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Tamanho e forma de parcela experimental para cana-de-a?úcar
Igue, Toshio;Espironelo, Ademar;Cantarella, Heitor;Nelli, Erseni Jo?o;
Bragantia , 1991, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051991000100016
Abstract: uniformity trial with sugar cane was carried out in the usina da barra, at len?óis paulista, state of s?o paulo, brazil. based on 1,512 yield data of sugar cane harvested in areas of 3.0m2 (basic unit) or 1.5m by 2.0m, 55 different types of plots were simulated. the smith's soil heterogeneity index, b, was estimated. its values varied from 0.2643 to 0.6000, depending on the method employed or on the way of grouping blocks, plots and subplots. using b = 0.6000 in a formula given by smith, x= (b/(1-b)(k1/k2),an area of 6.0m2 would give more information at lower cost. by the maximum curvature method the greatest reduction in the value of coefficient of variation occurs when the plot size varied from 6.0 to 12.0m2. presently, most plots used in sugar cane experiments range from 26.0 to 60.0m2; they are too large in relation to the best size obtained, that is, around 12m2. there are practical advantages in using smaller plots and larger number of replications of treatments in an experiment, because the mean variance is inverselly proportional to the number of replications. reducing the mean variances implies greater chance of detecting significant differences between treatment means. for homogeneous soils, smaller plots (12 to 36m2) may be used efficiently. in heterogeneous soils the plot size has little effect in the magnitude of the index d. the influence of the plot length, in reducing the coefficient of variation, was 2.6 times greater than the plot width. therefore, in order to separate small differences between treatments, it is recommended the use of plots of one line 12m long with 12 replications per treatment or two lines 8m long with 8 replications. the plots considered in this paper are without guard rows.
Ritual de salvación centrado en la Crónica de la Jornada de Omagua y Dorado
Leal Ladrón de Guevara,Alejandra;
Atenea (Concepción) , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-04622010000100003
Abstract: this comparative study describes the sacred character of the salvation ritual that ap-pears in a corpus conformed by the discourses of the chronicle of the journey of omagua and dorado by francisco vásquez and pedrarías de almesto (1561), with three novels from the xxth century and four readings of pre-columbian texts. in this context, we will apply the genetic model of the myth represented in the bundles of relations in the syntagmatic units of the ritual components (lévi-strauss, 1976) of natural language and its underlying meaning, only comprehensible in the context of an exemplary model present in one of the most important human activities: the ceremony of expiation of guilt mediated through the salvation ritual.
Técnicas experimentais para tomateiro tipo salada sob estufas plásticas
Lopes, Sidinei José;Storck, Lindolfo;Heldwein, Arno Bernardo;Feijó, Sandra;Ros, César Augusto da;
Ciência Rural , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84781998000200002
Abstract: an uniformity trial was carried out with tomate plants grown in a plastic greenhouse with an area of 24m x 12m. the total fruit yield of salad tomato cv. monte carlo was evaluated during 11 separat harvest. the basic plot was planted with three plants in the same row. the plants were grown in distances of 0.3m in the same row and by 1,0m between rows. all 24 plots were allocated in ten different rows. the results demonstrate that the completely randomized were more adequate with plots smaller than 18 plants in the same row. the yield evaluation in experiments with different traits using a same cultivar in plastic greenhouse should be conducted up to 30% of total yield. this is importam for more experimental precision and budged economy and time. results showed that the minimal significance difference varies after 30% of the total yield, was harvested for three, nine and eighteen plants in each plot.
Biotecnología en el Sector Agropecuario y Agroindustrial , 2012,
Abstract: to study the floristic characteristics of a oak forest (quercus humboldtii) established a plot of 9600 m2 divided into 24 subplots of 20x20 meters, where there was scientific name, diameter at breast height dbh, total height and branching height, light condition 10 cm in each > and quality for individuals with stem diameter at breast height subplot were enrolled 10x10 meter plots to record information about individuals with 1.5 meters in height and dbh > 10 cm and 5x5 plots to record established regeneration tree species < 0,40 meters, palms and large herbaceous. in 0.96 were reported a total of 51 species, grouped 44 genera and 33 botanical families for the three size categories, the most abundant and well distributed in the category > 0.4 m < 1.5 m in height, were palicourea angustifolia and quercus humboldtii, the species with heavier ecological an importance value index ivi were quercus humboldtii 153 and clethra revoluta with 37, while all other species reported low levels of abundance, frequency and basal area. the average density of trees >10 cm in diameter at breast height was 455 ha-1, representing a basal area of 15.8 m2ha-1 indicating that it is a young forest.
Dielectric Analysis of Response Time in Electrorheological Fluids Developed for Medical Devices  [PDF]
Naullage I. Perera, Manik Pavan Maheswaram, Dhruthiman Mantheni, Dhanuja D. Perera, M. Ellen Matthews, Alan Riga, Tobili Sam Yellowe
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2011.22009
Abstract: Three electrorheological fluids (ERFs) of recently synthesized Polyaniline.HCl and Cellulose fluids as well as a commercial product from Fludicon® (Germany), were evaluated with a two-electrode probe unit and by Dielectric Analysis (DEA). The study was a part of an ongoing medical device development project. The dielectric response times were calculated using the critical peak frequency in a corresponding Debye plot of Tan Delta (loss factor/permittivity) vs. log frequency. The DEA revealed the response times (tau, τ) in ms. The Fludicon® ERF was DEA durable (repeat cycles produced same results) and the τ was temperature dependent: 16 ms at 25°C and 0.16 ms at 80°C. The Cellulose ERF was somewhat DEA durable and the τ was 5.5 ms at 25°C and 0.21 ms at 80°C. The response times were logarithmic with the temperature (°C) with a correlation coefficient of >0.98 for the Cellulose and Fludicon® ERFs. The Polyaniline ERF had a τ of 53 ms at 25°C in the 1st DEA run and there was no indication of a τ for the remaining DEA tests.
Modified FILTERSIM Algorithm for Unconditional Simulation of Complex Spatial Geological Structures  [PDF]
Peyman Mohammadmoradi, Mohammadreza Rasaei
Geomaterials (GM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/gm.2012.23008
Abstract: Facies and fracture network modeling need robust, realistic and multi scale methods that can extract and reproduce complex relations in geological structures. Multi Point Statistic (MPS) algorithms can be used to model these high order relations from a visually and statistically explicit model, a training image. FILTERSIM as a pattern based MPS method attracts much attention. It decreases the complexity of computation, accelerates search process and increases CPU per-formance compare to other MPS methods by transferring training image patterns to a lower dimensional space. The results quality is not however as satisfactory. This work presents an improved version of FILTERSIM in which pattern extraction, persisting and pasting steps are modified to enhance visual quality and structures continuity in the realiza-tions. Examples shown in this paper give visual appealing results for the reconstruction of stationary complex struc-tures.
Normal values of heart rate variability at rest in a young, healthy and active Mexican population  [PDF]
Marina Medina Corrales, Blanca de la Cruz Torres, Alberto Garrido Esquivel, Marco Antonio Garrido Salazar, José Naranjo Orellana
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.47060
Abstract: This study analyzed Heart Rate Variability in a large sample of active young subjects within a narrow age range (18 to 25), using time and frequency domain methods and a Poincaré plot. Heart rate was recorded (beat to beat) for 30 minutes at rest in 200 healthy subjects divided into 4 groups: 50 sportsmen (20.54 ± 1.52 years); 50 active men (21.22 ± 1.31 years); 50 sportswomen (20.10 ± 1.87 years) and 50 active women (20.92 ± 1.87 years). Significant differences were found for most parameters between athletes and active subjects (male and female) but not between genders. Percentile distributions were provided for all parameters (according to gender and physical activity level) to be used as references in future researches.
A Survey of Mycorrhizal Colonization in the 50-ha Korup Forest Dynamic Plot in Cameroon  [PDF]
Eneke Esoeyang Tambe Bechem, George Bindeh Chuyong, Belinda Tengu Fon
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.510155

