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Research Progress on Multifactor Analysis of Biomechanics After Teeth Defect Repair.

ZHAO Chu-qiao
,LIU Zhi-hui,WANG Bo-wei.

- , 2017, DOI: 10.13701/j.cnki.kqyxyj.2017.12.026
Abstract: 摘要 随着口腔修复材料、粘结技术、加工工艺的快速发展,近年来对根管治疗后后牙牙体缺损的修复方式提出了更新的理念,对传统修复方式提出了挑战,也存在着诸多学术争论。本文系统回顾了近五年国内外相关文献,从修复方式、修复材料、预备体设计形式、粘接系统等诸多因素分析了后牙牙体缺损修复的力学改变及影响因素,为临床工作提供循证依据
Preparation, Anti-infect Ability in Vitro, and Stability of Multi-layer Sodium Alginate-chitosan Microspheres Loading VEGF and VAN

徐一驰, 赵楚翘, 陈楷, 刘定坤, 金巨楼, 孙梦洁, 刘志辉
XU Yi-chi
, ZHAO Chu-qiao, CHEN Kai, LIU Ding-kun, JIN Ju-lou, SUN Meng-jie, LIU Zhi-hui

- , 2018, DOI: 10.13701/j.cnki.kqyxyj.2018.08.025
Abstract: 摘要 目的:制备载有血管内皮生长因子(VEGF)和万古霉素(VAN)的多层海藻酸钠(SA)-壳聚糖(CS)微球,并讨论其体外抗感染能力和稳定性。方法:采用滴注法和层层自组装技术制备多层载药微球;纸片法实验检测微球体外抗感染能力;分别采用ELISA法和紫外分光光度法测定微球中VEGF和VAN的载药量和包封率;微球经过不同条件处理后,通过SEM观察微球表面和截面形态,并分别测定不同条件处理后微球内VEGF和VAN的有效释放量的变化。结果:肉眼观制备出的微球呈类球形;VEGF和VAN的载药量分别为6.63×10-5%和1.39%,包封率分别为72.1%和3.37%;微球溶解后,溶液对金黄色葡萄球菌的抑菌环直径为(12.61±1.01) mm;不同条件处理后,微球直径约为900~1100 μm,表面完整,存在少许褶皱,截面呈致密网状结构;不同条件处理后微球内VEGF和VAN的有效释放量均有一定下降。结论:本实验制备的载VEGF/VAN多层微球粒径均匀,对金黄色葡萄球菌具有一定抑菌效果,需低温(-80 ℃)且避光储存
Biomechanical Analysis of Repairing Large Area Defects of Mandibular First Molar with Endocrown and Post-core Crown.

赵楚翘, 徐一驰, 刘定坤, 杨军星, 魏子清, 唐林俊, 沈杰, 刘宇昆, 刘志辉
ZHAO Chu-qiao
, XU Yi-chi, LIU Ding-kun, YANG Jun-xing, WEI Zi-qing, TANG Lin-jun, SHEN Jie, LIU Yu-kun, LIU Zhi-hui

- , 2018, DOI: 10.13701/j.cnki.kqyxyj.2018.05.013
Abstract: 摘要 目的:利用有限元法对比分析髓腔固位冠及桩核冠对大面积缺损的下颌第一磨牙剩余牙体组织的应力大小及分布的影响。方法:应用CT扫描下颌第一磨牙后建立三维有限元模型并以完整牙齿作为对照组,模拟根管治疗过程后建立3种缺损的模型作为实验组:近远中壁缺损(A)组、颊壁近中壁缺损(B)组、颊壁及近远中壁缺损(C)组,分别采用髓腔固位冠及桩核冠修复。载荷1以200N的总载荷垂直向加载模拟正中咬合;载荷2以200 N的总载荷与牙长轴成45°斜向加载模拟侧方咬合,应用Abaqus软件分析剩余牙体组织的von Mises应力和最大主应力的大小及分布情况。结果:髓腔固位冠修复后牙体组织所受应力高于桩核冠,甚至可高出1倍;髓腔固位冠修复后应力集中于髓室底,桩核冠修复后应力集中于远中根尖1/3。结论:髓腔固位冠和桩核冠均是下颌第一磨牙大面积缺损可选择的修复方案,桩核冠对牙体组织具有更好的保护作用
Efficacy of continuous blood purification in the treatment of childhood fulminant myocarditis

盛楚乔, 张圳, 李玉梅, 贾勇
SHENG Chu-Qiao
, ZHANG Zhen, LI Yu-Mei

- , 2015, DOI: 10.7499/j.issn.1008-8830.2015.06.022
Enhancing privacy for geographic information based on video analysis

