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Fractionation and structural identification of antibiotic activity substances from Streptomyces herbaricolor HNS2-2  [PDF]
Lili Chen, Youzhi Li, Hongjian Zhu, Yuhua Liu, Bida Gao
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/as.2012.34068
Abstract: Four groups of antibiotic activity compounds were separated and purified from the ethyl acetate fraction of a broth culture of Streptomyces herbaricolor HNS2-2.Trace analyses were performed and anti-microbial activities were determined. The antibiotic activity compounds were identified as quercetin dehydrate ①, p-hydroxyphenyl ②, 4’-hydroxyflavanone ③, and 3-hydroxyflavone ④ based on spectroscopic data. Compounds 1-4 showed significant antimicrobial activities against Staphylococcus aureus and the tobacco mosaic virus in vitro, suggesting their potential agricultural and medical applications.
Adaptability and recovery capability of two maize inbred-line foundation genotypes, following treatment with progressive water-deficit stress and stress recovery  [PDF]
Xianwei Fan, Guiyuan Huang, Liujun Zhang, Tao Deng, Youzhi Li
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/as.2013.48056

Two maize inbred lines, the foundation genotype Y478 and its derived line Z58, are widely used to breed novel maize cultivars in China, but little is known about which traits confer Z58 with superior drought tolerance and yield. In the present study, responses in growth traits, photosynthetic parameters, chlorophyll fluorescence and leaf micromorphological characteristics were evaluated in Y478 and Z58 subjected to water-deficit stress induced by PEG 6000. The derived line Z58 showed greater drought tolerance than Y478, which was associated with higher leaf relative water content (RWC), root efficiency, and strong growth recovery. Z58 showed a higher stomatal density and stomatal area under the non-stressed condition; in these traits, both genotypes showed a similar decreasing trend with increased severity of water-deficit stress. In addition, the stomatal size of Y478 declined significantly. These micromorphological differences between the two lines were consistent with changes in physiological parameters, which may contribute to the enhanced capability for growth recovery in Z58. A non-linear response of Fv/Fm to leaf RWC was observed, and Fv/Fm decreased rapidly with a further gradual decline of leaf RWC. The relationship between other chlorophyll fluorescence parameters (photochemical quenching and electron transport rate) and RWC is also discussed.

Identification of retrotrans-poson families and analysis of their transcriptional activation in wheat
Yimiao Tang,Youzhi Ma,Liancheng Li,Zhiyong Xin
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2005, DOI: 10.1360/982004-596
Abstract: Variations in the reverse transcriptase (RT) domain were analyzed to clarify retrotransposon family structure and their evolution in wheat genome. RT-PCR was conducted by using primers based on the conserved RT peptide motifs of plant retrotransposons to amplify the RT domain of retrotransposons in the seedlings of wheat line Pm97034 treated with powdery mildew fungus. High level of heterogeneity was detected in 51 (RT1-51) clones randomly selected and the identity of nucleotide sequence among them ranged from 75.4% to 97.9%. These sequences, in combination with previously identified seven representatives from wheat retrotransposon families (families 1–7), were used to construct a composite phylogenetic tree. Three new families, designated family 8 to family 10, were identified. Famliy 8 formed before divergence of the Pooideae subfamily and was regarged as an ancient retrotransposon family. Some members of family 4 and family 7 had transcriptional activativity, and were present with multiple copies in wheat and its related species.
An Amended Trinomial Tree Model Based on China Convertible Bonds Market
Youzhi Zeng
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: With the actual data in China convertible bonds market, the author tries to derive the new parameter relationship which reflects the law of price movement of the underlying stock in China and replaces the assumption of the traditional trinomial model and derive an amended trinomial tree model based on the new parameter relationship, promoting the development of pricing models as well as the convertible bond in China. The traditional trinomial tree model has a higher pricing efficiency than other traditional pricing models. However, its assumption on the movement law of the underlying stock price of convertible bonds is not suitable for China, which would loss its pricing efficiency in China convertible bonds market.
Mass Transfer and Hydrodynamics of Rotating Packed Bed in Distillation

Li XiuPing,Liu YouZhi,Yang Ming,

过程工程学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 建立了一套完整的精馏实验装置,以甲醇-水溶液为物系,在常压、全回流操作条件下,研究了旋转填料床的传质和流体力学性能.结果表明,旋转填料床的理论塔板数随超重力因子和气相动能因子的增大出现峰值,理论塔板高度最小为0.0109m:气相压降随气相动能因子、超重力因子的增大而增大.在实验基础上应用最小二乘法建立了旋转填料床的传质、压降实验关联式。
Study on neoprene wastewater treatment with sequencing batch reactor process

