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Analysis of Cause of Death in Inner Mongolia of China, 2008-2014  [PDF]
Shuli Xing, Zhiqiang Sun, Maolin Du, Xuesen Shi, Hairong Zhang, Zhanlong Wang, Xiaoyan Zhang, Zhihui Hao, Zhuang Su, Ying Yang, Rong Liu, Yueling Hu, Juan Sun
Open Journal of Epidemiology (OJEpi) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojepi.2017.71002
Abstract: Objective: The aim of our study was to analyze the character of cause of death in Inner Mongolia of China from 2008 to 2014. Methods: We collected data from monitoring points of the Death Registry System (DRS) in Inner Mongolia. We calculated the mortality rates by gender, year and age-specific. We calculated the proportion, the mortality rate and potential years of life lost (PYLL) of various system deaths. Results: During the period 2008-2014, the average crude mortality rate of all cause of death was 539.33/105. The mortality rate increased semilogarithm linearly with age. The top four system deaths were circulatory system, neoplasm, respiratory system and injury. In 2014, the mortality rates of circulatory system were increased and the mortality rates of certain infectious and parasitic diseases, neoplasms, respiratory system, genitourinary system and injury were decreased compared to those in 2008. Conclusion: Through analysis the indicators of proportion, the mortality rate and PYLL indicated that health status of a population in Inner Mongolia was at a better level.
The Research and Design of the Application Domain Building Based on GridGIS  [PDF]
Zhong XIE, Lina MA, Liang WU, Zhanlong CHEN
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2010.21007
Abstract: According to the characteristic of Grid geographical information system (GridGIS), data distribution, heterogeneity and diversity in the grid environment, combining the high demand for shared resources and the purpose to realize unified and efficient management and sharing of distributed and mass resources, this paper proposed a grid GIS application building program on a number of peer-to-peer global Managers designs. This paper discussed the building process of the application domain, the selection criteria of application domain manager, the database design of application domain, and every service function module design of application domain. The integration of the application domain builds the three-tier management system of the node, the application domain, and the global management. The spatial query tests of distributed environment have shown that, the application domain is established to manage and share the distributed resources efficiently, and enhance the business processing functions in the grid environment.
Conversion of Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Wharton’s Jelly to Dopamine Neurons Mediated by the Lmx1a and Neurturin In Vitro: Potential Therapeutic Application for Parkinson’s Disease in a Rhesus Monkey Model
Min Yan, Maosheng Sun, Yan Zhou, Wanpu Wang, Zhanlong He, Donghong Tang, Shuaiyao Lu, Xiaonan Wang, Song Li, Wenju Wang, Hongjun Li
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0064000
Abstract: hUC-MSCs hold great promise in vitro neuronal differentiation and therapy for neurodegenerative disorders including Parkinson’s disease. Recent studies provided that Lmx1α play an important role in the midbrain dopamine cells differentiation. Neurturin is desired candidate gene for providing a neuroprotective to DA neurons. In this study, we investigated a novel neuronal differentiation strategy in vitro with Lmx1α and NTN. We transferred these two genes to hUC-MSCs by recombinant adenovirus combined with Lmx1α regulatory factor and other inductor to improve the efficiency of inducing. Then those induced cells were implanted into the striatum and substantia nigra of MPTP lesioned hemi-parkinsonian rhesus monkeys. Monkeys were monitored by using behavioral test for six months after implantation. The result showed that cells isolated from the umbilical cord were negative for CD45, CD34 and HLA-DR, but were positive for