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A Simple Analysis Method of Products lifetime Distribution
Yueming Wang
Modern Applied Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/mas.v3n3p38
Abstract: The basis of reliability analysis is determining products lifetime distribution type, which is also a tedious job. In accordance with the failure of parametric estimation using probability papers and hypothetical examination, products lifetime distribution type is studied with linear regression analysis and Office Excel.
The role of calcium in endotoxin-induced release of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) from rat spinal cord
Yueming Tang,Qide Han,Xian Wang
Science China Life Sciences , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF02881739
Abstract: In the present study, the role of calcium in endotoxin-induced CGRP release was studied. 2.5–50 CLg/mL endotoxin and 1–10 mmol/L caffeine caused concentration-dependent increase of CGRP release from rat spinal cordin vitro. However, no additive effect could be found when caffeine and endotoxin were concomitantly incubated. By using capsaicin, Ca2+-free medium, Omega-Conotoxin, nifedipine, W-7, ryanodine, MgCl2, Tris-ATP, ruthenium red, the results indicate that the release of CGRP evoked by endotoxin from the sensory fibers of rat spinal cord is dependent on extracellular calcium. After entering into the cell through the N-type calcium channel, calcium binds to calmodulin, and triggers calcium release from intracellular calcium store by activating the caffeine-sensitive but ryan-odine-insensitive mechanism.
A diagnostic experiment of the influence of CO_2on winter wheat
A diagnostic experiment of the influence of CO2 on winter wheat

Wang Chunyi,Bai Yueming,Wen Min,
Wang Chunyi
,Bai Yueming,Wen Min

环境科学学报(英文版) , 1995,
Abstract: The diagnostic experiment of the influences of different ventilated time and CO_2 concentra-tion on winter wheat are made by using the OTC -1 open top chamber. The results show that the influ-ences of CO_2 increase on the winter wheat development, grain yield and product quality are remarkablepositive effects no matter long or short the ventilated time. When the CO_2 concentration (700ppm) isthe sarne . the influences of 7 hours ventilated experiment on winter wheat development and yield forma-tion and other factors has an activation on physiological mechanisrn. The activation would be disap-peared with the ventilated time prolonged.
Quantitative Study of Lunisolar Precession Mechanism  [PDF]
Yueming Wu, Mingfu Cao
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2016.47021
According to Xiaodong Song et al.’s study about difference rotation in the Earth’s inner core, a physical model of lunar motion changing the angular momentum of the Earth’s circles is presented in this work. The Lunar motion makes there be a huge gap existing in the core angular momentum between far lunar hemisphere and near lunar hemisphere. The gap results in the difference rota-tion in the Earth’s inner core, meanwhile, it increases the angular velocity of far lunar hemisphere and decreases the angular velocity of near lunar hemisphere. The Earth’s liquid outer core gene-rates an astro-geodynamical effect including the difference rotation among the Earth’s circles. It is found that when the moon moves into the apogee or the perigee of the lunar orbit, and the moon phase is the upper and lower chords (i.e. semi-diameter place), the true anomaly of the moon will change from 270-degree back (or forward) to 90-degree; this results in the mantle shell of the Earth westward, and forms lunisolar precession, the vernal equinox westward and Chandler polar motion.
On paleodrainage evolution in mid-late Epipleistocene based on radar remote sensing in northeastern Ejin Banner, Inner Mongolia