LI Riqiang,ZHAO Youzhi,

环境科学学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The neoprene wastewater was treated with sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process, and the parameters affecting treatment efficiency were examined including influent time, reaction time, sedimentation time, idle time and aeration mode. The results showed that removal rate of CODCr was higher than 90% from about 1020 mg?L-1 to below 100 mg?L-1 under the optimal condition of influent time for 1h, the reaction time for 4h, the sedimentation time for 2 h, the drainage time for 0.5 h, the idle time for 0h and aeration over influent.
The Empirical Research of the Relationship on Underlying Stock Volatility in China Convertible Bonds Market
Youzhi Zeng,Xiaoyu Luo
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: The study tries to improve the pricing efficiency of pricing models for the convertible bond by calculating the volatility of the underlying stock more accurately. By deducing the relationship between the historical volatility before the convertible bond issue which can be calculated accurately and the historical volatility of the underlying stock after the convertible bond issue which is suitable for pricing models and can’t be calculated accurately in China, the after volatility can be calculated directly and accurately.
Study on Traditional Pricing Models Based on Terms of Convertible Bonds in China
Youzhi Zeng,Baosen Wang
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: The study has gotten the conclusion that the binary tree model is more suitable for convertible bonds pricing in China by analyzing terms of convertible bonds in China and deducing traditional pricing models of convertible bonds. The characteristics of terms embedded in convertible bonds decide which pricing models will be elected and which model parameters to be estimated. By analyzing terms of convertible bonds in China, get the expressions of terms value, which are called as terminal conditions and boundary conditions and then deduce the traditional pricing models. Based on the above processes, it can be found that the binary tree model use terminal conditions and boundary conditions better.
Improvement of wheat drought and salt tolerance by expression of a stress-inducible transcription factorGmDREB of soybean (Glycine max)
Gao Shiqing,Xu Huijun,Cheng Xianguo,Chen Ming,Xu Zhaoshi,Li Liancheng,Ye Xingguo,Du Lipu,Hao Xiaoyan,Ma Youzhi
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2005, DOI: 10.1007/BF02899641
Abstract: Under stress conditions such as drought, high-salinity and low-temperature, the transcription factor of DREB (dehydration responsive element binding proteins) improved efficiently stress resistance by regulating the expression of its downstream genes with various environmental stress resistance in plants.GmDREB gene (GenBank Accession No. AF514908) encoding a stress-inducible transcription factor was cloned by screening a cDNA library ofGlycine max cv. Jinong 27 with yeast one-hybrid method.GmDREB gene was 910 bp in length and encoded 174 amino acids containing a conserved AP2/EREBP DNA-binding domain of 58 amino acids. Two conserved functional amino acids, valine and glutamic acid, were located on the 14th and the 19th amino acid residues in the conserved structural domain. An alkaline amino acid region (KKR) related to a nuclear localization signal was at the N-terminal, while an acidic amino acid region (DDD) related totrans-activation was at the C-terminal. Plant expression vectors were constructed and transformed into wheat by bombardment. In total, 13 transgenic plants withUbi::GmDREB and 11 transgenic plants withrd29A::GmDREB were identified from 103 regeneration plants by molecular analysis. The drought and salt tolerances of T1 transgenic lines withUbi::GmDREB orrd29A::GmDREB were demonstrated to be improved as compared to wild type. The result also suggested that bothUbiquitin andrd29A promoters could effectively drive the expression of theGmDREB gene and enhance drought and salt tolerance of T1 plants.
Study on affecting factors of removing antimony with iron modified sepiolite

Li Shuangshuang,Dai Youzhi,Yu Lei,Hu Kewei,

环境工程学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Inexpensive sepiolite was sampled and modified by FeCl3.Properties on biosorption of antimony by iron modified sepiolite were studied.It is shown that factors such as FeCl3 concentration,adsorption time,antimony initial concentration,temperature,etc.affect adsorption process significantly,and the effect of initial pH is not obvious.Antimony adsorption capacity is 21.6 mg/g while the adsorption conditions are as follows: antimony initial concentration 50 mg/L,pH 6.8,5% FeCl3 concentration,immobilized bimass ...
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