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Research on Classification and Development of College Teachers in the Context of Value Pluralism  [PDF]
Pu He, Hong Zhang, Youbin Zhao
Advances in Anthropology (AA) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/aa.2016.64013
Abstract: The number of Chinese college teachers is considerably large, and these teachers have their own focus on teaching, research, social services and other different orientations. Given that, the teacher evaluation system operated in a single way has caused widespread problem that the teachers lack developing motivation and attach importance to scientific research rather than teaching. According to the classification of human values and definition of teacher development, this article proposes five development categories of college teachers in the context of plural values. The only way to achieve the development of college teachers is to fully respect their needs of personalized development and provide guidance according to their classification.
Sedimentary Environment of the Early Ordovician in Danzhai, Guizhou  [PDF]
Yu Pei, Youbin He, Jinxiong Luo, Yantao Zeng, Zhan Wen
Open Journal of Yangtze Oil and Gas (OJOGas) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojogas.2017.23009
Abstract: This study analyzes the variations in trace element contents and ratios, the distribution patterns of rare earth elements, and the sedimentary environment and its evolution in the Early Ordovician. In particular, the analysis is based on measured section of the Qingjiang Village located in Nangao Town, Danzhai County, Guizhou Province. The analysis also considers thin sections and the characteristics of C, O isotopes. The lower part of the Tongzi Formation has a simple lithology and mainly consists of light gray to gray thin-medium bedded muddy dolomite and dolomicrite with a few dolarenites and dolorudites. The upper part of this formation includes gray thin-medium bedded fine crystalline dolomite and gray massive bioclastic limestone. Only a fraction of gray massive fine crystalline limestone, sparry calcarenite, and calcirudite are on top of the upper part. The Honghuayuan Formation is generally composed of light gray to gray medium-thick bedded or massive bioclastic limestone, reef limestone, and calcarenite with a few sandstones at the bottom. The δ18OPDB values of 18 samples are less than -11‰; in addition, the Pr/Pr* and Ce/Ce* ratios are greater and less than 1, respectively. These data reflect a sedimentary environment. The lower part of the Tongzi Formation might have been formed in an evaporite platform, which was then transformed into a restricted one, which featured a dry climate, a shallow water depth, and an insufficient amount of oxygen. By contrast, the upper part of the formation was deposited in an open platform, which featured a humid climate and relatively increased water depth and reducibility. During the sedimentary period of the Honghuayuan Formation, the water energy further increased, the climate became humid, the water depth increased, and the reducibility increased. Correspondingly, the sedimentary environment, which originally comprised littoral facies that slowly developed into an open platform and into a platform marginal bank, gradually evolved into a platform marginal reef.
3D Geological Modeling under Extremely Complex Geological Conditions
Yanlin Shao,Ailing Zheng,Youbin He,Keyan Xiao
Journal of Computers , 2012, DOI: 10.4304/jcp.7.3.699-705
Abstract: 3D modeling method is divided into geospatial modeling and 3D geological modeling. 3D geological modeling technique has become a favorable tool for people to observe and analyze the geological body enriched in mineral resources. Unlike geospatial modeling, 3D geological modeling must consider various geological conditions affecting spatial shape and petrophysical distribution of geological body for its complexity. This article analyzes the uncertainty, complexity and diversity of geological body, and lists complex geological conditions controlling spatial shape and petrophysical distributions of geological body. And then 3D geological modeling method under the control of complex geological conditions is proposed, and corresponding modeling workflow is set up. Finally, taking 3D geological modeling of petroleum exploration and development for example, 3D geological model of Shu II district in the Liaohe oil-field is built. Based on this model, some applications are realized, such as 3D visualization of structural model and petrophysical model, reserves calculation and drilling design, etc.
The Root and Governance of Land Corruption from the Perspective of Behavioristics: Based on the Analysis of Four Typical Cases  [PDF]
Gedong Zhu, Youbin Yu
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.59010
Abstract: In recent years, land corruption frequently turns up at various major media and caught the attention of all walks of life. But very few researches on land corruption can be seen. These researches are limited to manifestation and countermeasures of land corruption, which lack depth and systematicity. On this basis, this paper is designed from the behavioral research perspective to study the behavioral rules and characteristics of land corruption. It also discussed the in-depth institutional reasons for land corruption through a three-dimensional system (subject, occurrence part and method of land corruption) and empirical surveys of four typical cases. The conclusion of the study may be useful for a further understanding of the real situation of land corruption.
