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The Influence of Customer’s Verbal Abuse on Turnover Intention and Job Burnout of Sales Service Staff—The Moderating Effect of Organizational Atmosphere and Psychological Capital  [PDF]
Zhun Gong, Yuqian Sun, Zihua Zhang
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2018.910135
Abstract: This study with subjects of 345 sales service personnel, examines the organization atmosphere and psychological capital in the customer’s verbal abuse and sales staff turnover intention and job burnout of the influence of the adjustment. It was found that: 1) verbal violation of the customer had a significant positive correlation with the tendency to resign and job burnout; 2) psychological capital has a negative moderating effect on the relationship between verbal abuse and turnover intention of sales staff; 3) organization atmosphere has negative moderating effect on the relationship between customer’s verbal violation and sales staff’s turnover intention and job burnout.
Guided Modes in a Four-Layer Slab Waveguide with Dispersive Left-Handed Material  [PDF]
Lufa Shen, Zihua Wang
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2010.24033
Abstract: A four-layer slab waveguide including left-handed material is investigated numerically in this paper. Considering left-handed material dispersion, we find eight TE guided modes as frequency from 4 GHz to 6 GHz. The fundamental mode can exist, and its dispersion curves are insensitive to the waveguide thickness. Besides, the total power fluxes of TE guided modes are analyzed and corresponding new properties are found, such as: positive and negative total power fluxes coexist; at maximum value of frequency, we find zero total power flux, etc. Our results may be of benefit to the optical waveguide technology.
Integrative Self-Organizing Map—A Mean Pattern Model  [PDF]
Zihua Yang, Zhengrong Yang
Engineering (ENG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2013.510B050

We propose an integrative self-organizing map (iSOM) for exploring differential expression patterns across multiple microarray experiments. The algorithm is based on the assumption that observed differential expressions are random samples of a mean pattern model which is unknowna priori. The learning mechanism of iSOM is similar to the conventional SOM. The mean pattern model which underlies the proposed iSOM models mean differential expressions using a one-dimension of mean differential expressions for the mean differential expressions. The feature map of an iSOM model can be used to reveal correlation between multiple medically/biologically related disease types or multiple platform experiments for one disease. We illustrate applications of iSOM using simulated data and real data.

