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Pathogenicity of a Beauveria bassiana(Balsamo)Vuillemin isolate to daikon leaf beetle,Phaedon brassicae Baly(Coleoptera: Chrysomelinae)

HE Yu-Rong,<br>
生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The daikon leaf beetle,Phaedon brassicae,is an important insect pest of cruciferous vegetables in South China.It is typically controlled by synthetic insecticides.A search was made for alternative control methods,and diseased daikon leaf beetles were collected and screened for potentially useful pathogens.A Beauveria bassiana isolate,SCAU-BB01D,originally derived from P.brassicae adults was found to infect all stages of the beetle under laboratory conditions.The pathogenicity of the isolate was investigated...
Parasitizing ability and interspecific competition of Trichogramma confusum Viggiani and T. pretiosum Riley on the eggs of Plutella xylostella (L.) in the laboratory

HE Yu-Rong,<br>
生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The diamondback moth (DBM), Plutella xylostella (L.), is an important, damaging insect of cruciferous crops worldwide and since the 1970s has been the most serious insect pest on crucifers in South China. Indiscriminate use of synthetic broad-spectrum chemicals for control of DBM has led to the development of serious resistance. Therefore alternative control programs including biological control of DBM are needed urgently. Egg parasitoids of the genus Trichogramma have been used in biological control for al...
Analysis of the Reproductive Potential of Two Trichogramma Species on the Eggs of Diamondback Moth

CHEN Kewei,HUANG Shoushan,HE Yurong,<br>陈科伟,黄寿山,
生态学报 , 2002,
Abstract: The reproductive potential of two Trichogramma species females, Trichogramma confusum Viggiani ( T.c ) and Trichogrammatoid bactrae Nagaraja ( T.b ), developed in the eggs of diamondback moth (DBM), Plutella xylostella (L.)( T.c \|DBM and T.b \|DBM) were compared with those developed in the eggs of rice moth (RM), Corcyra cephalomica (T.c \|RM and T.b \|RM) by rearing with diamondback moth (DBM) eggs with the method of life table. The results showed:(1) When developed in the same host, T.b showed a higher reproductive potential on DBM eggs, the intrinsic rate of natural increase ( r\-m ) of T.b \|RM and T.b \|DBM were 0\^3509 and 0\^3450 respectively, while T.c \|RM and T.c \|DBM's were 0\^2391 and 0\^1902, respectively; T.b \|RM and T.b \|DBM laid 70\^75 and 46\^13 eggs per female, respectively, while T.c \|RM and T.c \|DBM only laid 64\^90 and 31\^73 per female respectively. However, the female adults' longevity of T.c was longer than that of T.b. (2) Reproductive properties parameters ( r\-m , number of eggs laid per female, the net reproduction rate, the longevity of female adult) of T.c \|RM and T.b \|RM were more ideal than those of T.c \|DBM and T.b \|DBM, the Corcyra cephalomica eggs were suitable alternative hosts for these two Trichogramma species. (3) The reproductive potential of T.b would be weakened on its target hosts when developed in alternative hosts continuously.
Simulation of Plutella xylostella population control by granulosis virus

Yurong He,Lihua Lü,<br>,吕利华
应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: By means of the life table of acting factors combinations and the theory of modern population system control,this paper evaluated the efficacy of different combinations of application dosage and times of granulosis virus on Plutella xylostella control.The results showed that with gradually recovered natural enemies,the second generation of Plutella xylostella in the field of spring flowering Chinese cabbage would increase 4.1 times if no control methods were carried out to the first generation.After applying a suspension of 0.25LE/L(Larval equivalent)two times,the egg and larval numbers of the second generation Plutella xylostella were reduced significantly,but the index of population increase was still beyond 1,while applying a suspension of 0.5 LE/L two times or 1LE/L one time at the peak of 2nd instar larvae of the 1st generation could significantly reduce the egg and larval numbers,and the index of population increase was only 0.13.Therefore,if used appropriately,the granulosis virus originated from Plutella xylostella could control the damage of Plutella xylostella effectively.
Control effect of natural enemies on Plutella xylostella under ecological restoration condition