Anti-Icing Method Based on Reducing Voltage of Transmission Lines  [PDF]
Xiaoming LI, Junjie HUANG, Youbin ZHOU
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2009.11001
Abstract: The icing of transmission lines threatens the security of power system. This paper proposes a novel anti-icing method based on reducing voltage of the transmission lines. The line voltage can be reduced by regulating the ratio of the transformers which install the both ends of the transmission lines. The line current can be increased and the power loss of the transmission lines can also be increased, which means the heat generated by power loss increases and the icing process of the transmission lines can be restrained. When the icing may occur in the atrocious weather, the anti-icing transformers installed the both ends of transmission line are put into operation. The ratios of transformers are regulated to the appropriate value. The current of transmission line can be increased to the value that is a little greater than the critical current, which can realize the purpose of anti-icing. At the same time, the conditions of normal running in the load side are kept invariably, which can ensure the security of power system. This method can be applicable to a wide range. It's an effective measure to prevent the icing of the transmission lines.
Absorption characteristics of CDOM in the Pearl River Estuary at flood and ebb tides

HE Yingqing
,QIN Yan,FENG Youbin,FU Qinghua,LIU Chaoqun

- , 2018,
Abstract: 珠江河口位于珠江三角洲下游,淡水输入源多,咸淡水交换频繁,潮汐对其水体光学特性的影响是个尚待研究的问题。基于4 d的定点观测数据发现:珠江口CDOM浓度ag(355)涨潮时均值1.01±0.31 m-1,落潮时均值1.18±0.37 m-1,浓度分布呈现口门内高、口门外低的空间分布特征及落潮高、涨潮低的时间特征,且在湾口区涨潮、口门内落潮时的波动较小;CDOM吸收光谱的衰减斜率Sg涨潮时均值0.018 6±0.002 9 nm-1,落潮时均值0.017 7±0.002 3 nm-1,落潮普遍低于涨潮且空间差异小;Sg和相对分子量M(250 nm和365 nm处的吸收系数比值)正相关,涨潮时量值均较大;盐度与ag(355)在湾口外表现出明显的负相关,且落潮时的相关性较好,但该关系在洪季的口门内并不显著。因此,珠江河口(尤其在湾口以上区域)CDOM在落潮时的吸收特征较稳定。在水质遥感反演时,应根据影像区域及成像时刻的涨落潮情况选择合适的CDOM吸收特征量值
Grain size distribution of quartz isolated from Chinese loess1 paleosol
Youbin Sun,Huayu Lu,Zhisheng An
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2000, DOI: 10.1007/BF02886372
Abstract: Grain size distribution of bulk loess-paleosol and quartz chemically extracted from the loess/paleosol shows that mean size of the bulk samples is always finer than that of the quartz. The original aeolian depositions have been modified to various degrees by post-depositional weathering and pedogenic processes. The grain size distribution of the isolated quartz should be close to that of the primary aeolian sediment because the chemical pretreatment excludes secondary produced minerals. Therefore, the grain size of the quartz may be considered to more clearly reflect the variations of winter monsoon intensity.
The Type and Evolution of Deep Water Channel Deposits of the Ordovician Lashizhong Formation in Western Margin of the Ordos Basin

李 华 , ,何幼斌 , ,冯 斌 ,郝 烃 ,苏帅亦 ,张 灿 ,王季欣
Li Hua
, , He Youbin , , Feng Bin , Hao Ting , Su Shuaiyi , Zhang Can , Wang Jixin

地球科学(中国地质大学学报) , 2018, DOI: 10.3799/dqkx.2018.568
Abstract: 深水水道沉积是深水区重要沉积类型之一,对其形成机制研究不仅能提高深水沉积认识,还能为油气勘探提供帮助.以露头资料为基础,对鄂尔多斯盆地西缘奥陶系拉什仲组深水水道形成机制进行了详细研究.拉什仲组岩性以灰绿色页岩及砂岩为主,另见少量的粉砂岩及砾岩.槽模、交错层理、粒序层理及变形构造等发育.总体反应深水沉积环境,重力流沉积较为发育.其中,深水水道沉积极为典型.根据形态、结构及沉积方式等,将研究区深水水道沉积划分为了限制型和非限制型水道沉积.前者包括复合型及垂向加积型水道沉积,后者由迁移型及孤立型小水道沉积组成.复合型水道沉积厚约7.5 m,岩性以粗砂岩为主,底部见砾岩,水道轴部沉积、次级水道及水道-堤岸复合体沉积发育,可分为早期、中期和晚期.垂向加积型水道沉积宽为12.4 m,厚为1.3 m,宽深比为9.54,以中砂岩及细砂岩为主,水道内部以层状砂岩充填为主.迁移型水道沉积宽为6.9~ 12.3 m ,厚为0.23~0.73 m,宽厚比14.11~53.48,以中-细砂岩为主,具有明显的北西向迁移特征;孤立型小水道沉积宽为 0.5~ 0.6 m,厚为0.15~0.25 m,宽厚比为2.4~3.33,多为细砂-粉砂岩组成,透镜状,规模小.重力流爆发初期,能量高,侵蚀作用强,发育复合型及垂向加积型水道沉积;重力流中-后期,能量逐渐降低,迁移型水道沉积开始发育;当重力流后期及末期时,其能量进一步降低,发育孤立型小水道沉积.而在空间位置上,复合型及垂向加积型水道沉积多发育在斜坡中上部,中部及下部发育迁移型水沉积道,斜坡脚及深海盆地以孤立型小水道沉积最为发育.
