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Implementation of 6LoWPAN and Its Application in Smart Lighting  [PDF]
Zucheng Huang, Feng Yuan
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2015.33014

Smart lighting system based on PLC (Power Line Communication) is lack of extensibility due to low data rate and non-standard communication protocol. 6LoWPAN is an IP-based communication standard for WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) proposed by IETF. We upgraded the SEMS smart lighting system from PLC to 6LoWPAN, PLC nodes were replaced by 6LoWPAN nodes and centralized controllers were replaced by border routers. 6LoWPAN system testing was carried out on the street after the implementation. The results show that smart lighting system based on 6LoWPAN is better than PLC in transmission rate, signal coverage range, compatibility and extensibility.

Holomorphic isometry from a Kahler manifold into a product of complex projective manifolds
Xiaojun Huang,Yuan Yuan
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We study the global property of local holomorphic isometric mappings from a class of Kahler manifolds into a product of projective algebraic manifolds with induced Fubini-Study metrics, where isometric factors are allowed to be negative.
Submanifolds of Hermitian symmetric spaces
Xiaojun Huang,Yuan Yuan
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We study the problem of non-relativity for a complex Euclidean space and a bounded symmetric domain equipped with their canonical metrics. In particular, we answer a question raised by Di Scala. This paper is dedicated to the memory of Salah Baouendi, a great teacher and a close friend to many of us.
On the Global Convergence of the PERRY-SHANNO Method for Nonconvex Unconstrained Optimization Problems  [PDF]
Linghua Huang, Qingjun Wu, Gonglin Yuan
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/am.2011.23037
Abstract: In this paper, we prove the global convergence of the Perry-Shanno’s memoryless quasi-Newton (PSMQN) method with a new inexact line search when applied to nonconvex unconstrained minimization problems. Preliminary numerical results show that the PSMQN with the particularly line search conditions are very promising.
A Look at the Tool of BYRD and NOCEDAL  [PDF]
Linghua Huang, Guoyin Li, Gonglin Yuan
American Journal of Computational Mathematics (AJCM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ajcm.2011.14028
Abstract: A power tool for the analysis of quasi-Newton methods has been proposed by Byrd and Nocedal ([1], 1989). The purpose of this paper is to make a study to the basic property (BP) given in [1]. As a result of the BP, a sufficient condition of global convergence for a class of quasi-Newton methods for solving unconstrained minimization problems without convexity assumption is given. A modified BFGS formula is designed to match the requirements of the sufficient condition. The numerical results show that the proposed method is very encouraging.
Complete Mitochondrial Genome Sequence of Acrida cinerea (Acrididae: Orthoptera) and Comparative Analysis of Mitochondrial Genomes in Orthoptera
Nian Liu,Yuan Huang
Comparative and Functional Genomics , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/319486
Abstract: The complete 15,599-bp mitogenome of Acrida cinerea was determined and compared with that of the other 20 orthopterans. It displays characteristic gene content, genome organization, nucleotide composition, and codon usage found in other Caelifera mitogenomes. Comparison of 21 orthopteran sequences revealed that the tRNAs encoded by the H-strand appear more conserved than those by the L-stand. All tRNAs form the typical clover-leaf structure except trnS (agn), and most of the size variation among tRNAs stemmed from the length variation in the arm and loop of TΨC and the loop of DHU. The derived secondary structure models of the rrnS and rrnL from 21 orthoptera species closely resemble those from other insects on CRW except a considerably enlarged loop of helix 1399 of rrnS in Caelifera, which is a potentially autapomorphy of Caelifera. In the A
Thermal Properties and Thermal Degradation of Cellulose Tri-Stearate (CTs)
Feng-Yuan Huang
Polymers , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/polym4021012
Abstract: Cellulose tri-stearate (CTs) was synthesized employing tri?uoroacetic anhydride (TFAA), stearic acid (SA), with microcrystal cellulose (MCC) and characterized with FT-IR and 1H-NMR. The degree of substitution of CTs was determined by the traditional saponi?cation method and 1H-NMR. The thermal properties of CTs were investigated by the thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) under Ar flow in dynamic heating conditions. Thermal stability, activation energy, as well as the degradation mechanism of the decomposition process were revealed. The results showed that the thermal stability of CTs is superior to that of raw materials-MCC, and that the degradation of CTs in argon is a first-order weight loss; the initial decomposition temperature and the temperature corresponding to maximum degradation rate ( Tp) increase with an increase in heating rate. The activation energy values were calculated with the Ozawa method, Coats-Redfern method and Kinssinger method, respectively. Analyses of experimental results suggest that the degradation mechanism 0.10 < α < 0.80 is F2 type, A3 for α < 0.1, and R3 for α > 0.80. The degradation mechanism of CTs in the whole conversion range is a complex mechanism, and is the combination of A3, F2 and R3.
