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Some Models of Reproducing Graphs: III Game Based Reproduction  [PDF]
Richard Southwell, Chris Cannings
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/am.2010.15044
Abstract: Many real world networks change over time. This may arise due to individuals joining or leaving the network or due to links forming or being broken. These events may arise because of interactions between the vertices which occasion payoffs which subsequently determine the fate of the vertices, due to ageing or crowding, or perhaps due to isolation. Such phenomena result in a dynamical system which may lead to complex behaviours, to selfreplication, to chaotic or regular patterns, or to emergent phenomena from local interactions. They hopefully give insight to the nature of the real-world phenomena which the network, and its dynamics, may approximate. To a large extent the models considered here are motivated by biological and social phenomena, where the vertices may be genes, proteins, genomes or organisms, and the links interactions of various kinds. In this, the third paper of a series, we consider the vertices to be players of some game. Offspring inherit their parent’s strategies and vertices which behave poorly in games with their neighbours get destroyed. The process is analogous to the way different kinds of animals reproduce whilst unfit animals die. Some game based systems are analytically tractable, others are highly complex-causing small initial structures to grow and break into large collections of self replicating structures.
Oracle Multimaster Replication Maintance Optimization
Hakik Paci,Aleksander Xhuvani
Academicus : International Scientific Journal , 2011, DOI: 10.7336/academicus.2011.03.10
Abstract: Some of the most promising post-Cold War developments in Marxian thought have been stimulated by problems facing Marxists in Western Europe, to that extent they all seem to lay bare, intentionally or otherwise, the lacking of qualities, of Marx’s prediction. The most significant example of the failure of Marxist theory to be realised in practice is the persistent survival of the capitalist mode of production. The inevitable crisis foreseen by Marx, which would lead to revolution, failed to materialise and that claim is now itself historical, since capitalism has become the norm for social organisation in most of the world’s nations. By asking the question how capitalism can persist amid crisis, Gramsci, provided the most promising way of revision to the stunted Marxian orthodoxy. Today for us is important to ask whether Marxist analysis of neoliberal global strategy or globalisation and fragmentation invite reconsideration of the tendency on the part of many international relations scholarships to ignore and simply dismiss Marxism. It is also important to consider whether the significance of Marxist project of developing a critical approach to international politics, is but one way in which Marxism progressed beyond the traditional Anglo-American scholarship to IR.
A.L.Narasimha Rao,A. Kakoli Rao
Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering , 2011,
Abstract: Unified semantic archetypes have led to many practical advances, including symmetric encryption and widearea networks. In this work, we argue the development of replication, which embodies the extensive principles of e-voting technology. Our focus in this position paper is not on whether sensor networks and Scheme can connect to answer this quandary, but rather on exploring an analysis of link-level acknowledgements (SOAL).
Database Replication
Marius Cristian MAZILU
Database Systems Journal , 2010,
Abstract: For someone who has worked in an environment in which the same database is used for data entry and reporting, or perhaps managed a single database server that was utilized by too many users, the advantages brought by data replication are clear. The main purpose of this paper is to emphasize those advantages as well as presenting the different types of Database Replication and the cases in which their use is recommended.
Optimization of Dynamic Portfolio Insurance Model  [PDF]
Yuan Yao
Journal of Mathematical Finance (JMF) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jmf.2012.22019
Abstract: This paper establishes a dynamic portfolio insurance model under the condition of continuous time, based on Meton's optimal investment-consumption model, which combined the method of replicating dynamic synthetic put option using risk-free and risk assets. And it transfers the problem of investor's individual intertemporal dynamic portfolio insurance decision into a problem of static utility maximization under condition of continuous time, and give the optimal capital combination strategies corresponding to the optimal wealth level of the portfolio insurers, and compares the difference of strategies between this model and Merton model. The conclusions show that investors' optimal strategies of portfolio insurance are not dependent on their wealth, but market risk. That is to say, the higher the risk is, the more the demand of portfolio insurance is.
Efficient Routing Using Temporal Distance in Intermittently Connected Mobile Ad-hoc Networks  [PDF]
Hemal Shah, Yogeshwar Kosta, Vikrant Patel
Communications and Network (CN) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/cn.2013.53033

The analysis of real social, biological and technological networks has attracted a lot of attention as technological advances have given us a wealth of empirical data. For, analysis and investigation time varying graphs are used to understand the relationship, contact duration, repeated occurrence of contact. It is under exploring in intermittently connected networks. Now, by extending the same concept in intermittent networks, the efficiency of the routing protocol can be improved. This paper discusses about the temporal characterizing algorithm. Such characterization can help in accurately understanding dynamic behaviors and taking appropriate routing decisions. Therefore, the present research provokes exploring different possibilities of utilizing the same time varying network analyses and designing an Adaptive Routing protocol using temporal distance metric. The adaptive routing protocol is implemented using ONE simulator and is compared with the Epidemic and PropHET for delivery ratio, overhead and the number of dropped messages. The result reveals that Adaptive routing performs better than Epidemic and PropHET for real and synthetic datasets.

The Law of Self-Replication and the Birth of Life Science  [PDF]
Muying Zhou
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104644
The understanding of the unique replication facts of living things helps us to discover the basic law of the life world: the law of self-replication. This law re-veals the root causes of life arising and lays the foundation stone for life sci-ence. From now on, what is a living thing, what does life mean? There has been a standard (the definition).
Applying aspect oriented technology to relational data bases: The replication case
Asteasuain,Fernando; Javed,Adeel;
Ingeniería y Desarrollo , 2009,
Abstract: due to aspect-oriented mechanisms explosion, their concepts arrive to distributed systems tackling concepts as security, persistence, or synchronization, especially in middleware approaches. regarding distributed databases, the research has been focused mainly on object-oriented databases. based on the great impact of these works, we introduce an aspect-oriented framework for relational data bases, incorporating a fundamental concept as replication as an aspect, achieving a truly independent replication layer. a conceptual model for replication is defined, which guided the implementation of our framework called sigma.
Studies on the replication of Mayaro virus grown in interferon treated cells
Rebello, M. C. S.;Fonseca, M. E. F.;Marinho, J. O.;Rebello, M. A.;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1994, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761994000400019
Abstract: mayaro virus grown in interferon treated infected cells has been characterized with regard to its ability to replicate in vertebrate (tc7) and invertebrate (aedes albopictus) cells. virus purified from interferon treated tc7 cells adsorbs and penetrates to the same extent as the control virus. during infection, these virus particles caused inhibition of host protein synthesis and synthesized the same spectrum of viral proteins as normal virus. this population however, was apparently more sensitive to interferon treatment. electron microscopy of tc7 cells showed the presence of numerous aberrant virus particles budding from the plasma membrane.
Web cache location
Boffey, Brian;Saeidi, Pirooz;
Pesquisa Operacional , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-74382004000100010
Abstract: stress placed on network infrastructure by the popularity of the world wide web may be partially relieved by keeping multiple copies of web documents at geographically dispersed locations. in particular, use of proxy caches and replication provide a means of storing information 'nearer to end users'. this paper concentrates on the locational aspects of web caching giving both an overview, from an operational research point of view, of existing research and putting forward avenues for possible further research. this area of research is in its infancy and the emphasis will be on themes and trends rather than on algorithm construction. finally, web caching problems are briefly related to referral systems more generally.
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