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Integration and Cross-Border: Design of General Education Based on Multiple Fusion  [PDF]
Yuan Chen
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104611
General education is the development appeal of humanistic education. At the basic education stage, the general teaching fits with the physical and mental development and cognitive rules of learners at a young age. Therefore, the application and practice of general education in developed countries is relatively universal. The teaching of general education in our country started late, but the proposition that needs to be developed in the current basic education reform is urgent. At present, the development of general education is still dominated by the cultivation of general teachers. There is still a lack of integrated and complete design from mechanism to landing for general education, which is particularly lacking in the design and development of general education and curriculum. The future development trend of general teaching is characterized by informatization, interdisciplinarity, and diversity. Therefore, the integration of disciplines and practice, the integration of learners and disciplines, the teaching content and information, the technology and teaching evaluation are necessary for the integration of teaching and curriculum design.
Cross-Border Integration: Reflections on the Development of Academic Journals  [PDF]
Yuan Chen
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104666
The “Internet ” era is the current general trend of social and economic development. Internet academic publishing has promoted the diversity of academic publishing media, and has also had an important impact on the traditional academic publishing industry. The traditional media-media academic journals have experienced a decline in their dissemination, and their market-oriented operations have been difficult to adapt to the current difficulties of dissemination and homogenization. Internationalization, digitalization, and networking are the requirements of the times. Academic journals need to face the academic world, carry out the second transformation, change the way of thinking, and achieve common innovation and collaborative research. Only by starting from the demand of network society for all kinds of knowledge and information, and strengthening the power of full-media publishing and development, can academic journals shift from the traditional publishing model to the knowledge service industry with “Internet ” as the main feature, in order to enhance their knowledge service capabilities and information dissemination capabilities.
Biomolecule-Assisted Synthesis of Nanocrystalline CdS and Bi2S3 for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution  [PDF]
Caolong Li, Wei Chen, Jian Yuan, Mingxia Chen, Wenfeng Shangguan
World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering (WJNSE) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/wjnse.2011.13012
Abstract: Novel CdS and Bi2S3 hollow nanospheres were prepared by simple “one-pot” biomolecule-assisted hydrothermal method using glutathione (GSH) as sulfur source and structure-directing reagents. The single-phase CdS and Bi2S3 photocatalysts were capable of evolving H2 from aqueous solutions containing a sacrificial electron donor, under visible light irradiation (λ ≥ 420 nm) with Pt co-catalyst. A possible formation mechanism of complexation, S-C bond rupture, and spherical aggregate followed isotropic Ostwal ripening or anisotropic Ostwal ripening was proposed in this study.
The Impact of Government Supervision and Consumer Purchasing Behavior on Food Safety  [PDF]
Yuan Chen, Xiaogang Tang, Kangyu Chen, Hui Liu
Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment (JACEN) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jacen.2014.34B002

This paper aims at the theoretical analysis to the impact of government supervision and consumer purchasing behavior on food quality security, so as to look for safety strategies and measures to strengthen and improve the level of food safety in China. Reputation mechanism is introduced and Bayesian approach is based on, in which government supervision as well as consumer purchasing behavior is taken as crucial factors to impact on the food quality security. As to the proposed quantitative indicators, government supervision includes exposure rate, fine and etc.; at the same time, consumer purchasing behavior includes consumer’s WTP for security food and consumer expectations to food safety. Taking China’s dairy industry as an example, it makes simulation by Netlog. The results show that consumer purchasing behavior alone has little effect on the dairy companies’ decision-making to be honest or counterfeiting enterprises. However, combination government supervision with purchasing behavior has great impact, and plays very good effects on food safety.

Optimization criteria for the performance of heat and mass transfer in indirect evaporative cooling systems
Fang Yuan,Qun Chen
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-011-4903-3
Abstract: The wide application of evaporative cooling techniques in which the optimization criteria form the theoretical basis for improving evaporative cooling performance is essential for energy conservation and emission reduction. Based on exergy analysis and the entransy dissipation-based thermal resistance method, this contribution aims to investigate the effects of flow and area distributions in the optimization of the performance of indirect evaporative cooling systems. We first establish the relationships of exergy efficiency, entransy dissipation-based thermal resistance and cooling capacity of a typical indirect cooling system. Using the prescribed inlet parameters, the heat and mass transfer coefficients and the circulating water mass flow rate, we then numerically validate that when the cooling capacity reaches a maximum, the entransy dissipation-based thermal resistance falls to a minimum while the exergy efficiency is not at an extreme value. The result shows that the entransy dissipation-based thermal resistance, not the exergy efficiency, characterizes the heat transfer performance of an evaporative cooling system, which provides a more suitable method for evaluating and analyzing the indirect cooling system.
Yuan Li,Ruizhan Chen
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812015176
Abstract: In the title compound, [Cu(C11H9N6)2(H2O)2]n, the CuII atom lies on an inversion center and is coordinated by four N atoms from four 5-[4-(1H-imidazol-1-ylmethyl)phenyl]tetrazolate ligands and two water molecules in a distorted octahedral geometry. The ligands bridge the CuII atoms, leading to the formation of a two-dimensional network parallel to (100). The structure is further stabilized by O—H...N hydrogen bonds within the network.
3-Cyanoanilinium hydrogen oxalate hemihydrate
Xin-Yuan Chen
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812019824
Abstract: In the title hydrated molecular salt, C7H7N2+·C2HO4 ·0.5H2O, contains a 3-cyanoanilinium cation, a hydrogen oxalate anion and half a water molecule in an asymmetric unit. The dihedral angle between the CO2(H) and CO2 planes of the hydrogen oxalate ion is 7.96 (1)°. In the crystal, the components are linked by N—H...O and O—H...O hydrogen bonds, forming a layer lying parallel to the ac plane.
Juan Chen,Li Yuan
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s160053681204576x
Abstract: In the heterometallic title bulky amido complex, [LiNa(C15H21N2Si)2(C6H16N2)], both alkali metal ions are four-coordinated with distorted tetrahedral geometries. The Li+ ion is N,N′-chelated by the N-silylated amido ligand, with Li—N = 2.015 (5) and 2.074 (5) . The two amido ligands are arranged cis to each other. The molecule exhibits a twofold rotational symmetry operation along the Li–Na axis. The Na+ ion is coordinated by two N atoms from the tetramethylethylenediamine ligand [Na—N = 2.553 (4) ] and shares two amido N atoms from the N-silylated amido ligands with the Li+ ion. Although the crystal structure contains voids with an approximate volume of 50 3 there is no inclusion of solvent molecules.
Cross-Strait Charter Flights Arrangement: A Viable Model for Taiwan-China Negotiation?
Chen-yuan Tung
UNISCI Discussion Papers , 2005,
State Estimation and Power Flow Analysis of Power Systems
Jiaxiong Chen,Yuan Liao
Journal of Computers , 2012, DOI: 10.4304/jcp.7.3.685-691
Abstract: State estimation and power flow analysis are important tools for analysis, operation and planning of a power system. In this paper, a new state estimation method based on the extended weighted least squares (WLS) method for considering both measurement errors and model inaccuracy is presented. Two bus, three bus, and IEEE 14 bus test cases are employed to evaluate the accuracy of the method. The comparison results show that the extended WLS method may outperform traditional WLS approach when the model is not accurate. In addition, this paper investigates a method based on Z matrix to implement power flow in a transmission system with multiple types of loads (e.g. constant PQ, constant impedance and constant current magnitude loads or mixed loads). The load flow results demonstrate that the method is effective and easy to implement when composite load types exist in the system. Our studies also show that it may be possible that multiple solutions exist for a power flow problem.

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