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Oral Health Status in Adult Population in Chile (Decayed, Missing, Filled and Permanent Tooth): Clinical Observation at National Level  [PDF]
Verónica Vargas-Sanhueza, Claudia Krause Mu?oz, Víctor Patricio Díaz-Narváez, Juan Fonseca Molina
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.712191
Abstract: Objectives: The aim of this study was to establish the differences in the oral health status of adult population between women and men by the clinical status of the permanent first molar. Methods: The data were obtained in a non-random sample of 132,174 patients from a large cohort who were under dental treatment nationwide in Chile during 2011. Results: The results show a greater frequency of “filled and not decayed” (45.6%), “decayed” (18.8%) and followed by “missing by decay” (15.4%). Moreover, an association is established between the “filled and decayed” condition to the female gender and the condition “decayed” and “missing by decay” to the male gender (Significance level α ≤ 0.05). Conclusions: This study concluded that there was a dependent association between gender and the oral health status of permanent first molars in adult patients.
Paracrangon areolata Faxon, 1893 un camarón nuevo para Chile (Decapoda, Crangonidae)
Báez R.,Pedro; Soto M.,Raúl;
Investigaciones marinas , 1997, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-71781997002500020
Abstract: ten specimens of paracrangon areolata were collected in chilean waters: nine between 35o31's-73o04'w and 35o43's-73o16'w and one off iquique. the bathymetric range of this species is between 580 and 800 m. this finding represents a new genus and a new species to the crustacean fauna of chile. these shrimps live on the continental slope and it integrates the archibenthic fauna
Chile: processo político e controvérsias intelectuais
Aggio, Alberto;Quiero, Gonzalo Cáceres;
Lua Nova: Revista de Cultura e Política , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-64452000000100006
Abstract: the chilean political process is viewed from an unusual angle, through the conjunction of a presentation of the main facts with an analysis of the main currents of interpretation. the background of the analysis is given by the present political context, which, it is argued, opens the possibility of putting again on the rails a democratization which has lost itself.
Diretmichthys parini (Post & Quéro, 1981): primer registro en Chile (Osteichthyes: Diretmidae)
Peque?o,Germán; Olivera,Francisco;
Investigaciones marinas , 2004, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-71782004000100007
Abstract: the first record of diretmichthys parini (family diretmidae) in chilean waters is communicated, on the basis of one specimen captured in waters over a submarine mount, located between juan fernandez archipelago and valparaíso. it is the second record in the southeastern pacific and it is the southernmost in the zone. morphometric data of the specimen is provided
Toward a Set of Trainable Content on Entrepreneurship Education: A Review of Entrepreneurship Research from an Educational Perspective
Carlos A. Albornoz
Journal of technology management & innovation , 2008,
Abstract: This is article is a literature review of four entrepreneurship journal published between 2000 and 2008. A content analysis of the literature review is categorized in four competencies to be included in entrepreneurship education processes. The article use Pratt (1998) teaching model to identify the teaching perspective that best fit each competency. The article elaborate teaching content from empirical research and suggest a sequence of how to present entrepreneurship content to new students.
Health and widowhood: Meanings and experience of elderly women in Chile  [PDF]
Paulina Osorio-Parraguez
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.58173

Aging and widowhood signal a real and symbolic landmark of change toward new vital experiences of elderly people. In the aging experience of women, there are three social age markers that participate directly in the construction of their identity as women during old age: menopause, work and widowhood. The present paper reports the results of a research on widowhood in old age and the experience of aging in elderly women in Chile. Through a qualitative methodological strategy, in depth biographic interviews were held with elderly people who were widowed after reaching 60 years of age, centering the analysis on its meanings on the body, health and death in old age, highlighting sociocultural aspects of the aging and widowing processes. Approaching widowhood in old age shows us not only a person who has lost a husband, but also what it means to be an elderly woman in a life experience continuum that also brings about key changes to understand the aging process of people, because marital relations can get to be determining factors for the construction of the identity of women and their experience of the aging process.