CHEN Kewei,HUANG Shoushan,HE Yurong,<br>陈科伟,黄寿山,
应用生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: A field study on the life table of diamondback moth(DBM)Plutella xylostella showed that the population increase index of DBM in chemical control plot was 52.52,while that of four continuous generations of DBM in ecological restoration plot was 16.9,7.16,3.71 and 4.02,respectively,indicating that the control effect of natural enemies on target pest was greatly improved.The main factor affecting the first and forth generations of DBM was the parasitism of Cotesia plutella,while those affecting the second and third generations of DBM were the predator of the 4 th instar larva and the parasitism of Trichogramma,with the corresponding exclusive index of population control(EIPC)being 1.39,1.54,1.56 and 1.74,respectively.There was an obvious time lag effect of natural enemies on their target pest,and thus,to protect and multiply the population of natural enemies in the field should be the key point of fully exerting the potential of natural enemies in their pest control.

HE Xiaoying,LI Rong,LIAO Fang,LI Mingqi,CAI Duochang,<br>晓英,,廖钫等
腐蚀科学与防护技术 , 2001,
Abstract: The corrosion behavior of N80 # oil pipe steel in acid solution with H 2S was studied by means of stable polarization, anodic linear potential sweep and a.c. impedance. The results showed that the decrease of pH value and the increase of the concentration of H 2S increased the corrosion rate of N80# oil pipe steel. The adsorptive intermediate product was Fe(OH) ad in the process of the dissolution of N80# oil pipe steel in HAc NaAc without H 2S. When H 2S was added to the acid solution,the adsorptive intermediate product was Fe(SH) ad .

HE Xiao-ying,DENG Hai-ying,LI Rong,<br>晓英,邓海英,
腐蚀科学与防护技术 , 2005,
Abstract: 采用交流阻抗法和极化曲线法研究了溴代十六烷基吡啶(CPB)和硫脲(TU)在复配前后对X70钢在H2SO3溶液中的缓蚀作用.研究发现H2SO3的浓度为10 mmol/L、pH=3.7的HAc-NaAc缓冲体系中,溴代十六烷基吡啶(CPB)与硫脲(TU)的缓蚀率随着浓度的增加而增加,溴代十六烷基吡啶(CPB)的浓度达到5×10-6kg/L时的缓蚀性能最佳,而硫脲(TU)的浓度达到50×10-6kg/L时的缓蚀性能最佳.复配实验结果表明当缓蚀剂的总浓度为25×10-6kg/L,溴代十六烷基吡啶(CPB)和硫脲(TU)复配质量浓度比为11时缓蚀效果最好.
昆虫学报 , 1965,
中国公路学报 , 2012,
Abstract: ?根据摄动有限元法原理,提出了基于测点间位移差的变化进行吊杆损伤识别的方法。进行吊杆损伤识别时,先测试吊杆节点间的高程差,并减去损伤前相同2个节点竖向位移差,得到吊杆损伤后2个节点竖向位移差的变化;再通过节点竖向位移差的变化构成吊杆损伤识别方程;当损伤识别初定方程和确定方程识别结果基本一致时,即判定吊杆发生损伤,并取2个方程所得吊杆损伤程度均值作为损伤程度;最后,以京珠高速郑州黄河二桥主桥为例验证了该方法。结果表明:采用该方法进行吊杆损伤识别,识别结果精度较高,即使对于小程度损伤也可识别,且测量误差对识别结果影响较小。
热带气象学报 , 1987,
Abstract: 中美第三次季风专题讨论会于1987年6月17-22日在我国昆明市召开。我国参加这次会议的有以著名气象学家陶诗言为首的正式代表20名,列席代表10名。美方以美国科学基金会斯蒂芬斯女士为团长的代表成员7名。会议还邀请了澳大利亚、日本、印度及香港代表参加。这些来自季风科研第一线的著名中外学者中有不少是在过去的合作中都已取得了丰硕的成果。
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