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Nothing Greater, Nothing Better: Theological Essays on the Love of God
Br????mmer, V.
Ars Disputandi : the Online Journal for Philosophy of Religion , 2002,
The Influence of the Conception of Love in Plato’s Symposium on Virgil’s Aeneid and the French Eneas
Hassan Ali Abdullah Al-Momani
Studies in Literature and Language , 2012, DOI: 10.3968/j.sll.1923156320120402.1045
Abstract: This paper explores the influence of the conception of love in Plato's Symposium on Virgil's Aeneid and the French Eneas through a comparative analysis methodology that highlights the shared thread and influence between Plato's Symposium and Virgil's Aeneid and the French Eneas. The study mainly focuses on showing the readers how the Greek concept of the spiritual and heavenly love is highly praised and favored by Virgil's Aeneid and the French Eneas because it is an everlasting and healthy kind of love. Key words: Earthly love; Spiritual love; Divine love; Greek concept of love; Plato’s Symposium; Virgil's Aeneid; The French Eneas; Platonic love; Absolute love
Cosmos evolutivo e plano da cria??o na filosofia peirceana
Silveira, Lauro Frederico Barbosa da;
Trans/Form/A??o , 1985, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-31731985000100001
Abstract: the use of the metaphor of the under existence of the plan of an old forum in the mind of its architect in order to understand the mode of being of the initial estate of the cosmos could originate a postulation of a plan in the divine mind or in the nature. the divine perfection and the evolutionary process of the cosmos and reason, as they are exposed in peirce's philosophy, seem to be opposed to the reality of such a plan. the present paper discusses this question.
Pervin ?APAN
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: In classical Turkish poetry, love which is one of the basic issues studied for ages is the reflection of God’s existence along with his manifestation and gives the motives behind the creation of human beings. Love, which exists in the elements of the universe, also refers to a notion that forms world and after life. This love story which appears in Quran and in holy books in a terse way and the love between Adam the first created man in sufi philosophy and Eve has always inspired artists. That their children Abel and Cain loved the same woman and the first murder was committed because of this finds its way around this theme. In literary texts this first love and murder has been studied in different dimensions and they create the main theme of the novel “La The Infinity Syllable” by Nazan Bekiro lu who has written many successful novels in Republican Period and has also academic studies.In this article, the universal love will be studied in terms of its rise, course and processing in the light of thematic feature of the novel Klasik Türk iirinde as rlar boyunca i lenen en temel konulardan biri olan a k, Tanr ’n n tek ve bir olan varl n n dünyada tecelli ve tezahürü oldu u kadar, insan n yarat l s rr n n da hakikatini olu turur. Kainat n hamurunda var olan a k, dünya ve ahiret hayat n da ekillendiren bir kavrama delalet eder. Mukaddes kitaplarda ve Kur’an- Ker m’de veciz bir ekilde yer alan bu a k hikayesi ile zellikle tasavvuf felsefesi i inde ilk yarat lan insan olan dem’in zuhuru, bir süre sonra onunla aynile en Havva’n n yarat l ve onlar n birbirlerine duyduklar a k n hikmeti, sanatkarlara daima ilham vermi tir. ocuklar Habil ve Kabil’in ayn kad na duyduklar a k yüzünden ya ad klar ve i lenen ilk cinayet de bu teman n etraf nda ekillenir. Edeb metinlerde farkl boyutlarda i lenen bu ilk a k ve ilk a k cinayeti, Cumhuriyet d nemi roman ve hikayesinde ba ar l eserlere imza atan ve ayn zamanda akademisyen s fat yla da ilm al malar olan Nazan Bekiro lu’nun La-Sonsuzluk Hecesi adl roman n n da temas n olu turmaktad r. Bu makalede, s z konusu roman n tematik zelli i nda evrensel manadaki a k n, gelenekteki yans mas yla birle en do u , geli me ve i leni i dikkatlere sunulacakt r.
Spiritual Foundation of the Asian Civilizations: The Unity of Verity, Beauty and Divinity in Buddha and Rūmī
Choi Woo-Won
Beytulhikme : An International Journal of Philosophy , 2012,
Abstract: What makes so many diverse Asian peoples and countries sympathize with the notion of the Asian Community? In spite of the apparent difference of religion, culture, language, race, etc, we can feel that something spiritual emanating from the bottom of our Being leads us to share the open mind of the true community. If our academic efforts succeed to find the self-identity of the Asian Community in this dimension of the Being, the plurality and diversity will have the celebrating meaning of creativity and richness of Life. Naturally, this awakening will imply the alliance of civilizations for the World community. This work of defining the self-identity of the Asian Community is closely related to the historical and archaeological excavations of the hidden links between the Asian civilizations. The spiritual link has the significance of giving the meaning and direction of the community to these various social and cultural links. Our study on the common spiritual foundation of the Asian civilizations will make it clear that Asia is the morning land illuminating the verity.