A Two-Dimensional Time-Integral Numerical Model of Chongqing Fog

Zhang Limin,Li Zihua,

大气科学 , 1993,
Abstract: Chongqing is a famous " fog metropolis" , we have set up a model for complex terrain considering in details the long -wave radiative cooling, surface heat budget, gravitational settling, saturation adjustment and turbulent exchange, coefficient etc. We used the observed data as initial field to simulate the process of the formation and development of fog in Chongqing. Finally, the numerical experiments are made separately including rivers, thermal island, long -wave radiation, terrain and mountain city.
张利民 Zhang Limin,李子华 Li Zihua
大气科学 , 1993, DOI: 10.3878/j.issn.1006-9895.1993.06.14
Abstract: 重庆是著名的“雾都”.本文建立了一个复杂地形下详细考虑长波辐射冷却、地表热量平衡、雾水沉降、水汽凝结和蒸发、湍流交换系数等的二维非定常雾模式,以实测资料为初始场,研究了一次重庆雾的形成和发展过程.对江河、热岛、辐射、地形和山城的影响,模式分别进行了数值试验.
Insight into microRNA regulation by analyzing the characteristics of their targets in humans
Zihua Hu
BMC Genomics , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-10-594
Abstract: To gain new insight into miRNA regulation in humans, we used large scale data and carried out a series of studies to compare various features of miRNA target genes to that of non-miRNA target genes. We observed significant differences between miRNA and non-miRNA target genes for a number of characteristics, including higher and broader mRNA expression, faster mRNA decay rate, longer protein half-life, and longer gene structures. Based on these features and by analyzing their relationships we found that miRNA target genes, other than having miRNA repression, were most likely under more complex regulation than non-miRNA target genes, which was evidenced by their higher and broader gene expression but longer gene structures. Our results of higher and broader gene expression but fast mRNA decay rates also provide evidence that miRNA dampening of the output of preexisting transcripts facilitates a more rapid and robust transition to new expression programs. This could be achieved by enhancing mRNA degradation through an additive effect from multiple miRNA targeting.Genome-scale analysis on the nature of miRNA target genes has revealed a general mechanism for miRNA regulation of human gene expression. The results of this study also indicate that miRNA target genes, other than having miRNA repression, are under more complex gene regulation than non-miRNA target genes. These findings provide novel insight into miRNA regulation of human gene expression.miRNAs, which were first discovered in Caenorhabditis elegans as post-transcriptional regulators of genes involved in developmental timing [1,2], are small non-coding RNAs of ~23 nucleotides. They are now recognized as one of the major regulatory gene families, playing important roles in almost every cellular process in animals, plants and viruses [3-5]. In animals, this includes regulation of developmental timing and signaling pathways, apoptosis, metabolism, myogenesis and cardiogenesis, brain development [3], and human path
Invariants in electromagnetic and gravitational adjoint fields
Zihua Weng
Physics , 2008,
Abstract: The paper discusses the impact of adjoint fields on the conservation laws in the gravitational field and electromagnetic field, by means of the characteristics of octonions. When the adjoint field can not be neglected, it will cause the predictions to departure slightly from the conservation laws, which include mass continuity equation, charge continuity equation, and conservation of spin. The adjoint field of electromagnetic field has an effect on conservation of mass, and that of gravitational field on conservation of charge. The inferences explain how the adjoint field influences some conservation laws in the gravitational field and electromagnetic field.
Octonionic Electromagnetic and Gravitational Interactions and Dark Matter
Zihua Weng
Physics , 2006,
Abstract: Based on Maxwellian quaternionic electromagnetic theory, the electromagnetic interaction, gravitational interaction and their coupling influence with the dark matter field in octonionic space are discussed. The research results disclose the close relationships of dark matter field with electromagnetic and gravitational interactions. In the electromagnetic interaction, the variation of field energy density has direct effect on the force of charge and current. In the modified gravitational interaction, the near coplanarity, near circularity and corevolving of planetary orbits are deduced from the equations set. The change of centrifugal force of celestial body leads to fluctuation of revolution speed, when the field energy density, celestial body's angular momentum in its sense of revolution or its mass spatial distribution varied. In the dark matter field, the equations set reveal the movement properties of dark matter in certain conditions and its influence on ordinary matter movements. The research results explain that some observed abnormal phenomena about celestial bodies are caused by either modified gravitational interaction or dark matter.
Octonionic Strong and Weak Interactions and Their Quantum Equations
Zihua Weng
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: By analogy with the octonionic electromagnetic and gravitational interactions, the octonionic strong and weak interactions and their quantum interplays are discussed in the paper. In the weak interaction, the study deduces some conclusions of field sources and intermediate particles, which are consistent with the Dirac equation, Yang-Mills equation and some new intermediate particles etc. In the strong interaction, the research draws some conclusions of the field sources and intermediate particles, which are coincident with the Dirac-like equation, three kinds of colors and some new intermediate particles etc. The researches results show that there exist some new field source particles in the strong and weak interactions.
Octonionic Quantum Interplays of Dark Matter and Ordinary Matter
Zihua Weng
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: Based on the electromagnetic interaction and gravitational interaction, the quantum interplays of the ordinary matter and the dark matter in the octonion space are discussed. The paper presents the quantization of the particles of ordinary matter and dark matter, including the quantization of the electromagnetic field and gravitational field etc. In the electromagnetic and gravitational interactions, it deduces some predictions of the field source particle, which are consistent with the Dirac equation and Schrodinger equation in the quantum mechanics. The researches show that there exist some quantum characteristics of the intermediate particle in the electromagnetic and gravitational interactions, including the Dirac-like equation etc.
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