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Effects of Chinese herbal medicine Danzhi Jiangtang Capsule and exercise on JNK signaling pathway in pancreatic tissues of diabetic rats
Yuan-jie Wu
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2012,
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To explore the effects of exercise and Danzhi Jiangtang Capsule (DJC), a compound traditional herbal medicine, on the JNK signaling pathway in pancreatic tissues of diabetic rats and to investigate the possible mechanisms of exercise and DJC in treating diabetes. METHODS: Seventy-eight male Wistar rats were injected with low dose of streptozotocin and fed a high-fat diet to establish a diabetic model in rats. Then 60 diabetic rats were divided into diabetes group, exercise group, DJC group and exercise combined with DJC group. Another twelve rats were used as normal control. After eight months of treatment, the expression levels of phosphor-c-Jun N-terminal kinase (p-JNK), pancreatic and duodenal homeobox-1 (PDX-1), and insulin protein in pancreatic tissues from rats were detected by immunohistochemical method and Western blotting. RESULTS: In pancreatic tissues of diabetes group, the expression level of p-JNK protein was significantly higher than that in the normal group (P<0.01), and the expression levels of PDX-1 and insulin protein were significantly decreased (P<0.01). After administration of exercise and DJC, the expression level of p-JNK protein in pancreatic tissues of the diabetes group was decreased significantly, while the expression levels of PDX-1 and insulin protein were increased significantly (P<0.05 or P<0.01). CONCLUSION: Exercise and DJC effectively protect islet β-cell function in diabetic rats, which might be due to a decreased JNK signaling pathway.
Assemblies and Properties of Asymmetric Supercapacitors Based on WO3/Carbon Cloth

SHAO Wen-ke
, ZHAO Lei, LIU Chao, DONG Yan-ying, ZHU Yuan-jie, WANG Qiu-fan

- , 2018, DOI: 10.13208/j.electrochem.180124
Abstract: 摘要 以超级电容器的电极材料制备、性质研究及对组装的非对称超级电容器的性能研究为核心内容,提高超级电容器电化学性能为主要目的,采用水热合成法在碳布基底上合成三氧化钨/碳布和活化后的碳布为超级电容器的电极材料。采用SEM、XRD表征方法对制备的材料进行了形貌表征及物相分析;使用上海辰华电化学工作站对电极材料进行了循环伏安、恒流充放电、交流阻抗等电化学性能测试. 最终得到以三氧化钨/碳布为正极材料、活化后的碳布为负极材料组装成不对称柔性电容器,进行电化学测试,其电位窗口提高到0~1.6 V,电流密度61.9 mA·cm-2时,电容达到58.96 F·cm-2,功率密度0.48 W·cm-2时,能量密度为20.36 mWh·cm-2,同时在电流密度8 mA·cm-2时,循环3000次时表现出良好的循环性能,相较于对称型超级电容器,倍率性能更加优异
Studies on distribution of characeae in China

QIU Li-Chuan,LING Yuan-Jie,

水生生物学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 轮藻植物是低等的藻类植物,但其个体较大、高度分化,生殖器官构造复杂,可与高等植物的性器官比较,因此将它们列为独立一门即轮藻门(Charophyta),轮藻门只有一个轮藻科(Characeae)。轮藻植物分布于除南极洲以外的所有大陆,多生于淡水,少数生长在微盐性的水体中,轮藻植物分布与环
Role of hREV3 in cell cycle and proliferation

XU Fang,LI Yuan-Jie,

遗传 , 2008,
Abstract: Using a stable human kidney embryonic cell line HEK-293-M-REV3- in which the REV3 gene expression is suppressed by antisense RNA, we measured cell cycle progression and proliferation in an attempt to valuate the roles of REV3 in mutagenesis and tumorigenesis. HEK-293-M-REV3- cells were untreated or treated with DNA damaging agent UVB irradiation or methyl methanesulfonate (MMS), followed by flow cytometry and cell counting to determine the cell cycle distribution and proliferation index (PI). This study revealed that suppression of REV3 delayed spontaneous S phase pro-gression. When treated with MMS or UVB, HEK-293-M-REV3- cells were arrested at S or G2-M phase of the cell cycle, resulting in an increased PI. In light of our previous report that suppression of REV3 limits spontaneous and DNA dam-age-induced mutagenesis, we speculate that failure in translesion synthesis due to the abolation of DNA Polymerasex may cause frequent replication fork arrest and account for the prolonged cell cycle, which is further manifested by external sources of DNA damage. Furthermore, persistent replication fork arrest may evoke cell death or apoptosis.

Xie Shu-lian Ling Yuan-jie,

植物分类学报 , 1994,
Abstract: One new species Coloniophora shanxiensis Y. J. Ling et S. L. Xie, is described, and one new record, C. spicata (Schmid. ) Islam, is reported both from Shanxi, China.
Materials for Chinese Cloniophora (Chlorophyta)

Xie Shu-lian,Ling Yuan-jie,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 1994,
Abstract: One new species Coloniophora shanxiensis Y. J. Ling et S. L. Xie, is described,and one new record, C. spicata (Schmid.) Islam, is reported both from shanxi, China.
Two New Species of Compsopogon (Rhodophyta) from Shanxi and Guangxi, China

XIE Shu-Lian,LING Yuan-Jie,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 1998,
Low-Complexity Blind Channel Estimation for Long-Code MIMO CDMA
长码MIMO CDMA系统的快速盲信道估计方法

Li Yuan-jie,Yang Lu-xi,

电子与信息学报 , 2005,
Abstract: In this paper, a low-complexity blind channel estimation technique is proposed for long-code MIMO CDMA systems. Simply based on the first-order statistic of the decorrelating matched filter output, the channel parameters can be estimated effectively without training sequences. Computer simulations show that the proposed algorithm offers good estimation behavior for MIMO CDMA systems.
The annular gap model for gamma-ray emission from young and millisecond pulsars
Yuan-Jie Du,G. J. Qiao,J. L. Han,K. J. Lee,R. X. Xu
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2010.16870.x
Abstract: Pulsed high energy radiation from pulsars is not yet completely understood. In this paper, we use the 3D self-consistent annular gap model to study light curves for both young and millisecond pulsars observed by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. The annular gap can generate high energy emission for short-period pulsars. The annular gap regions are so large that they have enough electric potential drop to accelerate charged particles to produce gamma-ray photons. For young pulsars, the emission region is from the neutron star surface to about half of the light cylinder radius, and the peak emissivity is in the vicinity of the null charge surface. The emission region for the millisecond pulsars is located much lower than that of the young pulsars. The higher energy gamma-ray emission comes from higher altitudes in the magnetosphere. We present the simulated light curves for three young pulsars (the Crab, the Vela, the Geminga) and three millisecond pulsars (PSR J0030+0451, PSR J0218+4232, PSR J0437-3715) using the annular gap model. Our simulations can reproduce the main properties of observed light curves.
The Application of Computer Assisted Instruction and Multimedia in Teaching Genetics
计算机辅助教学及多媒体在遗传学教学中的应用 The Application of Computer Assisted Instruction and Multimedia in Teaching Genetics

SHEN Fa-fu,WANG Hong-gang,YU Yuan-jie,
,王洪刚,于元杰HEN Fa-fu,WANG Hong-gang,YU Yuan-jie

遗传 , 2000,
Abstract: The article firstly reviewed traditional teaching method of genetics in China,the characteristics of combination of media mix at present was analyzed in teaching genetics,the unique superiority of computer assisted instruction and multimedia was pointed out in teaching genetics,some suggestions to establish and utilize CAI class document of genetics was proposed in Chinese universities.
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