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Soil reinforcement by a root system and its effects on sediment yield in response to concentrated flow in the loess plateau  [PDF]
Peng Li, Zhanbin Li
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/as.2011.22013
Abstract: The importance of roots in soil conservation has long been underestimated due to a lack of sys-tematic studies conducted to evaluate root dis-tribution patterns and their effects on soil ero-sion. Current knowledge regarding root mor-phology and its impact on soil erosion by water is limited; therefore, detailed analysis of the role that root systems play in controlling soil ero-sion is needed. In this study, stratified runoff scouring at different soil depths in the field was conducted in a grassland area. The results in-dicated that both root biomass and soil wa-ter-stable aggregates decreased as soil depth increased at all three sites, while there was al-most no change in soil bulk density at 1.3g/cm3. Sediment yields under different runoff dis-charge at different sites showed similar trends, and the sediment yield increased as the soil depth increased at all three sites. Further analysis revealed that close relationships ex-isted between root biomass and the amount of water-stable aggregates and soil organic matter content, and that these factors greatly influ-enced soil erosion. Based on the data generated by the experiment, equations describing the relationship between sediment production at different soil depths and root biomass were determined.
Applicative limitations of sediment transport on predictive modeling in geomorphology

WEI Xiang,LI Zhanbin,

地理学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Sources of uncertainty or error that arise in attempting to scale up the results of laboratory-scale sediment transport studies for predictive modeling of geomorphic systems include: (i) model imperfection, (ii) omission of important processes, (iii) lack of knowledge of initial conditions, (iv) sensitivity to initial conditions, (v) unresolved heterogeneity, (vi) occurrence of external forcing, and (vii) inapplicability of the factor of safety concept. Sources of uncertainty that are unimportant or that can be controlled at small scales and over short time scales become important in large-scale applications and over long time scales. Control and repeatability, hallmarks of laboratory-scale experiments, are usually lacking at the large scales characteristic of geomorphology. Heterogeneity is an important concomitant of size, and tends to make large systems unique. Uniqueness implies that prediction cannot be based upon first-principles quantitative modeling alone, but must be a function of system history as well. Periodic data collection, feedback, and model updating are essential where site-specific prediction is required.
Dynamic distribution characters of herbaceous vegetation root systems in abandoned grasslands of Loess Plateau

LI Peng,LI Zhanbin,TANTAI Zhan,

应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The investigation on the vertical distribution characters of herbaceous vegetation root systems in abandoned and natural grasslands of Loess Plateau by the method of soil auger showed that there were no significant differences in root system distribution patterns between different sampling points,and the related root indexes could be used to indicate the vertical distribution characters of vegetation roots.The main root indexes including root biomass and root length were decreased with increasing soil depth,but increased with increasing abandoned years.After abandoned for more than 20 years,the root distribution characters of abandoned grassland were approached to that of natural grassland.The root extinction coefficient decreased with increasing abandoned years,indicating that more and more roots were concentrated in surface soil layer with the increase of abandoned time,which was helpful to the improvement of soil physical and chemical properties,and beneficial to the new species intrusion and vegetation succession.
Effects of Crop Canopies on Rain Splash Detachment
Bo Ma, Xiaoling Yu, Fan Ma, Zhanbin Li, Faqi Wu
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099717
Abstract: Crops are one of the main factors affecting soil erosion in sloping fields. To determine the characteristics of splash erosion under crop canopies, corn, soybean, millet, and winter wheat were collected, and the relationship among splash erosion, rainfall intensity, and throughfall intensity under different crop canopies was analyzed through artificial rainfall experiments. The results showed that, the mean splash detachment rate on the ground surface was 390.12 g/m2·h, which was lower by 67.81% than that on bare land. The inhibiting effects of crops on splash erosion increased as the crops grew, and the ability of the four crops to inhibit splash erosion was in the order of winter wheat>corn>soybeans>millet. An increase in rainfall intensity could significantly enhance the occurrence of splash erosion, but the ability of crops to inhibit splash erosion was 13% greater in cases of higher rainfall intensity. The throughfall intensity under crop canopies was positively related to the splash detachment rate, and this relationship was more significant when the rainfall intensity was 40 mm/h. Splash erosion tended to occur intensively in the central row of croplands as the crop grew, and the non-uniformity of splash erosion was substantial, with splash erosion occurring mainly between the rows and in the region directly under the leaf margin. This study has provided a theoretical basis for describing the erosion mechanisms of cropland and for assisting soil erosion prediction as well as irrigation and fertilizer management in cultivated fields.
Theoretical and Experimental Investigations into Centrifugal Desalting of Sea Ice

TAN Wei,LI Chunliang,GAO Xiaochong,JIA Zhanbin,

资源科学 , 2011,
Abstract: Salinity of sea ice results mainly from brine salinity cell wrapped inside when sea ice is freezing.In terms of this,methods of centrifugal separation of sea ice are suggested as follows:1) breaking the ice so that salt brine is exposed and 2) using the large gravity of ice to remove sea brine and dilution sea ice by centrifuge.Through a theoretical analysis,a mathematical formula depicting the relationship between the salinity and the time after centrifugal desalting of sea ice,S(t)=PK1/t]where P is a cor...
Effects of soil moisture on the compensation effect of winter wheat with its partial roots cut off at returning green stage

MA Shouchen,XU Bingcheng,LI Fengmin,HUANG Zhanbin,LIU lin,ZHANG Xiaohong,YANG Shenjiao,