Boundedness of solutions and existence of invariant tori for generalized pendulum type equation
Hai Huang,Rong Yuan
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF02882662
圖書資訊領域期刊引用影響之結構方程模式分析 The Structural Equation Analysis on the Journal Citation Impact in the Field of Library and Information Science
Yuan-Ho Huang
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: 本研究提出一個測量期刊引用影響的整合式概念模型,並應用結構方程模式方法在圖書資訊學相關領域的50種期刊資訊進行以「期刊屬性」、「期刊易取性」及「期刊多樣性」等三項為「期刊引用」的前置因素理論模型的實證。整體模型的可解釋變異量為39.4%,其中測量模型的結果:以文獻篇數測量「期刊屬性」,以文件獲取性測量「期刊易取性」,及主題多樣化來測量「期刊多樣性」具顯著效果;而影響係數、立即指數及全部引用數來測量「期刊引用」,則均具顯著效果。結構模型的結果:「期刊引用」受到「期刊多樣性」的影響,但「期刊屬性」與「期刊易取性」則不具顯著性影響。 The study proposes an integrated conceptual model to assess the journal citation impact. The antecedent factors include journal attributes, journal accessibility, and journal diversity. The structural equation modeling (SEM) with partial least square (PLS) is applied to conduct the empirical study within the fifty journals in the field of library and information science. The result shows that the antecedent factors account for 39.4% of the variance in journal citation. The result of measurement model shows that the number of articles is a good indicator for journal attributes; document availability is a good indicator for journal accessibility; and subject variety is a good indicator for journal diversity. As for the journal citation, three indicators include impact factor, immediacy index, and total citations are all good indicators. Moreover, the result of structural model shows that journal citation is significantly influenced by journal diversity, while there is no significant effect of journal attributes and journal accessibility.
圖書資訊相關系所的專利課程規劃與設計 The Patent Curriculum Planning and Design in Library and Information Science Schools
Yuan-Ho Huang
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: 專利是公司創新研發投入的績效指標之一,亦可提供國家競爭力的參考資訊。由圖書館或資訊中心提供積極性的專利資訊服務的角度出發,本文提出圖書資訊系所專利相關課程的規劃與設計。首先,說明專利資訊及其資訊需求的特色,以及整理台灣地區學術界與產業界開設專利課程的概況。其次,分析圖書資訊系所開設專利課程的一系列由淺入深,由廣而專精的課程規劃。此外,針對圖書資訊專業提供專利檢索服務的SWOT分析,並提供專利檢索種子人才教育的數點建議。 Patents are one of the important indicators for measuring innovative performance as well as the level of R&D investment among firms. Patent data could also be reference materials while explaining the national competitive advantage. Librarians should play an active role when providing patent information. Therefore, from the perspective of libraries and information centers, this study proposed the patent curriculum planning and design in library and information science schools. First, this study indicated the specialties of patent information and different levels of information needs, as well as the overview of a patent curriculum for academies and industries in Taiwan. Second, the existing courses related to patent knowledge were investigated and proposed the curriculum design, of which content is from easy to advance and from broad to specialized. In addition, the patent curriculum design should concern not only theory but also practice. Moreover, a SWOT analysis was presented to provide a structure for analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in patent services that LIS graduates or librarians face. Several suggestions were proposed to educate the potential patent search professionals for library and information science schools.
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