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Indentifying the Topic of Web Information in Web Information Gathering

Shao Xiaoliang Liu Hong,<br>邵,
现代图书情报技术 , 2004,
Abstract: This paper introduces primarily a core work of Web topic information gathering system that we designed——identifying the topic of Web information, the algorithm begins from structuring professional topic dictionary, analyses and considers well with the characteristics of Web page text, It increases consumedly the efficiency and accuracy of the system,this algorithm will be applicable to the other topic fields.
Research on implicit requirement knowledge transfer insoftware project based on SNA

SHAN Xiao-hong,LIU Xiao-yan,<br>单,
计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: This paper proposed the method that could analyze the effect of project developing team network structure on implicit requirement knowledge transferring from the view of social network analysis. The example analysis verifies the effectiveness of the method, and demonstrates the method can provide the focused strategy and suggestions for improving team network structure, as well as the way of implicit requirement transfer.
The cooperative environmental game model in the Tidal River Network Regions and its empirical research

LIU Honggang,CHEN Xingeng,PENG Xiaochun,<br>,陈新庚,
生态学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Decision-makers always have incentives to choose proper emission strategies to maximize their individual economic and environmental benefits and the regional environmental game thus occurs when multiple decision-makers are involved in selecting the emission strategies. In this paper, environmental non-cooperative game model and cooperative game model were established for tidal network regions based on (1) sewage emission and its impact on environmental quality and (2) economic considerations, including tax benefits, pollution abatement costs and environmental losses. The Nash equilibrium of non-cooperative game indicated that, in the case of non-cooperation, no relations existed among the pollutant emission strategies chosen as each regional decision maker made its selection independently of others. On the other hand, in the presence of decision maker cooperation, the model was further divided into grand coalition game and sub-coalition game and the solutions to them were obtained. The characteristic function values were computed for all possible coalitions and the Shapley values were used to allocate the total payoff among all the participants with consideration of fairness. The results showed that, in the grand coalition game, the selection of the emission strategies was made by considering maximal global gains and the thus-selected emission strategies were well related with both the environmental loss coefficient and the environmental impact coefficient of all the participants. A case study of three tidal river network regions was conducted to verify the models, with the emissions and payoff being investigated under non-cooperative game and cooperative game situations. Compared with the non-cooperative game, in the cooperative game, the pollutant emissions were reduced by 17.98%, 15.36% and 5.55%, the payoff was increased by 2.17%, 3.21% and 1.25%, and the environment quality was increased by 14.24%, 13.33% and 10.52%, for three regions respectively. These results showed that a win-win outcome can be obtained in the tidal river network regions in cooperative game.
The Algorithm of Forecasting URL-Topic Based on Web Structure and Web Page Contents

Liu Hong,Shao Xiaoliang,Hu Jibing,<br>,,胡吉兵
现代图书情报技术 , 2005,
Abstract: This paper introduces primarily a core Algorithm of Web topic information gathering system that we designed--the Forecast URL - Topic Algorithm. It bases on the related theories, analyzes the experiment data and discovers the topic of the hyperlink be decided by three factors primarily: the topic Similarity of the parent Web page, the topic Similarity of the (ex - ) anchor text and the structure characteristic of Web graph, then puts forward the algorithm of Forecasting URL - Topic based on Web structure and Web page contents, the system evaluation result shows that the algorithm has great efficiency.
Controlling Pollution Amount and Determining Pollution Charge Standard

LIU Guang-zhong,LI Xiao-hong,<br>光中,
系统工程理论与实践 , 2001,
Abstract: Aiming to some problems in the existing pollution charge regulation, we give a model of pollution amount control and a model of optimal control proceeding from the objects of controlling pollution amount and economic development, then draw the optimal pollution charge and the optimal trajectories of pollution amount and yield.

