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Microencapsulation Stability of Stevia Leaf Extracts of Stevia rebaudiana Bert Using Inulin-Chitosan  [PDF]
Mutmainah Mutmainah, Yohanes Martono, Yuvianti Dwi Franyoto, Lia Kusmita
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105925
Extract of Stevia leaf of rebaudiana Bert has a content that is easily oxidized by the presence of light and heating so it is not stable during storage. A microencapsulation process is carried out which aims to protect the contents in the extract. This study aims to determine the effect of storage temperature on the physical stability of the microencapsulation of Stevia leaf of rebaudiana Bert with a combination of encapsulants inulin chitosan. A study was conducted to determine the effect of temperature on the mi-croencapsulation stability of Stevia leaf of rebaudiana Bert over a period of 1 month. Tests carried out on the microencapsulation of Stevia leaf of re-baudiana Bert include the examination of the physical parameters of the microcapsules, namely the microencapsulation yield, moisture content, sol-ubility, flow rate, non-encapsulated and encapsulated extracts content and determination of particle distribution and morphological form. The test results show that the storage temperature does not affect the microen-capsulation stability of Stevia leaf of rebaudiana Bert, because the SEM test results did not change i.e. the particle size distribution of 1 - 1000 μm. The average yield obtained from making microencapsulation of Stevia leaf extract of rebaudiana Bert was 98.20%. Storage temperatures of 5?C, 25?C and 40?C affect the physical stability of the microencapsulation of Stevia leaf extract of rebaudiana Bert due to changes in the profile of physical characteristics during storage.
Time Step Issue in Unit Hydrograph for Improving Runoff Prediction in Small Catchments  [PDF]
Dyah Indriana Kusumastuti, Dwi Jokowinarno
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2012.48079
Abstract: Unit hydrograph is a very practical tool in runoff prediction which has been used since decades ago and to date it remains useful. Unit hydrograph method is applied in Way Kuala Garuntang, an ungauged catchment in Lampung Province, Indonesia. To derive an observed unit hydrograph it requires rainfall and water level data with fine time scale which are obtained from automatic gauges. Observed unit hydrograph has an advantage that it is possible to derive it for various time steps including those with time step less than an hour. In order to get a more accurate unit hydrograph, it is necessary to derive a unit hydrograph with small time step for a small catchment such as those used in this study. The study area includes Way Kuala Garuntang and its tributaries, i.e. Way Simpur, Way Awi with areas are 60.52 km2, 3.691 km2, and 9.846 km2 respectively. The results of this study highlight the importance of time step selection on unit hydrograph, which are shown to have a significant impact on the resulting unit hydrograph’s variables such as peak discharge and time to peak.
Reconstruction of Paleoceanography Significance in the Western Pacific and Atlantic Oceans during the Neogene Based on Calcareous Nannofossil Productivity and Size Variations, Related to the Global Tectonic Events  [PDF]
Santi Dwi Pratiwi, Tokiyuki Sato
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2016.68070
Abstract: We investigated the calcareous nannofossils in the western Pacific and Bahama Bank of Caribbean Sea to reconstruct the paleoceanography and correlate with the global events. The absolute abundant of coccolith (number/g) are gradually increased from NN6 throughout NN19 Zone, while the relative abundance of Discoaster is decreased at Sites 782 in the western Pacific Ocean. The changes of the modal and maximum size of Reticulofenestra which are strongly reflected the collapse of sea surface stability, show four times in 8.8 Ma, 6.4 Ma, 5.4 Ma and 3.75 Ma at Site 782. On the basis of relationship between the changes of maximum sizes of Reticulofenestra and nutrient condition, these eutrophication events are clearly traceable to the western Pacific, Bahama Bank, northwestern Pacific Ocean and to the Indian Ocean. Two paleoceanographic events found in 8.8 Ma and 3.75 Ma are interpreted as change to high nutrient condition resulted in the intensification of Asian Monsoon and closure of Panama Isthmus.
Dwi Poedjiastutie
TEFLIN Journal , 2009,
Abstract: : This study was designed to examine the potential culture shock experienced by foreign students in Indonesian university. There were 10 foreign students who responded to the questionnaires sent by the writer through BIPA (Indonesian for foreigners) in international office of foreign studentsa€ universities. It was found that there were three points of academic life that make foreign students experience culture shock, namely: teachera€ s roles and attitudes; poorly organized programs; and the local studentsa€ attitudes. In social life, it was found that foreign students experienced culture shock in 3 aspects, namely: women-men relationships; different ways of thinking and different habits.
Accelerating of Pink Pigment Excretion from Cyanobacterium Oscillatoria by Co-Cultivation with Anabaena
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2007,
Abstract: The freshwater cyanobacterium Oscillatoria BTCC/A 0004 excretes pink pigment containing lipoproteins with molecular weights of about 10 kDa. This pigment has surfactant properties with strong emulsification activity toward several hydrocarbons. This extracellular metabolite was suspected as toxin or allelochemical in their habitat. In this study, I investigated the effect of co-cultivation of Oscillatoria with Anabaena variabilis on the pigment excretion to explore the physiological roles of this pigment in its natural environment. The dead or viable cells and medium of A. variabilis were added into Oscillatoria cultures. Results showed that co-cultivation of free viable cells of A. variabilis enhanced the excretion of pigment without effect on the cell growth. Co-cultivation with viable cells in separated method and dead cells did not influenced the pigment production. The addition of A. variabilis medium was slightly increased the excretion of the pigment. Those results indicated that direct contact with A. variabilis caused Oscillatoria released a certain signaling compound.
