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Bioseguridad con énfasis en contaminantes biológicos en trabajadores de la salud
Ardila,Ana Maria; Mu?oz,Alba Idaly;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232009000600020
Abstract: health workers of the emergency service are frequently exposed to different dangers, among them the contact with biological polluting agents. this is a study of descriptive character, with the objective to characterize workers on social demographic aspects, and also to verify the level of application of the bio-security norms at the emergency services of a health institution in the city of bogota, colombia. 68,3% of the workers are with a contract in the modality of benefit of services, the 31,7%, are in the modality of indefinite term. 44,6% of the personnel have not received the qualification on bio-security, and 42,4% do not apply the suitable technique of washing hands. in relation to the aspect of the return to use needles, 31% was doing this practice. all workers have the complete kit of hepatitis b vaccine, but the same percentage does not have measurement of hepatitis b antibodies. it is fundamental the provision of elements of personal protection and set of elements and containers that contribute to the bio-security. pedagogical activities can be used to sensitize and create critical awareness to all personnel who work at emergency, about dangers and consequences that are exposed in their workplace. measurements of titles of hepatitis b are necessary to verify the immunological state of the workers.
Carbon Monoxide Concentration in Different Districts of Tehran
F Changani,Mojgan Baniardalani,K A'azam
Iranian Journal of Pediatrics , 2003,
Abstract: Air pollution is a major problem in Tehran. Most important agents responsible for the high pollution include carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons and suspended particles. Determination of quality and quantity of polluting agents is of great importance for sustaining the inhabitants health level. We studied carbon monoxide, one of the most hazardous air-polluting agents, in 22 urban districts of Tehran. The results showed that in average 4.39% of the air in Tehran has a CO concentration of 15-30 ppm. The 12th district with 17.99% and 11th district with 16.43% had the highest pollution of carbon monoxide. 6th and 7th districts had 11.22% and 9.5% respectively. The lowest level of pollution was found in 21st district (0%) and 1st district (0.11%). Variance analysis of districts of Tehran showed that there is a significant relation between mean air pollution of 11th and 12th districts and other districts.
P.L. Piras,G.F. Mulas
Italian Journal of Food Safety , 2011, DOI: 10.4081/ijfs.2011.1s.31
Abstract: On the basis of the results obtained from the analysis carried out on various environmental substrates (sediments, sea water and bio-indicators), it can be assumed that there has been a transfer of contaminants from sediments to edible “biota” in the Boi Cerbus lagoon (Sulcis-Iglesiente). It has also been verified that the benthic clams, in particular the Cerastoderma glaucum, is the species mainly affected by heavy metals contamination, in particular Lead, even if the role of Cadmium in the lagoon would need further investigation.
Comparación de modelos de transporte de sedimento en la Bahía Todos Santos, Baja California, México
Sánchez, Alberto;Carriquiry, José;Barrera, Jorge;López-Ortiz, B. Estela;
Boletín de la Sociedad Geológica Mexicana , 2009,
Abstract: to determine residual sediment transport in the bay of todos santos (bts), grain size trend analysis were compared and applied utilizing models of sunamura and horikawa (1971), mc laren and bowles (1985), and gao and collins(1994). the sunamura-horikawa model uses grain-size and sorting for comparison criteria to infer sediment transport whereas the models of mc laren-bowles and the gao-collins use these two parameters and also asymmetry. the first two models mentioned are one-dimensional while the third model is two-dimensional. the model of gao and collins (1994) turned out to be most satisfactory model for determining patterns of dispersion of surface sediments. in the bts, the pattern of dispersion showed several sediment transport tendencies. in the north zone of the bay the transport was in a se direction (following the isobath contour of 20 m), and towards the ne (near the island of todos santos). for the south zone transport displayed a ne direction, while the central region of the bay displayed a westerly transport direction. in the canyon of todos santos a ne trajectory was determined. the presence of currents with speeds of 0.30 ms-1 makes transport possible towards the interior part of the bay. in the external region of the bay, in front of the islands of todos santos and the peninsula of punta banda, the inferred transport is towards the w. for the shallow zones, the superficial circulation and the coastal transport agree with previous published results and compare well with the present work. the tide processes (current residuals or internal waves) are an important factor in the resuspension and transport of material in the deep zones of the bay. the central zone of the bay seems to be a convergence site and can give rise to particle stagnation in the bay (e.g., polluting agents).
Distribución de parámetros texturales de los sedimentos superficiales en la Bahía de Chetumal: Implicaciones en la inferencia de transporte
Sánchez, Alberto;álvarez-Legorreta, Teresa;Sáenz-Morales, Ricardo;Ortiz-Hernández, Ma. Concepción;López-Ortiz, B. Estela;Aguí?iga, Sergio;
Revista mexicana de ciencias geológicas , 2008,
Abstract: the grain-size trend analysis (grain size, sorting and asymmetry) was determined from 43 stations to identify the path of sediment transport in the chetumal bay, quintana roo. the analysis of principal components and grain size trend analysis were applied to sediment textural parameters. it was established that better sorted sedimentary material is associated with stations with fine grain-size and vice versa. vectors transport suggests a net transport of sediment in the direction s-se and s-sw (for the sampling period), which is consistent with the direction of the surface and deep currents in the chetumal bay. the preferential deposition of fine and well-sorted material in the central part of the bay has excellent correlation with the contents of anthropogenic pollutants found in other studies.