CD44, CD49d, CD29. After those cells were infected with recombinant adenovirus, RT-PCR result shows that both Lmx1α and NTN genes were transcribed in hUC-MSCs. We also observed that the exogenous were highly expressed in hUC-MSCs from immunofluorescence and western blot. Experiments in vitro have proved that secretion NTN could maintain the survival of rat fetal midbrain dopaminergic neurons. After hUC-MSCs were induced with endogenous and exogenous factors, the mature neurons specific gene TH, Pitx3 was transcripted and the neurons specific protein TH, β-tubulinIII, NSE, Nestin, MAP-2 was expressed in those differentiated cells. In addition, the PD monkeys, transplanted with the induced cells demonstrated the animals’ symptoms amelioration by the behavioral measures. Further more, pathological and immunohistochemistry data showed that there were neuronal-like cells survived in the right brain of those PD monkeys, which may play a role as dopaminergic neurons. The findings from this study may help us to better understand the inside mechanisms of PD pathogenesis and may also help developing effective therapy for Parkinson’s disease.
A Study on the Thermal Effect of the Current-Carrying Capacity of Embedded Underground Cable
LI Dewen,XIE Xuemei,ZHANG Zhanlong
Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: The current paper aims to study embedded underground cable and the effect of temperature that surrounds it. Determining the carrying capacity of the cable is important to predict the temperature changesin the embedded pipe. Simulating the temperature field and the laying environment according to the IEC standard enables the calculation of the carrying capacity of the buried region. According to the theoryof heat transfer, the embedded pipe tube model temperature field should be coupled with a numerical model. The domain and boundary conditions of the temperature field should also be determined using the 8.7/15kV YJV 400 cable. In conducting numerical calculation and analysis using the temperature field model, the two-dimensional temperature distribution of the emission control area should be determined. The experimental results show that the simulation isconsistent with the IEC standard. Furthermore, in identifying the cable ampacity, the different seasons and different cable rows should be taken into account using the finite element method. Finally, theappropriate choice of root and circuit numbers of the cable will improve the cable’s the carrying capacity.
A comparative analysis of numerical approaches to the mechanics of elastic sheets
Michael Taylor,Benny Davidovitch,Zhanlong Qiu,Katia Bertoldi
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: Numerically simulating deformations in thin elastic sheets is a challenging problem in computational mechanics due to destabilizing compressive stresses that result in wrinkling. Determining the location, structure, and evolution of wrinkles in these problems have important implications in design and is an area of increasing interest in the fields of physics and engineering. In this work, several numerical approaches previously proposed to model equilibrium deformations in thin elastic sheets are compared. These include standard finite element-based static post-buckling approaches as well as a recently proposed method based on dynamic relaxation, which are applied to the problem of an annular sheet with opposed tractions where wrinkling is a key feature. Numerical solutions are compared to analytic predictions, enabling a quantitative evaluation of the predictive power of the various methods. Results indicate that static finite element approaches are highly sensitive to initial imperfections, relying on \textit{a priori} knowledge of the equilibrium wrinkling pattern to generate optimal results. In contrast, dynamic relaxation is much less sensitive to initial imperfections and can generate solutions for a wide variety of loading conditions without requiring knowledge of the equilibrium solution beforehand.
Analysis on Zone-based Movement Pattern Using Taxi Trajectory Data