The deep-water channel deposits is one important sedimentary type in the deep-water zone. Research on the mechanism of deep-water channel is not only improve acquaintance of deep-water deposits, but also is helpful to oil and gas exploration. Mechanism of the deep-water channel of the Ordovician Lashizhong Formation in western margin of the Ordos basin was detailedly worked based on outcrop. The lithology of Lashizhong Formation consist of greyish-green mudstone and sandstone and few siltstone and conglomeration with flute cast, cross bedding, graded bedding and deformation structure, which suggests deep-water environment. Gravity flow deposits are well developed. The deep-water channel deposits are also typical. It is found in this study, the deep-water channel deposits could be divided into confined and non-confined channel, based on the morphology, structure, and sedimentary style. The former includes complex and vertical aggradation channels deposits. The latter can be subdivided into migrational channel and isolated small channel deposits. The lithology of complex channel deposits is coarse sandstone and conglomeration in the bottom, containing channel axis deposit, secondary channel and channel levee system deposits, with 7.5 m in width, which could be divided into developmental, mature and decline phases. The vertical aggradation channel deposits are bedded medium and fine sandstone, with 12.4 m in width, 1.3 m in thickness, and the width to thickness ratio of 9.54. The migrational channel is medium to fine sandstone with northwestward migration. The width is 6.9-12.3 m, the thickness is 0.23-0.73 m, and width to thickness ratios range from 14.11-53.48. The isolated small channel deposits consist of fine sandstone and siltstone, lenticular shaped, small scale with 0.5-0.6 m in width, 0.15-0.25 m in thickness, and the widthtothickness ratio of 2.4-3.33. The complex
Preliminary analysis of grain-size populations with environmentally sensitive terrigenous components in marginal sea setting
Youbin Sun,Shu Gao,Jun Li
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2003, DOI: 10.1360/03tb9038
Abstract: Terrigenous components were separated from the bulk sediment of Core A7 from the Okinawa Trough and Core A37 from the Ryukru Trench and grainsize distributions of these subsamples were analyzed. Based upon an analysis of the grainsize data of the two sedimentary sequences, grainsize populations are identified to be sensitive to sedimentary environmental changes. The modal values and size ranges of the two main grainsize populations in Core A7 are evidently different from those of Core A37, indicating the spatial variability of sediment sources and transport processes between the two places. The downcore variations in the content of the environmentally sensitive grain-size populations reveal that during the accumulation of sedimentary material the environment remained relatively stable at the site where Core A7 was collected, except for the apparent events for the formation of two turbidite layers and a volcanic ash layer. However, the sedimentary sequence of Core A37 shows six sedimentary cycles, indicating a highly variable sedimentary environment at this location.
Attractors of Local Semiflows on Topological Spaces
Desheng Li,Youbin Xiong,Jintao Wang
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper we introduce a notion of an attractor for local semiflows on topological spaces, which in some cases seems to be more suitable than the existing ones in the literature. Based on this notion we develop a basic attractor theory on topological spaces under appropriate separation axioms. First, we discuss fundamental properties of attractors such as maximality and stability and establish some existence results. Then, we give a converse Lyapunov theorem. Finally, the Morse decomposition of attractors is also addressed.
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