Enabling ICT and Knowledge Management to Enhance Competitiveness of Higher Education Institutions
Dwi Sulisworo
International Journal of Education , 2012, DOI: 10.5296/ije.v4i1.1207
Abstract: HEIs are recognized to be in the knowledge business, and increasingly they are exposed to marketplace pressures in a similar way to other businesses. In this new situation, knowledge become the main drivers to create growth and security for the organization. The purpose of this paper is to seek the ICT contribution to knowledge management that enhance the HEIs competitiveness. The adoption and use of ICT to facilitate Knowledge Management (KM) has brought to focus the urgent need to come out with new methods, tools and techniques in the development of KM systems frameworks, knowledge processes and knowledge technologies. Creating a shared knowledge base and providing best practices via ICT tools enables the replication of future wellbeing. Through ICT, experts and professionals in different fields are empowered contribute their knowledge to effectively and efficiently.
Model Kepemimpinan Modern di Program Pascasarjana Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
Dwi Sulisworo
Journal of Education and Learning , 2012,
Abstract: In the management of higher education, demand a change can be done effectively when the leadership and management are well developed. In general, internal conflicts in the education management occurred due to poor leadership. This study is a qualitative study with a phenomenological approach. The subject of the study is Graduate Program of University Ahmad Dahlan which manages five master programs. Determination of each of people which considers his/her competence, knowledge, experience and personal attributes will affect to performance and operational leadership roles, organizational, and public. Cross-departmental activities and external parties become a focus for leadership in achieving the vision and mission of the organization.
Designing the Online Collaborative Learning Using the Wikispaces
Dwi Sulisworo
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) , 2012, DOI: 10.3991/ijet.v7i1.1863
Abstract: Collaboration has become one of an essential skill necessary for effective functioning in society in the new era. As a consequence, the learning strategy at the higher education should consider this shifting. Web 2.0 technology is a new trend in communication technology that has become a basis of the new generation internet to make it a more mature and distinctive medium of communication. The problem is how to bring the offline learning using cooperative learning based on classroom to the online learning using this wiki. The learning design on this topic will give wide opportunity to access learning that more suitable to the new skill in the new era. Wikispaces is one of wiki facilities that operated in the web based. This wiki is so simple but suitable for collaborative learning. The learning scenario is Jig Saw approach modified to fit in the online collaborative learning environment. This technique, including two different treatments with different small groups in order to help learning and improving cooperation between students. Using this structure, students are responsible for share their skill or knowledge each other material.
Dwi Rukmini
TEFLIN Journal , 2009,
Abstract: : This article is based on the study on the model written texts provided in the Senior High School English textbooks. It is aimed at finding out whether those models are written by considering the English two contexts, cultural and situational, which encircle them. The data are all written texts provided in the six recommended English textbooks published by six different publishers. The results reveal that only eleven out of 115 model written texts tend to be incompatible with the two contexts encircling them, this implies that 104 of them (93.43%) are likely to be compatible and can be used as model texts.
Milk Tofu Onde Quality
Dwi Ningsih
Journal of Animal Production , 2002,
Abstract: The study on “The Quality of Milk Tofu Onde” observed from its crispiness,colour,taste and texture was conducted to socialise the product of milk. Onde is a kind of snack which is popular in Indonesia and it easy to produce with simple eguipment. As much as 562.5 gs fresh milk tofu, 562.5 gs wither milk tofu and 1500 gs of wheat flour for the purpose of study. Data on crispiness, colour, taste and texture of milk tofu ande expressed in score, were obtained through 20 panelists and was analized with Randomized Group Design followed by an orthogonal polynomial teast. The first factors were sort of tofu (T) e.i fresh milk tofu and wither milk tofu. The second factors were level of tofu (S) e.i 50 percent, 75 percent and 100 percent of wheat flour or their proportion (g) were (125:125); (187.5:62.5); (100:0). The study showed that milk tofu onde from wither milk more crispy significantly (P>0.01) than those from fresh milk. The level of tofu gave a significant effect (P>0.01) on crispiness. This was shown by a quadrater regression of : Y1 = c9.0712 + 0.5093X c 0.0030X2 and Y2 = c3.3865 + 0.4949X c 0.0033X2 for fresh milk tofu and wither milk tofu respectively. Milk tofu onde from wither milk more brownnes significantly (P>0.01) than those fron fresh milk. The level of tofu gave a significant effect (P>0.01) on colour. This was shown by a linier regression of Y1 = 8.4244 + 4.4625x and Y2 = 8.7734 + 10.0745X for fresh milk tofu and wither milk tofu respectively. Milk tofu onde from wither milk more delicious significantly (P>0.01) than those from fresh milk. The level of tofu gave a significant effect (P>0.01) on taste. This was shown by a linier regressions of Y1 = 8.3383 + 0.0422 X and by a quadrater regression of Y2 = 3.5200 + 0.5156 X – 0.0033 X2 for fresh milk tofu and wither milk tofu respectively. Texture of milk tofu onde from fresh milk more dense significantly (P>0.01) than tose from wither milk. The level of tofu gave a significant effect (P>0.01) on texture. This was shown by a linier regressions of Y1= 5.4150 + 11.9630 X and Y2= 10.7880 + 1.5633 X for fresh milk tofu and wither milk tofu respectively. The study indicated that milk tofu onde from wither milk being more crispy, brownness, delicious and denseless texture than those from fresh milk. The best level of milk tofu was 75% on daugh. (Animal Production 4(1): 11-20 (2002)Key words : “Milk tofu onde”, crispiness
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