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The Shell Model of the Universe: A Universe Generated from Multiple Big Bangs  [PDF]
Tower Chen, Zeon Chen
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2016.77062
Abstract: The Current Standard Model of the Universe asserts that the universe is generated from a single Big Bang event followed by inflation. There is no center to this universe, hence, no preferential reference frame to describe the motions of celestial objects. We propose a new, Shell Model of the Universe, which contends that the universe is created from multiple, concentric big bangs. Accordingly, that origin presents itself as a unique, preferential reference frame, which furnishes the simplest description of the motions of galaxies in the cosmos. This is similar in manner to how planetary motion is more straightforwardly described via a sun-centered Solar System rather than an earth-centered one. The appeal of the Shell Model of the Universe lies in its simplistic ability to resolve the paradox of quasars, explain the variability in Hubble’s Constant, and solve the problematic accelerated expansion of the universe.
Time, Length, and Mass Are Derived Quantities  [PDF]
Tower Chen, Zeon Chen
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2016.710108
Abstract: Fundamental units of measurements are kilograms, meters, and seconds—in regards to mass length, and time. All other measurements in mechanical quantities including kinetic quantities and dynamic quantities are called derived units. These derived units can be expressed in terms of fundamental units, such as acceleration, area, energy, force, power, velocity and volume. Derived quantities will be referred to as time, length, and mass. In order to explain that fundamental units are not equivalent with fundamental quantities, we need to understand the contraction of time and length in Special Relativity. If we choose the velocity of light as fundamental quantity and length and time as derived quantities, then we are able to construct three-dimensional space-time frames. Three-dimensional space-time frames representing time with polar coordination, time contraction and length contraction can be shown graphically.
A Bridge Connecting Classical Physics and Modern Physics  [PDF]
Tower Chen, Zeon Chen
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2016.711125
Abstract: In classical physics, time and space are absolute and independent, so time and space can be treated separately. However, in modern physics, time and space are relative and dependent: time and space must be treated together. In 4-d s-t frames, we treat time and space independently, then add a constraint to link them together. In teaching, there is a big gap between classical and modern physics. We hope that we are able to find a frame connecting them to make learning simpler. 3-d s-t frame is the best candidate to serve this purpose: time and space are able to be treated dependently by defining the unit of time as T and the unit of space as λ in this frame. Furthermore, the ratio, λ/T, is the velocity, c, of the medium. This paper shows the equivalence between a 4-d s-t frame and a 3-d s-t frame by properly converting coordinates of two frames.
Special Relativity in Three-Dimensional Space-Time Frames  [PDF]
Tower Chen, Zeon Chen
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2016.64033
Abstract: In Newton’s classical physics, space and time are treated as absolute quantities. Space and time are treated as independent quantities and can be discussed sepa-rately. With his theory of relativity, Einstein proved that space and time are de-pendent and must be treated inseparably. Minkowski adopted a four-dimensional space-time frame and indirectly revealed the dependency of space and time by adding a constraint for an event interval. Since space and time are inseparable, a three-dimensional space-time frame can be constructed by embedding time into space to directly show the interdependency of space and time. The formula for time dilation, length contraction, and the Lorenz transformation can be derived from graphs utilizing this new frame. The proposed three-dimensional space-time frame is an alternate frame that can be used to describe motions of objects, and it may improve teaching and learning Special Relativity and provide additional insights into space and time.
Capturing, Documenting and Visualizing Search Contexts for building Multimedia Corpora
Zeon Trevor Fernando
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: In Social Science research, multimedia documents are often collected to answer particular research questions like: "Which of the aesthetic properties of a photo are considered important on the web" or "How has Street Art developed over the past 50 years". Therefore, a researcher generally issues multiple queries to a number of search engines. This activity may span over long time intervals and results in a collection which can be further analyzed. Documenting the collection building process which includes the context of the carried out searches is imperative for social scientists to reproduce their research. Such context documentation consists of several user actions and search attributes like: the issued queries; the results clicked and saved; duration a particular result was viewed for; the set of results that was displayed but neither clicked, nor saved; as well as user annotations like comments or tags. In this work we will describe a search process tracking module and a search history visualization module. These modules can be integrated into keyword based search systems through a REST API which was developed to help capture, document and revisit past search contexts while building a web corpora. Finally, we detail the implementation of how the module was integrated into the LearnWeb2.0 platform - a multimedia web2.0 search and sharing application which can obtain resources from various web2.0 tools such as Youtube, Bing, Flickr, etc using keyword search.
