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Intelligent HEV Fuzzy Logic Control Strategy Based on Identification and Prediction of Drive Cycle and Driving Trend  [PDF]
Limin Niu, Hongyuan Yang, Yuhua Zhang
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2015.33C032

Real-time drive cycles and driving trends have a vital impact on fuel consumption and emissions in a vehicle. To address this issue, an original and alternative approach which incorporates the knowledge about real-time drive cycles and driving trends into fuzzy logic control strategy was proposed. A machine learning framework called MC_FRAME was established, which includes two neural networks for self-learning and making predictions. An intelligent fuzzy logic control strategy based on the MC_FRAME was then developed in a hybrid electric vehicle system, which is called FLCS_MODEL. Simulations were conducted to evaluate the FLCS_MODEL using ADVISOR. The simulation results indicated that comparing with the default controller on the drive cycle NEDC, the FLCS_MODEL saves 12.25% fuel per hundred kilometers, with the HC emissions increasing by 22.7%, the CO emissions reducing by 16.5%, the NOx emissions reducing by 37.5% and with the PM emissions reducing by 12.9%. A conclusion can be drawn that the proposed approach realizes fewer fuel consumption and less emissions.

Elephantiasic Pretibial Myxoedema in a Patient with Graves’ Disease  [PDF]
Ruzhi Zhang, Yuhua Yang, Wenyuan Zhu
Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications (JCDSA) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jcdsa.2015.54036
Abstract: Pretibial myxoedema (PM) is a late and rare manifestation of autoimmune thyroiditis, particularly in patients with Graves’ disease. It occurs in 0.5% to 4.3% of patients [1], and is usually associated with high levels of thyroid hormones. The classification of PM includes four forms: non-pitting edema; plaque; nodular; or elephantiasis [1]. Mild PM often regresses spontaneously, but the severe, elephantiasic variant is typically progressive and refractory to treatment. Elephantiasic pretibial myxoedema (EPM) is characterized by massive edema, skin fibrosis and verrucous nodule formation, and it clinically resembles lymphedema. Herein, we describe a man with Graves’ disease presenting with EPM for nearly 2 years. Although advanced cases have been described in the literature, to our knowledge, none have reached this level of severity.
Investigation of the electronic structure and photoluminescence properties of Eu3+ in Sr2Mg1 x Zn x Si2O7 (0 x 1)
ZhiYa Zhang,YuHua Wang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-011-4946-5
Abstract: Undoped and Eu3+-doped Sr2Mg1 x Zn x Si2O7 (0 x 1) powder crystals were obtained by conventional solid-state reaction. X-ray diffraction, inductively coupled plasma analysis, and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy results implied that a complete solid-solution formed between Sr2MgSi2O7 and Sr2ZnSi2O7 as well as local structural adjustment. Excitation spectra exhibited O2 -Eu3+ charge transfer (CT) bands centered at 250 nm for Sr2MgSi2O7:Eu3+ and 258 nm for Sr2ZnSi2O7:Eu3+. Emission spectra exhibited a major band around 616 nm, which showed the environment around Eu3+ was non-centrosymmetric in both Sr2MgSi2O7:Eu3+ and Sr2ZnSi2O7:Eu3+. In addition, first principles calculations within the local density approximation (LDA) of density functional theory (DFT) were used to calculate the electronic structure of Sr2MgSi2O7 and Sr2ZnSi2O7. Calculated results were correlated with experimental UV-vis reflection spectra and the observed shift of the O2 -Eu3+ CT band.
Current Situation and Problems of Chinese Sci-tech Journals in Entering into Major International Indexing Systems