Del amor personal humano al divino: Un estudio desde la antropología trascendental de L. Polo Personal human love to divine: A study from transcendental anthropology of L. Polo
Juan Fernando Sellés
Veritas : Revista de Filosofía y Teología , 2013,
Abstract: En este trabajo se estudia del amor personal humano y del amor personal divino desde la antropología trascendental de Leonardo Polo. Se indica que el amor personal humano está abierto naturalmente al mundo, a los demás, al propio hombre y, en especial, a Dios; que es creciente y que puede ser elevado. El amor personal divino es pluripersonal y está abierto al humano en su creación, elevación y glorificación. In this work we study the human personal love and the divine personal love according the transcendental anthropology of Leonardo Polo. We sustain that the human personal love is naturally open to the world, to others, to the self, and over all to God; that it is growing and susceptible of be elevated by God. The divine personal love is pluripersonal and is open to the man in his creation, elevation and glorification.
Love in Spenser’s Amoretti  [PDF]
Jiancheng Wang, Zhengshuan Li
Advances in Literary Study (ALS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/als.2014.21006

Being a sonnet cycle of love with a detailed description of the lady’s physical beauty and the lover’s happy feelings, Amorettiis a story of love between earthlings which is aimed at marriage. Meanwhile, Spenser sanctifies the love by Platonizing and Christianizing the lady. Thus it is clear that the love in the mind of Spenser is not just an earthly one or a heavenly one separately, but both, and, a combination of both earthly love and sacred love.

On Rousseau’s Love Outlook and His Civilian Complex  [PDF]
Xiaoying Li, Yingfei Yuan
Advances in Literary Study (ALS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/als.2015.34018
Abstract: Rousseau had some peculiar love experiences which many people couldn’t understand, especially the experience with the servant Therese le Vasseur. So in the article, I explored his life background, his love experiences and analyzed his love outlook. Certainly, his love outlook was related to his love experiences and his love experiences also were related to his civilian complex. I might say that his love experiences, love outlook and civilian complex answered people’s doubt that was why he chose Therese le Vasseur to spend his rest of his life.
Love Styles in Couple Relationships: A Literature Review  [PDF]
Rosalba Raffagnino, Luisa Puddu
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2018.612027
Abstract: Love is a fundamental emotion in people’s lives, and also plays a vital role in human health. It is a multifaceted feeling, with different expressions in different life contexts. Its polysemy has been widely identified and analysed upon observing how the different styles of experiencing love have different effects on personal and relational health. This article presents a review of literature regarding the influence of the various love styles—identified by Lee [1]—on quality and duration of a love relationship, and how they may be predictors for the health and well-being of partners. Upon analysis of the various reviewed articles, it is recorded that the various love types and styles have different effects on various levels of quality and duration of the relationship between two people. On the basis of the results observed, the authors suggest numerous research priorities in order to facilitate the implementation of knowledge through actions targeted towards relational health and well-being.
A Computational Bible Study of What to Love and What to Hate  [PDF]
Wei Hu
Advances in Literary Study (ALS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/als.2014.24019
Abstract: The Bible comprises the Old Testament of 39 books and the New Testament of 27 books. It can be viewed as the book of love, in which God revealed, out of His unconditional and unchanging love, His plan for the redemption of man in the Old Testament and fulfilled His promise made in the Old Testament by offering the one and only way of salvation through His son Jesus in the New Testament. In this study, we selected the Bible verses that contain the word love or its variation, which were then employed to cluster the books of the Bible with a computational approach. Of the 28 books containing the word love in the Old Testament, seven groups were identified: Genesis, Deuteronomy, Proverbs, Psalms, Song of Songs, First Samuel, and the rest of the other books. From the 26 books containing the word love in the New Testament, five groups were recognized: First Corinthians, John, First John, Luke and Mark and Matthew, and the rest of the other books. Furthermore, the major theme of love in each cluster was also elucidated. The opposite of love is hate. To gain the whole picture of love, we also selected Bible verses that contain the word hate or its variations. From clustering the books containing hate, different contexts of the word hate were recognized, teaching us to hate those that are contrary to love. Taken together, this computational study of the Bible demonstrated that God’s law is designed to love and to love fulfills the law completely and perfectly. Our findings provided a complete catalog of different contexts and themes in which the word love is being presented in the Bible, thereby enabling better understanding of the Bible in this regard.
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