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L’apport des archives à l’étude du patrimoine rural : l’exemple des communes d’Autry-Issards et de Saint-Menoux (canton de Souvigny, Allier)
Marie-Elisabeth Bruel
In Situ : Revue de Patrimoines , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/insitu.2297
Abstract: La diversité des fonds d’archives, en particulier ceux qui peuvent être consultés dans les Archives départementales, gagne à être connue. Leur consultation peut s’avérer très utile à l’étude du patrimoine des communes rurales dans le cadre d’un Inventaire topographique. L’inventaire des communes d’Autry-Issards et de Saint-Menoux bénéficie des précieuses informations apportées par les textes et les documents figurés conservés aux Archives départementales de l'Allier, tant sur la forme du bati que sur son environnement. The diversity of the archives, particularly those that can be consulted in the Departmental Archives, should be better known. These documents can be very useful when one studies the patrimony of rural communities within the framework of a topographic inventory. The inventories of Autry-Issards and Saint-Menoux (Allier, France) are very good examples.
Phosphorus fixing capacity of the Oxic Rhodustalf—alfisol soil in the Chotanagpur plateau region of Eastern India  [PDF]
Prabir Ghosal, Trishit Chakraborty, Pabitra Banik
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/as.2011.24062
Abstract: The P-fixing capacity of a soil governs the P-nutrition of crop plants. P-nutrition of the crop plant is more a soil problem and a higher dose of phosphatic fertilizer is necessary for soils having high P-fixing capacity. The phenomenon of P-fixation and the great variation in the P-fixing capacity of different soils has thus important bearing on crop response to P-application. The eastern plateau region of India with acid lateritic soil is chronically deficient in available phosphorus resulting in very low productivity. An experiment was thus carried out to estimate the P-fixing capacity of soil collected from two depths, 0 - 20 cm and 20 - 50 cm, from the Agricultural experimental farm of Indian Statistical Institute, situated at Giridih, Jharkhand, in the eastern India. The soil was acidic in reaction (pH-5.4) with presence of Fe (1.60%) and Al (17.2%). The P-fixing capacity of the soil was estimated to be 59.60% and 64.94% for the surface and the subsurface soil respectively showing lower P-fixing capacity of the surface soil as compared to the subsurface soil which may be due to presence of more organic matter in the surface soil as organic molecules released on decomposition of organic matter complexes with Fe and Al in the soil thereby blocking the P-fixing sites in the soil.
Discussion of the Risks and Risk Control of P2P in China  [PDF]
Xue Lei
Modern Economy (ME) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/me.2016.74043
Abstract: As a kind of finance innovation for direct lending between individuals, P2P develops rapidly in recent ten years. However, while it is promoting China’s economic development, various problems related to P2P network credit and loan are appearing gradually. If P2P wants to develop continuously, the core is to strengthen the risk management. Based on the analysis of the concept, model and positive significance of P2P network credit and loan, this paper mainly expounds the credit risks, information risks, operational risk, regulatory and legal risks and liquidity risk that P2P network credit and loan faces, and comes up with the solutions to these problems, for example, setting up the credit system, perfecting internal control as well as strengthening supervision and industrial self-regulation, combining big data technology. These present some new ideas of performing risks management for P2P.
Extractable Phosphorus Contents of Some Soils of Bangladesh and Their Correlation with Phosphorus Concentration in Rice Leaves  [PDF]
Enamul Haque, Abul Kashem, Khan Towhid Osman
Open Journal of Soil Science (OJSS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojss.2013.32013

To observe the availability of phosphorus by different extraction methods in some cultivated soils of Hathazari Upazilla of Chittagong District, this study was carried out with 36 surface soil samples (0 - 15 cm) belonging to six soil series, namely Bijipur, Pahartali, Mirsarai, Manu, Raojan and Noapara. Physical and chemical characteristics of the soils were also determined with an objective of identifying the soil factor(s) regulating P extractability. Three P extraction methods, namely Olsen (0.5 M NaHCO3, pH 8.5), Mehlich-3 (0.2 N CH3COOH + 0.013 N HNO3 + 0.015 N NH4F + 0.25 N NH4 NO3 + 0.001 M EDTA) and Bray & Kurtz-1 (0.03 N NH4F + 0.025 N HCl) were used. There was a wide variation in the extractability of P ranging from low to high categories. Olsen method extracted the largest amount of P (2.07 - 45.36 mg·kg-1) while Bray & Kurtz-1 extracted the smallest amount (1.02 - 21.79 mg·kg-1). The mean extractable P in soils was found to be in the order of Olsen > Mehlich-3 > Bray & Kurtz-1. Soil pH was the most dominant factor in determining P extractability. Available P was negatively correlated with