Contaminantes atmosféricos y su correlación con infecciones agudas de las vías respiratorias en ni?os de Guadalajara, Jalisco
Ramírez-Sánchez,Hermes Ulises; Andrade-García,María Dolores; González-Casta?eda,Miguel Ernesto; Celis-de la Rosa,Alfredo de Jesús;
Salud Pública de México , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-36342006000500005
Abstract: objective: to describe the correlation between the concentration levels of atmospheric air pollutants and the number of medical visits to imss, issste and of ssj healthcare facilities of the urban area of guadalajara between 2000-2002 by children under five years suffering from acute respiratory infections. material and methods: an ecological study was performed to describe the correlation between the interpolated monthly average modes, monthly mobile average of air pollutants: carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and particles with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 10 microns (pm10) and sulfur dioxide, and the number of medical visits per month due to acute respiratory infections in children under five years. results: the air pollutants: carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide show a significant correlation with the incidence of acute respiratory infections in children less than five years of age in the urban area of guadalajara. the correlation coefficients were: co (r= 0.05) and no2 (r= 0.09). conclusions: although the concentrations of air pollutants stay below the official limit, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide affect the health of the child population of the urban area of guadalajara. although the monthly average mode and monthly mobile average does not exceed the established legislation, the registered maximums do exceed it; this indicates that although throughout most of the day there is no latent risk of population exposure to the air pollutants, during some hours of certain days there is a risk for the population of breathing air contaminated with concentrations higher than the limit, which can cause the development of acute respiratory infections.
Biotecnología en el Sector Agropecuario y Agroindustrial , 2008,
Abstract: the originating effluents of the agro-industry of fique in the molino river of the group of judges of paniquitá (totoró-cauca) in three farms and four sites along river (1: of the aqueduct of paniquitá, 2: farm la esperanza, 3: el puente, 4: san josé bajo) generating handling alternatives. the results show that the polluting load for site 3 was the dbo5 (8,42 kg/día), sst (61,16 kg/día), the 4 registered a value of dbo5 (113,33 kg/día), sst (70,76 kg/ día) and the 1 presents/displays the characteristics of the birth of a river. for the three evaluated farms they registered values averages of dbo5 (3113,88 kg/día), sst (3673,13 kg/día).
Osorio Saraz,Jairo Alexander; Ciro Velásquez,Héctor José; González Sánchez,Hugo;
Revista Facultad Nacional de Agronomía, Medellín , 2007,
Abstract: in the present work the operation of a system in series was evaluated in the stabilization stage of two biodigesters one of fix cupola gtz and another type taiwan in cold time, in addition to find the factors that determine their operation as the biogas production, ph, temperatures of the affluent and the effluent and their efficiency in the dbo5, dqot, sst removal. there was a biogas production similar to that of biodigesters of high rate with a relation 3:1 between volume of biogas and volume of biodigester, removals average of dbo, dqo and sst of 97,4%, 96,1% and 95,1% respectively, and ph at the outlet near neutrality, whose results are a indicative of the high efficiency of the system in biogas production as in removal of pollution load.
Reducing the Polluting Emissions. A Source for Diminishing the Climate Changes
Revista Romana de Economie , 2009,
Abstract: The USA and the Western Europe are responsible for 2/3 of the CO2 emissions accumulated until today. On the other hand, Africa has produced only 3% of polluting emission since 1900 until today, by burning mineral fuels. Since 1992, the most industrialized countries have promised to help the most vulnerable nations face the adverse consequences of climate changes by supporting the costs of adaptation. The commitment was included in the convention frame that gave birth to the Kyoto Treaty, which was rejected by the George W. Bush Administration, even though the initial document, issued in 1992, had been signed by George Bush. The industrialized countries that signed the Kyoto Treaty have decided to create a special fund for climate adaptation . Hundreds of millions of dollars had to be used in order to diminish the impact of the global warming in the most exposed areas.Lately, maybe because the CO2 emissions increase due to human activities, the planet climate has changed for worse. 2007 was a key year in evaluating the reply the planet would give to the global overheating, mainly caused by the green-house effect and worsen by El Nino oceanic stream. This superposition of climate factors made 2007 to be one of the warmest years ever registered.
Análisis del Consumo de Coque de Petróleo en Algunos Sectores Industriales
Santos,Aldo R; Silva,Rogério J;
Información tecnológica , 2008, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-07642008000200011
Abstract: petroleum coke consumption and the increase of its production during the recent years are analyzed. the processing of heavy oils produces less light fractions and more heavy fractions, unbalancing the energetic matrix. to balance this, the petroleum industry usually raises the number of coking units, which consumes the heavy fractions and produces lighter fractions, generating coke as residue. the different forms of using coke generate pollutants that are regulated and controlled in different forms by different countries. it is concluded that, independent of the form in which petroleum coke is consumed, the users should consider the amount of pollutants emitted, mainly sulfur dioxide.
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