A study was carried out in the 50-ha Korup Forest Dynamic Plot in South West Cameroon, to evaluate the diversity of mycorrhizal associations as well as to determine the effect of habitat types on the type of mycorrhizal association. A total of 781 individual trees belonging to 51 families, 165 genera and 252 tree species, were sampled from the four habitat types found in the plot: low drier, hill slope, ridge top and wetland complexes. In each habitat type, all stems ≤ 1 cm depth at breast height had already been tagged, measured, mapped and identified to the species level. Root samples were collected, cleared, stained and examined microscopically for mycorrhizal type. Of the total number of species sampled, 248 (98.41%) formed mycorrhizal associations with only 4 (1.59%) being non mycorrhizal. For mycorrhizal trees, 232 (93.55%) formed exclusively arbuscular mycorrhiza, 10 (4.03%) formed ectomycorrhiza, while 6 (2.42%) formed both ecto- and arbuscular mycorrhiza. The ridge top harbored the least number (152) of mycorrhizal trees while the low drier area harbored the most number (266) of mycorrhizal trees. Although habitat effect was not significant in influencing mycorrhizal colonization of tree species, some tree species did show aggregated patterns in particular habitats.

Moisture Migration and Bulk Nutrients Interaction in a Drying Food Systems: A Review  [PDF]
Israel Sunmola Afolabi
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2014.58080

Drying is a technique that involves removal of moisture using heat energy. This heat affects the protein components in foods especially the thiosulphide groups, which causes hydrophobic bond break that has been attributed greatly to denaturation during drying. Safe moisture content (SMC) is the extent to which moisture can be withdrawn from food crops during drying that such crops can be considered safe for storage with minimal loss of nutritional qualities. Several reported minimum moisture contents, and bulk nutrients’ levels of crops were collected for the purpose of this review, and scattered plot graph was employed to determine the levels of bond interaction between moisture content and each bulk nutrients in the various dried food categories. The moisture contents in grains, root and tuber crops, fruits and vegetables, and cash crops formed a SMC threshold boundary within the 6% - 14%; 0% - 10%; 0% - 22%; and 0% - 30% respectively. Crude fibre and most especially the ash content played the most crucial role by providing the strongest bond interaction with migrating moisture during drying of all the food crops’ categories, and are of utmost important in the determination of SMC.

Seismic Response and Stability Analysis of Single Hinged Articulated Tower  [PDF]
Prashant Atreya, Nazrul Islam, Mehtab Alam, Syed Danish Hasan
Open Journal of Civil Engineering (OJCE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojce.2013.34028

Study of dynamic stability phenomenon in transient systems has always created interest amongst the researchers because of its inherent non-linearities. Offshore structures subjected to wave, earthquake or wind loads or a combination of these loads show non-linear transient behaviour. As oceanic waves are better modelled as stochastic process, there is a need to investigate the stochastic stability of flexible offshore structures as well. Present study has been carried out to determine seismic response of Single Hinged Articulated Tower (SHAT) under different categories of wave loads and earthquake followed by its dynamic stability analysis. Different phases of wave/earthquake loading on SHAT have been explored to investigate dynamic instabilities existing during each phase. Two dimensional phase plots have been used to identify phases of dynamic instability existing within the responses of SHAT under various conditions of loading.

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