Liu Bingsi,Yuan Weifu,Zhao Xiaohong,<br>炳泗,袁维富,
环境科学学报 , 1993,
Abstract: The technique of magnetic powder for oil-bearing sewage treatment was evaluated. The functional relationship between oil content of effluent and a number of factors, space-velocity, steering velocity and total volume, was fitted by least squares procedure. The optimum operating conditions were thus determined. And also the range of oil cnntent in effluent may be predic ted under the different perating condition.
Building Height Information Extracting Technique Based on PSInSARLIU

, 张永, 宋伟东<br>LIU Xiaolong, ZHNAG Yonghong, SONG Weidong
- , 2017, DOI: 10.13203/j.whugis20140239
Abstract: 基于干涉相位的统计分析,给出一种利用高分辨率时间序列永久散射体雷达干涉技术(PSI)提取人工建/构筑物高度的方法。利用给出的测高模型,借助27景高分辨率TerraSAR-X影像获取天津市北辰区典型建筑高度信息,并通过实测值进行验证。结果表明该方法提取的建筑物高度与实测值相互吻合,说明了该方法的可行性与有效性
Isotropic negative permeability metamaterials and left-handed metamaterials based on miniature structure

Liu Ya-Hong,Liu Hui,Zhao Xiao-Peng,<br>,,
物理学报 , 2012,
Abstract: We propose an isotropic structure based on double split-ring resonator. We investigate experimentally and numerically the electromagnetic resonant properties of the proposed structure. The result shows that when the electromagnetic wave transmits in the directions parallel and perpendicular to the plane of the split ring resonator, respectively, the resonant bands having the negative permeability both arise at the same frequencies. However, when the electromagnetic wave transmits with oblique angle, the resonant characteristic is still unchanged. That is to say, resonant characteristic of the proposed structure is independent of incidence angle. This result indicates that the proposed structure is an isotropic medium. Combining the proposed double split-ring resonator structure with the wires, the left-handed metamaterial with negative refractive index can be obtained. In addition, the proposed structure has the merit of the miniaturization due to adding the metallic via-hole, which can increase the electric length of the structure. As a result, the resonant frequency of the structure shifts toward lower frequency greatly without increasing the dimension of the structure, and then the structure is still compact in the low frequency case. The introduction of the metallic via-hole can reduce the dimension of the structure by 50%. Therefore, the proposed structure will be a good candidate in the microwave applications such as antennas, filter, among others.
Integral Multiwavelet Representation of 1/f Signal

Yan Xiao-hong,Liu Gui-zhong,Liu Feng,<br>阎,贵忠,
电子与信息学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Based on the theory of integral multiwavelet transformation, the representation of 1/f signal (not near-1/f signal) is explored by inverse integral multiwavelet transformation, and the conditions of representing 1/f signal are acquired. The statistical characteristics of integral multiwavelets transformation are studied, and it is proved that the self-similar characteristics of 1/f signal can be represented by the autocorrelation matrix of coefficients of integral multiwavelet in multiwavelet domain. The representation of 1/f signal by singular wavelet is only the special case of the representation.
Pharmacokinetics of florfenicol in channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) at different water temperatures

LIU Yong-Tao,AI Xiao-Hui,YANG Hong,<br>永涛,,
水生生物学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 研究不同水温(18℃和28℃)条件下,单剂量(10mg/kg b w)强饲氟甲砜霉素,在斑点叉尾鮰(Ictalurus punctatus)体内药代动力学特征。采用高效液相色谱紫外检测法可以同时检测血浆中氟甲砜霉素及其代谢物氟甲砜霉素的浓度。用3p97药代动力学软件处理药时数据。结果表明:在不同水温条件下氟甲砜霉素在斑点叉尾鮰体内的药时数据均符合一室开放式模型。药时规律符合理论方程C血浆=7.921(e-0.036t–e-0.18t)和C血浆=9.061 (e-0.081t–e-0.301t)。18℃和28℃的条件下,主要药代动力学参数:吸收半衰期T1/2ka分别为3.845h和2.301h,消除半衰期T1/2ke 分别为19.118h和8.519h,达峰时间 Tpeak 分别为11.136h和5.953h,最大血药浓度Cmax分别为4.074μg/mL和4.226μg/mL,曲线下面积 AUC分别为174.547(μg/mL)/h和81.279(μg /mL)/h,平均驻留时间 MRT分别为27.581h和12.290h,相对表观分布容积V/F(c)分别为1.580L/kg和1.5121L/kg。采用氟甲砜霉素防治斑点叉尾鮰细菌性疾病,建议在18℃左右口服10mg/kg体重剂量的氟甲砜霉素,2d给药1次;在28℃左右口服10mg/kg体重剂量的氟甲砜霉素,1d给药1次。试验过程中在斑点叉尾鮰血浆样品中未检测到氟甲砜霉素的主要代谢物氟甲砜霉素胺。
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