WANG Xinyuan,GUO Huadong,CHANG Yueming,ZHA Liangsong,

地理学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Radar remote sensing can acquire information of sub-surface covered by sand in arid area, detect surface roughness and vegetation coronet's layer and linear feature such as linear structure and channel sensitively. With sediment facies analysis, this paper studies the features of environmental evolution in mid-late Epipleistocene (60 ka BP-20 ka BP) in northeastern Ejin Banner. The conclusions are listed as follows: (1) The evolution of the three lakes, i.e. Gaxunnur, Sugunur and Tian'e lakes, are dominated by faults and regional climate. (2) By analyzing sedimentary section of old Juyanze Lake, the three lakes used to be a large outflow lake before 50 ka BP in northeastern Ejin Banner, and at 50 ka BP, temperature declined rapidly in northwestern China. The event caused the lake's shrinkage. (3) By fault activity uplift in the northern part of old Juyan Lake and depression in the southern part, the lake's water followed from north to south at around 35 ka BP, old Juyanze fluvial fan was formed. At the same time, Juyan Lake separated from Sugunur Lake and Wentugunr old channel was abandoned. (4) In recent 2000 years, Ruoshui River is a wandering river, sometimes it flows into Juyan Lake and sometimes Sugunur and Gaxunnur lakes. Due to human activities and over exploitation, the oasis ecosystem is rapidly degenerated in 15 years (1986-2000).
Joint Relay and Jammer Selection Improves the Physical Layer Security in the Face of CSI Feedback Delays
Lei Wang,Yueming Cai,Yulong Zou,Weiwei Yang,Lajos Hanzo
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We enhance the physical-layer security (PLS) of amplify-and-forward relaying networks with the aid of joint relay and jammer selection (JRJS), despite the deliterious effect of channel state information (CSI) feedback delays. Furthermore, we conceive a new outage-based characterization approach for the JRJS scheme. The traditional best relay selection (TBRS) is also considered as a benchmark. We first derive closed-form expressions of both the connection outage probability (COP) and of the secrecy outage probability (SOP) for both the TBRS and JRJS schemes. Then, a reliable-and-secure connection probability (RSCP) is defined and analyzed for characterizing the effect of the correlation between the COP and SOP introduced by the corporate source-relay link. The reliability-security ratio (RSR) is introduced for characterizing the relationship between the reliability and security through the asymptotic analysis. Moreover, the concept of effective secrecy throughput is defined as the product of the secrecy rate and of the RSCP for the sake of characterizing the overall efficiency of the system, as determined by the transmit SNR, secrecy codeword rate and the power sharing ratio between the relay and jammer. The impact of the direct source-eavesdropper link and additional performance comparisons with respect to other related selection schemes are further included. Our numerical results show that the JRJS scheme outperforms the TBRS method both in terms of the RSCP as well as in terms of its effective secrecy throughput, but it is more sensitive to the feedback delays. Increasing the transmit SNR will not always improve the overall throughput. Moreover, the RSR results demonstrate that upon reducing the CSI feedback delays, the reliability improves more substantially than the security degrades, implying an overall improvement in terms of the security-reliability tradeoff.
Sparse Principal Component Analysis via Rotation and Truncation
Zhenfang Hu,Gang Pan,Yueming Wang,Zhaohui Wu
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: Sparse principal component analysis (sparse PCA) aims at finding a sparse basis to improve the interpretability over the dense basis of PCA, meanwhile the sparse basis should cover the data subspace as much as possible. In contrast to most of existing work which deal with the problem by adding some sparsity penalties on various objectives of PCA, in this paper, we propose a new method SPCArt, whose motivation is to find a rotation matrix and a sparse basis such that the sparse basis approximates the basis of PCA after the rotation. The algorithm of SPCArt consists of three alternating steps: rotate PCA basis, truncate small entries, and update the rotation matrix. Its performance bounds are also given. SPCArt is efficient, with each iteration scaling linearly with the data dimension. It is easy to choose parameters in SPCArt, due to its explicit physical explanations. Besides, we give a unified view to several existing sparse PCA methods and discuss the connection with SPCArt. Some ideas in SPCArt are extended to GPower, a popular sparse PCA algorithm, to overcome its drawback. Experimental results demonstrate that SPCArt achieves the state-of-the-art performance. It also achieves a good tradeoff among various criteria, including sparsity, explained variance, orthogonality, balance of sparsity among loadings, and computational speed.
Spectral Sparse Representation for Clustering: Evolved from PCA, K-means, Laplacian Eigenmap, and Ratio Cut
Zhenfang Hu,Gang Pan,Yueming Wang,Zhaohui Wu
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: Dimensionality reduction methods, e.g. PCA and Laplacian eigenmap (LE), and cluster analysis methods, e.g. K-means and ratio cut (Rcut), are two kinds of widely-used unsupervised data analysis tools. The former concerns high representation fidelity, while the latter semantics. Some preliminary relations between these methods have been established in the literature, but they are not yet integrated into a unified framework. In this paper, we show that under an ideal condition, the four methods: PCA, K-means, LE, and Rcut, are unified together; and when the ideal condition is relaxed, the unification evolves to a new sparse representation method, called spectral sparse representation (SSR). It achieves the same representation fidelity as PCA/LE, and is able to reveal the cluster structure of data as K-means/Rcut. SSR is inherently related to cluster analysis, and the sparse codes can be directly used to do clustering. An efficient algorithm NSCrt is developed to solve the sparse codes of SSR. It is observed that NSCrt is able to effectively recover the underlying solutions. As a direct application of SSR, a new clustering algorithm Scut is devised. It reaches the start-of-the-art performance among spectral clustering methods. Compared with K-means based clustering methods, Scut does not depend on initialization and avoids getting trapped in local minima; and the solutions are comparable to the optimal ones of K-means run many times. Extensive experiments using data sets of different nature demonstrate the properties and strengths of SSR, NSCrt, and Scut.
BER Analysis of Decision-Feedback Multiple Symbol Detection in Noncoherent MIMO Ultra-Wideband Systems
Taotao Wang,Tiejun Lv,Hui Gao,Yueming Lu
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper, we investigate noncoherent multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) ultra-wideband (UWB) systems where the signal is encoded by differential space-time block code (DSTBC). DSTBC enables noncoherent MIMO UWB systems to achieve diversity gain. However, the traditional noncoherent symbol-by-symbol differential detection (DD) for DSTBC-UWB suffers from performance degradation compared with the coherent detection. We introduce a noncoherent multiple symbol detection (MSD) scheme to enhance the performance of DSTBC-UWB system. Although the MSD scheme can boost the performance more as the observation window size gets to larger, the complexity of the exhaustive search for MSD also exponentially increases in terms of the window size. To decrease the computational complexity, the concept of decision-feedback (DF) is introduced to MSD for DSTBC-UWB in this paper. The resultant DF-MSD yields reasonable complexity and also solid performance improvement. We provide the bit error rate (BER) analysis for the proposed DF-MSD. Both theoretical analysis and simulation results validate the proposed scheme.
Compounds from the Roots and Rhizomes of Valeriana amurensis Protect against Neurotoxicity in PC12 Cells
Qiuhong Wang,Changfu Wang,Yueming Zuo,Zhibin Wang,Bingyou Yang,Haixue Kuang
Molecules , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/molecules171215013
Abstract: Three new germacrane-type sesquiterpenoids, heishuixiecaoline A–C (compounds 1–3), were isolated along with ten known compounds 4–13 from fraction of Valeriana amurensis roots and rhizomes effective against Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The structures of 1–3 were elucidated on the basis of their spectroscopic data. We also investigated the protective effect of compounds 1–13 on the neurotoxicity of PC12 cells induced by amyloid-beta (Aβ25–25), respectively. As a result, germacrane-type sesquiterpenoids 1–4 and lignans 5–7 were seen to afford protection against Aβ-induced toxicity in PC 12 cells. This study will contribute to revealing the chemical basis for the therapeutic effect of V. amurensis against AD.
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