Zhang Yuhua,

中国科技期刊研究 , 2000,
Abstract: 介绍了世界六个重要检索系统收录我国期刊的情况.与我国现有约5000种科技期刊相比,世界各重要检索系统收录我国期刊的数量还很少,主要原因在于:我国期刊界与世界重要检索系统之间的沟通不够;语言障碍;我国科学技术水平与世界发达国家相比还比较落后.
Evaluating China’s Oil Security and Overseas Oil Investment  [PDF]
Yuhua Zheng
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2017.78069
Abstract: Oil security is the major concern of China’s energy policy due to the no effective substitute nature of oil and the heavy reliance on internationally imported crude oil. In this paper, a synthesized indicator system was established to analyze China’s oil security from four aspects and Chinese government’s oil security policies were also discussed. From this analysis, we concluded that the main risk in China’s oil security was the gaps between domestic oil supply and demand, and the main means that Chinese government employed on securing oil safety was oil importing diversification, improving transnational pipeline conditions, and enhancing stable domestic oil production. Furthermore, the multiple roles of overseas equity oil production from Chinese National Oil Companies in securing oil safety were discussed and the possible measures and policies on further improving oil safety were also suggested.
A Flexible Capacitive Sensor with Encapsulated Liquids as?Dielectrics
Yasunari Hotta,Yuhua Zhang,Norihisa Miki
Micromachines , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/mi3010137
Abstract: Flexible and high-sensitive capacitive sensors are demanded to detect pressure distribution and/or tactile information on a curved surface, hence, wide varieties of polymer-based flexible MEMS sensors have been developed. High-sensitivity may be achieved by increasing the capacitance of the sensor using solid dielectric material while it deteriorates the flexibility. Using air as the dielectric, to maintain the flexibility, sacrifices the sensor sensitivity. In this paper, we demonstrate flexible and highly sensitive capacitive sensor arrays that encapsulate highly dielectric liquids as the dielectric. Deionized water and glycerin, which have relative dielectric constants of approximately 80 and 47, respectively, could increase the capacitance of the sensor when used as the dielectric while maintaining flexibility of the sensor with electrodes patterned on flexible polymer substrates. A reservoir of liquids between the electrodes was designed to have a leak path, which allows the sensor to deform despite of the incompressibility of the encapsulated liquids. The proposed sensor was microfabricated and demonstrated successfully to have a five times greater sensitivity than sensors that use air as the dielectric.
Effect of Cu addition on microstructure and properties of Mg-10Zn-5Al-0.1Sb high zinc magnesium alloy
You Zhiyong,Zhang Yuhua,Cheng Weili
China Foundry , 2012,
Abstract: To improve the strength, hardness and heat resistance of Mg-Zn based alloys, the effects of Cu addition on the as-cast microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-10Zn-5Al-0.1Sb high zinc magnesium alloy were investigated by means of Brinell hardness measurement, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), XRD and tensile tests at room and elevated temperatures. The results show that the microstructure of as-cast Mg-10Zn-5Al-0.1Sb alloy is composed of α-Mg, t-Mg32(Al, Zn)49, φ-Al2Mg5Zn2 and Mg3Sb2 phases. The morphologies of these phases in the Cu-containing alloys change from semi-continuous long strip to black herringbone as well as particle-like shapes with increasing Cu content. When the addition of Cu is over 1.0wt.%, the formation of a new thermally-stable Mg2Cu phase can be observed. The Brinell hardness, room temperature and elevated temperature strengths firstly increase and then decrease as the Cu content increases. Among the Cu-containing alloys, the alloy with the addition of 2.0wt.% Cu exhibits the optimum mechanical properties. Its hardness and strengths at room and elevated temperatures are 79.35 HB, 190 MPa and 160 MPa, which are increased by 9.65%, 21.1% and 14.3%, respectively compared with those of the Cu-free one. After T6 heat treatment, the strengths at room and elevated temperatures are improved by 20% and 10%, respectively compared with those of the as-cast alloy. This research results provide a new way for strengthening of magnesium alloys at room and elevated temperatures, and a method of producing thermally-stable Mg-10Zn-5Al based high zinc magnesium alloys.
ICRPfinder: a fast pattern design algorithm for coding sequences and its application in finding potential restriction enzyme recognition sites
Chao Li, Yuhua Li, Xiangmin Zhang, Phillip Stafford, Valentin Dinu
BMC Bioinformatics , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-10-286
Abstract: ICRPfinder is applied to find or create restriction enzyme recognition sites by introducing silent mutations. The algorithm is shown capable of mapping existing cut-sites but importantly it also can generate specified new unique cut-sites within a specified region that are guaranteed not to be present elsewhere in the DNA sequence.ICRPfinder is a powerful tool for finding or creating specific DNA patterns in a given target coding sequence. ICRPfinder finds or creates patterns, which can include restriction enzyme recognition sites, without changing the translated protein sequence. ICRPfinder is a browser-based JavaScript application and it can run on any platform, in on-line or off-line mode.Restriction enzymes and methylase are components of a bacterial mechanism aimed at resisting attack from bacteriophages and removing foreign viral DNA sequences. A restriction enzyme cuts a DNA molecule and forms a sticky or blunt end at each side of the incision site without damaging the nitrogenous bases. A DNA ligase can then splice a cut end to that of another DNA molecule. Each restriction endonuclease is an enzyme that recognizes a specific DNA sequence and cuts the DNA molecule at a particular position in relation to the recognition sequence, producing a blunt or overhanging end, depending upon the enzyme chosen. While restriction enzymes typically recognize specific short DNA sequences, the genetic code is redundant, with most amino acids being represented by more than one codon. Therefore, with creative use of sequence modifications, and use of synonymous codons, one can create restriction sites without changing the precise amino acid sequence coded for.A DNA sequence can be synthesized by assembling short synthetic oligonucleotides using PCR amplification. Using this approach, several oligonucleotides with overlapping end sequences can be assembled into a whole DNA sequence [1]. DNA synthesis using this PCR-based ligation method, however, has some limitations. For exam
Morphology and formation mechanism of hydroxyapatite whiskers from moderately acid solution
Hongquan, Zhang;Yuhua, Yan;Youfa, Wang;Shipu, Li;
Materials Research , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392003000100020
Abstract: hydroxyapatite (ha) whiskers with uniform morphology and good crystallinity were successfully prepared by a precipitation-hydrolysis method in moderately acid solution at 85-95 °c for 48-120 h, their lengths were in the range of 50-150 mm and aspect ratios (length/diameter) in the range of 40-100. the precipitates formed at each stage of the synthesis were characterized by xrd, ftir, tem and sem. the morphology and crystallinity of the precipitates depended on the synthesis temperature and time as well as the concentrations of soluble calcium and phosphate ions. the ha whiskers were formed by the hydrolysis of precursors produced during the reactions and took over the morphology of fibrous octacalcium phosphate (ocp). the stoichiometric ha whiskers were improved with the increase of ph value of solution, the synthetic temperature and the duration.

Zhang Yuhua,Xu Kexue,

植物科学学报 , 1990,
Abstract: 阴山荠属和泡果荠属隶于十字花科,两属有一些共同特征,也有一系列性状差异,数量分类结果支持两属处理为各自独立的属。本文同时对属下类群和一些种间关系进行了讨论。
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