龚希, 陈占龙, 谢忠
, CHEN Zhanlong, XIE Zhong

- , 2018, DOI: 10.13203/j.whugis20170035
Abstract: 基于地域的移动模式(zone-based movement pattern,ZMP)的发掘通过对出租车轨迹的聚类分析,同步发掘地域与移动轨迹。该方法通过ZMP的合并达到新地域发掘的目的,并加以距离和专题属性组成的相邻约束以保留移动的方向性、地域的功能属性以及地域间的距离关系。通过连接矩阵迭代计算得到最优合并的ZMP进行合并,从而发掘ZMP,同时通过覆盖度、精准度以及基于这两者的平衡评估因子等对合并得到的ZMP进行评定。通过现实世界的出租车数据进行实验,结果表明该方法高效可行,能合理地实现合并现有区以发掘新地域
Spatial Scenes Matching with on Relaxation Labeling Approach

张丁文, 陈占龙, 谢忠
ZHANG Dingwen
, CHEN Zhanlong, XIE Zhong

- , 2018, DOI: 10.13203/j.whugis20150719
Abstract: 相似性度量是地理学中的关键组成部分,被广泛应用于空间检索、空间信息整合及空间数据挖掘中。因为空间场景中实体个数的差异及空间对象间的关系难以精确相等,若执行空间场景的完全精确匹配,可能会使得检索结果为空。顾及尺度差异,从空间场景中进行空间语义理解,建立了多尺度空间场景的形式化描述模型,并提取场景中稳定的特征构建空间场景特征矩阵。建立场景间的初始匹配概率矩阵后,基于松弛标记法迭代更新概率矩阵,直到矩阵收敛于一全局最小值并确定匹配的实体对,从而进行空间场景相似性评估。采用武汉居民地域数据进行场景匹配实验,并对不同邻域搜索半径下的匹配时间及精确度进行对比与分析,实验结果表明,基于松弛标记法的空间场景匹配方法具有较高的精确度
Neighborhood Reasoning of Rectangular Direction Constraints

张丁文, 陈占龙, 谢忠
ZHANG Dingwen
, CHEN Zhanlong, XIE Zhong

- , 2018, DOI: 10.13203/j.whugis20160165
Abstract: 在空间计算过程中,空间物体常被描述为其最小外包矩形,因此矩形间的方向约束是空间关系的一个关键子集。在矩形代数基础上,使用一个2×2的特征矩阵来描述矩形间的169种方向约束关系,并构建矩形方向约束邻域网格,以邻域网格上对应顶点间的最短网格路径分析矩形方向约束关系间的距离。进而,分析当两个矩形的其中一个发生缩放和平移等渐变时,一种矩形方向约束关系转变为其邻近约束关系的过程,并使用特征值元组区间的笛卡尔乘积来表示矩形变形过程中所形成矩形约束的特征矩阵,最后分析总结了矩形变形时对应特征矩阵的变化特点
Spatial Scene Matching Based on Multilevel Relevance Feedback

陈占龙, 张丁文, 谢忠, 吴亮
CHEN Zhanlong
, ZHANG Dingwen, XIE Zhong, WU Liang

- , 2018, DOI: 10.13203/j.whugis20160360
Abstract: 现有的空间场景匹配方法利用低级描述子(如局部几何形状描述子、方向、拓扑)或其组成的简单二元空间关系建立模型来试图满足用户的描述需求,缺乏对用户级主观概念的反馈机制。将用户反馈机制应用到空间场景匹配过程中,以研究机器在学习用户需求后对空间场景匹配的影响。在运算过程中,用户对匹配结果进行相关度评估并反馈给模型,模型根据反馈结果动态地更新检索参数权重以模拟用户的主观感知,从而使得调整后的匹配运算更加贴近用户需求。通过进行用户调查及分析特征向量权重的收敛情况验证了此方法的有效性和效率,实验结果表明,根据用户反馈进行空间场景匹配具有很高的用户主观性强度,用户只需进行2~3次的反馈就能得到较为满意的结果,空间场景的匹配结果更符合人的空间认知
Similarity Measurement of Multi-holed Regions Using Constraint Satisfaction Problem

陈占龙, 吴亮, 谢忠, 张丁文
CHEN Zhanlong
, WU Liang, XIE Zhong, ZHANG Dingwen

- , 2018, DOI: 10.13203/j.whugis20160191
Abstract: 多洞面实体作为现实世界的抽象,主要用来表示拥有多个内部边界的地理实体,如包含多个湖泊的区域,或带有岛屿的湖泊。为了度量这些空间实体,提出了一种顾及多约束的多洞面实体相似性度量模型,该模型将多洞区域看做微场景,将洞视为空间对象,洞之间的方向表示为空间分布关系。顾及复杂多洞面实体中洞与洞之间的方向、几何形状等约束条件,利用傅里叶描述子来描述洞的形状,使用方向特征矩阵来表示洞之间的分布,将相似性度量过程转换变成满足约束条件问题。利用由结点和边组成的关联图对约束条件的匹配过程进行描述。采用伊朗西北部的乌鲁米耶湖作为实验数据,对其不同年份的形态进行相似性度量,实验结果表明该方法简单可行且不失精度
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