KANG Hai-yan
, HUANG Yu-xuan, CHEN Chu-qiao

- , 2018, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.2.2017.077
Abstract: 摘要: 社交网络中的视频资源常常包含了丰富的地理信息,因而给用户隐私安全带来严重的威胁。针对视频中的位置隐私等问题,利用太阳影子定位技术以及图像局部扭曲技术原理,提出了基于图像处理的视频地理信息隐私保护方法。根据观测直杆影子的视频建立太阳影子变化模型,挖掘该视频的地理信息,对视频进行处理,确定自然投影阴影区域。使用自适应网格技术对视频局部区域扭曲,达到了地理信息隐私保护的目的。实验表明,该方法能够对地理信息中包含的个人信息进行伪装和隐藏,同时保证视频连续完整性和可用性。
Abstract: Video resources in social networks contain abundant geography information, which always cause severe security challenge to individual privacy. A method of enhancing privacy for geographic information based on video analysis(EP-VGI)is proposed with the analytical principle of sun shadow positioning and local image artifacts. To extract geographic information, we set up a model of sun shadow by observe the changing shadow in the video. We selected the natural projection shadow area by processing the video image sequence. By using the methods of adaptive mesh, we achieved our purpose to protect the geographic information and privacy protection. Experiments show the method can be successful to mislead the hacker by hiding geographic information, and ensure the videos availability at the same time by actual testing
Benzyl 3-(10-oxo-9,10-dihydrophenanthren-9-ylidene)dithiocarbazate
Qiao-Ru Liu,Song-Mao Chu,Gan-Qing Zhao,Li-Hua Chen
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s160053680904272x
Abstract: In the title compound, C22H16N2OS2, the phenanthrene ring is nearly perpendicular to the phenyl ring, making a dihedral angle of 87.2 (2)°. Intramolecular N—H...O interactions are present. In the crystal structure, the molecules are linked through intermolecular C—H...O interactions. The crystal structure is also stabilized by C—H...π interactions and weak π–π contacts [centroid-centroid distance = 3.36 (6) ].
Spin Splitting Induced by a Competition between Quantum Spin Hall Edge States and Valley Edge States
Mudan Yang,Jia-Bin Qiao,Zhao-Dong Chu,Wen-Yu He,Lin He
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: Strained graphene with lattice deformations has been demonstrated to give rise to large pseudomagnetic fields and host many exotic properties. Here, we propose a non-magnetic approach to realize a momentum-dependent out-of-plane spin splitting in strained graphene nanoribbons with a moderate spin-orbit coupling. This unique spin splitting distincts from the well-known Zeeman-type spin splitting and the Rashba-type spin splitting. Our analysis indicates that the competition between quantum spin Hall edge states and valley edge states in the nanoribbon leads to the unique spin splitting. The quantum spin Hall states at one edge of the nanoribbon are suppressed by the counterpropagating edge modes induced by the pseudomagnetic field. At the opposite edge, the quantum spin Hall states are not affected at all. Therefore, the degenerate quantum spin Hall states of opposite spin orientation, which propagate at the two opposite edges of the nanoribbon, are lifted. This result reveals a new method to manipulate the spin degrees of freedom of electrons.
Quantum Superposition States of Two Valleys in Graphene
Jia-Bin Qiao,Zhao-Dong Chu,Liang-Mei Wu,Lin He
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: A system in a quantum superposition of distinct states usually exhibits many peculiar behaviors. Here we show that putting quasiparticles of graphene into superpositions of states in the two valleys can complete change the properties of the massless Dirac fermions. Due to the coexistence of both the quantum and relativistic characteristics, the superposition states exhibit many oddball behaviors in their chiral tunneling process. We further demonstrate that a recently observed line defect in graphene could be used to generate such superposition states. A possible experimental device to detect the novel behaviors of the relativistic superposition states in graphene is proposed.
Research direction for syndromes of traditional Chinese medicine: differentiating diseases from syndromes and differentiating syndromes from diseases
Qiao-Chu WANG
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2006,
Abstract: By historical review on integrative research of syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation and considering the scientific research method of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the syndrome is the key subject of clinical study on TCM. During the recent 10 years or more, many new diseases and diagnostic approaches have been found and developed in Western medicine, while in TCM, the advances in research on syndrome can not keep up with the requirements of clinical practice. This problem was caused by three matters as follows: (1) Syndrome differentiation and its classification have been conservative and lack of new discovery; (2) The thinking pattern of clinical practice has been focused on disease differentiation, and only complemented by syndrome differentiation; (3) The treatment has been concentrated on the disease instead of on the syndrome. Considering these problems, the author has put forward the thinking pattern of clinical research, that is "to differentiate diseases from syndromes and to differentiate syndromes from diseases". In this way, many new syndromes and diseases will be discovered with the improvement of disease and syndrome differentiations. These advances will provide rich resources for basic theoretical and pharmacal studies of TCM, and improve the common understanding of TCM in the world.
Propagating of Unloaded Indentation Crack in PZT—5H Ferroelectric Ceramics Under Single or Combined Mechanical and Electric Loadings

ZHAO Xianwu,CHU Wuyang,SU Yanjing,GAO Kewei,QIAO Lijie,

金属学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Propagating of unloaded indentation crack in a PZT--5H ferroelectric ceramics with various poling states under single or combined action of mechanical and electric loading has been investigated. The results show that the stress intensity factor induced by the residual stress of an unloaded indentation crack is approximately equal to the fracture toughness. The applied stress or/and electric field, positive and negative, can cause propagating of the indentation crack, and the combined effect of mechanical and electric loadings corresponds to applying an efficient stress.
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