Social Construction of Dependence in Elderly Men in Chile  [PDF]
Paulina Osorio-Parraguez, Andrés G. Seguel
Health (Health) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/health.2014.610125
Abstract: Based on a qualitative research restricted to aging processes in Chile, the paper presents the experience and significance of dependence in elderly men and how it is related with the social construction of old age. It is important to know how the identity of aging is configured when facing such a significant biographical and social landmark as the loss of functionality in later life. When analyzing the social construction of dependence in elderly men, three aspects of that configuration stand out: first, the way in which they understand and signify their situations of illness, physical problems, disability, and evaluation of their health; second, the characteristics of the social significant contexts in which disability or physical problems become evident; and third, the actions, roles or activities that they perform in those contexts, which are valued differently according to the experiences of dependence or autonomy. Dependence in elderly men does not appear as a static condition, but rather as a passage from physical-biological conditioners to the social context in which their everyday actions take place. So the agency of the dependence, its construction, experience and significance is the understanding of the social phenomenon of old age.
Music, Eurocentrism and Identity: The Myth of the Discovery of America in Chilean Music History  [PDF]
Alejandro Vera
Advances in Historical Studies (AHS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ahs.2014.35024
Abstract: During the past century, Edmundo O’Gorman, Tzvetan Todorov, Enrique Dussel and other scholars pointed out the Eurocentric perspective implied in traditional narratives about the discovery of America, most of which intended to confirm Europe as the center of world history and culture. At the same time, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Hayden White and others argued for the mythical character of history. According to them, even though historians attempted to assemble documentary evidence objectively, they constructed their narratives incorporating such evidence in preexisting stories, characters and categories with a mythical origin. This paper uses these viewpoints to analyze and criticize the way in which Chilean music history has been constructed, particularly during the republican era. The main hypothesis is that traditional discourses about that history have constantly recycled narratives on the discovery of America, which thus operates as a kind of founding myth for historical and musicological interpretations, especially when dealing with turning points such as the change of dynasty (1700), the beginning of independence (c. 1810) and the centenary of the republic (1910). A corollary would be that documentary evidence about music has been frequently hidden or distorted precisely in order to fit such a myth. That is why the present paper examines both bibliography and original documents found in different archives.
Application of a Mathematical Model to the Sierra Indiana Ore Leaching Process Containing Thorium, by Means of H2SO4 Solution and HCl  [PDF]
Pedro Orrego, Peter Fleming, Jorge Skeet, Ramón ávila
World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology (WJNST) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/wjnst.2019.91002

The existence of the thorium element in the ores from the Atacama region, Chile, and its importance in the activities of the nuclear industry, have generated the interest of the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission (CChEN) to study the technical feasibility of its recovery, like ThO2 through the implementation of hydrometallurgical techniques, such as leaching, solvent extraction, among others. The present work has become a report about the research carried out in the Extractive Metallurgy Area of the Department of Advanced Materials of CChEN, whose objective is to know the behavior of the thorium element when the mineral carrier is leached. The leaching tests were carried out in a glass reactor in batch mode, by mechanical agitation, varying different operational parameters, such as: type of leaching solution, concentration of acid in the solution, system temperature and granulometry of the mineral. The results indicate that there is technical feasibility for the recovery of thorium by leaching the mineral carrier with hydrochloric and/or sulfuric solution. The highest recovery of thorium for a sulfuric solution was 70.0% and for a hydrochloric solution of 83.8%, so the process presents a good efficiency in both cases. For a hydrochloric solution, the mathematical model of the thorium recovery efficiency obtained is:


The concentration of HCl and temperature, as well as their interaction, significantly affect the recovery of thorium for Sierra Indiana mineral, as well as temperature and granulometry. The previous model gives a good representativeness of 99.98%. For a sulfuric solution, the mathematical model of the thorium recovery efficiency obtained is:


The model indicates

Chile: mudan?a política e inser??o internacional, 1964-1997
Rojas Aravena, Francisco;
Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-73291997000200003
Abstract: this article analyses the last three decades of chilean foreign policy, having as background the country's internal situation and its reflects on chile's international insertion. by doing that, it emphasises the import of the relation democracy-foreign policy and, mainly, the elements of continuity and change that affect this relation during the last thirty years.
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