Discussion on Risk Control of P2P Financing

E-Commerce Letters (ECL) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/ECL.2014.34006
With the rapid development of the P2P financing, its risk control becomes the key area. Many scholars have carried out exploration into the risks of the P2P financing, including the credit risk, market risk and so on. In practice, the P2P has taken means to control risks such as the on-line certification and off-line investigation. Government shall establish the credit rating system and improve the supervisory system to control risks of P2P financing and the P2P shall reduce the fi-nancing risks through strengthening the pre-lending review and analyzing the network mass data.
Distribui??o de fósforo em diferentes ordens de solo do semi-árido da Paraíba e de Pernambuco
Silveira, Mailze Maria Lins da;Araújo, Maria do Socorro Bezerra;Sampaio, Everardo Valadares de Sá Barretto;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832006000200009
Abstract: most soils in semi-arid northeastern brazil are considered phosphorus deficient. the great diversity of orders they belong to, however, indicates that they are not similar in relation to the concentrations of their different p forms. the distribution of phosphorus forms in 69 soils of the most common soil orders in the semi-arid region was evaluated in samples from the 0-20 and 20-40 cm soil layers. phosphorus was determined by mehlich-1 and by a sequential fractionation, through extractions with resin, nahco3, naoh and h2so4, followed by peroxide/sulfuric digestion. total p (the sum of all fractions) varied from 52 to 1625 mg kg-1. most soils were in a range from 100 to 200 mg kg-1 in the 0-20 cm layer, with a large variability between and within soil orders. large variability was also observed for all p fractions. in general, fluvic neossols, vertisols, luvisols and cambisols had the highest total p values; argisols, litholic neosols and latosols, intermediate values; and regolitic neosols, planosols and quartzarenic neosols, the lowest values. the largest proportions of total p were in the residual fraction and the smallest in the labile fractions (resin-p and nahco3-pi), which together represented 7-12 % of total p. mehlich-1 extracted low proportions of p from vertissols (1 %) and high proportion from latosols (24 %), while the opposite was true for bicarbonate extraction (11 and 5 %, respectively). resin extracted low proportions from all soil orders (1 to 6 %).
Design and Implementation on the P2P VOD System Based on the RF-IPS Algorithm  [PDF]
Zhiyi Qu, Lili Li, Jianxu Li
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2010.39099
Abstract: This paper presents a P2P VOD system based on RF-IPS algorithm, and this system consists of two parts, server-side and clients. We put emphasis on the piece selection module of server-side, and in this part we cite the RF-IPS algorithm proposed in the past. In the piece selection module, we also proposed a weighting function except the RF-IPS algorithm. Using this function we will find the best server peers effectively and quickly, it will enhance the performance of this system. We carry on experiments on RF-IPS algorithm, and the results show this algorithm is efficient. Overall, we believe that the RF-IPS algorithm is feasible to further improve system performance and provide a cost-effective P2P VOD service with acceptable user experience.
A Measurement Study on BitTorrent System  [PDF]
Lin Ye, Hongli Zhang, Fei Li, Majing Su
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2010.312125
Abstract: Measuring and characterizing peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing systems will benefit the optimization and management of P2P systems. Though there are a lot of measurement studies on BitTorrent almost in every important aspect, few of them focus on the measurement issues and the corresponding solutions, which can strongly influence the accuracy of measurement results. This paper analyzes the key difficulties of measuring BitTorrent and presents a measurement system with combination of active and passive ways, which can han-dle with the problems well and balance the efficiency and integrity. Then compared to other work, a more complete and representative measurement was performed for nearly two months and several characteristics are concerned: 1) there are diverse content sharing in BitTorrent system, but multimedia files that are larger than 100 MB are the most. 2) Distributed Hash Tables has indeed enhanced the ability of peer discovery though there are some pitfalls to be addressed. 3) Pieces are distributed uniformly after the early stage and there are few rare pieces. Furthermore, peer arrival rate shows a periodical pattern, which was not well mod-eled before. Then an improved model is proposed and the experiment results indicate that new model is fitted in with actual measurement results with high accuracy.
P2P Model Based on Isolated Broadcast Domains  [PDF]
Jianchun Li, Gongbing Guo, Jianyong Li, Daoying Huang
Advances in Internet of Things (AIT) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ait.2012.23009
Abstract: Resource location is the most important issue for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) system and flooding is the fundamental mechanism for unstructured P2P systems. Redundant messages will exponential growth with flooding scope increasing which severely influences the scalability of the system. In this paper, a new P2P model based on isolated broadcast domains is given to reduce the amount of redundant messages by limiting the radius of messages transmitted. Analysis and experiments show that this model can guarantee coverage of nodes and significantly reduce the amount of redundant messages generated.
A Measurement Study on Resource Popularity and Swarm Evolution of BitTorrent System  [PDF]
Majing Su, Hongli Zhang, Binxing Fang, Lin Ye
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2013.66032

Analyzing and modeling of the BitTorrent (BT) resource popularity and swarm evolution is important for better understanding current BT system and designing accurate BT simulators. Although lots of measurement studies on BT almost cover each important aspect, little work reflects the recent development of BT system. In this paper, we develop a hybrid measurement system incorporating both active and passive approaches. By exploiting DHT (Distribute Hash Table) and PEX (Peer Exchange) protocols, we collect more extensive information compared to prior measurement systems. Based on the measurement results, we study the resource popularity and swarm evolution with different population in minute/ hour/day scales, and discover that: 1) the resources in BT system appear obvious unbalanced distribution and hotspot phenomenon, in that 74.6% torrents have no more than 1000 peers; 2) The lifetime of torrents can be divided into a fast growing stage, a dramatically shrinking stage, a sustaining stage and a slowly fading out stage in terms of swarm population; 3) Users’ interest and diurnal periodicity are the main factors that influence the swarm evolution. The former dominates the first two stages, while the latter is decisive in the third stage. We raise an improved peer arrival rate model to describe the variation of the swarm population. Comparison results show that our model outperforms the state-of-the-art approach according to root mean square error and correlation coefficient.

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