policy responding on integrated conditions index gap are small,but the reaction coefficients of shortterm nominal interest rates responding on inflation gap and output gap are relatively high,which indicates the monetary authority to adjust interest rates is likely to more respond on inflation gap and the output gapThird,the response of monetary policy on asset prices is “inadequate”,the reaction coefficients of monetary policy responding on stock price are very small,and the reaction coefficients of monetary policy responding on stock price are not significant

Liu Guanghui,Han Jiye,<br>光辉,继业
系统科学与数学 , 1998,
Abstract: The number of translation equivalence classes of linear recurring m-arrays witha diagonal fundamental period matrix was given in 1]. In this paper, we determine separatelythe enumeration of linear recurring m-arrays with (1) an arbitrary possib
On Methods and Techniques of Searching Three Principal Indexes

Han Lifeng Liu Shuren,<br>丽风,蜀仁
现代图书情报技术 , 2001,
Abstract: The three principal indexes,including science citation index, engineering index and index to science and technology, have several kinds of media, that is, print, online, CD-ROM, and Web databases,in which the latter two are widely used. Based on collections of Tsinghua University Library, this article describes their differences in coverage, characteristics, author field., etc. Methods and techniques of searching complex author index are explored. A brief introduction to some other indexes being frequently used in scientific evaluating activities has been given.

Liu Kuiwu Chen Qiying,<br>魁梧,安平
岩石学报 , 1990,
Abstract: A lot of siliccous components and even siliccous rocks existed in phosphorusbcaring series. They appeared as authigenous quartz, siliceous band, chert coneretion, siliccous cement and silicified products.The texture of siliccous cements can be divided into four types: microquartz cement, microchalcedony cement, fine crystalline quartz filling void or rounding grain in pectinate form, and mediumcoarse quartz filling void.Compared with carbonate, phosphate and mud cement, the siliceous cement usually occurred in lower part of columnar section of phosphorite deposit,in deep water area of platform in plane.This may indicate the direction of phosphorite prospecting. There are various macro-and microshape textures of silicification in phosphorite deposit, such as banded, patchy, lenticular,organismpseudomorphic, mineral-pseudocrystal, replaced residual, antisequence texture and so on.The antisequence texture is similar to the first generation cement inthe form of pectination, but it is not earliest cement.Instead, it is later cement formed by replacement.The result of replacement reduced seriously the P_2O_5 content. The siliceous components in basin type phosphorite mainly came from diagenetic differentiation of mudstone that is rich in silica and phosphate.Together with other evidences it indicates that the formation of phosphorite deposit may be associated with seafloor volcanism.The siliceous components in platform type phosphorite mainly came from mixing seawater with terrigenous water. It can be explained with the model of mixing water silicification proposed by L. P. Knauth in 1979.

Liu Xiaobing,Han Yuhua,<br>小兵,玉华
岩石力学与工程学报 , 1994,
Abstract: The paper follows the NATM prinsiple to transfer fully the ability of surrounding rock in self support so that the deformation pressure is minimum on the supporting lining.Through the medium ofestablishing the relation between supporting diceplacement and structure stiffness,by means ofoptimization method,to adjust continuously structure stiffness,the paper finally gives reasonable supporting parameters.
Studies on the Vegetation in the Saline-Alkali Soil and It's Indicative Functions in the Dagang District of Tianjin

Liu Jiaguang,Han Qing,<br>家光,
植物生态学报 , 1985,
Abstract: 大港滨临渤海,土壤含盐量较高,植被类型比较简单。为了摸清植被与土壤的关系,我们于1979年至1980年,对该区植被的分布情况进行了调查,试图通过植物与土壤含盐量相互关系的研究,利用植物群落来指示土壤含盐量。
Application of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation in reclaimation potential evaluation of collapse land in mining area

Liu Wensheng,Han Caijuan,<br>文生,彩娟
环境工程学报 , 2008,
Abstract: In order to make rational use of land, increase productivity of land and improve ecological environment in the mining area and its surrounding, collapse land reclamation potency in the mining area was studied. The basic theory of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation was elaborated. Taking Nanpiao coal mine as an example, choosing two layers of the evaluation factors tree of collapse land reclamation potency, the membership function, the weight of evaluation index and evaluation set were fixed, and the results of collapse land reclamation potential evaluation were gotten. It provides theory foundation for collapse land reclamation potence of other mining areas.
Impact of political connection and tax policy on R&D investment of a firm: Empirical evidence from listed private firms of China GEM

庆兰,莉<br>HAN Qinglan, LIU Li
- , 2017, DOI: 1672-3104(2017)04-0110-09
Abstract: 摘 要: 以2013-2015年创业板民营上市公司数据为样本,用滞后变量模型检验企业税负、加计扣除政策对研发投入的影响;然后,从政治关联的视角检验政治关联对研发投入的影响以及政治关联在企业税负与研发投入关系中的调节作用。结果表明:税收减免促进研发投入,加计扣除政策产生避税激励效应。政治关联对研发投入未产生明显的抑制作用,政治关联对企业税负与研发投入的关系具有负调节作用,削弱了税收政策的激励效果。
Abstract: Based on the data of listed private firms on the GEM from 2013 to 2015, the present study uses the lagged variable model to test the effect of firm tax burden and pretax additional deduction (PAD) policy on R & D investment. Then, from the perspective of political connection, the study examines the impact of political connection on R & D investment and the regulatory role of political connection between the relationship of tax credit and R & D investment. The findings show that tax credit can promote R & D investment and that the PAD policy can bring tax avoidance effect to the firm. The result also shows that political connection has no significant inhibitory effect on R & D investment and that political connection plays a negative regulatory role between the relationship of tax credit and R & D investment, weakening the incentive effect of tax policy
On the Anti-Seismic Technological Scenario of Heating Supply System

, 仕宽
Hans Journal of Civil Engineering (HJCE) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/HJCE.2014.32006
Central heating supply system is one of lifeline systems of surviving and developing in modern city, and it is the very important lifeline system in northern cities of China. The paper introduces the composition of central heating supply system. It analyzes the characteristic of heating piping network and heating source in earthquake. In order to improve the anti-seismic performance of heating piping network and heating source, it presents the anti-seismic technological scenarios of heating supply system.
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