LearnWeb-OER: Improving Accessibility of Open Educational Resources
Jaspreet Singh,Zeon Trevor Fernando,Saniya Chawla
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: In addition to user-generated content, Open Educational Resources are increasingly made available on the Web by several institutions and organizations with the aim of being re-used. Nevertheless, it is still difficult for users to find appropriate resources for specific learning scenarios among the vast amount offered on the Web. Our goal is to give users the opportunity to search for authentic resources from the Web and reuse them in a learning context. The LearnWeb-OER platform enhances collaborative searching and sharing of educational resources providing specific means and facilities for education. In the following, we provide a description of the functionalities that support users in collaboratively collecting, selecting, annotating and discussing search results and learning resources.
Enhancement of Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity by Sodium/Iodide Symporter Gene-Mediated Radioiodine Pretreatment in Breast Cancer Cells
Hae Won Kim, Jung Eun Kim, Mi-Hye Hwang, Yong Hyun Jeon, Sang-Woo Lee, Jaetae Lee, Seok Kil Zeon, Byeong-Cheol Ahn
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0070194
Abstract: A phase II study of NK cell therapy in treatment of patients with recurrent breast cancer has recently been reported. However, because of the complexities of tumor microenvironments, effective therapeutic effects have not been achieved in NK cell therapy. Radioiodine (I-131) therapy inhibits cancer growth by inducing the apoptosis and necrosis of cancer cells. Furthermore, it can modify cancer cell phenotypes and enhance the effect of immunotherapy against cancer cells. The present study showed that I-131 therapy can modulate microenvironment of breast cancer and improve the therapeutic effect by enhancing NK cell cytotoxicity to the tumor cells. The susceptibility of breast cancer cells to NK cell was increased by precedent I-131 treatment in vitro. Tumor burden in mice treated with I-131 plus NK cell was significantly lower than that in mice treated with NK cell or I-131 alone. The up-regulation of Fas, DR5 and MIC A/B on irradiated tumor cells could be the explanation for the enhancement of NK cell cytotoxicity to tumor cells. It can be applied to breast cancer patients with iodine avid metastatic lesions that are non-responsive to conventional treatments.
Research on the Incentive Mechanism of Hidilao Hotpot’s Employees Based on Grounded Theory  [PDF]
Chen Chen
Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies (JHRSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jhrss.2018.61031
Abstract: The traditional classical incentive model only reveals the general rule of organizational incentive, and does not give specific operation rules. The matching between organizational incentives and employee needs is still black box, and it does not reveal its core operation mechanism from the perspective of mechanism. This paper took through the literature review, the Hidilao Hotpot company as a case study, through a variety of ways to collect data, the use of grounded theory to encode data analysis, and ultimately extracted 58 concepts, 26 sub-areas, 7 main areas, concluded that the Hidilao Hotpot Employee motivation formed the path, and ultimately extracted the micro-level employee motivation mechanism model. The research result of this article comes from the practice of the enterprise, which has enlightenment to the organizational incentive of the traditional catering industry and also provides a micro-research perspective and systematic mechanism research for the incentive field.
Digital Image Watermarking Based on Mixed Error Correcting Code  [PDF]
Yonghong Chen, Jiancong Chen
Journal of Information Security (JIS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jis.2012.32018
Abstract: In this paper, we present a novel technique based on a mixed Error Correcting Code(ECC)-the convolutional code and the repetition code to enhance the robustness of the embedded watermark. Before embedding, the binary watermark is scanned to one-dimension sequence and later inputted into the (3, 1, 2) convolutional encoder and (3, 1) repetition encoder frame by frame, which will improve the error correcting capability of decoder. The output code sequence is scanned to some matrixes as the new watermark messages. The watermarking is selected in low frequency band of the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and therefore it can resist the destruction of image processing. Experimental results are presented to demonstrate that the robustness of a watermark with mixed ECC is much higher than the traditional one just with repetition coding while suffering JPEG lossy compression, salt and pepper noise and center cutting processing.
Operator Equation and Application of Variation Iterative Method  [PDF]
Ning Chen, Jiqian Chen
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/am.2012.38127
Abstract: In this paper, we study some semi-closed 1-set-contractive operators A and investigate the boundary conditions under which the topological degrees of 1-set contractive fields, deg (I-A, Ω, p) are equal to 1. Correspondingly, we can obtain some new fixed point theorems for 1-set-contractive operators which extend and improve many famous theorems such as the Leray-Schauder theorem, and operator equation, etc. Lemma 2.1 generalizes the famous theorem. The calculation of topological degrees and index are important things, which combine the existence of solution of for integration and differential equation and or approximation by iteration technique. So, we apply the effective modification of He’s variation iteration method to solve some nonlinear and linear equations are proceed to examine some a class of integral-differential equations, to illustrate the effectiveness and convenience of this method.
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