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Using a Feminist Interpretation of the Bible’s Book of Ruth to Address Taiwanese Female Pastors’ Financial Autonomy and Self-Esteem  [PDF]
Yu-Fen Lin
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2018.99134
Abstract: This study used Ruth’s story in the Bible and reinterpreted it with feminist theological perspectives to address the related issues of Taiwanese female pastors’ economic independence and autonomy. This study explored the phenomenological and contextual world of 27 female pastors’ mental wellness and specifically how they deal with the hardship of financial inequality when living in a culturally patriarchal society and serving within the male dominant church system. Four themes were generated to report these female pastors’ shared experiences through qualitative method. Counseling applications were provided and discussed in this article.
Influence of surface texture by NH4Cl aqueous solution on the electrical and optical properties of al-doped zinc oxide films
Xiao-Yong, Gao;Qing-Geng, Lin;Yu-Fen, Liu;Jing-Xiao, Lu;
Brazilian Journal of Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-97332008000300005
Abstract: aluminum-doped zinc oxide (azo) films were prepared on glass substrate by mid-frequency direct current reactive magnetron sputtering (mf-dc-ms). the influence of surface texture by nh4cl aqueous solution on the surface morphology, electrical and optical properties of the azo films was systematically investigated by scanning electron microscope, four-point probe and ultraviolet-visible-near infrared spectrophotometer, respectively. the results indicate that textured azo film obtains a better texture surface for light trapping. the reflectivity for textured azo film decreases drastically in visible light region and the electrical resistivity increases, which can be explained by the textured surface morphology of azo film. the results above prove that nh4cl aqueous solution is an appropriate candidate for azo wet etching because of its easy control and relatively low cost.
A Grid-based Subspace Clustering Algorithm for High-dimensional Data Streams

SUN Yu-Fen,LU Yan-Sheng,

计算机科学 , 2007,
Abstract: Based on the analysis of grid-based clustering algorithms, we propose a subspace clustering algorithm that can find clusters in different subspaces for high-dimensional data streams. The algorithm combines the advantages of bottom-up grid-based method and top-down grid-based method. A uniformly partitioned grid data structure is used to summarize the data stream online. A top-down grid partition method is used o find the subspaces in which clusters locate. Theory analysis and performance study with real datasets and synthetic dataset demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of our proposed algorithm.
An Overview of Stream Data Mining