应用生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The study with pot experiment showed that after cutting partial roots at returning green stage, the growth of winter wheat was restrained at early growth stage, and the leaf area was decreased significantly from returning green to jointing stage but restored to the level of the control at flowering stage. Under high soil moisture condition, root cutting increased the values of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters ETR, phiPS II , qp and qn, at jointing stage significantly. The accumulated dry matter weight per stem after anthesis was significantly higher in root-cut wheat (0. 81 g) than in the control (0. 56 g) , with the accumulation coefficient (AC) of root-cut wheat increased by 38. 79% , but no significant difference was observed in root weight. Under low soil moisture condition, there were no significant differences in the values of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters and accumulated dry matter weight per stem after anthesis between root-cut wheat and the control, but the root weight of root-cut wheat decreased significantly. Soil moisture didn' t enhance the compensation effect of the aboveground biomass and grain yield of root-cut wheat. Root cutting reduced the water consumption of winter wheat significantly. Under high soil moisture condition, root-cut wheat saved 2 000 ml of water, and its water use efficiency (WUE) ( 1. 97 g x kg (-1)) was significantly higher than that of the control (1.70 g x kg(-1)). Under low soil moisture condition, root-cut wheat saved 1500 ml of water, but there was no significant difference in the WUE between root-cut wheat and the control.
Research progression on water use efficiency and its physio-ecological mechanism

Huang,Zhanbin,Shan Lun,
,山 仑

中国生态农业学报 , 1998,
Abstract: 系统分析了水分利用效率理论及其与作物产量的关系,并从作物生长发育、光合与蒸腾作用、水分状况以及空气相对湿度等环境因子诸方面对水分利用效率的生理生态机理研究进展进行了探讨。
Association of Polymorphism of Microsatellite Markers with Litter Size in Chinese Funiu White Goat
Yuqin Wang,Zhang Nana,Wang Zhanbin,Wang Qingyi,Zhang Xiaohui,Bai Junyan,Pang Youzhi
Research Journal of Animal Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/rjnasci.2010.92.98
Abstract: With the aim to detect micro-satellites loci affecting prolific in Funiu White Goat, Eight micro-satellites loci (OarAE101, BM1329, BM 143, LSCV043, GC101, TGLA68, OarHH55 and OarHH35) were selected to study the genetic polymorphisms in Funiu White goats and to analyze their association with litter size of the goat breeds. Within these seven loci, Polymorphism Information Content (PIC), Number of effective alleles (Ne) and Heterozygosity (H) were calculated. The results showed that the mean number of alleles per locus was 7.63±1.60 (range from 6-11) and the mean Ne was 5.34±0.41 (range, 4.74-5.61) and the mean PIC was 0.79±0.02 (range, 0.756-0.799), the mean heterozygosity was 0.88±0.03 (range, 0.84-0.92). It is indicated that the 8 microsatellite loci on the litter size of goat showed that 110 and 110/110 bp at OarAE101, 147/160 bp at 1329, 108/118 and 108 bp at BM143, 160 and 123/160 bp at OarHH35, 115 and 115/115 bp at TGLA68, 123/123 and 145/150 bp at OarHH55, 95/160 bp at LSCV043 had positive effects on the litter size in Funiu White goat. While 155 bp at BM1329, 100/123 bp at BM143 has negative effects on the second litter size and 119/135 bp at OarHH 55,115/160 bp at LSCV043 has negative effects on the total litter size in Funiu White goat. These results may be applied to marker-assisted selection and molecular breeding of Funiu White goat in future.
On the Historical Position of the Past Forty Years of CPC's Leading Economic Reform

,ZHANG Zhanbin

- , 2018, DOI: 10.13718/j.cnki.xdsk.2018.04.006
Abstract: 自1978年十一届三中全会以来,中国共产党领导的经济体制改革经历了40年的光辉历程,从市场取向的改革,到确立社会主义市场经济体制的改革目标,再到初步确立和完善社会主义市场经济体制、发挥市场配置资源的决定性作用,一系列的相关改革波澜壮阔。在这历史进程中,我们实现了理论和实践上的重大突破,使中国不断走向世界舞台的中央。历史和实践表明,中国共产党领导经济体制改革的40年在中华民族复兴史、中国现代化史、世界社会主义史、马克思主义发展史乃至人类历史上都具有显著的历史方位。
Since the Third Plenum of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Part of China in 1978, the reform of the economic system led by the Communist Party of China has gone through the glorious course of nearly 40 years. A series of related reforms, from the reform of the market orientation to the goal of establishing the socialist market economic system, and then to preliminarily establishing and perfecting the socialist market economy system and giving full play to the allocation of resources in the market, are magnificent. In the process, we have made significant breakthroughs in theory and practice, which makes China reach the world level of development. History and practice show that the past forty years of CPC's leading economic reform have a significant historical position in the history of national rejuvenation, the history of Chinese modernization, the history of the world socialism, the history of the development of Marxism and the history of mankind
Synthesis of a symmetrical tetrasubstituted cucurbit[6]uril and its host-guest inclusion complex with 2,2 ′-bipyridine
Yunjie Zhao,Saifeng Xue,Qianjiang Zhu,Zhu Tao,Jianxin Zhang,Zhanbin Wei,Lasheng Long,Maolin Hu,Hongping Xiao,Anthony Day
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2004, DOI: 10.1360/04wb0031
Abstract: Synthesis of a symmetrical tetrasubstituted cucurbit[6]uril has been achieved by using the diether of dimethylglycoluril (1) and the dimmer of glycoluril (2). The structure of the symmetrical tetramethylcucurbit[6]uril (TMeQ[6]) has been determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction, 1H NMR spectroscopy and ESMS. The 1H NMR spectra of 2,2′-bipyridine added to TMeQ[6] reveal that the host-guest inclusion complex was easily formed.
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