SUN Yu-Fen,LU Yan-Sheng,

计算机科学 , 2007,
Abstract: Data streams pose great challenges to data mining. Many stream data mining algorithms have been proposed. In this paper, we give an overview of these algorithms. Firstly, the data stream models are introduced. Then the characters of stream data mining algorithms are summarized and several techniques that are used in these algorithms are introduced. At last, the representative algorithms of every mining task are analyzed.
Triality, Biquaternion and Vector Representation of the Dirac Equation
Liu Yu-Fen
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: The triality properties of Dirac spinors are studied, including a construction of the algebra of (complexified) biquaternion. It is proved that there exists a vector-representation of Dirac spinors. The massive Dirac equation in the vector-representation is actually self-dual. The Dirac's idea of non-integrable phases is used to study the behavior of massive term.
Triality and Dual Equivalence Between Dirac Field and Topologically Massive Gauge Field
Liu Yu-Fen
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: It is proved that there exist a vector representation of Dirac's spinor field and in one sense it is equivalent to biquaternion (i.e. complexified quaternion) representation. This can be considered as a generalization of Cartan's idea of triality to Dirac's spinors. In the vector representation the first order Dirac Lagrangian is dual equivalent to the two order Lagrangian of topologically massive gauge field. The potential field which corresponds to the Dirac field is obtained by using master (or parent) action approach. The novel gauge field is self-dual and contains both anti-symmetric Lie and symmetric Jordan structure.
Zebrafish Agr2 Is Required for Terminal Differentiation of Intestinal Goblet Cells
Yi-Chung Chen, Yu-Fen Lu, I-Chen Li, Sheng-Ping L. Hwang
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0034408
Abstract: Background Mammalian Anterior Gradient 2 (AGR2) is a protein disulfide isomerase that is required for the production of intestinal mucus and Paneth and goblet cell homeostasis. However, whether increased endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress occurs in Agr2?/? mice remains a controversial issue. Methodology/Principal Findings We characterized the function of zebrafish agr2 by both morpholino antisense oligomer-mediated knockdown and agr2 mRNA overexpression. Fluorescent whole-mount double in situ hybridization indicated that in the intestine, agr2 was only expressed in goblet cells. Significantly increased numbers of immature Alcian blue-stained goblet cells were observed in the intestines of 104- and 120-hours post fertilization (hpf) agr2 morphants. Transmission electron microscopy analyses further confirmed the existence of immature pre-goblet cells containing few mucous granules in the mid-intestines of 104- and 120-hpf agr2 morphants. agr2 expression was not significantly induced by an ER stress inducer, tunicamycin. Expression of the ER chaperone gene hspa5, the spliced form of xbp1s, c/enhancer binding protein homologous protein chop, and the activating transcription factor 4b1 atf4b1 were not significantly induced in either 104-hpf agr2 morphants or agr2-overexpressed embryos. Similar percentages of P-Histone H3-stained M phase cells were identified in intestines of 104-hpf agr2 morphants and control embryos. Conclusions/Significance Our study demonstrates that in contrast to mouse AGR2, zebrafish Agr2 is expressed in only one intestinal secretory cell type - the goblet cells. Agr2 is essential for terminal differentiation of intestinal goblet cells in zebrafish embryos. Either knockdown of agr2 function or agr2 overexpression could not extensively induce expression of members of the unfolded protein response pathway.


物理学报 , 1974,
Abstract: We present the complete proof of the results of our previous paper1]. Furthermore, we also show that the D-type scalar-tensor waves does not exist.
Structure of Alprazolam Derived from NMR Spectroscopy

QU Zhi-bo,CHEN Xiao-lan,QU Ling-bo,YUAN Jin-wei,LU Jian-sha,ZHAO Yu-fen,

波谱学杂志 , 2009,
Abstract: 阿普唑仑是一种临床上广泛应用的具有抗抑郁作用的药物.本文对阿普唑仑进行了1H、13C NMR检测,通过DEPT和1H-1H COSY、13C-1H HSQC、13C-1H HMBC等2D NMR技术对该化合物的1H、13C NMR谱的信号进行了全归属,通过量子化学计算和NMR数据证实了化合物中亚甲基上2个氢的磁不等价性.讨论了红外吸收光谱的特征峰,并对阿普唑仑的TOF MS的裂解途径进行了分析.
Microstructure and Optical Properties of AgxO Prepared by Direct-Current Magnetron-Sputtering Method

GAO Xiao-Yong,LIU Xu-Wei,WANG Song-You,LIU Yu-Fen,LIN Qing-Geng,LU Jing-Xiao,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: Two series of AgxO films are prepared on glass substrates by dc magnetron-sputtering method at room temperature and 90°C under different oxygen to argon gas ratio (OAR) conditions. The microstructure is investigated by XRD and SEM in order to obtain the information on the component evolution ofAgO+Ag2O to Ag2O. Its optical properties are investigated by reflectance and absorption spectroscopy to extract the information on metallic and dielectric behaviour evolution of Ag2O, AgO and silver particles and the interband transition. The results indicate that the AgxO film prepared at room temperature is mainly made up of AgO and Ag2O clusters while Ag2O is the primary component of AgxO prepared at 90°C. The AgxO film mainly consisting of the primary component shows indirect interband transitionstructure occurring at 2.89eV. Combination of increasing OAR and substrate temperature is an effective method to lower the threshold of thermal decomposition temperature of AgxO and to deal with the bottleneck of short-wavelength optical and magneto-optical storage.
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